aMember PRO 6.3.8 released

Date: 9/22/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.8. You can see changelog below.

    Sendgrid3 - updated to do not use legacy API
    Mollie - fixed to respect amount for partial refund notification
    bugfix - NOTICE: Undefined property: TaskTable::$di in line 67 of file /library/Am/Model/Task.php
    bugfix - Exception Error:Call to a member function hasService() on null at line 119 in file library/Am/View.php, aff/aff?c=****
    improve compatibility with php8

        feat(schedule email): ability to send test email
        feat(schedule email): ability to preview email
        feat(credits): display history in reverse chronological order
        Telegram - better log API calls

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aMember PRO 6.3.7 released

Date: 9/14/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.7. You can see changelog below.

    Admin Vat Report - paysys if filter fixed
    Shopping Cart : external domains fixed
    AdvancedSearch - searchable list
    feat(simple-template): strip_tags modifier
    feat(email-template): ability to use %expires% placeholder in cancel email notification
    feat(admin-ui): filter on not-confirmed users list
    feat(pdf-receipt): multi-page receipt (useful for order with many items)
    feat(advanced-search): checkbox has any value selected
    feat(product-upgarde): new product upgrade type - Next Cycle
    feat(wp): compatibility with theme mission-news
    feat(custom-fields): ability to add SQL fields with size 16, 32, 64 - important if you have many tiny additional fields (DB row size limit is just 8126)
    feat(admin): quick filter for buy now buttons in admin interface
    feat(admin): record password set date/time for admin
    feat(api): ability to use X-API-Key header to authorize request
    feat(forms-editor): Coupon brick - option to hide field by default, user need to click link to see it
    fix(new-rewrite): escape space in folder path
    fix(adv-search): NOT IN operator, take into account NULL values
    fix(signup form): always inject logged in user record as datasource, it is required to populate readonly fields
    fix(manual-rebill): grace period fixed
    fix(avatar): mkdir return false if directory already exists therefore exception is threw
    fix(digital-ocean-spaces): fix code of Singapore region
    fix(email-template): display tax rate with decimals in %invoice_text% placeholder
    feat(aff): Paxum payout method
    feat(aff): UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payout method
    feat(aff): add paysys column to grid with commissions in admin interface
    Am_Tasks one-time run scheduler implemented
    new event: VIEW_BODY_APPEND - append addReturn() content before </body>, called once
    Fixed bugs: Am_Lite didn't properly work if session name is not default in php config.
    feat(mautic): ability to pass user custom fields
    GetResponse Plugin: Added API v3 support
    Eu Vat Id added to customize/export of Users grid
    Added Manual Rebill payment plugin type. Before rebill date user will receive message with payment link and will be able to complete subscription payment manually. Currently btcpay and coinbase-commerce are supported.
    Fixed bug: EU vat was calculated wrong if invoice had quantity
    In grids load total and paginator in separate ajax requests to speed up overall loading
    fix(acellemail): update api calls
    bug fixed - no need to expire lifetime products after second payment
    bug fixed - do not send product welcome emails if user is unsubscribed
    bug fixed - report Conversion rate by payment system breakdown used to use wrong end date

        New Payment system plugin: InovioPay
        New Payment plugin: SeamlessChex
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: ShurjoPay (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: SManager (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Remitano (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: MyCryptoCheckout (
        ThriveCart - recurring notification fixed
        Epoch - whitelist
        Stripe - update credit card fixed
        Stripe plugin: Allow for customer to select existing payment method in stripe (so limit number of payment methods created)
        Stripe/Payflow Fixed "update cc info" link, added phone to Payflow card form
        Payumoney: Fixed bug: payment was not activated
        Fixed Bug: Vendo plugin treat refund IPN as payments
        Konnektive - allow comma separated product #'s

        New Plugin Facebook Conversions. Add Facebook pixel to aMember pages, use Conversion API to send purchase event.
        Payment-link - ability to use flat amount + product
        feat(notification): ability to have different notifications for different zones
        feat(auto-login-placeholder): REST API to create autologin link
        Apple-signin - updated to do not use file_get_contents
        feat(signup-form-evergreen): ability to reset first view for form
        feat(product-feedback): intro text on capture feedback form
        feat(invite): ability to set daily invite limit per user
        cancel-on-upgrade: set zero invoice->data->UPGRADE_INVOICE_ID to correctly count it in reports
        cancel-feedback: added admin permissions

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aMember PRO 6.3.6 released

Date: 6/14/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.6. You can see changelog below.

    fix(rebill): Rebills were processed with errors in some situations
    fix(backup): Do not save email with backup to log to avoid recursion

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aMember PRO 6.3.5 released

Date: 6/7/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.5. You can see changelog below.

    feat(product-management): mass action Set Product Requirements
    feat(simple-tpl): allow symbol '/' in literals, useful for urls to escape %'/amember/signup/'|urlencode%
    Attach address and tax rate to payment/refund. Display correct rate/pdf invoice in situations when user changed address info
    Rest Api - fixed post,put requests for classes based on Am_Record
    Backup Cron - ignore abort and extend memory limit
    fix(form-editor): multiple HTML bricks in sidebar position
    fix(brick-conditional): avoid trigger change event - it lead to bug when state field do not populated (change triggered before CountryState initialized)
    fix(option-editor): sort rows, ability to edit empty text label
    fix(url): incorrect translation relative url to absolute
    fix(form): fault tolerance in case of remove attempt of not existing element
    feat(aff): new commission rule condition - Number of Payment in Invoice
    feat(cart): show product if it is member of at least one category with revealed code
    feat(cart): show products in category requested by code even if product is member of another category with code
    fix(cart): delay _setBasketItems until i18n loaded
    fix(cart): endless redirect if logged in user open signup/cart directly
    fix(cart): do not allow to put invoice-summary and donation bricks to form in admin UI. These bricks has not effect in case of shopping cart
    fix(cart): ability to use files from Disk as product image
    Mailer Lite: Flexible Actions support

        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Cryptonator (
        feat(ccavenue): compatibility with latest PHP: mcrypt -> openssl
        Sberbank - recurring fixed
        ClickFunnels - cancel event handling added
        Vendo - payment plugin added
        Paddle plugin update

        apple-signin plugin added
        feat(login-monitor): allow to send email only for users with specific product
        feat(shipping-flat): free shipping threshold
        feat(gift-card): ability to add gift card from admin interface
        fix(sales-notification): delay initialization until document is fully loaded (get rid of jquery race condition)
        fix(donation): visualization error, numbers likes 3.4000000000000017
        Infusion-soft - allow to send plain text pass for registration email
        feat(self-service): show thank you page after user get product
        feat(self-service): Option to Notify Admin when User Get Product
        feat(self-service): pagination for products page

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!

aMember PRO 6.3.4 released

Date: 4/20/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.4. You can see changelog below.

    feat(admin-ui): Addons: Hint to check Addons Directory if Nothing found in My Plugins section
    feat(report): Payments by payment system breakdown: ability to run report for selected payment systems
    feat(admin-ui): Mass Action to assign template (Pages/Videos)
    feat(buynow-button): improve UX: allow to put coupon code on signup form to avoid unnecessary second step
    feat(admin-ui): add column with number of active users to grid with archived products
    feat(aff): New payout Method: Coin Payments
    feat(wp): compatibility with supermarket theme
    feat(theme): ability to add Login/Logout link
    fix(ui): password indicator - proper width when used custom font (font loaded later and change width of input element)
    fix(admin-ui): Mass action change order for email templates (special case)
    fix(newsletter): add free subscription (if configured) if user signup from other than signup form source (eg.: social signup, added from admin interface etc.)
    fix(i18n): translations for product categories in shopping cart
    fix(form): removeElementByName need to check form deeply
    fix(report): compatibility with PHP 8 (float + string trigger Fatal Error)
    ConvertKit tags support
    Facebook - ability to add few products after login
    Am_Protect_Databased - fixed supergroups if user email address is changed
    jQuery click event fixed for mobile devices

        Razorpay - recurring added
        Clickfunnels - free trial fixed
        Networkmerchants-hosted - refunds added
        Netbilling - allow to charge using reference(for imported transactions)
        Stripe - fixed bug - The provided PaymentMethod was previously used with a PaymentIntent without Customer attachment, shared with a connected account without Customer attachment, or was detached from a Customer
        fix(paypal-plus): handle shipping fee
        fix(flexpay): saleID is same for all upcoming transactions but we need unique value
        fix(paysys): Cardinity, incorrect amount format if amount more than 1K (number_format use thousands separator)
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: LexPay (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Copecart (
        Epoch - ETS parameter bug fixed
        Woocommerce payment plugin added

        feat(aff-lead): new option Show Products - allow to display only defined subscriptions
        fix(aff-lead): search by Active Subscriptions field
        feat(discord): Advanced User Search Condition: Discord Login
        feat(upsell): option to keep qty from conditional product
        MaxMind Plugin updated to work with latest API

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!

aMember PRO 6.3.3 released

Date: 3/15/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.3. You can see changelog below.

    feat(pdf-invoice): ability to alter total records from plugins
    feat(report): New Report - Invoices By Signup Form
    fix(report): performance issue 'Payments by New vs Existing members' on huge DB
    fix(custom-field): options array for select element can have nested elements (optgroup)
    fix(upload): javascript validation for upload element
    feat(custom-field): ability to use custom upload prefix for upload field
    feat(discord): super_groups
    fix(newsletter): activate lists after plugin enable of previously disabled plugin
    Amend Content Protection - extended to allow to set up start/expire day, payment N, etc.
    ctype extension is required
    fix(aff): respect user language preference for approve_denied email notification
    feat(resource-category): optimize performance on huge database

        Fastspring-contextual - bug fixed - use unique accounts.lookup.custom
        Bluesnap - updated for new API
        Braintree - allow to disable 3DS (for old accounts)
        Stripe Echeck - Plaid support added

        Discord - show "Link account" only if user has access to integrated products
        Sales-popup: add crossorigin = "anonymous"
        feat(moodle): ability to sync avatar

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!