New Feature: Telegram Integration

Date: 9/16/2022

We have added an ability to integrate aMember PRO with Telegram.

Integration   is useful if you want to offer additional benefits for your members, such as fast support via Telegram, or provide an  access to private trading information and so on. Integration  controls who is able to access your private Telegram channels , allowing an access only for members with active subscriptions.     You can manage more than one channel depends on membership level. 

Integration is available as an optional plugin that can be purchased and enabled from your aMember PRO Control Panel -> Addons Shop

aMember PRO 6.3.13 released

Date: 6/28/2022

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.13. You can see changelog below.

    EmailUsers - fixed to send test email by username OR email address
    Cancel link added to credit card payment form
    Add items list view to cart
    Shopping Cart: Ability to skip periods for product terms when product is being displayed in the cart. Useful for physical products
    Ability to translate product option title/description
    Shopping Cart: Ability to mark products as new in cart
    New Storage Plugin: Contabo
    Fixed bug: Some JS Dialogs didn't work in aMember CP when opened second time
    Upgraded jquery UI to 1.13.1
    feat(admin-ui): add Last Signin (Date/Time) column to user grid
    PHP 8.1 deprecated warnings fixed
    feat(report): Amount of Rebills by time period
    feat(report): Number of Rebills by time period
    LiveDate grid action
    add eTLD

        Fixed Bug: CheckoutCom rebills failure in some situations
        Fixed Bug: Duplicate transactions in some situations when user Square UP payment plugin.
        ccBill plugin: Attempt to charge previous user (if enabled), if charge fails redirect user to ccBill.
        ccBill plugin: Cancel discounts support implemented.
        ccBill Plugin: Added an ability to extend subscription through Change Rebill Date functionality

        feat(aweber): simplify tag management (allow to create tags from amember), bypass aweber api limits
        feat(newsletter): New Newsletter Plugin: Moosend (
        Newsletter Module: List Unsubscribe notification for user
        Unsubscribe notification to user

        Discord plugin: Login with discord functionality
        Cancel Feedback: Ability for admin to specify cancellation reason
        feat(subusers): respect username constraints for subusers
        Widget Plugin:  Ability to specify more than one target for widget
        pdf-stamping - "transparency" setting added
        Notification plugin:  ability to translate notifications

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!

aMember PRO 6.3.12 released

Date: 4/20/2022

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.12. You can see changelog below.

    fix(wp): break config data on initial setup
    fix(send-grid-v3): properly set reply_to address
    feat(signup-form): ability to use condition display for phone field
    InfusionSoft - php 8.1 fix
    Wordpress - Learndash integration fixed
    guzzlehttp/psr7 updated to non-vulnerable version 1.8.5
    FastspringContextual - support of "subscription.uncanceled" added
    Fixed bug: Redsys CreditCard: Error in re-billing when reference transactions are being used.
    Stripe Apple Pay - recurring amount fixed
    Sendlane - "no lists" fixed
    aweber: bypass 120/minute limit when user has many lists
    feat(avatar): Allowed MIME types for avatar

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!

aMember PRO 6.3.11 released

Date: 3/17/2022

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.11. You can see changelog below.

    Change required PHP version to 7.4
    feat(admin): ability to clear all cache data from admin interface
    feat(admin-ui): refunds user grid column
    feat(bruteforce-protector): add ability to include login type (ADMIN or USER) to admin email notification
    feat(payment-email): ability to send email only for first or only for subsequent payments in recurring subscription
    feat(newsletter): New Newsletter Plugin: Sendinblue (
    feat(rest-api): user-notes endpoint
    feat(theme): ability to sort social item links
    fix(email): internal php mail (php8) - incorrect new line to separate headers leads to incorrect format of mail
    fix(newsletter): route to ajax controller
    fix(report): Average Lifetime Value: it always used now for end date for cohort
    Improve compatibility with php8
    MailQueue - updated to send emails by 5mins cron

        feat(cloudpayments): handle recurring plan with lifetime second period
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Luxon Pay (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Webpays (
        ShurjoPay: rewrite plugin to use new API
        CCBill - updated to handle datalink and cancel for subaccounts from product settings
        feat(fastspring-contextual): handle cancel webhook

        fix(aweber): retrieve all lists (pagination)
        Aweber plugin: do not require for client to create developer account
        fix(sendfox): retrieve all lists (pagination)

        Self-Service: admin permission fixed
        SunSub updated to work with latest
        Baremetrics integration
        feat(invite): ability to set limit of invites per user per month
        Default Product Plugin: Fixed bug duplicate signup emails in some situation
        feat(brick-upgrade): ability to set upgrades to show within brick configuration
        ThanksPage plugin - payment placeholder added
        Access By Publish date - folders support added
        Access By Publish date - exact period added
        fix(notification): respect option dont_close (show notification) even if user previously dismiss notification (when option was dont_close disabled)

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!

aMember PRO 6.3.10 released

Date: 1/25/2022

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.10. You can see changelog below.

    Improve compatibility with php8
    Set session name explicitly in order to Am_Lite can work in any environment (eg.: 3rd party script uses different session name)
    Ability to translate unsubscribe text/html added
    Enable CRAM MD5 authentication method for SMTP. (the only method allowed by Kirim email service)
    feat(ui): ability to choose Week Starts On for calendar UI element
    feat(admin-ui): Debug Log - segregate info messages to separate section
    feat(admin-ui): Ability to filter admin log by admin
    feat(pdf-invoice): Ability to configure size of logo
    feat(storage): New Storage Plugin: StackPath (
    feat(helpdesk): use ticket subject for page title
    feat(pcloud): Add Europe Data Center Support
    feat(cart): support for image/webp for product picture
    feat(reports): Active Users by Product Categories
    feat(auth): option to Allow Not Approved Users to Login
    fix(vat): need to pass item when recalculate tax for subsequent payments (different items can have different rate)
    fix(ui): do not display cancel link in Active Subscriptions widget for not recurring items in recurring invoice
    fix(wp): properly get siteurl when multisite enabled
    Rest API: key IP check changed to "starts with" check instead of equal. Allow to specify values like: 127.0.
    REST API: Ability to query for saved forms
    Bug fixed - import of encrypted passwords
    Bug fixed - onSubscriptionChanged was not called for setGroups from Hidden User Group Brick, so integrations did not work right
    Locked Group fixed for integration plugins
    Fixed: The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows; check your WHERE and use SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 or SET MAX_JOIN_SIZE=#
    Credit Card Rebills - filter fixed

        Aweber Plugin: Tags support added
        Aweber plugin updated to work with Oauth 2.0
        GetResponse bug fixed - API v3 has no response body for 202 status

        CenPos payment plugin added
        JazzCash payment plugin added
        Myghpay payment plugin added
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Sisow (
        Netbilling: allow use previous order# for rebilling existing customers
        Stripe - show/hide card field if new/existing card is selected

        Self-Service - admin permissions fixed
        feat(self-service): User Mass Actions - Self Service Credit/Debit
        Access By Publish Date - links added
        LifetimeBp fixed do not throw error for manual access records
        SubscriptionLimit plugin fixed to respect CreditCard signup form bricks
        feat(serials): serial batches introduced
        feat(sales-popup): ability to choose sort order for notifications (Random|Chronological|Reverse Chronological)
        feat(softsale): abiliaty to manage postion of License menu item in user menu
        feat(subusers): ability to include parent_id to user export
        feat(cookie-notice): ability to choose text color in plugin configuration
        Discord - groups integration fixed

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!

aMember PRO 6.3.9 released

Date: 11/4/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.9. You can see changelog below.

    Catch all exceptions and errors in cron
    Show cron tasks execution in seconds. Correctly show if task wasn't finished.
    Credit Card Rebills - pagination fixed
    feat(bundle-discount): separate admin permission to manage discount rules
    feat(signup-form): conditional display by coupon code
    fix(upgrade-path): handle case with different currency for FROM and TO billing plans
    fix(mass-subscribe): does not allow double click in chrome (avoid multiple form submit)
    feat(admin-saved-form): mass actions - Delete/Disable/Enable
    fix(admin-payments): filter by user name - 'name_f' in where clause is ambiguous
    fix(field-date): ability to clear date
    exclude helpdesk autocomplete from access log
    fix(aff): lead is not recorded
    feat(custom-field): ability to restrict mime types for upload fields
    feat(form): add input type=number element
    fix(admin-aff-payout): sql error on page with payout details in admin interface in case of AM_HUGE_DB (Duplicate column name)
    Admin cron logs - filter added
    bugfix - absorb tax, better way to calculate to avoid rounding issue
    fix(invoice cancel): handle case of delete product in cancel invoice notification
    fix(user-consent): sql error on tab with user consent in admin interface in case of AM_HUGE_DB (Duplicate column name)
    fix(template): VIEW_BODY_APPEND event remove one symbol from original content
    fix(subusers): exclude subusers from clear pending users query
    Name brick fixed - two rows + reverse order

        Cloudpayments payment plugin added
        Stripe: swap option disable_paymethod_select -> enable_paymethod_select

        GotoWebinar plugin: suppress errors on member's pages. Cache frequently info
        Facebook Conversions - event_id added
        Chartmogul plugin added
        fix(directory): access check for menu item

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!