aMember PRO 6.2.13 released

Date: 2/1/2021

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.13. You can see changelog below.

    feat(aff): new commission rule condition - First Time Affiliate Sale
    feat(theme): add behance as available social media link for footer
    feat(coupon): make error on zero discount optional, there is several use cases when such behaviour is not desired
    feat(html-editor): button to easy embed youtube video
    feat(aff): separate intro text, general link and banners blocks, ability to manage it independently
    feat(pdf-invoice): option to add product description to PDF invoice
    feat(sendy): ability to pass additional fields to sendy
    feat(getdrip): ability to pass user custom fields
    feat(helpdesk): set explicit order for admin menu items - ability to put custom items between
    Wasabi storage plugin
    Exclude not recurring items from payment receipt in email for subsequent payments
    fix(admin-ui): email users preview in case of plain-text
    fix(admin-ui): bug in case of too long product name
    fix(i18n): ability to translate options for select elements
    fix(upgrade): process partial refund in case of downsell
    fix(theme): respect chosen Identity Type (login|email|full name) in login/logout offer block on signup form
    fix(mail_cancel): put to email template first *recurring* product from invoice
    fix(user-menu): ability to use some menu items in context without logged in user eg.: add items to header menu of theme
    fix(selectel): fix violation for LSP
    fix(email): do not send email without recipients
    mailchimp: do not raise error on empty response returned by DELETE api
    Apache 2.4 fix
    Fixed bug: Authentication errors  were not displayed on admin login page.
    events ADMIN_ADD_INVOICE_FORM/ADMIN_ADD_INVOICE_INVOICE: ability to extend features of form from plugins
    Do not store paysystem transaction exceptions in Error log. They are stored in invoice log already
    Newsletter - standardize debug mode

        New Payment System - CoinCorner (
        Stripe additional sources - Sofort fixed to use asynchronous charge confirmation
        Payflow - iframe fixed
        Fixed Bug: CoinBaseCommerce incorrect rebill amount in some situations
        toyyib-pay: pass billDescription as required
        Stripe Apple pay: use new payment_intents api to process payments.
        Fixed bug: Cardinity payment plugin: wrong amount was passed for recurring payments.
        fix(plugnplay): add customer IP to API request
        fix(stripe): correct language codes for l10n
        yandex payment url updated
        thrive-cart refund amount added
        fastspring-contextual - supported currencies added

        Implements #2053: Sales Popup: Ability for site visitors to close the popup notification for the CURRENT website visit
        Notification Plugin: ability to setup notification with countdown
        feat(personal-content): Mass User Action Upload Personal File
        Cs-cart integration plugin added
        ORIBI tracking plugin added

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aMember PRO 6.2.12 released

Date: 12/17/2020

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.12. You can see changelog below.

    Improved session compatibility between aMember and Wordpress
    Implements #2100: Newsletter brick - Hide List if User is already subscribed
    Implements #2101: Admin Dashboard Sales Statistic Widget: rebills next month
    Mailchimp: do not throw exception on empty response
    fastspring-contextual: allow to pay for invoice within due_date
    PDF: exclude not recurring items from receipt for second and subsequent payment
    Sales Popup: Brick for Profile form to disable this popup for particular user
    schedule-emails: ability to copy emails

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aMember PRO 6.2.11 released

Date: 12/14/2020

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.11. You can see changelog below.

    Bug Fixed: Product brick within fieldset on multi-page form
    Bug Fixed: Ability to assign user/affiliate to coupon if user has numeric username
    Bug Fixed: Popup form close icon
    Ability to copy autoresponder emails added
    Fieldset brick: ability to set CSS class, unique ID for name fields
    Admin UX: Forms Editor - make available bricks block sticky - quite useful in case of form with many fields
    Implements #2104: Add ability to set name (admin reference) to form bricks
    Bug Fixed: Unable to configure Moodle Plugin if MySQL uses non-default port
    Eliminate unnecessary depth limit from menu
    Shopping Cart: ability to use radio buttons for payment system
    Several possible XSS issues fixed
    Bug Fixed: too big value of 'group_concat_max_len' pointed to empty results
    Directory: fix markdown for sortable headers
    Bug Fixed: directory - not possible to user groups and subscription columns together
    Optimise admin coupons page: use ajax request to get details of coupon usage
    Helpdesk: enable valuesToForm/valuesFromForm events for ticket form
    REST API: user-groups endpoint
    Bug Fixed: order of 'Resource Categories Menu' in case of there is only one item
    User Consent: Ability to make it optional
    UX: even/odd records in table with access in admin interface
    Address Brick: Add settings Read-only
    New interval for reports last 12 months
    Product Conversion Report: Add revenue to report data
    User Search Criteria: Share Same Signup IP with other users
    User Search Criteria: Last Signin match signup date
    Fix UI for 'Last Signin' search criteria
    Hide links to edit rebill date and cancel recurring if admin has not permission to do it
    Refresh auth session on profile update (important in case of change username/email and integration plugin)
    Bug Fixed: execute Am_Event::AUTH_AFTER_LOGIN in case of 2fa
    Ability to clear Invoice Log manually/automatically
    Regenerate session id after login (prevent session fixation)
    Bug Fixed: frontend - initialize datepicker for elements loaded by ajax requests

        New payout day option added "Last day of the month"
        Bug Fixed: Aff Stats page with Compare against other periods
        Add search for banners in aff UI

        Webmoney fixed
        Stripe plugin: Send customer name to stripe
        Payeezy-js2 payment plugin added
        Curopayments payment plugin added
        Stripe Echeck payment plugin added
        UsaEpay: PCI DSS SAQ-A compatible solution

        Discord plugin: Ability to remove link with Discord
        Autocoupons: Ability to set period of validity for generated coupons
        Aff Bonus Link: ability to bind single link to multiple products
        Avatar: fix orientation of image based on exif if possible
        Discord: trigger user update event of link/unlink account

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aMember PRO 6.2.10 released

Date: 10/20/2020

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.10. You can see changelog below.

    Fixed bug: Stripe plugin: No such customer error when more then one Stripe plugin enabled.
    conversion-track: base64_encode content on config form before submit it to server (help to bypass security filters on server)
    Bug Fixed: Filter at Protect Content -> All (Union query require special attention on filter apply)
    2FA: brute force protection
    Solid Color Theme: Ability to customize Footer
    Solid Color Theme/Black Theme: Ability to add links to social media accounts from theme configuration page
    Advanced Search: Language - add known options
    Shopping Cart: Empty cart in case of invoice was completed by IPN
    Expire Emails: ability to send email to users with cancelled recurring invoice
    Fixed bug: Unable to download EU Vat Report
    Fixed bug: RazorPay plugin, already captured payments were not properly activated
    New User Search Condition: Has User Notes
    New Payment System: eeeCurrency (
    Credits Plugin: Ability to do affiliate payout to internal credits
    Bug Fixed: helpdesk admin ui change owner/set watchers etc.
    Idevaffiliate: submit currency
    New Payment plugin: WeChatPay
    'hide' src url for video/audio in html source code
    Bug Fixed: invoice summary on second page of multi-page signup forms
    samesite cookie fixed for aws hosting
    Bug Fixed: "mime type mismatch" console error for aff click js
    Fixed bug: JS error on subuser pages
    Discord plugin: Ability to add user to discord server and assign role depends on purchased subscriptions
    PayButton: case when button configured to use any payment system but only single one is suited to current invoice
    Bug Fixed: paysystem-toggle (ie.: Credit Card Input Element) in case of single payment system on form
    Stripe-apple-pay, Stripe-google-pay - fixed to use token from new stripe plugin
    xeroapi - ability to resubmit old payments + code cleanup
    PayMaya Checkout payment plugin
    Personal Content: Mass Action to User Grid - remove file
    Divi theme title fixed
    mailchimp - debug option added
    Header Menu: narrow screen state
    Fixed bug: Incorrect amount was billed by Authorize.Net plugin in case of manual rebill in some situations.
    self-service - deduct confirmation option added

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aMember PRO 6.2.9 released

Date: 9/7/2020

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.9. You can see changelog below.

    Bug Fixed: Helpdesk Javascript on Frontend
    Personal-Content: ability to set sort order for files on user side
    jquery.form (ajaxSubmit) can be used on frontend

        Separate payout methods 'Paypal' and 'PayPal or Venmo'
        Improve commission rules (aff_sales_count|aff_items_count|aff_sales_amount) - add periods (current month|all time)
        New Payout Method: Cash App

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aMember PRO 6.2.8 released

Date: 9/1/2020

The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.8. You can see changelog below.

    Restored safe jQuery load option - improved compatibility
    Added "Hide" option for Countries
    Allow reuse stored credit card if supported by plugin (now stripe only,
       enable via PHP config)
    New Newsletter Plugin: Acelle Mail (
    Ability to sort Users grid by full name
    New Newsletter Plugin: Send Fox (
    New Payment Plugin: Remita
    Authorize.Net CIM - recurringBilling parameter fixed
    mutasibank payment plugin added
    Bug Fixed in country/select
    Added User Grid Mass Action: Add A Note
    Amazon SES: Added US East(Ohaio) region
    Bug Fixed: Content Category Menu has unnecessary additional level
    Cookie Notice: Ability to choose postion (top|bottom)
    Fixed Bug: Square-Up plugin, incorrect header for API requests were sent.
    JV: admin permission to manage settings
    Notice in admin interface if user is permanently locked
    Self-Service: confirmation window before add product

Your suggestions for future releases are welcome!