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aMember Pro version 4 is totally different from all previous versions. It uses other database schema, API calls and other templates syntax. It means that all customizations that have been done earlier will be lost and must be re-done for new version. Fortunately, the new version is much more flexible, so many customisations are simply not required.

Right now (as of Dec/01/2011) we do not recommend to upgrade established aMember Pro v3 websites. Some time must pass until we port more plugins, and get additional confirmation of core stability. We highly recommend to use version 4 for new websites, as on new sites any problems are obvious, are easy to detect and to fix. If you are anyway eager to move to version 4, read on.

Current Limitations

  • Automatic import imports products,users, payments, affiliate information with commissions and newsletter subscriptions from v3. Everything else has to be re-configured manually;
  • Non-Recurring subscriptions must be imported without any problems;
  • Recurring subscriptions are known to work correctly for PayPal subscriptions only. Import of recurring subscriptions from other payment systems requires attention from qualified aMember professionals. The problem is not import itself, the problem is how these imported subscriptions will be automatically handled by new payment plugins in v4.
  • Credit Card information is not imported from version 3 by current import script. For now, the decision has made to do not store credit card information in aMember v4. We will offer a path to convert and use Authorize.Net CIM or similiar services for your clients and your safetly.

Try to use v4 

Install v4 into a temporary folder, try to configure everything you expects from it to do. Configure payment systems, make test products. Ensure that system is working on your host.

Make test conversion

  1. Remove all products and users from your testing aMember v4 database. Go to aMember Cp -> Setup -> Plugins and enable aff and newsletter modules (if desired).
  2. Go to your test installation of v4, and open in browser http://www.example.com/amember4/admin-import3 (in URL replace http://www.example.com/amember4 to URL of your testing v4 installation);
  3. Into the form, enter database settings of aMember Pro v3 database (you may find it in file amember/config.inc.php inside amember v3 folder);
  4. It takes time to make import and encrypt passwords, but sooner or later it will import all products and user records.
  5. If you had affiliate program working, you may run next step of import and import affiliate informaton;
  6. If you had newsletters subscritpions set, you may run next step of import and import newsletter threads and subscriptions;
  7. Now you are all set. Go to (v4) aMember Cp -> Rebuld Db and run rebuild.
  8. Test imports results to ensure you see users, payments in place. Check all product settings. Note that you need to reconfigure:

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