Integration Overview - Please Read First

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This page is not yet complete; however, it should be complete by late November, 2011.

The aMember/WordPress integration is not performed like a typical WordPress plugin solution. aMember is a stand alone membership program that is installed on the same server as the WordPress installation. aMember should be installed in a sub directory of the website. The sub directory can be named anything but in the examples shown in this documentation it will be named "amember". WordPress can be installed in a sub directory or the root of the website.

After the integration, all site registration, user authentication, and profile information is controlled by the aMember program. Therefore, the following steps should be strictly followed.

  • The WordPress registration system must be disabled, which is covered in detail on this page.
  • To keep the aMember user database and the WordPress user database in sync all registrations must be performed on the aMember "Signup" page. With a well implemented integration the movement between a WordPress page and an aMember page will be seamless. This means you need to provide a link to the signup page from at least the home page. This is typically done by placine the aMember Widget in the sidebar of the homepage.