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AMember_Remote is a separate script that can be installed on another website or web server to control access to content using the "main" aMember database.

AMember_Remote can protect folders with any kind of content - files, HTML, PHP scripts, downloads, videos, music, etc. Whenever a user is trying to open a file or page from a protected folder, the login page will be displayed.

AMember_Remote contacts the main server to check Username/Password and subscription status, so it does not use any local databases.

One "main" aMember installation (lets name it "billing server") may control any number of "slave" AMember_Remote installations.

Installation Instructions

1. First login into the aMember admin area. Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins, and enable "api" module. Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Remote API Permissions, and press "New Record" button. Enter "comment" : "aMember-remote key"; Write down the "API Key", you will need it later; Check the following permissions:

   products - Products: index
   billing-plans - Product Billing Plan: get
   check-access - Check User Access: by-login-pass

Press "Save" Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Global, press "Root Url and License Keys" Write down the "Root URL", you will need it later.

2. Using your favorite FTP client, login into your website where you want to protect pages. Upload this script into a folder named "amember-remote".

3. Go to The default admin username is "admin", password is "123456". You will be redirected to the configuration page. Please enter aMember's Root URL and API Key (from step 1), and make sure to change the admin password! Please do not leave your aMember installation running with the default password! Press the "Save" button. If you get error about problems with config saving, chmod file amember-remote/config.php to 666.

4. Click on the "Protect Folders" link, and choose a folder to protect (click radio-button near the folder name). Make sure to NOT protect amember-remote folder itself. Choose what products will allow access to the protected folder and press "Save". If you get error about problems with saving the .htaccess file, chmod folder to 777, and, after protection, chmod it back to 755.

5. Try to open the protected folder. You will be redirected to the login page: Enter the username and password. The aMember-remote script will redirect you back to the protected area and you will be able to access the protected folder.

How To Purchase

The Amember_Remote script costs $60 and may be purchased in [member area].