How to link aMember to different wordpress blogs

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If you want to add aMember users into two different wordpress blogs, you have to enable second wordpress plugin in aMember.

1. Copy all files from /amember/application/default/plugins/protect/wordpress to /amember/application/default/plugins/protect/wordpress1 folder.

2. Rename /amember/application/default/plugins/protect/wordpress1/wordpress.php to /amember/application/default/plugins/protect/wordpress1/wordpress1.php

3. Edit /amember/application/default/plugins/protect/wordpress1/wordpress1.php and change this line:

class Am_Protect_Wordpress extends Am_Protect_Databased 


class Am_Protect_Wordpress1 extends Am_Protect_Databased 

4. Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins and enable wordpress1 plugin.

In aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integrations you will have two plugins now: wordpress and wordpress1