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    Jun 19, 2021
    I have a WP theme that was designed for writers to display and sell their books. It requires woo commerce be used to display all your books and items to be sold on the main pages and all the other pages.

    I sell books on Amazon and I also created and sell downloadable products for commercial use. I just purchased aMember Pro and had them install it. I am totally confused on how to link my site with amember when it comes to the woo commerce product section.

    I contacted support and they said to use the plugin that I found in add-ons; however, it does not come with instructions and when I asked support about it - they simply said it uses hooks.

    So this is what I have done so far to get this thing to work - BUT - I know that I am not using the plugin because I have no clue how to use it and would like to if this can make my life simpler.

    1) I created a product through the product section of woo Commerce but left the product information section blank.
    2) I created the same product in aMember and went to the sales cart section and created the buy button. I took this information back into the product section in woo and added this code in the description section. (I listed the purchase price in the the descriptions section also.)

    These 2 steps allowed my product to be seen and featured on my site through my theme and allowed my customers to click on the buy button and be taken into amember.

    Since I can not utilize the product detail section and figure out how to make this work, I then created a separate download page on my site to deliver my product and protected this page with amember.

    So here is my question for this forum: Is there a better way to accomplish all of this? Does anyone have any information about the woo commerce plugin available in aMember? I could really use some help fast. Thanks in advance for any and all input.

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