The Fastest Way to Make More Money Every Time You Make a Sale

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    Nov 13, 2008
    How would you like to turn every sale you make into two or three sales, automatically?

    Now, you can, with the amUpsell plugin for aMember.

    The amUpsell plugin lets you easily upsell each and every new customer another product or service.

    When new customers purchase Product A, they will automatically be offered Product B.

    An Instant 122% Increase in Revenue?

    Let's say you're selling a $49 product. And let's say you have a $299 product you'd like to sell to your new customers after they get the first product.

    With amUpsell, you can automatically present your $299 offer to new customers.

    Let's assume 20% of customers decide to accept this second offer. How much does that grow your revenue?

    Here's the math:

    100 new customers at $49 = $4,900

    100 new customers x 20% = 20 upsells

    20 upsells at $299 = $5,980

    Total Revenue = $10,880

    Did you catch that? In this example, you'd make more money on upsell offers than you would on your initial offer!

    Even more shocking, the upsell offer creates a 122% increase in total revenue!

    This is not a gimmick or some technique that's going out of style. Upsells have been used with great success not only in online businesses, but also in infomercials, retail stores, and even restaurants.

    "Would you like to supersize that?"

    McDonald's has created a super profitable franchise business with a few key techniques. One of those techniques is the humble upsell.

    When you order a meal, you will likely be asked, "Would you like to supersize that?" When you order just a sandwich, they might ask you, "Would you like some fries with that?"

    Simple questions. Powerful results.

    And this is exactly what amUpsell does for you. It lets you automatically ask the simple questions that add fat profits to your bottom line.

    If you're using aMember, and you are selling more than one product (or would like to sell more than one product), then you need amUpsell.

    There is no faster or easier way to make more money every time you make a sale.

    So let's recap what amUpsell does...

    • amUpsell helps you automatically sell more of your aMember products to new customers.
    • If your customer buys Product A, you can offer them Product B on your thank you page. (Normally hard, now EASY.)
    • You can use one upsell product B for as many trigger product A's as you wish. Chain them together.
    • You specify the sales copy that is shown when the upsell is offered. It can come from the trigger product, the upsell product, or both.

    Your cost? Normally $67...but $33.50 for a limited time...

    Limited-Time Special Offer! You can get amUpsell for just $33.50 when you request it today.



    Ken Gary

    P.S. If there was one aMember plugin that would easily pay for itself within the next week, this is it.

    Click Here To Watch how easy it is to install this plugin.

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