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Discussion in 'Payment Systems' started by modessey, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Aug 22, 2006
    Okay, I'll do my best to explain

    We are promoting a Level2 membership. When a subscriber buys (or upgrades) to the new level,
    after the successful purchase of the new level 2 subscription, they are offered 4 different
    upsell products. All this happens OUTSIDE of amember.

    We already have in production, with level 1, sixteen different 'price_group id's' that
    accommodate this extremely well. Each price_group has the ONE product of the a level 1
    subscription and in the incremental content there are the various sets of upsell products
    they may have purchased. So when they get to their member page, the subscription is listed
    and the list of the upsell products they bought are listed just below that in what is the
    "incremental section" of their member page.

    OKAY - that is working fine: NOW - Here is the gotcha for Level 2.

    Level 2 has 46 modules that will be incrementally doled out over a year. I am racking my brain
    to figure out how I can avoid setting up 46 modules in 16 different price groups.
    Even though I know it would work perfectly when finished - Editing the modules rollout or adding
    module content will be a pain in the xxx - to say the least. :)

    SO - here is my question. I have a modified copy of the signup.php, signup.html, member.php and
    member.html to accommodate ease of member to 'activate' this new level on his/her member page

    Is it possible to add in the underlying code on member-custom.php or member-custom.html the
    additional SINGLE product that would contain the incremental modules and have them both be
    added (selected) to the member page without the member/subscriber having to pick two things.

    I have removed (hidden) the checkbox and any other product that would display except for the
    one product relating to the specific price_group being sent as a parameter in the url.

    If you could respond as quickly as possible, it could prevent a 2-week delay in the project
    and countless hours of administering this modular training program.

    TKU in advance.

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