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    Jun 11, 2008
    I need some help. Moving over our magazine subscription and renewal system into amember hopefully along with integration of our Xenforo, mail chimp, wordpress and others into here.

    What I want to do is have it so the users can subscribe to the magazine in here on an annual basis. Plus we would be importing our current subscribers and setting them as already purchased through whatever date they are renewed for.

    We go to Press:
    1) Every time we send an issue to press we can just do an export of the current subscribers and send the file (probably come out as a csv then we convert to xls) to our printer.

    2) After that we would send an email using a hook with MailChimp to send out to those same users an email saying the digital edition is available by logging into their account (in an amember protected page). We would also tell them that the print edition they should have in a week or two from us through the mail.

    3) Then we would send another email using the hook with MailChimp to those that don't get the print edition telling them to login to their account (in an amember protected page) to see the digital edition.

    1) We would need to be able to export people that are due for renewal in the next 2 months to a spreadsheet for sending postcards.
    2) We would need to gather that same list and hook over to MailChimp to do some regular emailings bugging them that they are about to run out.

    OK, so who can help me :)


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