PHP 7 RC 2 - is amember ready for php 7

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by olliejames, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. olliejames

    olliejames aMember Pro Customer

    Mar 19, 2007
    php 7 rc2 is out now

    november 12 php 7 will go live

    is amember ready for php 7?
  2. alexander

    alexander Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 8, 2003
    We haven't tested aMember with php 7 yet, but we surely will do this when final version will be released.
  3. starwizard

    starwizard New Member

    Dec 26, 2011
    Hi. I wanted to follow up and see if you have tested AMember with PHP 7.0?

    PHP 7.0.1 is already released.
  4. miso

    miso aMember Pro Customer

    Aug 22, 2006
    Most web hosts or applications are not PHP7 ready 100%, and I wouldn't expect aMember to be fully PHP7 ready for a little while either... plus most web hosts don't even offer PHP versions higher than 5.6 or so, so I wouldn't worry about PHP7 just yet.
  5. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    aMember 5.0.0 is compatible with PHP 7, earlier version has little incompatibility issue.
  6. starwizard

    starwizard New Member

    Dec 26, 2011
    Awesome. For all people out there, PHP 7 is like a FREE 50% speed boost.

    Caesar, another amazing thing you guys did is make it compatible with HHVM.

    Just curious, any estimate on release for 5.0.0 final?

  7. miso

    miso aMember Pro Customer

    Aug 22, 2006
    There is v5 already?

    Whoa... what are we looking at there in terms of features, release dates, etc?
  8. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    Here is changelog
    5.0.0 2016-02-03 13:58:27 +0300
        PHP 5.3+ REQUIRED
        aMember now supports two-factor authentication for both admin and user area.
          It allows to increase security by requiring some other info during login,
          for example verify if user received an SMS, or entered some code generated
          by a mobile application. Currently 2 plugins are available for purchase:
           for DuoSecurity ( ) and for Authy ( )
        Product Options implemented - allows to change price depending on selected
          during purchase options, and also allows to keep order-specific information
          for each purchase - for example domain name, or as common example: t-shirt size
        WebHooks module implemented - allows to POST to configured URL on events
        InvoiceSummary brick - allows to display invoice totals instantly on order page
            (ajax driven update of invoice summary to any element on the page - chosen by CSS selector)
        Export: ability to export either Value or Labels for multi_select and checkbox fields
        Closes #1381 - Protection plugins don't lock user in third-party database when user is locked in aMember. Added new group type: "Locked group", aMember adds user to that group if user is locked
        Improved compatibility with most recent PHP version 7
        Redirect After Login -> Page Where Log In Link was Clicked
        Notification: Send Registration E-Mail to Admin
        User Import: add unsubscribed field
        PDF invoice: better handle wide logo
        Ability to download PDF invoices for refunds in batch (backend)
        Fixed compatiblity with HHVM: Unable to setup amember under HHVM(HipHop Virtual Machine). @ operator is not supported under HHVM
        OneTimeOffer: do not allow to open same oto saveral times
        Bug fixed: option Send Copy of All Admin Notifications did not work properly
        Minimum coupon length changed from 5 to 4
        Personal Content: added dedicated admin permission to manage personal content
        Fixed bug: Internal server error in member's area if braintree plugin is unable to show update CC info link.
        Admin Dashboard: live widget update
        Expire Emails - ability to not send emails for active recurring subscriptions
        Closes #1683 - Unable to change access begin/expiration date on iPad
        Add filter by status to Invoice Grid
        Hide not recurring payment system if user choose recurring product
        New plugin: Integration with ownCloud (
        Fix "duplicate key" errors related to daily cron on big databases.
        Fixed bug: Email verification didn't work on profile form.
        Fixed bug: Free trial wasn't recorder correctly by segpay plugin.
        Default locale should be always in avaliable list
        Improved new-password brick
        Closes #1653 - Payment notification by product (in advance of rebill date, immidiately after payment, several days after payment)
        Mail Log: properly format text/plain message
        Bug Fixed: email templates to multiple admins had not effect, it always send only to default one
        Dime Sale Plugin: Automatically increase price of product based on either number of sales or days left
        Pending Notification: ability to send pending notifications by hours
        Added %product_title% to payment emails
        Closes #1468 - fix Last/This week intervals on border value
        Improve file-upload plugin: ability to serach user who uploaded at least one file and ability to add last upload datetime column to grid with users
        Ability to use Login Page as Index Page
        Closes #1333  - When specify IP address in Standard search, show all users who has access from that IP.
        File-upload Plugin: ability to add multiple bricks to same form
        Implements #1665 - Ability to use keywords with tracking code ?ref=username
        Implements #1279 - Include user group condition to Access Permissions
        Implements #1657: subusers - Ability to set Parent user in ACP
        Subscription Limit: Out of Stock / Low Stock Notifications
        Donation Plugin: add amother layout fior donation brick - Emotional
        Signup Form: ability to set robots meta (noindex,nofollow), it is important for hidden signup forms
        Ability to alter titles for custom field bricks
        Fixed bug: Automatic upgrades didn't work for php > 5.5.0
        Am_Mail: added support for List-Unsubscribe mail header
        Directory Module: ability to display column with active subscriptions
        Added new filter to amember CP -> Payments -> Invoices : "Show only invoices with active access"
        Bug Fixed: form-editor - it is not possible to add brick to form if you removed all bricks before
        File Upload Plugin: Ability to define upload category for files
        Bug Fixed: Expiration email can be sent incorrectly in some situation
        Added %product_title% shortcode to invoice_pay_link template.
        Bug Fixed: Mass Subcribe action in case of free invoice throw exception
        Random Text Spinning for Email templates, example: Hello {{my friend|there|, good morning}} %user.name_f% %user.name_l%
            Allow to export Sequential Receipt Number from amember CP -> Payments report
            Reports: hint for predefined intervals with exact dates for report period
            Bug Fixed: report 'Count of product purchase' incorectly handle qty
            reports: add info about how much exact value in percent from total (table output)
            Report: Avarage Lifetime Value (Cohort Analysis)
            Retention Rate Report: ability to build report based on subscription start period, change lines to bars
        Newsletter Plugins
            Sendy newsletter plugin added
            New newsletter plugin: mailget
            New newsletter plugin: sendgrid3 - Support of SendGrid web api v3
            Added new newsletter plugin: convertkit (
            Added new newsletter plugin: getdrip (
            Fixed bug: Interspire Newsletter plugin didn't query for all available lists.
            InterSpire: increase number of list to retreive up to 100 (it is just 10 by default)
            Added current API support to mailchimp plugin.
            Mailgun integration ( advanced email validation on signup form
            Fixed bug: Duplicate quotes around  sender name when use SendGrid as email delivery method.
            Closes #1667 - Tax percentages in 3 digits
            EU VAT plugin: Allow to use current year in invoice numbers
            EU VAT: Romanian VAT was changed from 24% to 20 %
            EU VAT Report: include paysystem receipt id in report details.
            Fixed show of activations
            Fixed bug: license expiration date wasn't changed when admin changes expiration date of user's access record.
            Bug fixed: chunked response was handled incorrectly in case of size of chunk has symbol F
            Bug fixed for LicenseChecker in case of some Network error  is empty and actually setError is already excuted in makeRequest
            Highlight disabled licenses in row
            License tab to user profile in admin interface, add filter for license, fix visualization for license activataion, i18n
        Shopping Cart
            Cart: Fix category widget
            Cart: option to disable/enable coupons  on checkout
            Cart: ability to Allow use Cart only to Registered Users
            Shopping Cart: Tags implemented
            Cart: Make images in product descriptions responsive too.
            Changed cart layout to be responsive
            Implements #1659: interactive play button for Flowplayer when cover image is used
            Flowplayer autoPlay didn't work for audio content
            Video Player: ability to define poster image in preset
            Closes #1685 - Add product subscription to helpdesk tickets
            Helpdesk: do not allow to submit empty ticket message
            Helpdesk: new feature - watchers
        Affiliate Program
            Wordpress integration: new shortcode - am4affiliate: Show Affiliate Info of currently logged in user
            Aff - fixed keywords report
            Aff: new commission condition - First Time Purchase
            Affiliate: Payout Method - BACS
            APi: new event Bootstrap_Aff::AFF_COMMISSION_CALCULATE
            Aff keywords reworked to work with big database
            Added option to enable/disable keywords support in affiliate module.
            Bug Fixed: Sales widget should take into account voids for affiliate commissions
            aff-leads plugin: ability to add column with active subscriptions
            Wordpress plugin: Page wasn't displayed if "exclude page from menu" option was enabled
            Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin:Fixed problems with browse dialog.
            Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: Unable to login into Wordpress dashboard if amember4 plugin is enabled in wordpress.
            closes #1661  - Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: Widgets protection settings not initialized once new widget added
        Integration Plugins
            Drupal - fixed cookie name if script is on https
            Facebook: improve plugin configuration form
            Facebook plugin: add ability to choose size, layout and action for buttons
            Facebook plugin: respect current locale
            Updated MyBB plugin to support version 1.8.6
            Receiptful Integration Plugin ( - Send well formated receipt Email Messages optimized for upsells
            Drupal plugin: Set secure session when Drupal is installed under SSL
            Amazon S3: ability to use SSL for Authenticated URLs, it is necessary for https sites
            New Integration Plugin: Architect
            OSTicket integration.
            Aff - admin notification for new affiliate signup
            Fixed bug: Invision 4 plugin:  password was stored in incorrect format.
            Added new protect plugin: socialninja
            Added new protect plugin: skadate (
            Zendesk - check access for sign in
            Fixed bug: Single-login didn't work with ExpressionEngine 2
            Quaderno Integration ( - Send info about payments in aMember to quaderno
        Payment Plugins
            Stripe: listen refund webhook, update to latest APi (cards was replaced with source)
            jvzoo: auto login after purchase
            CC Plugins: Display message about successful CC info update for user
            WePay: implement changes in recent wepay API
            ccbill: fix dynamic pricing
            2pay4you - new payment plugin
            Moneris: add USD as available currency
            2checkout: Inline Checkout
            New payment Plugin: Quaderno Checkout (
            CCBill - cascade_id option added
            InfusionSoft: bug fixed - expired ALL access records wrongly if there was a product with 'isoft_tags' = 'null'
            PayPal Pro: Fixed bug: "Column 'receipt_id' cannot be null " error generated by paypal-pro plugin when paypal was unable to  create recurring profile.
            LimeLight plugin fixed.
            Beanstream-remote - added currencies
            Paypal-express: partial refund
            2checkout: ability to switch between production and sandbox account
            Added support for Amazon Instant Access
            Paypal-express: handle 10486 errror properly
            New Payment Plugin: Digital Goods Store (
            aysafecard plugin fixed. Paysafecard's integration test will work now.
            New payment Plugin: Maksekeskus
            Added RON currency support to paysafecard plugin.
            Jvzoo - fixed invoice external_id for recurring
            New payment plugin: Nochex
            New payment plugin added: WarriorPayments (
            New payment plugin added: Paygarden (
            SegPay - fix for rebills IPN's
            Stripe - hosted version added
            Segpay - fixed refunds
            2co inline: form must also pass in the buyer’s name, email, and full billing address (So Name and Address brcik is required on signup form)
            PayPal Express Checkout plugin: remove confirmation screen, it is not required.
            Stripe - 402 is allowed status code, so show correct error message
            Dwolla fixed (checkout -> Checkout)
            New Payment Plugin: Helcim (
            New Payment Plugin: iPaymu (
            Epay: support partial refunds
            authorize-cim: in case user close popup window redirect him to fall back payment page
            jv: handle recurring payments
            BlueSnap: additional IP for IPN servers
            Following the recent commercial changes from Gate2Shop to GTS Payments HK
  9. story

    story New Member

    Aug 29, 2006
    We are just now trying to use PayPal Pro again (PayPal has had the account incorrect for over a year now - since before we switched to aMembers 4.x) and they just fixed it only for us to find out we have a bug you listed as fixed in this beta:

    "PayPal Pro: Fixed bug: "Column 'receipt_id' cannot be null " error generated by paypal-pro plugin when paypal was unable to create recurring profile."

    I am hoping we can work out getting a patch for our current installation. Generally speaking we aren't worried about needing support, but would gladly pay to renew our support though if we did renew will you be able to help us patch our aMembers 4.3.5 installation for this bug?

    PHP: 5.4.30
    MySQL: 5.6.29

    Feel free to PM or e-mail our address on file to chat.

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
  10. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
  11. lseparatio2020

    lseparatio2020 New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
    I have aMember 5.3.1 , but i am unable to find the aff-lead plugin , any advice ?
  12. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
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  13. lseparatio2020

    lseparatio2020 New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
  14. responsivelab

    responsivelab aMember Pro Customer

    Jan 5, 2014
    i'm using aMember with php 7 without problem

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