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    Mar 9, 2009
    Hi guys,

    I wanted to post about a new plugin for WordPress (free!) that works well with Amember/Wordpress. As many of you know, Wordpress isn't set up to put media into REAL folders and that's a pain, because it's great to be able to use Amember to protect your content in folders.

    There are some other solutions out there, but none of them work well if you have A LOT of media files. I used to use Atsushi Ueda's Media File Manager plugin and it worked well (the only one), but he stopped supporting it and it got pulled from the Wordpress plugin repository a few months back.

    I have worked with a new developer (Sherif) to write a new plugin that does the job and works great with Amember. It's called Media File Organizer and I'm now using it in production and it's doing the job.

    Now I'm trying to spread the word and get people to try out (and hopefully use) this plugin. There's no cost, no catch, no "premium" version. It's something that was written to help create REAL folders for Wordpress media in general, and to help Wordpress and Amember work together more easily.

    It's my way of trying to support Amember, which I've used for years and depend on and love.

    I hope this sounds appealing to some folks and that you'll check it out. Thanks..., and if you like the plugin, spread the word!

    Media File Organizer Plugin
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