Need Job Done TODAY (Sunday 18th), Paying very well.

Discussion in '3rd Party Service Providers' started by echorise, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. echorise

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Hello I need a relatively simple job done today. Done the majority of the work, need an amember expert to look it over and check my work.

    Have two products on a single site. amember is working beautifully but I need the following done.

    1. One product is free, login system is working great.
    2. Second product about to introduce will be for $, and paid via Clickbank.
    3. Need to allow users who purchase second product immediate access to first product as well.
    4. Existing members for product one, if they attempt to access product two will be required to pay. After payment, they are granted access to second product.

    5. PHPBB3 integration is working well again on my end, but was not for a number of months. Need to get login lists synced for those two databases.

    I'll be on AOLIM with username dakoowa, same with Yahoo IM username dakoowa. Drop me an IM, if I'm at my desk will respond immediately. If not please leave your phone number and will call you back within 45 minutes with the details.

    I can reward you handsomely for tackling this by the end of day today. If all goes well much larger projects on the horizon.

    I've already emailed both david and miso here on the forums, but if there is someone else out there available to help immediately whoever gets back to me first confident they can bang this out today gets rewarded handsomely. Thanks much.

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