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    Feb 17, 2014

    I'm new to aMember, and I need some help understanding how to best setup my products. We sell a developer library for Delphi (called CopyCat), and license per developer. I have currently created 3 products for that (1-dev license, 5-dev license or site license) with different prices. I hide each of these products as soon as one has been bought, because it's meaningless to buy both a 1-developer license and a 5-developer license. If someone buys a 1-dev license and wants to upgrade, I would like that to be possible however.

    So my questions are :
    1) How to I make it possible for the user to upgrade from 1-dev to 5-dev or from 5-dev to site license?

    2) How do I manage renewals? I have currently created separate products for renewal of each level, but it's pretty heavy to manage. Is there a better way?

    3) How do I handle evaluation versions? I have uploaded the evaluation version downloads as protected content because I want interested users to register first before getting access to the downloads. Those downloads are free though of course. I don't want these files to be visible for registered customers in their member pages, so I kind of need to give free signups access to a "evaluation" product, and cancel subscription to that product when they actually place an order.

    4) Is there a simpler way to set up all this?!?

    BTW, my site is

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