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Discussion in 'Integration' started by hoststreamsell, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Nov 30, 2011
    Hi all, I am just wondering what the interest would be in being able to integrate with a streaming video buying service I am working on. To date I have focused on users uploading their videos and selling directly on my website by way of individual videos, video series, and video subscriptions, all with various options around access control, but I thought another useful feature would be for people with their own websites and subscription systems already in place (just like amember) to be able to still use all the encoding, streaming, and access control features of my service but for the videos to be seamlessly and transparently delivered through their own amember website. The way I have created my system, this would be possible through a REST API with simple calls to not only dynamically retrieve details about all videos they have uploaded on my system for display and playback in their amember site, but to be able to add or remove access to one of their members easily and ideally integrate this into the flow for when a new member signs up.

    Anyway, all feedback welcome whether it be from someone with an interest in this or from someone who has done similar integration already.

    Gavin (still in Beta development)

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