I am SUPER impressed... Awesome Product, Amazing Support, WOW!!!

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by joeyjay, Apr 22, 2021.

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  1. joeyjay

    joeyjay aMember Pro Customer

    Apr 1, 2017
    OK, first off, this is quote long, I admit, but I can't give enough Kudos to the Amember team.

    They are AWESOME!!!

    I purchased Amember well over a year ago, but never got around to actually using it. When I initially purchased it, I remember they offered free installation but never expected them to follow through more than a year later. BUT . . .

    When I was getting ready to finally use it, I noticed that the domain I had licensed it to was an old domain that I barely use anymore, so I contacted support to ask if they could update my domain...

    They had that done in no time at all, but what happened next totally shocked me...

    They asked if I was doing the install myself or if I wanted/needed them to do it for me...

    Seriously? More than a year after my purchase and they were still going to honor their promise?


    I sent them my info and they gave me an estimated date and time of completion. Well, they lied!!!

    They had it installed many hours EARLIER than the time they had quoted me. Again, WOW!!!

    Extremely impressed, I figured I would purchase a few additional add-ons. They even installed those for me as well... Again, WOW!!!

    Here it is months later and many many many support messages back and forth and they have NEVER once let me down.

    Every time I have a question, no matter how minute it is or how silly it may be or sound, there is ALWAYS someone there who takes the time to not just answer my questions, but answer them in a way that even a newb could understand and follow... AND, they always follow up with me to ensure things are going ok.

    I have paid thousands for other systems which don't even come CLOSE to their level of support and dedication to customer satisfaction.

    I am THRILLED that I purchased a license and will probably be purchasing a few more for a couple other sites of mine as well...

    If I HAD to offer some sort of criticism, it would be this... they charge far too little.

    The script itself is worth MUCH MORE than what they charge (let's just hope they don't decide to raise the price before I get around to grabbing a few more licenses though, lol) and like I said, the level of support is AMAZING!

    I myself strive to offer my own customers the level of support that Amember offers me (and all their customers I'm sure) . . .

    I honestly can't say enough!!!

    As for the product itself, it is massively powerful. So powerful in fact that it can be daunting to newbies. It is so complex and so vast, yet so simple once you take the time to understand things...

    Whether I am selling individual products, or securing an entire membership, Amember literally allows me to do EVERYTHING I need to do in no time at all and with very minimal effort.

    In the past, to do everything I have needed, I have always had to use several scripts and/or services combined to get the results I needed. NOT ANYMORE -- Amember does it ALL . . .

    Thank you Amember, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for a job WELL WELL done!!! Kudos to your entire team.
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