How to integrate REST API amember inside Application (ionic 5)

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    May 13, 2014
    Hye Hello everyone.

    I have a big request which is I want to develop an application (epaper) by using the existing REST API under "Remote API Configuration" side. Currently I have done about 50% for project development but I am having problems due to the APIs and I listed down the problems I faced. Generally the problem of this APIs is making this App like no difference with opening the epaper website itself in the same device.

    The API that I used in my app;
    - API login
    - API view Epaper (respons of API login)
    - API My Cart
    - API Helpdesk
    - API Payment History
    - API Log out
    - API Edit profile

    1. API for login can be used and producing the right output but not tally with another APIs inside. The detail problems for the term "not tally" I explained as below;

    Three situations could occur in App.
    1. User has not login into the epaper website in the same device.
    - Users need to login again in any one of the available APIs inside the App.

    2. User has login into the epaper website in the same device but with another account.
    - Users will open the app, login as the actual App users, but all the APIs inside are using the "another account" view.

    3. User has login into the epaper website in the same device.
    - Works perfectly.

    2. There is also requirement to make sure user always login but the available API not play the same role. The login page side has the option either to login in once or always login.

    Hopefully there will be some answer regarding this. Thank you.

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