How do I configure this type of membership ?

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    Apr 27, 2017

    First sorry for my English, I'm French. I will go to the essential :

    Every month I create a new course. What I want :
    1- Subscribers receive the new course every month.
    2- New subscribers receive the course of the month BUT can not access the old.
    3- If they unsubscribe, members can still have access to the courses they have had during the subscription.

    Example :
    3 courses :
    - course of march
    - course of april
    - course of mai

    - John subscribes in March and does not unsubscribe. He receives the 3 formations.
    - Paul subscribes in April and does not unsubscribe. He receives the course of april and the course of mai.
    - Jack subscribes in April and unsubscribe. He receives the course of april and keeps access to this course for life but will not receive the courses of the following months.

    Can I do this with aMember ?

    Thank you for your work,

    Best regards,

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry I just now saw this post. Hope this is still of use to you.

    We ran a monthly membership program for eleven years that worked exactly as you describe. We offered both monthly and annual payment options. People who signed up would get a new issue added to their accounts each month provided they had a current paid subscription to the base product. That monthly product was set to Lifetime, so it does not expire even if they stop paying for the ongoing subscription.

    This monthly added product can either be added manually each month or automatically with the Schedule Access plugin.

    The new 5.2.6 release will be adding the ability to start a subscription on the 1st of the month, even if that is back-dated, which will make it much easier to ensure subscribers do not end up with two month's worth of added product because their start date crossed over two months.

    Hope that helps,

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