How Can They Upgrade From A Single Payment To A Recurring?

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    Sep 14, 2007
    How can I add a subscription when I'm using Amember, Xenforo & Thrivecart if they already have access to one product, (but it's not recurring).

    They own Product A, usergroup "Product A", this gives them access to the xenforo forum with "Product A" access.

    I want to offer an upgrade to these users.

    The upgrade is a $197 monthly recurring subscription.

    The upgrade would add them to xenforo in the usergroup "Monthly Membership".

    Do I do this?

    1.) Create a product in Thrivecart at $197 a month and take the product id to amember.

    2.) Create the monthly subscription product at $197 in amember with it adding to the usergroup "Monthly Membership" in xenforo.

    3.) Send all people who want the $197 a month product to the Thrive Cart order page.

    Is that right?
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