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    Jul 30, 2008
    Hi Everyone,

    Minimum Password Length - Fix

    Found a simple solution to getting aMember (6.2.9) & vBulletin (5.6.4) authenticating correctly.
    With everything else setup right for some members after logging into aMember they still could not login to vBulletin.

    The vBulletin login hash cookie was being created correctly, by the aMember plugin, but they still couldn't login to vBulletin. Some members could and some could not.

    The issue turned out to be the minimum password lengths need to match up between the two systems.

    aMember had 6 characters
    vBulletin had 8 characters

    Fix - Change the aMember minimum password length to be the same as vBulletin then the problem goes away.

    Thanks to Andrey on where to change minimum password lengths.

    Setup/Configuration > Signup Form Configuration > Password Length (8 - 32)

    Hope this helps someone with this issue.

    Aly :)
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