aMember Pro 6.3.9 released

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  1. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.9. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    6.3.9 2021-11-04 14:20:37 +0400
        Catch all exceptions and errors in cron
        Show cron tasks execution in seconds. Correctly show if task wasn't finished.
        Credit Card Rebills - pagination fixed
        feat(bundle-discount): separate admin permission to manage discount rules
        feat(signup-form): conditional display by coupon code
        fix(upgrade-path): handle case with different currency for FROM and TO billing plans
        fix(mass-subscribe): does not allow double click in chrome (avoid multiple form submit)
        feat(admin-saved-form): mass actions - Delete/Disable/Enable
        fix(admin-payments): filter by user name - 'name_f' in where clause is ambiguous
        fix(field-date): ability to clear date
        exclude helpdesk autocomplete from access log
        fix(aff): lead is not recorded
        feat(custom-field): ability to restrict mime types for upload fields
        feat(form): add input type=number element
        fix(admin-aff-payout): sql error on page with payout details in admin interface in case of AM_HUGE_DB (Duplicate column name)
        Admin cron logs - filter added
        bugfix - absorb tax, better way to calculate to avoid rounding issue
        fix(invoice cancel): handle case of delete product in cancel invoice notification
        fix(user-consent): sql error on tab with user consent in admin interface in case of AM_HUGE_DB (Duplicate column name)
        fix(template): VIEW_BODY_APPEND event remove one symbol from original content
        fix(subusers): exclude subusers from clear pending users query
        Name brick fixed - two rows + reverse order
            Cloudpayments payment plugin added
            Stripe: swap option disable_paymethod_select -> enable_paymethod_select
            GotoWebinar plugin: suppress errors on member's pages. Cache frequently info
            Facebook Conversions - event_id added
            Chartmogul plugin added
            fix(directory): access check for menu item
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome!
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