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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.5. This release contains fixes and improvements.
    6.3.5 2021-06-07 14:31:57 +0400
        feat(product-management): mass action Set Product Requirements
        feat(simple-tpl): allow symbol '/' in literals, useful for urls to escape %'/amember/signup/|urlencode'%
        Attach address and tax rate to payment/refund. Display correct rate/pdf invoice in situations when user changed address info
        Rest Api - fixed post,put requests for classes based on Am_Record
        Backup Cron - ignore abort and extend memory limit
        fix(form-editor): multiple HTML bricks in sidebar position
        fix(brick-conditional): avoid trigger change event - it lead to bug when state field do not populated (change triggered before CountryState initialized)
        fix(option-editor): sort rows, ability to edit empty text label
        fix(url): incorrect translation relative url to absolute
        fix(form): fault tolerance in case of remove attempt of not existing element
        feat(aff): new commission rule condition - Number of Payment in Invoice
        feat(cart): show product if it is member of at least one category with revealed code
        feat(cart): show products in category requested by code even if product is member of another category with code
        fix(cart): delay _setBasketItems until i18n loaded
        fix(cart): endless redirect if logged in user open signup/cart directly
        fix(cart): do not allow to put invoice-summary and donation bricks to form in admin UI. These bricks has not effect in case of shopping cart
        fix(cart): ability to use files from Disk as product image
        Mailer Lite: Flexible Actions support
            feat(paysys): New Payment System: Cryptonator (
            feat(ccavenue): compatibility with latest PHP: mcrypt -> openssl
            Sberbank - recurring fixed
            ClickFunnels - cancel event handling added
            Vendo - payment plugin added
            Paddle plugin update
            apple-signin plugin added
            feat(login-monitor): allow to send email only for users with specific product
            feat(shipping-flat): free shipping threshold
            feat(gift-card): ability to add gift card from admin interface
            fix(sales-notification): delay initialization until document is fully loaded (get rid of jquery race condition)
            fix(donation): visualization error, numbers likes 3.4000000000000017
            Infusion-soft - allow to send plain text pass for registration email
            feat(self-service): show thank you page after user get product
            feat(self-service): Option to Notify Admin when User Get Product
            feat(self-service): pagination for products page
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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