aMember Pro 6.3.13 released

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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.3.13. This release contains fixes and improvements.
    6.3.13 2022-06-28 13:43:42 +0400
        EmailUsers - fixed to send test email by username OR email address
        Cancel link added to credit card payment form
        Add items list view to cart
        Shopping Cart: Ability to skip periods for product terms when product is being displayed in the cart. Useful for physical products
        Ability to translate product option title/description
        Shopping Cart: Ability to mark products as new in cart
        New Storage Plugin: Contabo
        Fixed bug: Some JS Dialogs didn't work in aMember CP when opened second time
        Upgraded jquery UI to 1.13.1
        feat(admin-ui): add Last Signin (Date/Time) column to user grid
        PHP 8.1 deprecated warnings fixed
        feat(report): Amount of Rebills by time period
        feat(report): Number of Rebills by time period
        LiveDate grid action
        add eTLD
            Fixed Bug: CheckoutCom rebills failure in some situations
            Fixed Bug: Duplicate transactions in some situations when user Square UP payment plugin.
            ccBill plugin: Attempt to charge previous user (if enabled), if charge fails redirect user to ccBill.
            ccBill plugin: Cancel discounts support implemented.
            ccBill Plugin: Added an ability to extend subscription through Change Rebill Date functionality
            feat(aweber): simplify tag management (allow to create tags from amember), bypass aweber api limits
            feat(newsletter): New Newsletter Plugin: Moosend (
            Newsletter Module: List Unsubscribe notification for user
            Unsubscribe notification to user
            Discord plugin: Login with discord functionality
            Cancel Feedback: Ability for admin to specify cancellation reason
            feat(subusers): respect username constraints for subusers
            Widget Plugin:  Ability to specify more than one target for widget
            pdf-stamping - "transparency" setting added
            Notification plugin:  ability to translate notifications
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome!
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