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  1. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.13. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    6.2.13 2021-02-01 12:20:26 +0400
        feat(aff): new commission rule condition - First Time Affiliate Sale
        feat(theme): add behance as available social media link for footer
        feat(coupon): make error on zero discount optional, there is several use cases when such behaviour is not desired
        feat(html-editor): button to easy embed youtube video
        feat(aff): separate intro text, general link and banners blocks, ability to manage it independently
        feat(pdf-invoice): option to add product description to PDF invoice
        feat(sendy): ability to pass additional fields to sendy
        feat(getdrip): ability to pass user custom fields
        feat(helpdesk): set explicit order for admin menu items - ability to put custom items between
        Wasabi storage plugin
        Exclude not recurring items from payment receipt in email for subsequent payments
        fix(admin-ui): email users preview in case of plain-text
        fix(admin-ui): bug in case of too long product name
        fix(i18n): ability to translate options for select elements
        fix(upgrade): process partial refund in case of downsell
        fix(theme): respect chosen Identity Type (login|email|full name) in login/logout offer block on signup form
        fix(mail_cancel): put to email template first *recurring* product from invoice
        fix(user-menu): ability to use some menu items in context without logged in user eg.: add items to header menu of theme
        fix(selectel): fix violation for LSP
        fix(email): do not send email without recipients
        mailchimp: do not raise error on empty response returned by DELETE api
        Apache 2.4 fix
        Fixed bug: Authentication errors  were not displayed on admin login page.
        events ADMIN_ADD_INVOICE_FORM/ADMIN_ADD_INVOICE_INVOICE: ability to extend features of form from plugins
        Do not store paysystem transaction exceptions in Error log. They are stored in invoice log already
        Newsletter - standardize debug mode
            New Payment System - CoinCorner (
            Stripe additional sources - Sofort fixed to use asynchronous charge confirmation
            Payflow - iframe fixed
            Fixed Bug: CoinBaseCommerce incorrect rebill amount in some situations
            toyyib-pay: pass billDescription as required
            Stripe Apple pay: use new payment_intents api to process payments.
            Fixed bug: Cardinity payment plugin: wrong amount was passed for recurring payments.
            fix(plugnplay): add customer IP to API request
            fix(stripe): correct language codes for l10n
            yandex payment url updated
            thrive-cart refund amount added
            fastspring-contextual - supported currencies added
            Implements #2053: Sales Popup: Ability for site visitors to close the popup notification for the CURRENT website visit
            Notification Plugin: ability to setup notification with countdown
            feat(personal-content): Mass User Action Upload Personal File
            Cs-cart integration plugin added
            ORIBI tracking plugin added
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