aMember Pro 6.2.11 released

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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.11. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    6.2.11 2020-12-14 12:32:37 +0400
        Bug Fixed: Product brick within fieldset on multi-page form
        Bug Fixed: Ability to assign user/affiliate to coupon if user has numeric username
        Bug Fixed: Popup form close icon
        Ability to copy autoresponder emails added
        Fieldset brick: ability to set CSS class, unique ID for name fields
        Admin UX: Forms Editor - make available bricks block sticky - quite useful in case of form with many fields
        Implements #2104: Add ability to set name (admin reference) to form bricks
        Bug Fixed: Unable to configure Moodle Plugin if MySQL uses non-default port
        Eliminate unnecessary depth limit from menu
        Shopping Cart: ability to use radio buttons for payment system
        Several possible XSS issues fixed
        Bug Fixed: too big value of 'group_concat_max_len' pointed to empty results
        Directory: fix markdown for sortable headers
        Bug Fixed: directory - not possible to user groups and subscription columns together
        Optimise admin coupons page: use ajax request to get details of coupon usage
        Helpdesk: enable valuesToForm/valuesFromForm events for ticket form
        REST API: user-groups endpoint
        Bug Fixed: order of 'Resource Categories Menu' in case of there is only one item
        User Consent: Ability to make it optional
        UX: even/odd records in table with access in admin interface
        Address Brick: Add settings Read-only
        New interval for reports last 12 months
        Product Conversion Report: Add revenue to report data
        User Search Criteria: Share Same Signup IP with other users
        User Search Criteria: Last Signin match signup date
        Fix UI for 'Last Signin' search criteria
        Hide links to edit rebill date and cancel recurring if admin has not permission to do it
        Refresh auth session on profile update (important in case of change username/email and integration plugin)
        Bug Fixed: execute Am_Event::AUTH_AFTER_LOGIN in case of 2fa
        Ability to clear Invoice Log manually/automatically
        Regenerate session id after login (prevent session fixation)
        Bug Fixed: frontend - initialize datepicker for elements loaded by ajax requests
            New payout day option added "Last day of the month"
            Bug Fixed: Aff Stats page with Compare against other periods
            Add search for banners in aff UI
            Webmoney fixed
            Stripe plugin: Send customer name to stripe
            Payeezy-js2 payment plugin added
            Curopayments payment plugin added
            Stripe Echeck payment plugin added
            UsaEpay: PCI DSS SAQ-A compatible solution
            Discord plugin: Ability to remove link with Discord
            Autocoupons: Ability to set period of validity for generated coupons
            Aff Bonus Link: ability to bind single link to multiple products
            Avatar: fix orientation of image based on exif if possible
            Discord: trigger user update event of link/unlink account
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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