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  1. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.2.0. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    6.2.0 2020-04-29 12:56:54 +0400
        Reworked internal JavaScript libraries for frontend and backend pages - works much faster now
        aMember documentation reworked, context help for plugins added
        Disallow opening aMember pages in iframe on 3rd party domains to avoid clickjacking attacks
        Improved Reset Admin Password Flow
        Product Options: Ability to add Description for product options
        Upgrades - do not get invoices with expired access
        Fixed bug: Incorrect upgrade link behaviour in Active subscriptions widget. Wrong invoice was chosen to upgrade.
        Solid Color Theme: Header Menu
        Oauth2 Module: enable PKCE support.
        Ability to Configure deep menu levels
        Am_Lite::getQty() method added
        Added touch event support for jquery ui
        "copy-to-clipboard" option for general affiliate link
        Payment plugins: hide extra settings by default.
        IS EMPTY condition for multi_select/multi_upload fields
        Fixed bug: InfusionSoft plugin unable to update username/password.
        pdo_options can be set within config.php file
        Bug Fixed: default coupon for coupon brick within fieldset
        Brick Conditional Display: Ability to choose 'Any Match'|'All Match'
        jQuery library updated for video JS code
        bug fixed - recognize audio/mp3 as audio
        Ability to calculate and add Tier commissions when admin add manual commission to affiliate.
        Options Editor: ability to sort options
        Options Editor: Ability to Export Options
        Bug fixed - user lookup did not work right at EmailUsers section
        Ability to use custom page for Access Forbidden
        Affiliate: show statistics for recent periods first
        maximize above ui-front when ckeditor used in dialogue
        Bug Fixed: Softsale - respect option hide_expired_licenses
        Coupon with absolute discount: fix discount distribution between items (round error)
        Email confirmation template - use more variables
        admin-setup speed improvement - lazy init plugin setup forms
        Grids: avoid useless text like 'showing records 1-1 from 1'
        output masked IP address in admin UI for better privacy
        Added Ability to resend payment receipt email
        Show total coupon revenue on Coupon usage screen
        Mass Action: Amend Access Permission
        Advanced Search: NOT IN condition
            Add Emoji Panel to response dialog
            bold and italic format to helpdesk messages
            Add snippets to menu
            Add Categories for reply snippets
            Mass Ticket Reply action
            Show in grid if some admin already working on ticket
            Ability to manage sort order of reply snippets
            Elavon payment plugin
            SmartDebit: ref/publicId
            SmartDebit: process Successful Collection Report
            SmartDebit: ability to configure sandbox account
            SmartDebit: lead time for rebills
            Paypal: proper url to cancel subscription
            Robokassa: recurring payment plugin added
            PayPal Express: add product name of billing profile description
            Konnektive payment plugin added
            Stripe sources problem "Invalid statement descriptor. Cannot contain the characters /, (, ), {, or }" fixed
            PhpBB: compatibility with 3.3
            Zenddesk: Added tags support
            Xeroapi: amounts fixed
            Magoware: update password fixed
            Invision4: sso fixed
            Cerb9 integration plugin
            New Plugin: Integration with GoToWebinar
            SMF: ssi fixed
            Activecampaign: do not empty first and last name (skip these fields if we have not value)
            Mailchimp plugin: Added ability to set Mailchimp Merge fields from aMember's profile information
            MailChimp Plugin: Added merge tags support
            Donation plugin: emotional layout with minimum!=0 and allow to skip donation
            Credits: Low Level User Notification
            schedule-access more gentle way to handle wrong configuration
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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