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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.1.7. This release contains fixes and improvements.
    6.1.7 2020-02-10 16:19:58 +0400
        Improved admin password restore - (1) will not show if admin is exists and e-mail match (2) added time limits per-admin and per-requests from IP
        Validate coupon code on batch creation to avoid SQL error with duplicate value
        Am_Lite::getUserGroups - return array of user group ids for currently logged in user
        Helpdesk: separate option to allow/disallow users to close tickets
        Split "Setup -> E-Mail" to 2 pages "E-Mail" and "E-Mail Templates"
        Bug Fixed: maximum length of column name in mysql is 64, we should restrict field name length accordingly
        Form Blocks: Conditional Display based on Product
        Form Bricks: conditional display depending on selected payment system
        Bug Fixed: handle hide if logged in for fieldset
        Ability to hide Coupon field for logged in user
        Invoice Summary: ability to put multiple instances of block to same form (useful in case of multi-page form)
        Mark commissions that did not pass threshold date (Delay Payout) within admin interface
        Restore generate password link for add new user form
        Bug Fixed: sort of directories
        User Search Condition: Duplicate Value In Field
        Aff - do not call js for banners page(prevent overloading)
        Ability to change Due Date for invoice from admin interface
        Bug Fixed: products from hidden category can be shown in case of another category filter applied in where part
        Bug Fixed: case of empty hidden categories in cookies (shopping cart)
        Implements #2064: Dedicated Permission for Access Agreement Documents
        Ability to export labels for select additional fields
        Shopping Cart: ability to apply coupon on checkout page
        Bug Fixed: session data can contain emoji too, in turn it broke ability to unserialize data
        Fixed bug: Removed magic_quotes_* functions calls. That functionality was removed from php 5.4.0
        Ability to search user by id in quick lookup in admin interface
        Ja translation for billing terms
        Improve performance of coupons page (admin interface) in case of huge nnumber of coupon codes
        Bug fixed: Unable to change basked when it was saved already. (for example if user try to checkout and then click back);
        Bug Fixed: multiple instance of flowplayer on same page
            Fastspring Contextual plugin: Auto create support added
            Stripe plugin: Implemented Stripe Checkout mode. User will be redirected to stripe in order to specify info
            CcBill - consider parameter name "subscriptionId" as well
            Intuit Merchant Plugin: Update Cart expiration date if card was already stored in vault.
            Stripe Additional Sources SEPA Debit ability to register chargebacks
            CcBill plugin: Auto create support for FlexPay forms
            Fixed bug: Stripe SEPA Additional source plugin: disable duplicate form submit
            Fixed StripeGoogle pay plugin.
            payeezy-js bug fixed: check output of json_encode(34.95 * 100);
            Netdebits source validation fixed
            Fixed bug: Stripe Additional Sources Sepa Debit use existing customer record in stripe and do not create new one.
            Braintree - rebills fixed
            Moodle: use manual auth type (there is not difference with email but email can be disabled and therefore user will not be able to login)
            Moodle: sync is_locked and suspended fields
            Moodle: fix custom user field synchronization
            Fixed bug: Invision4 plugin. Do not remove all user's sessions on logout
            Ontraport Integration
            Avatar: set owner to avatar image if uploaded from admin interface
            Google Authenticator: use TOTP auth type
            Serials: New Serial to User Email
            Schedule-Access Plugin: ability to add access records based on number of payments
            Cookie Notice: ability to choose background color for notice within plugin configuration
            Gift Voucher: handle refunds
            Gift Voucher: add email validation
            Product Feedback: email to admin when new feedback added
            Subusers: allow to set address fields
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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