aMember Pro 4.5.1 released

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    This releases provides a lot of bugfixes and improvements, but most important is the support for new EU VAT 2015 tax rules. You can find instructions to configure it here:

    4.5.1 2014-12-17 15:54:18 +0400
    Product "welcome" email template added
    Implemented sequential invoice numbering(for EU VAT 2015)
    New EU VAT rules with two Pieces of location evidence implemented

    Tax: Ability to use prices incl. tax instead of add tax above product price
    New Report: Tax Report
    Implements #1529 - hide tabs in user profile for admin if he has not access to it (backend)
    Google Analytics: better sales tracking - will track sales even if sale is not handled instantly
    Ability to use zero discount coupon (Invite code or Afilite tracking)
    Disable validation of product requirements for Product Upgrades
    Fix jv plugin for case of purchase multiple products at once
    Implements #1557 - separate cancel notification for upgraded invoices
    Show information about refund in pdf invoice
    Display correct invoice number on thanks page.
    Ability to hide fieldset/title for Address brick
    New Report Quant - Quarter
    Technical Email Address - used on error pages to prevent disclosure of Admin Email Address
    User Notes: format notes properly, ability to edit/delete existing notes (configuration option)
    Bug fixed: form is not submited in Chrome if submit button is disabled
    Log UserAgent for customer on signup and last signin
    Ability to add links with custom attributes (target, class, id etc.)
    Bug Fixed: add enclosed quote for attribute values in attrs helper
    Personal Content Plugin: Ability to upload personal files in batch to all users with specific access
    Closes #1549 - Bug Fixed: Admin login popup dialog didn't work
    Ability to choose "Reply To" Address in "Email Users"
    Fixed bug: In some situations user receive expiration email which he shouldn't receive normally.
    (for example if he didn't have expired product configured in notification)
    Display payment link for pending invoices, so admin can send it in personal email.
    Closed #1548 - missed loading icon
    Add ability to download CSV-file for standard reports
    Vietnamese locale fixed
    Fixed bug: Incorrect value of aMember CP -> Setup -> Login Page -> Session Length can break whole system.
    Import script from Your Members wordpress plugin.
    Add cancel/upgrade links to Active Subscriptions block on user dashboard,
    Add ability to upgrade from free subscription (use first acceptable public payment system)
    display database name used by aMember on System Info page
    Fixed bug: UserEcho plugin: do not require to verify email twice.
    closes #1455 - idevaffiliate: pass the coupon code to idevaff
    Closes #1394 - clear shopping cart in offline plugin
    Closes #1512 - js code soft errors
    Closes #1531 - Help button is not highlighted when ticket is visited and returned back to tickets
    New Plugin: pending-invoice-clear - remove old user's pending invoices when new invoice completed
    New User Filter: Last Signin
    Closes #1541: Group action fixed
    New Plugin: Product Chain: allow add another product on expiration or expire another product on signup
    Subusers plugin: Added ability to restore parent user session after login as subuser action.
    Allied: Partial Refunds
    New Payment Plugin: Allied
    New Report: Tax by Customer Country
    Subusers plugin: Added ability to login as subuser for resellers.
    Closes #1372 - ability to process partial refunds from aMember CP
    Closes #1435 - added ADMIN_USERS_FILTER_INIT event method
    Closes #1434 - Add a ADMIN_USERS_AUTOCOMPLETE event in AdminUsersController.php, autocompleteAction
    Closes #1427 - Complete Invoice PDF customization made possible with an event
    Closed #1467 Ability to continue canceled recurring subscription for user.
    Fixed bug:Wordpress plugin: Expired users didn't have an access to content protected by shortcode even if shortcode allows this.
    %paylink% placeholder for pending email notification

    Payment Plugins
    New Payment Plugin: iPayDNA (
    Fixed bug: Safecart plugin: unable to activate recurring payments.
    Moneris (Canada): add info about line items to purchase link
    PayPal: check billing terms before redirect. PayPal can not handle subscription terms with number of rebills more than 52
    Paypal - fixed refunds for autocreated invoices
    paypal: do not send a1,p1,t1 if price and duration for first and second period are the same(avoid trial notice in paypal payment page)
    PayPal Express: add additional configuration options (BRANDNAME and LANDINGPAGE) CIM: respect validation mode settings in case of hosted version
    Add new payment plugin: monelib
    Add new cc payment plugin: beanstream-remote
    Paymill (Direct Debit)
    Implemented new way to validate safecart IPN message. Not using IP check now
    Implemented ability to autocreate invoices for safecart plugin.
    CCBill - do not add payment for free trial
    CCBill - use username/password from IPN for autocreated invoices
    abnamro payment plugin added
    Fixed bug: Paysafecart plugin generated an error in live mode.
    Fixed bug: eWay recurring transactions didn't work.
    Verotel - dynamic pricing added
    New Payment Plugin: AmericanExpress - Hosted Payment Page (
    eWay Shared Payments (
    Charge2000 plugin: Allow to specify web_id in product configuration.
    OrbitalPay-Form payment plugin added
    New Payment Plugin: eGHL (
    Partial refunds for Stripe
    New Payment Plugin: Redsys (
    allied: 3d secure support
    Implements #1532 - Clickbank IPN 6.0 support

    Integration Plugins
    XOOPS integration plugin added
    Fixed but: Sendgrid plugin: Newsletter lists were not properly updated
    Wordpress Plugin: Added two new bricks : "Nickname" and "Display name publicly as" these bricks are available for profile forms and these bricks are linked to Wordpress profile.
    New Email Sending method: SendGrid (API) - useful for hostings which block outgoing connections to SMTP (eg. godaddy)

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