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    4.4.4 2014-09-29 14:42:23 +0400
    Shopping Cart : assign category code to template
    Verotel : dynamic pricing added
    Coinbase : updated to use new API authentication method
    Cancel-on-upgrade : try to send cancelInvoice action if it is allowed by payment system
    Increase default value for memory limit in batch processor. 64M is not enough
    ClickBank: Closes #1524 - ClickBank required message on thank you page (clickbank plugin)
    Aff: API: new event introduced AFF_BIND_AFFILIATE
    Fixed bug: Unable to logout when "Always remember" is enabled in config.
    Joint Venture Plugin (works based on aff module, partner get his share as commision in affliate programm)
    Add Validate Event to Profile form as well as signup form
    Bug fixed: file downloads log was not shown becouse of error
    Fixed totals in payout report
    Name Brick: always hide it on signup form in case of user is already logged in
    Added custom fields to the export of Payments,Refunds,Invoices
    Unsubscribed brick (can be used on profile form)
    Fixed bug: In some situations user receive expiration email which he shouldn't receive normally. (for example if he didn't have expired product configured in notification)
    Add Additional Dynamic Periods for Reports: Last 90 days, Last 6 months, Last year and This year
    New Payment System: I-Payout (
    OSS6 data import script implemented
    Listmail plugin fixed
    Hotmart payment plugin added

    4.4.3 2014-09-10 14:13:26 +0400
    Core Changes
    A/B Signup Module - Allows to test signup/renew forms in A/B mode
    Set "remember login" cookies for all sub-domains within current domain name.
    Mass email : check limit for each mail to be sent, fix 500 error code on servers with slow emailing
    Lite API - use base64encode to redirect to login url for better compatibility
    Ability to automaticaly delete pending users
    Add expires (Expiration Date) placeholder to preview action for expire notification
    Fixed bug: User's subscription status wasn't updated instantly sometimes
    Fixed bug: subscription-limit plugin: Subscription limitations didn't work in shopping cart.
    external-coupon plugin: this plugin allow to import coupons from external system and then insert it to emails to customers
    Fix sort order for tabs for content categories
    Ability to Export Access Log to CSV file
    More accurate calculation of discount in case % discount and qty more than one for same product.
    New plugin: AutoLoginPlaceholder - ability to include special placeholder in email message, which will be replaced to auto-login link
    change url /login/logout to /logout
    Reports: user-frendly format numbers in reports
    Implements #1495 - Ability to download zip archive with pdf invoices for payments in batch (admin interface)
    improved subscription-limit plugin. Now this is possible to limit number of subscriptions per user too.
    Fixed notice in shopping cart index when basket is empty.
    Display next rebill date instead of expiration date for recurring subscriptions on 'Active Subscriptions' block
    Batch disable/enable in country/state management
    Include tax rate to invoice
    Implements #1492 - New User Search Creteria: By IMPORT id
    Fixed bug: When user resets his password, delete all user's sessions instead of current one
    API: Store user_id in session table. This is used by some misc plugins. \
    Fixed bug: New setting for Product Upgrades: Price Calculation Type with two options:
    default(unused amount from previous subscription will be applied as discount to new one)
    and flat (user will be charged flat rate defined by surcharge)
    login-via-ip plugin: ability to disable profile form for users who logged in via IP
    personal-folder: display url to personal folder in admin edit user screen
    cart: check uniquiness of product path and display user frendly error message in product form instead of database error
    ability to use CORS for shopping cart buttons
    Fixed bug: Internal server error in Payment History, if user has an invoice which contains deleted billing plan.
    closes #1486 - wrong link "Block This IP Address" for "Last Signin Info"
    closes #1454 - allows to use custom invoice public Ids with '-' for paypal
    bug fixed: personal_content: plugin could store array with empty item
    Fixed bug: Product upgrades didn't work after first recurring payment on some systems.
    Fixed bug: File-upload plugin didn't store files from profile page.
    New plugin: SendGrid newsletter plugin. (support of SendGrid Marketing Emails)

    Affiliate Program
    Bug fixed: incorrect commission calculation for tier affiliate in case of multi-currency environment (we need to do exchange only for first level affiliate)
    Minimum payout should be inclusive
    Fix filters in Affiliate Clicks/Sales Statistics
    API: introduced REST API controllers - aff-payouts and aff-payout-details
    Display list of affiliate payouts in user account (front end)
    New payout method - Pagseguro
    New commission condition rule: by used payment system
    Ability to recalculate commission for existing payments
    Aff-Leads Plugin: Allow affiliate to see their leads in member area
    Do not allow to use affiliate coupon code for own purchases.
    Affiliate program: Click details will be available for each affiliate in member's area.
    aff-manager plugin: Generate affiliate coupon for new affiliate (login used as coupon code) and set defined affiliate manager (user) as a 2-tier affiliate for all new affiliates

    Payment Plugins
    New Payment Plugin: Przelewy24 (
    New Payment Plugin: Authorize.NET DPM (
    ccBill: added cancellations support
    Multicards plugin fixed.
    Fixed Bug: Tax was applied twice for paypalExpress recurring payments
    New Plugin: Multicards
    2CO plugin:
    do not show error on thanks page if transaction was processed already.
    add currency support
    fix for case of purchase product with qty more then one
    ccBill upgrade fixes
    Verotel payment plugin : do not output errors
    New Payment Plugin: JamboPay (
    Fortumo plugin: display local billing terms provided by local mobile operator
    New Payment Plugin: PAYEER (
    Charge2000 plugin. New API implemented.
    New Payment Plugin: Paytrail (
    New Payment Plugin: Paymentwall
    FastSpring : multipurchase added
    deprecate plimus plugin, introduce bluesnap instead
    Braintree : usage of all currencies added(requires set up merchant account id for each product)
    New Payment Plugin: OKPAY (provided by okpay team)
    Payment Plugin: Pagseguro V2 API implementation
    paypal-express - fixed automatic cancel of upgraded invoice
    Add new echeck payment plugin: Payments Gateway
    New Payment Plugin: Netbanx

    Integration Plugins
    Wordpress plugin: added support for Wordpress 4 default template and single-login
    one-file-invoices: allow admin to download multiple invoices in one file (It can be usefull in order to print invoices for some period of time)
    Joomla protect plugin : check password using 2 formats for better compatibility
    New Integration Plugin: MachForm (
    Invision plugin: Bulk notifications were not enabled for users created from amember
    Fixed bug: Xenforo plugin: User's password wasn't properly set in xenforo after aMember upgrade.
    Icecast plugin ported from v3
    Self Service Module: New Report: Credits spent by products breakdown

    4.4.2 2014-05-20 22:32:06 +0400
    Fixed bug: Rebill times wasn't re-calculated properly. and this has been
    reason for script errors in rare situations
    API: Am_Event::AUTH_GET_OK_REDIRECT introduced, Called on choose redirect url after login
    Fixed bug: aMember CP wasn't properly displayed on mobile devices
    Schedule-access: correctly handle situation when invoice or access record is removed
    Fixed bug: am-combobox element wasn't displayed properly if initial select was hidden.
    Fixed bug: import3 script didn't import taxes for paypal payments
    Ability to add column with user groups to grid with users in admin interface
    Helpdesk: store original template in user space in order to strings was fetched to user.po
    Implements #1449 - liveedit - display errors (eg. unique coupon check)
    New Report: User Demographics - number of users per region
    New Report: Active Users by Products (number of active users per product)
    Add placeholder
    Fixed bug: Date fields were set incorrectly
    Fixed bug: Expiration notifications where sent to not-approved users
    Load admin widgets by ajax. This will help where there are a lot of report widgets and dashboard load is slow
    Display link to cancel subscription in admin interface only in case payment plugin support it
    Newsletter: on plugin configuration screen added notice how to continue
    integration (where to add integration records)
    Fixed bug: Paysystems brick wasn't hidden when there is only free products in some situations

    Affiliate program
    Ability to clear old affiliate clicks from admin interface
    Do not change affiliate betwen start registration and email confirmation

    SoftSale module
    Fixed Bug: do not issue license for disabled license schemes
    Display 'lifetime' instead of actual date for license
    Fixed bug: lifetime expiration date wasn't applied to license.

    Xero Plugin improvement: pass calculated tax to xero.
    phpMyDirectory protection plugin added
    Fixed bug: buddypress groups were not updated on expiration.
    Fixed bug: Refunds were not handled by Authorize.NET AIM plugin.
    Fixed bug: PAP plugin: fixed single login between aMember and PAP.
    vBulletin plugin: Added support for vBulletin 5.1
    phpBB - update counter after user is deleted
    Moodle - fixed notices

    Payment Plugins
    Realexpayments payment plugin added
    Avangate payment plugin added : IPN's only
    New payment plugin: Fortumo (SMS payments)
    Stripe plugin: pre-fill address form on CC info page.
    Zombaio - fixed handling of imported invoices
    CCBill - dynamic pricing added
    Stripe - fixed reuse form
    RealExpayments plugin fixed
    Fixed bug: Authorize.CIM plugin unable to start payment when payment
    profile was deleted on Authorize.NET site
    Zendesk plugin: Fixed exception on logout
    JustClick payment plugin: only IPN

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