aMember Pro 4.2.19 released

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    Member Pro 4.2.19 released
    Release target: bugfixes, a lot of new plugins and some new features

    4.2.19 2013-07-08 13:55:00 +0400
      Improved checks for payment amount for not-recurring PayPal payments
      Implements #1213 - ability to select all fields in export and customize table action
      Added new cc payment plugin: DPS Payment Express (cc is not stored)
      Payforit cc payment plugin: chenges at PFI service
      Added ability to customize profile_changed template in admin interface
      Implements #693 - If no first and last name saved for affiliate then the login value should be used
      Intuit payment plugin
      BitPay payment plugin included into release for beta-testing
      Implements #563 - Change error that is displayed when you try to protect the same folder twice
      WePay : refund, cancel processing fixed
    4.2.18 2013-07-03 18:55:46 +0400
        Added ability to play video files without Flash installation on Android devices
        One Time Offer plugin: Implements #867 - Downsells
        Refs #1233 - Reflect refunds in quick stat
        Closes #1200 - Filter checkboxes, use <label> tag
        Bug fixed: tax and shippng amount was set incorrectly to payment in case of free trial also amount was set incorrectly in case of free trial and transaction does not return amount
        Bug Fixed: affilate statistic details did not work for any quantity except day, also start was calculated incorrectly for week quantity
        "Require strong password" option implemented 
        Fixed bug in Random Questions brick (first line question have been ignored)
        Cosmetic: Implements #1225 - Remove hardcoded line breaks from signup page
        Closes #1224 - Password change email sent to user when admin adds user manually
        Bug fixed : import of paysystem did not work
        Custom profile fields sorting implemented (works for backend)
        AffPayout mass paid/not paid function fixed
        Closes #1210 - Countries/States still showing in menu for admin accounts with super admin checked
        Closes #1218 - imports, email address, needs space removal to avoid errors
        Fixed bug: User had an access to protected folder after his login session timed out.
        fixed bug : autoCreateGetProducts was not called
        workaround in case if element has value which does not present in options list
        fixed bug : create users by demand did not add access to selected product
        Added new hook: 'affFindAffiliate' to change aff_id for commission calc
        fixed bug: default thanks page did not work with "thanks-redirect" plugin
        fixed bug: wrong tax for invoices with free trial
        Fixed bug : Moneris plugin added access for not completed payments
        Fixed bug: Host was ignored in new-rewrite redirects
        Fixed bug: User was not properly redirected to dwolla for payment.
        Fixed bug: payments with amount less then $1 were not added by 1SC plugin.
        Implements #665 : PlugNPay payment processor gateway Plug-In
        Notification plugin now support one notification for multiple products and categories.
        Am_Lite fixed to work with mysql socket
        Fixed bug: Syntax errors in user-invoices.phtml template.
        Ticket-roster plugin: flexible abilty to balance tickets between admins (2 ticket to one 1 ticket to another)
        Closes #1195 - issue with php if config does not allow short open tag
        Field Revision plugin: allow to track defined user fields
        Fixed bug: Incorrect value was stored in aMember CP -> Setup -> Globals -> Records per page (for grids) on setup.
        fixed bug : could not get usergroups while the plugin is not configured
        Notification Plugin: allow to set up notifications for specific user, all users, user with active product and user with active product category
        Implements #1126: Add product_title to Autoresponder notifications
        Implements #1174 - Helpdesk Tickets Lock (to prevent 2 admins answering same ticket)
        Helpdesk: configuration option to not auto quote message in reply
        Implements #1201 - Ability to disable upload attahments for users
      Member Directory
        Allow full flexability for template modification
        Allow to use different templates for different directories
        Implemented Search
        Display link to directory in member area according configuration
        Allow usage of custom fields
      Integration Plugins
        Gift-vouchers misc plugin: add product_title at email template (%gv_product_title% placeholder)
        Get-response plugin fixed
        Constant Contact Plugin implemented
        Madmimi newsletter plugin added
        VBulletin plugin is now ready for VB5
        New plugin: PhotoShow (
        Fix Joomla plugins for IE < 10 
        Wordpress plugin: fixed several notices when WP is in debug mode
      Payment Plugins
        BitPay plugin added
        Payforit cc payment plugin improved
        PayOne payment plugin
        New payment plugin: netbillng - for hosted payment form
        Moneris: Set access period to RECURRING_SQL_DATE cause of Moneris doesn't post IPN on re-billings (Ticket #ZCB-59797-729)
        Bankart payment plugin changed to beta
        Wepay payment plugin added
        Metacharge payment plugin added
        Payflow Link payment plugin added
        Clickbank: fixed bug with refunds
    4.2.17 2013-04-25 18:00:00 +0400
      Cosmetic fixes in CSS and signup form
    4.2.16 2013-04-24 18:20:03 +0400
      Core Changes
        Implemented ability to change product quantity on signup page (works with radio, checkboxes and one selected product)
        Flowplayer updated to 3.2.16 - Fixed problems with audio files.
        API module, OneTimeOffer and SubscriptionLimit plugins are included into default aMember distributive
        Facebook Plugin: Added ability to create account right from login page.
        Implements #604 - Allow to import encrypted passwords, line ends in templates changed to proper one
        Implements #1145: Shopping Cart images load way too slow - improve loading times
        Implements #1090 - Show future subscriptions in the Active subscriptions block
        New widget for dashboard to show invoices, useful for offline payment plugin
        Upgrade paths will work for not-recurring invoices as well
        Fixed Sweden state codes
        Closes #1168 - ability to edit access records begin/expire dates.
        Closes #1177 - incorrect subscription terms text, when rebill times = charge once
        Implements #1136 - Ability to add reference/comment in manual product add
        Implements #1161 - Add a Search Filter mechanism to Protect Content section
        Downloads module: fix defining of file mime type; fix exception when downloading if downloads tab is hide
        Ability to display some content on all member pages under menu
        Closes #1185 - There is no option to add paysystem field when doing bulk import into aMember from csv file
        RandomQuestions bug fixed. Question should be excluded from a list of answers.
        Implements #1187 - Put terms text into a <span> on the form
        Db: Removed all references to Invoice::is_cancelled to avoid any confusion. This field was duplicate and had the same meaning as tm_cancelled
        New REST API method added : check by login,pass,ip(to use account sharing prevention)
        Import - allows to create recurring subscriptions
        Bundle Discount Plugin implemented
        Implemented #480 - display all billing plans in product grid
        Added ability to calculate aff commission by items sold per period
        Bug fixed: refund amount was calculated incorrectly for downgrade
        Fixed bug:  additional parameters were skipped from url when user was redirected to login page  
              from bookmarked page inside protected area. For example when user tried to access this url: 
              /protected/page.php?param1=1&param2=2,  after login  he was redirected to 
              /protected/page.php?param1=1 now redirect will work as expected.
        "Serials" plugin added - can assign serial numbers from predefined lists
        Fixed subusers : import from csv for admin now works
        Implements #1142 - import from 3 clickbank, 1sc etc. product IDs
        Implements #1173 - display info about refunds in user area (payment history)
        Fixed bug: Clickbank plugin should process transactions which are related to vendor only.
        Added horizontal scrollbar to advanced search popup.
        Added new filter for users advanced search - 'Has invoice canceled between dates', fixed search by invoice_id
        Implements #1166 - Changed Password Email Notification
        Do not send invoices and admin notification for payments with amount = 0
        New Report: Payments by product categories breakdown
        Added new module: Downloads
        Import from amember3: added support downloads plugin (credits, history downloads)
        Credits misc plugin: add settings; add credits history at member area and credit balance link; add credit balance at admin area
        Fixed Import3 script: Set default currency for imported product if currecnty was empty in v3 product.
        Fixed bug: Product upgrade price wasn't calculated right.
        Fixed bug: DineroMail plugin didn't accept coupons.
        Import3 : fix for v3 wrong canceled payment records
        Import3 : change paysys for linkpoint -> firstdata
        DirectoryExclude brick for Member Directory module
        Implements #442 - ability to calculate start date as nearest monday, tuesday etc. or 1st day of month
        Helpdesk: ability to use snippets on create ticket form
        Added 2 new filters for users advanced search : 'Has payment made between dates' and 'Has subscription on date'
        API: Added new hook: CALCULATE_START_DATE, allows to modify subscription start date or payment or renewal
        Implements #1155 - Add coutry and state title to export field options
        Implements #1068 - New Report: Downloads by files breakdown
        Implements #1072 - Allow multiple "Sales Statistic" report windows on dashboard page
        Worldpay: Fixed bug : Interval should not be set if there is only one payment.
        Fixed bug : rebill times in generated terms should be increased by 1 if first and second price/period are equal
        Fixed bug: Endless loop in Mass subscribe function fixed. If there were a  lot of records selected, only first page of results were processed and access were added to these users multiple  times.
        Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: shortcode  editor didn't work for editor or author users.
        Fixed bug: Rebill statistics email was send even if no rebills were processed.
        Implements #1146 - ability to set up Products for Coupon Batches with categories
        Implements #1143 - config option to remove the "Your Current Password" requirement from edit profile page
        Implements #1139 - New plugin: Force users to change password every XX days.
        Added ability to change reCaptcha theme from aMember CP.
        Fixed bug: Unable to correctly activate pending Invoice from aMember CP if invoice have free trial period.
        Bug Fixed: Unable to copy code for video from expandable column, ut always drag and drop it
        Ability to translate generated terms for payments-history page, translation can be done the same way as 
            explained at
        Fixed bug: Items were not properly removed from shopping cart basket
        Fixed bug: Incorrect terms were displayed in shopping cart -> view basked on add/remove items.
        Refs #1061 - ability to set product bricks to different pages
        Fixed bug : do not include access records into pdf invoice if there are no access records 
                   (for example if user is not approved but payment is received)
        Dutch translation updated.
        New feature: attachments in helpdesk module
        Filter tickets by category
        Implements #969 category/departments in helpdesk, ability to reroute tickets based on its category
        API: Trigger event on ticket insert
        Ability to assign admins to tickets
        Added notification about unanswered tickets on user side
        Implements #1025 - Helpdesk: public FAQ divided to 1-level sections. FAQ questions can be also easily inserted 
            into the ticket with link to the item
        New Report: Count of User Messages in Helpdesk
        Helpdesk: display date and time of ticket creation
      Payment Systems
        Pagseguro : added status 'COMPLETO' as allowed
        Gate2Shop plugin development version.
        Mikro-Odeme payment system expects 'OK' returned for all IPN notifications including 'failed'
        Fixed bug: Google checkout plugin tried to rebill cancelled invoices.
        Add new cc payment plugin: target-pay ideal
        Uniteller cc plugin: delete certs warning, add debuglog options
        ccBill: Added datalink debug to config
        Add new payment plugin: iDEAL
        Add new cc payment plugin: payforit
        Clickbank plugin fixed to work with not-numeric product ids
        2CO fixes : cancel of invoices imported from v3, mark invoice canceled if it was canceled on 2CO side
        Add new cc payment plugin: Uniteller
        Stop - recurring link didn't work from amember CP for paypal subscriptions.
        Added support for paypal PRO transactions into warrior-plus plugin.
        API version updated in clickbank plugin to 1.3
        Fixed bug:Authorize.Net CIm -> use Hosted Profile setting didn't work with "Use Wordpress theme"  enabled.
      Integration Plugins
        Wordpress plugin: Added PDO check and notification about missing PDO extension
        Wordpress: Force to include jQuery. Some themes do not include it by default.
        Wordpress plugin: Fixed unknown function status_header error when there is an error in wordpress plugin configuration.
        Wordpress plugin: Protection wasn't applied to a page if page was used as "posts page" in wordpress.
        Wordpress plugin: redirect loops when plugin configuration is wrong.
        Option 'canAutoCreateFromGroups' added for protect plugins, allows to add access to different products based on user's groups in integrated script
        Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: All child posts should be protected if parent post is protected. 
                (if bbPress forum is protected all topics in it will be protected as well)
        Added Ladesk integration plugin
        Fixed bug : MailChimp allows to get only 25 lists per request
        Fixed bug : MediaWiki - could not find existing users to update
        Coppermine integration plugin added
        Mailchimp plugin: New settting - Send Welcome Email after opt-in
        Added Joomla CB plugin
        Fixed bug: vBulletin statistics wasn't properly updated when user is added from aMember.
        Fixed Bug: PAP plugin's "sales tracking code" setting didn't work.

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