Amember Lives Up To The Hype

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Chris C., Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Chris C.

    Chris C. Guest

    Like many of you, I had been searching (and paying) for packages that promised solid code and the options that I wanted. Time after time I was parted with my money only to be disappointed so I must admit that when I came to Amember I was not very hopeful about the chances that this package would be "the one".

    However, if there are any of you who are on the fence as I was, let me assure you that Amember is the first and only package in it's price range that you should consider for your membership/billing needs. The software is solid and performs beautifully and is very easy to customize so you can make it fit any webpage layout. Alex is better than his word with tech support and responds quickly and politely to all inquiries no matter how trivial they may be. The included installation is just icing on the cake for what is sure to be a defining package in the industry.

    Thank you, sir, for one of the finest scripts I have had the pleasure of using. May you find success in this and all of your future endeavors.

    - Chris Cantrell
  2. Guest_Max

    Guest_Max Guest

    dare I say ANY price range? I think it's that good!

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