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    Oct 19, 2013
    Can someone recommend someone to help me do the following and tell me which skills I need the person to have to do the following...
    I have an online financial markets education business that sells downloadable online video products, memberships and live group coaching to customers based primarily in the US, Europe and Australia.
    I have a membership program which is delivered via amember with video content stored in my amazon account.

    I am looking for someone who is available top help...

    A) Ensure my amazon account is set up in the most efficient and secure manner possible so my members of my membership program can not access the content in the Amazon bucket

    B) Add video content to my amember membership area when needed on an on going basis in the current style

    C) create signup pages and products to my stripe account when needed

    D) Can make recommendation of improvements of efficiency, security and deliverability
    Can you tell me the core skills I need the person to have to be able to do the aforementioned?

    Do you know of someone with these skills ...PLUS.... they have Skype and enjoy using it to communicate with their clients.... they have a proven track record ... can you ask them to get in contact

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