aMember PRO ChangeLog


Release Date: 9/5/2023
    feat(theme): add Oxanium font
    fix(otp): resolve conflict between OTP and Redirect After Login = referer
    Fixed admin dashboard widget warnings
    feat(am-lite): display recaptcha on login form if enabled
    fix(aff): avoid 403 error on marketing material downloads. Dot in path can be blocked on some hosting.
    fix(admin-form): scroll page to first error (it is important in case of long forms)
    fix(admin-user-form): not possible to uncheck approved checkbox
    fix(query): correctly invalidate foundRows
    Bug fixed - rebill_date could be set to past date due to past errors
    Invalidate session if email is changed
    fix(otp): otp did not work on login screen if useSavedPass option disabled
    feat(import): ability to import mobile area code and number
    feat(admin-ui): mass action to assign/remove multiple content categories at once
    feat(admin-ui): mass action to assign/remove multiple product categories at once
    feat(admin-ui): mass action to assign/remove multiple user groups at once
    fix(report): compatability with sql_require_primary_key mysql option
    feat(single-login-session): ability to disable sls protection for user with active subscription to specific product
    feat(bricks-editor): ability to quick search option in conditional display configuration
    fix(signup): endless redirect if signup form has not products and 'Redirect After Login' set to 'Page Where Log In Link was Clicked'
    feat(aff): separate admin permission for approve new affiliates
    fix(php82): can not start session on php8.2 because of deprecated notices in save handler class on gc (when amember db is used as session save handler)
    fix(wp): verify session token before use cookie for authentication

        ConversionTrack - call "Tracking Code" for each page
        feat(invite): invite accepted notification to user and admin, invite tolerance period
        Oauth - admin permissions fixed
        VBulletin - version 5.7 added
        feat(subusers): ability to import cell phone
        ProductChain - cancelOnSignup option added
        OTO - %user.***% placeholders added

        fix(paypal-express): send PROFILESTARTDATE in correct timezone
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: xMoney (
        Network Merchant 3DS support
        Moneris Checkout plugin
        Stripe - refunds fixed
        fix(paypal-express): eliminate redirect to thanks page in case of ajax request (compatibility with oto)
        BuyMeACoffee payment plugin added
        Paypal-Checkout - recurring added
        LinkQU payment plugin added


Release Date: 5/12/2023
    Fixed Bug: Payment token is empty error on rebills (introduced in 6.3.18)
    Fixed Bug: rebill date was not calculated properly for upgrades done with mode Next Cycle


Release Date: 5/11/2023
    Bug fixed - resend payment receipt
    fix(ui): correctly display preview value for file with multiple attribute
    fix(php82): can not start session on php8.2 because of deprecated notices in save handler class (when amember db is used as session save handler)
    fix(mail): gmail smtp-relay require domain name as name for SMTP session
    feat(i18n): Norwegian locale formatter (billing terms)
    feat(newsletter): Mailerlite New API
    feat(api): add event AUTH_ADMIN_GET_PERMISSIONS
    feat(api): PRODUCT_AFTER_INSERT event
    fix(tax): correctly handle shipping with tax included
    Bugfix - use primary key for temporary table(fix for hosting where sql_require_primary_key is set)
    feat(webhook): event to give ability to attach additional data to payload from plugins
    feat(security): invalidate existing reset password links on user|admin login

        feat(subusers): ability for reseller to manage mobile number for subusers
        feat(subusers): Ability to use parent account as recipient for email messages triggered by child account
        fix(aff-leads): disable presets for export on frontend
        fix(aff-coupon): optimize configuration form (case of huge number of coupon batches)

        Epoch: always return 200 response to datalink
        Epoch: Fix false positive incorrect IP address errors
        Stripe: Fixed to work with latest India regulations
        Amazon Pay: Disable submit button to avoid duplicate payments
        feat(shurjo-pay): webhook support
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: JAD (
        feat(clickfunnels): ability to bind multiple clickfunnels products to single aMember product
        GoCardlesspro - invoice log added


Release Date: 3/21/2023
    fix(signup-form): user groups brick within fieldset
    fix(wp): destroy sessions on logout
    fix(two-factor-authy): invalidate trusted devices on password change
    fix(tax): calculate tax inclusive correctly for upgrade items in case of multiple ->calculate call
    feat(admin-ui): ability to search payments/refunds/invoices by affiliate username
    feat(theme): add Urbanist font
    feat(report): Payments by signup form breakdown
    feat(reward-points): ability to see points history in admin interface
    feat(personal-folder): rebuild feature (ability to create personal folders for existing users)
    feat(sales-popup): hint to show human-readable value for period option in config
    Seamless-chex rebilling fixed.
    Paypal-checkout - webhook validation added
    Stripe - 'Support RBI e-mandates' option added to support recurring payments in India
    fix(oto): incorrect parent invoice data on receipt page
    Mobile brick - default country
    Bug fixed: check OTP authentication status for the forms from enabled modules only
    Bug fixed: wrong card could be updated if use more then one cc payment plugin
    Cart - fixed admin menu permission
    Stripe - API 2022-11-15 version fix
    Improve compatability with php 8.2
    Wordpress Tutor LMS integration
    ScheduleEmails - catch mail sending error + optimized query to get templates
    StripeGooglePaye - amount fixed


Release Date: 1/12/2023
    feat(coupon): ability to specify exclude products (do not apply discount)
    feat(buy-now): ability to choose qty for billing plan with variable quantity
    Stripe: bug fixed
    Stripe Checkout Session fixed.
    FileUploads - fixed count of files
    Does not show link to disabled signup/profile forms in menu
    Backslashes redirect fixed
    Banxa payment plugin added
    Netbilling - Site Tag option added
    PHP 8.1 fix payment plugin added
    GocardlessPro - bug fixed
    Added ability to edit/export mobile phone by admins.
    New Plugin: TwoFactor Authentication via email one time passwords.


Release Date: 11/21/2022
    feat(form-brick): option Required for User groups brick
    Restore previous Phone brick. Add new Mobile field to use it with SMS notifications. Change SMS transport and OTP adapters to work with mobile instead of phone.
    feat(squre-up): update plugin to use Web Payments SDK (SqPaymentForm library is deprecated)
    feat(ab-signup): admin permission to manage campaigns
    fix(i18n): fix translation of labels for page-break
    Stripe : manual rebill amount fixed
    Better compatability with php8.1
    Cron logs - date filter added
    Fixed bug: Discord button was added to login form even if disabled in config
    Fastspring-Contextual - double refunds fixed


Release Date: 11/8/2022
    New Feature: One Time Password Authentication
    fix(form): id attribute can not contain spaces
    fix(form-validate): javascript validation for multiselect and magicselect elements
    feat(cart): live checkbox "is new" to product grid
    feat(product-manage): mass action Amend Product Requirements
    fix(invoice-calc): need to eliminate any missed indexes in array, otherwise we get not expected result after array_splice
    feat(file-upload): new mass actions - Delete and Download
    fix(custom-field-select): properly handle default value
    fix(cart): destroy form session container after registration
    feat(adv-search): new conditions: HaveActiveRecurringInvoice and NotHaveActiveRecurringInvoice
    Monolog library updated to v2
    Fixed Newsletters brick option "Default unchecked"
    feat(cancel-feedback): disable right click on cancel link (prevent ability to cancel without feedback)
    feat(i18n): terms text - ability to use different format based on period unit {d|m|y}
    Bug fixed - checkVatService has started to require content-type
    feat(payment-grid): ability to filter all recurring payments (including the original payment)
    Jquery Lightbox fixed bug for output more then 1 blocks at the same page
    Slovenian locale fixed
    fix(refund-grid): include refunds for subsequent payment to search result (by product) only if product is recurring
    fix(payment-grid): include subsequent payment to search result (by product) only if product is recurring
    Translation fixed for cart basket total
    Translation fixed for cart header
    fix(cart): terms must be string, object cause error on invoice save
    feat(cart): add total to basket
    Filter non-digits for Venmo payout report
    fix(video): embed code in AMD environment
    feat(aff-bonus-link): add description for link
    "Unknown invoice [%s] or invoice is already processed" show to user instead of "internal error"
    Restore-recurring fixed - redirect to cancel page if something was wrong
    feat(one-per-line): allow to sort existing items
    fix(cart): not possible to add to cart product with single multi-select option where user did not select anything
    fix(video): poster in case of file from disk is used

        feat(paymentwall): New Pingback IP subnet support
        Kuickpay payment plugin
        Paypal - PDT redirect for free trials fixed, generic thanks page will be used
        Fixed Bug: Stripe Additional Source Sepa Debit require address info in some situations
        CoinbaseCommerce re-worked to use Charge API(better redirect to thanks page)
        feat(mycryptocheckout): ability to sort wallets
        CheckoutCom API 3 payment plugin added
        FastspringContextual - handling of "subscription.deactivated" event added
        Braintree - hosted mode bug fixed
        New Payment Plugin: Integrity Merchant Solutions
        Redsys - added Ds_Merchant_Titular(customer's name) parameter
        CryptoCom payment plugin added
        Windcave payment plugin added
        feat(mycryptocheckout): monero_private_view_key
        PaypalCheckout payment plugin added
        PayPro - cancellation IPN handling added
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Uddokta Pay (
        fastspring-contextual: ability to use multiple plugins/accounts in same installation
        Fixed bug: ccBill plugin: Datalink didn't work right in some situations if more than one sub-accounts were used

        Activecampaign-full - catch API error
        Mailpoet - bug fixed
        Mautic - changeEmail added

        Xeroapi - use unique "InvoiceNumber" for each payment
        SelfService: Ability to send credits between accounts
        InfusionSoft - bug fixed, allow to get more than 1000 tags
        Discord - ability to hide login button + Italian button translation
        OAuth2 API: Ability to get Invoice upgrades and create upgraded invoice
        Facebook - check email for ban
        Xenforo - PHP8 fix
        Hubspot Plugin was updated to work with Private Apps


Release Date: 6/28/2022
    EmailUsers - fixed to send test email by username OR email address
    Cancel link added to credit card payment form
    Add items list view to cart
    Shopping Cart: Ability to skip periods for product terms when product is being displayed in the cart. Useful for physical products
    Ability to translate product option title/description
    Shopping Cart: Ability to mark products as new in cart
    New Storage Plugin: Contabo
    Fixed bug: Some JS Dialogs didn't work in aMember CP when opened second time
    Upgraded jquery UI to 1.13.1
    feat(admin-ui): add Last Signin (Date/Time) column to user grid
    PHP 8.1 deprecated warnings fixed
    feat(report): Amount of Rebills by time period
    feat(report): Number of Rebills by time period
    LiveDate grid action
    add eTLD

        Fixed Bug: CheckoutCom rebills failure in some situations
        Fixed Bug: Duplicate transactions in some situations when user Square UP payment plugin.
        ccBill plugin: Attempt to charge previous user (if enabled), if charge fails redirect user to ccBill.
        ccBill plugin: Cancel discounts support implemented.
        ccBill Plugin: Added an ability to extend subscription through Change Rebill Date functionality

        feat(aweber): simplify tag management (allow to create tags from amember), bypass aweber api limits
        feat(newsletter): New Newsletter Plugin: Moosend (
        Newsletter Module: List Unsubscribe notification for user
        Unsubscribe notification to user

        Discord plugin: Login with discord functionality
        Cancel Feedback: Ability for admin to specify cancellation reason
        feat(subusers): respect username constraints for subusers
        Widget Plugin:  Ability to specify more than one target for widget
        pdf-stamping - "transparency" setting added
        Notification plugin:  ability to translate notifications
        New Oauth API controller: ability to get/update  token


Release Date: 4/20/2022
    fix(wp): break config data on initial setup
    fix(send-grid-v3): properly set reply_to address
    feat(signup-form): ability to use condition display for phone field
    InfusionSoft - php 8.1 fix
    Wordpress - Learndash integration fixed
    guzzlehttp/psr7 updated to non-vulnerable version 1.8.5
    FastspringContextual - support of "subscription.uncanceled" added
    Fixed bug: Redsys CreditCard: Error in re-billing when reference transactions are being used.
    Stripe Apple Pay - recurring amount fixed
    Sendlane - "no lists" fixed
    aweber: bypass 120/minute limit when user has many lists
    feat(avatar): Allowed MIME types for avatar


Release Date: 3/17/2022
    Change required PHP version to 7.4
    feat(admin): ability to clear all cache data from admin interface
    feat(admin-ui): refunds user grid column
    feat(bruteforce-protector): add ability to include login type (ADMIN or USER) to admin email notification
    feat(payment-email): ability to send email only for first or only for subsequent payments in recurring subscription
    feat(newsletter): New Newsletter Plugin: Sendinblue (
    feat(rest-api): user-notes endpoint
    feat(theme): ability to sort social item links
    fix(email): internal php mail (php8) - incorrect new line to separate headers leads to incorrect format of mail
    fix(newsletter): route to ajax controller
    fix(report): Average Lifetime Value: it always used now for end date for cohort
    Improve compatibility with php8
    MailQueue - updated to send emails by 5mins cron

        feat(cloudpayments): handle recurring plan with lifetime second period
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Luxon Pay (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Webpays (
        ShurjoPay: rewrite plugin to use new API
        CCBill - updated to handle datalink and cancel for subaccounts from product settings
        feat(fastspring-contextual): handle cancel webhook

        fix(aweber): retrieve all lists (pagination)
        Aweber plugin: do not require for client to create developer account
        fix(sendfox): retrieve all lists (pagination)

        Self-Service: admin permission fixed
        SunSub updated to work with latest
        Baremetrics integration
        feat(invite): ability to set limit of invites per user per month
        Default Product Plugin: Fixed bug duplicate signup emails in some situation
        feat(brick-upgrade): ability to set upgrades to show within brick configuration
        ThanksPage plugin - payment placeholder added
        Access By Publish date - folders support added
        Access By Publish date - exact period added
        fix(notification): respect option dont_close (show notification) even if user previously dismiss notification (when option was dont_close disabled)


Release Date: 1/25/2022
    Improve compatibility with php8
    Set session name explicitly in order to Am_Lite can work in any environment (eg.: 3rd party script uses different session name)
    Ability to translate unsubscribe text/html added
    Enable CRAM MD5 authentication method for SMTP. (the only method allowed by Kirim email service)
    feat(ui): ability to choose Week Starts On for calendar UI element
    feat(admin-ui): Debug Log - segregate info messages to separate section
    feat(admin-ui): Ability to filter admin log by admin
    feat(pdf-invoice): Ability to configure size of logo
    feat(storage): New Storage Plugin: StackPath (
    feat(helpdesk): use ticket subject for page title
    feat(pcloud): Add Europe Data Center Support
    feat(cart): support for image/webp for product picture
    feat(reports): Active Users by Product Categories
    feat(auth): option to Allow Not Approved Users to Login
    fix(vat): need to pass item when recalculate tax for subsequent payments (different items can have different rate)
    fix(ui): do not display cancel link in Active Subscriptions widget for not recurring items in recurring invoice
    fix(wp): properly get siteurl when multisite enabled
    Rest API: key IP check changed to "starts with" check instead of equal. Allow to specify values like: 127.0.
    REST API: Ability to query for saved forms
    Bug fixed - import of encrypted passwords
    Bug fixed - onSubscriptionChanged was not called for setGroups from Hidden User Group Brick, so integrations did not work right
    Locked Group fixed for integration plugins
    Fixed: The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows; check your WHERE and use SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 or SET MAX_JOIN_SIZE=#
    Credit Card Rebills - filter fixed

        Aweber Plugin: Tags support added
        Aweber plugin updated to work with Oauth 2.0
        GetResponse bug fixed - API v3 has no response body for 202 status

        CenPos payment plugin added
        JazzCash payment plugin added
        Myghpay payment plugin added
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Sisow (
        Netbilling: allow use previous order# for rebilling existing customers
        Stripe - show/hide card field if new/existing card is selected

        Self-Service - admin permissions fixed
        feat(self-service): User Mass Actions - Self Service Credit/Debit
        Access By Publish Date - links added
        LifetimeBp fixed do not throw error for manual access records
        SubscriptionLimit plugin fixed to respect CreditCard signup form bricks
        feat(serials): serial batches introduced
        feat(sales-popup): ability to choose sort order for notifications (Random|Chronological|Reverse Chronological)
        feat(softsale): abiliaty to manage postion of License menu item in user menu
        feat(subusers): ability to include parent_id to user export
        feat(cookie-notice): ability to choose text color in plugin configuration
        Discord - groups integration fixed


Release Date: 11/4/2021
    Catch all exceptions and errors in cron
    Show cron tasks execution in seconds. Correctly show if task wasn't finished.
    Credit Card Rebills - pagination fixed
    feat(bundle-discount): separate admin permission to manage discount rules
    feat(signup-form): conditional display by coupon code
    fix(upgrade-path): handle case with different currency for FROM and TO billing plans
    fix(mass-subscribe): does not allow double click in chrome (avoid multiple form submit)
    feat(admin-saved-form): mass actions - Delete/Disable/Enable
    fix(admin-payments): filter by user name - 'name_f' in where clause is ambiguous
    fix(field-date): ability to clear date
    exclude helpdesk autocomplete from access log
    fix(aff): lead is not recorded
    feat(custom-field): ability to restrict mime types for upload fields
    feat(form): add input type=number element
    fix(admin-aff-payout): sql error on page with payout details in admin interface in case of AM_HUGE_DB (Duplicate column name)
    Admin cron logs - filter added
    bugfix - absorb tax, better way to calculate to avoid rounding issue
    fix(invoice cancel): handle case of delete product in cancel invoice notification
    fix(user-consent): sql error on tab with user consent in admin interface in case of AM_HUGE_DB (Duplicate column name)
    fix(template): VIEW_BODY_APPEND event remove one symbol from original content
    fix(subusers): exclude subusers from clear pending users query
    Name brick fixed - two rows + reverse order

        Cloudpayments payment plugin added
        Stripe: swap option disable_paymethod_select -> enable_paymethod_select

        GotoWebinar plugin: suppress errors on member's pages. Cache frequently info
        Facebook Conversions - event_id added
        Chartmogul plugin added
        fix(directory): access check for menu item


Release Date: 9/22/2021
    Sendgrid3 - updated to do not use legacy API
    Mollie - fixed to respect amount for partial refund notification
    bugfix - NOTICE: Undefined property: TaskTable::$di in line 67 of file /library/Am/Model/Task.php
    bugfix - Exception Error:Call to a member function hasService() on null at line 119 in file library/Am/View.php, aff/aff?c=****
    improve compatibility with php8

        feat(schedule email): ability to send test email
        feat(schedule email): ability to preview email
        feat(credits): display history in reverse chronological order
        Telegram - better log API calls


Release Date: 9/14/2021
    Admin Vat Report - paysys if filter fixed
    Shopping Cart : external domains fixed
    AdvancedSearch - searchable list
    feat(simple-template): strip_tags modifier
    feat(email-template): ability to use %expires% placeholder in cancel email notification
    feat(admin-ui): filter on not-confirmed users list
    feat(pdf-receipt): multi-page receipt (useful for order with many items)
    feat(advanced-search): checkbox has any value selected
    feat(product-upgarde): new product upgrade type - Next Cycle
    feat(wp): compatibility with theme mission-news
    feat(custom-fields): ability to add SQL fields with size 16, 32, 64 - important if you have many tiny additional fields (DB row size limit is just 8126)
    feat(admin): quick filter for buy now buttons in admin interface
    feat(admin): record password set date/time for admin
    feat(api): ability to use X-API-Key header to authorize request
    feat(forms-editor): Coupon brick - option to hide field by default, user need to click link to see it
    fix(new-rewrite): escape space in folder path
    fix(adv-search): NOT IN operator, take into account NULL values
    fix(signup form): always inject logged in user record as datasource, it is required to populate readonly fields
    fix(manual-rebill): grace period fixed
    fix(avatar): mkdir return false if directory already exists therefore exception is threw
    fix(digital-ocean-spaces): fix code of Singapore region
    fix(email-template): display tax rate with decimals in %invoice_text% placeholder
    feat(aff): Paxum payout method
    feat(aff): UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payout method
    feat(aff): add paysys column to grid with commissions in admin interface
    Am_Tasks one-time run scheduler implemented
    new event: VIEW_BODY_APPEND - append addReturn() content before </body>, called once
    Fixed bugs: Am_Lite didn't properly work if session name is not default in php config.
    feat(mautic): ability to pass user custom fields
    GetResponse Plugin: Added API v3 support
    Eu Vat Id added to customize/export of Users grid
    Added Manual Rebill payment plugin type. Before rebill date user will receive message with payment link and will be able to complete subscription payment manually. Currently btcpay and coinbase-commerce are supported.
    Fixed bug: EU vat was calculated wrong if invoice had quantity
    In grids load total and paginator in separate ajax requests to speed up overall loading
    fix(acellemail): update api calls
    bug fixed - no need to expire lifetime products after second payment
    bug fixed - do not send product welcome emails if user is unsubscribed
    bug fixed - report Conversion rate by payment system breakdown used to use wrong end date

        New Payment system plugin: InovioPay
        New Payment plugin: SeamlessChex
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: ShurjoPay (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: SManager (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Remitano (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: MyCryptoCheckout (
        ThriveCart - recurring notification fixed
        Epoch - whitelist
        Stripe - update credit card fixed
        Stripe plugin: Allow for customer to select existing payment method in stripe (so limit number of payment methods created)
        Stripe/Payflow Fixed "update cc info" link, added phone to Payflow card form
        Payumoney: Fixed bug: payment was not activated
        Fixed Bug: Vendo plugin treat refund IPN as payments
        Konnektive - allow comma separated product #'s

        New Plugin Facebook Conversions. Add Facebook pixel to aMember pages, use Conversion API to send purchase event.
        Payment-link - ability to use flat amount + product
        feat(notification): ability to have different notifications for different zones
        feat(auto-login-placeholder): REST API to create autologin link
        Apple-signin - updated to do not use file_get_contents
        feat(signup-form-evergreen): ability to reset first view for form
        feat(product-feedback): intro text on capture feedback form
        feat(invite): ability to set daily invite limit per user
        cancel-on-upgrade: set zero invoice->data->UPGRADE_INVOICE_ID to correctly count it in reports
        cancel-feedback: added admin permissions


Release Date: 6/14/2021
    fix(rebill): Rebills were processed with errors in some situations
    fix(backup): Do not save email with backup to log to avoid recursion


Release Date: 6/7/2021
    feat(product-management): mass action Set Product Requirements
    feat(simple-tpl): allow symbol '/' in literals, useful for urls to escape %'/amember/signup/'|urlencode%
    Attach address and tax rate to payment/refund. Display correct rate/pdf invoice in situations when user changed address info
    Rest Api - fixed post,put requests for classes based on Am_Record
    Backup Cron - ignore abort and extend memory limit
    fix(form-editor): multiple HTML bricks in sidebar position
    fix(brick-conditional): avoid trigger change event - it lead to bug when state field do not populated (change triggered before CountryState initialized)
    fix(option-editor): sort rows, ability to edit empty text label
    fix(url): incorrect translation relative url to absolute
    fix(form): fault tolerance in case of remove attempt of not existing element
    feat(aff): new commission rule condition - Number of Payment in Invoice
    feat(cart): show product if it is member of at least one category with revealed code
    feat(cart): show products in category requested by code even if product is member of another category with code
    fix(cart): delay _setBasketItems until i18n loaded
    fix(cart): endless redirect if logged in user open signup/cart directly
    fix(cart): do not allow to put invoice-summary and donation bricks to form in admin UI. These bricks has not effect in case of shopping cart
    fix(cart): ability to use files from Disk as product image
    Mailer Lite: Flexible Actions support

        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Cryptonator (
        feat(ccavenue): compatibility with latest PHP: mcrypt -> openssl
        Sberbank - recurring fixed
        ClickFunnels - cancel event handling added
        Vendo - payment plugin added
        Paddle plugin update

        apple-signin plugin added
        feat(login-monitor): allow to send email only for users with specific product
        feat(shipping-flat): free shipping threshold
        feat(gift-card): ability to add gift card from admin interface
        fix(sales-notification): delay initialization until document is fully loaded (get rid of jquery race condition)
        fix(donation): visualization error, numbers likes 3.4000000000000017
        Infusion-soft - allow to send plain text pass for registration email
        feat(self-service): show thank you page after user get product
        feat(self-service): Option to Notify Admin when User Get Product
        feat(self-service): pagination for products page


Release Date: 4/20/2021
    feat(admin-ui): Addons: Hint to check Addons Directory if Nothing found in My Plugins section
    feat(report): Payments by payment system breakdown: ability to run report for selected payment systems
    feat(admin-ui): Mass Action to assign template (Pages/Videos)
    feat(buynow-button): improve UX: allow to put coupon code on signup form to avoid unnecessary second step
    feat(admin-ui): add column with number of active users to grid with archived products
    feat(aff): New payout Method: Coin Payments
    feat(wp): compatibility with supermarket theme
    feat(theme): ability to add Login/Logout link
    fix(ui): password indicator - proper width when used custom font (font loaded later and change width of input element)
    fix(admin-ui): Mass action change order for email templates (special case)
    fix(newsletter): add free subscription (if configured) if user signup from other than signup form source (eg.: social signup, added from admin interface etc.)
    fix(i18n): translations for product categories in shopping cart
    fix(form): removeElementByName need to check form deeply
    fix(report): compatibility with PHP 8 (float + string trigger Fatal Error)
    ConvertKit tags support
    Facebook - ability to add few products after login
    Am_Protect_Databased - fixed supergroups if user email address is changed
    jQuery click event fixed for mobile devices

        Razorpay - recurring added
        Clickfunnels - free trial fixed
        Networkmerchants-hosted - refunds added
        Netbilling - allow to charge using reference(for imported transactions)
        Stripe - fixed bug - The provided PaymentMethod was previously used with a PaymentIntent without Customer attachment, shared with a connected account without Customer attachment, or was detached from a Customer
        fix(paypal-plus): handle shipping fee
        fix(flexpay): saleID is same for all upcoming transactions but we need unique value
        fix(paysys): Cardinity, incorrect amount format if amount more than 1K (number_format use thousands separator)
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: LexPay (
        feat(paysys): New Payment System: Copecart (
        Epoch - ETS parameter bug fixed
        Woocommerce payment plugin added

        feat(aff-lead): new option Show Products - allow to display only defined subscriptions
        fix(aff-lead): search by Active Subscriptions field
        feat(discord): Advanced User Search Condition: Discord Login
        feat(upsell): option to keep qty from conditional product
        MaxMind Plugin updated to work with latest API


Release Date: 3/15/2021
    feat(pdf-invoice): ability to alter total records from plugins
    feat(report): New Report - Invoices By Signup Form
    fix(report): performance issue 'Payments by New vs Existing members' on huge DB
    fix(custom-field): options array for select element can have nested elements (optgroup)
    fix(upload): javascript validation for upload element
    feat(custom-field): ability to use custom upload prefix for upload field
    feat(discord): super_groups
    fix(newsletter): activate lists after plugin enable of previously disabled plugin
    Amend Content Protection - extended to allow to set up start/expire day, payment N, etc.
    ctype extension is required
    fix(aff): respect user language preference for approve_denied email notification
    feat(resource-category): optimize performance on huge database

        Fastspring-contextual - bug fixed - use unique accounts.lookup.custom
        Bluesnap - updated for new API
        Braintree - allow to disable 3DS (for old accounts)
        Stripe Echeck - Plaid support added

        Discord - show "Link account" only if user has access to integrated products
        Sales-popup: add crossorigin = "anonymous"
        feat(moodle): ability to sync avatar


Release Date: 2/16/2021
    fix(php8): violation of LSP cause Fatal Error
    fix link to Plugins page in Quick Start
    Improved privacy when including third-party libraries from CDN
    fix(admin-ui): init Advanced Search if grid was loaded by ajax request
    fix(user-export): export of user radio data fields
    Protect Content - E-Mails - ability to see full subject in grid
    Fixed bug with Activecampaign plugins: Plugins moved  users to wrong lists in some situations
    Greenmoney payment plugin added


Release Date: 2/10/2021
    Improve compatibility with PHP8
    Fixed bug with single product (hidden) on signup form
    fix(i18n): ability to translate 'select state'
    feat(coincorner): refund
    Paypal: pro_hosted txn_type added
    fix(mautic): incorrect reference to debug method
    fix(rest-api): product-product-category


Release Date: 2/4/2021
    compatibility with PHP8
    upgrade jQuery version to 3.5.1
    feat(email-template): strtolower/strtoupper modifiers
    feat(coupon): trim whitespaces from submitted coupon code
    Ability to make user groups read-only on profile form
    Moodle plugin: change optional groups behavior. Plugin will remove group only if it is configured at aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integrations

        New Payment System: OviPay (
        New Plugin: Stripe Sofort payment method using latest PaymentIntents API
        Giropay via stripe payment plugin using payment intents API.


Release Date: 2/1/2021
    feat(aff): new commission rule condition - First Time Affiliate Sale
    feat(theme): add behance as available social media link for footer
    feat(coupon): make error on zero discount optional, there is several use cases when such behaviour is not desired
    feat(html-editor): button to easy embed youtube video
    feat(aff): separate intro text, general link and banners blocks, ability to manage it independently
    feat(pdf-invoice): option to add product description to PDF invoice
    feat(sendy): ability to pass additional fields to sendy
    feat(getdrip): ability to pass user custom fields
    feat(helpdesk): set explicit order for admin menu items - ability to put custom items between
    Wasabi storage plugin
    Exclude not recurring items from payment receipt in email for subsequent payments
    fix(admin-ui): email users preview in case of plain-text
    fix(admin-ui): bug in case of too long product name
    fix(i18n): ability to translate options for select elements
    fix(upgrade): process partial refund in case of downsell
    fix(theme): respect chosen Identity Type (login|email|full name) in login/logout offer block on signup form
    fix(mail_cancel): put to email template first *recurring* product from invoice
    fix(user-menu): ability to use some menu items in context without logged in user eg.: add items to header menu of theme
    fix(selectel): fix violation for LSP
    fix(email): do not send email without recipients
    mailchimp: do not raise error on empty response returned by DELETE api
    Apache 2.4 fix
    Fixed bug: Authentication errors  were not displayed on admin login page.
    events ADMIN_ADD_INVOICE_FORM/ADMIN_ADD_INVOICE_INVOICE: ability to extend features of form from plugins
    Do not store paysystem transaction exceptions in Error log. They are stored in invoice log already
    Newsletter - standardize debug mode

        New Payment System - CoinCorner (
        Stripe additional sources - Sofort fixed to use asynchronous charge confirmation
        Payflow - iframe fixed
        Fixed Bug: CoinBaseCommerce incorrect rebill amount in some situations
        toyyib-pay: pass billDescription as required
        Stripe Apple pay: use new payment_intents api to process payments.
        Fixed bug: Cardinity payment plugin: wrong amount was passed for recurring payments.
        fix(plugnplay): add customer IP to API request
        fix(stripe): correct language codes for l10n
        yandex payment url updated
        thrive-cart refund amount added
        fastspring-contextual - supported currencies added

        Implements #2053: Sales Popup: Ability for site visitors to close the popup notification for the CURRENT website visit
        Notification Plugin: ability to setup notification with countdown
        feat(personal-content): Mass User Action Upload Personal File
        Cs-cart integration plugin added
        ORIBI tracking plugin added


Release Date: 12/17/2020
    Improved session compatibility between aMember and Wordpress
    Implements #2100: Newsletter brick - Hide List if User is already subscribed
    Implements #2101: Admin Dashboard Sales Statistic Widget: rebills next month
    Mailchimp: do not throw exception on empty response
    fastspring-contextual: allow to pay for invoice within due_date
    PDF: exclude not recurring items from receipt for second and subsequent payment
    Sales Popup: Brick for Profile form to disable this popup for particular user
    schedule-emails: ability to copy emails


Release Date: 12/14/2020
    Bug Fixed: Product brick within fieldset on multi-page form
    Bug Fixed: Ability to assign user/affiliate to coupon if user has numeric username
    Bug Fixed: Popup form close icon
    Ability to copy autoresponder emails added
    Fieldset brick: ability to set CSS class, unique ID for name fields
    Admin UX: Forms Editor - make available bricks block sticky - quite useful in case of form with many fields
    Implements #2104: Add ability to set name (admin reference) to form bricks
    Bug Fixed: Unable to configure Moodle Plugin if MySQL uses non-default port
    Eliminate unnecessary depth limit from menu
    Shopping Cart: ability to use radio buttons for payment system
    Several possible XSS issues fixed
    Bug Fixed: too big value of 'group_concat_max_len' pointed to empty results
    Directory: fix markdown for sortable headers
    Bug Fixed: directory - not possible to user groups and subscription columns together
    Optimise admin coupons page: use ajax request to get details of coupon usage
    Helpdesk: enable valuesToForm/valuesFromForm events for ticket form
    REST API: user-groups endpoint
    Bug Fixed: order of 'Resource Categories Menu' in case of there is only one item
    User Consent: Ability to make it optional
    UX: even/odd records in table with access in admin interface
    Address Brick: Add settings Read-only
    New interval for reports last 12 months
    Product Conversion Report: Add revenue to report data
    User Search Criteria: Share Same Signup IP with other users
    User Search Criteria: Last Signin match signup date
    Fix UI for 'Last Signin' search criteria
    Hide links to edit rebill date and cancel recurring if admin has not permission to do it
    Refresh auth session on profile update (important in case of change username/email and integration plugin)
    Bug Fixed: execute Am_Event::AUTH_AFTER_LOGIN in case of 2fa
    Ability to clear Invoice Log manually/automatically
    Regenerate session id after login (prevent session fixation)
    Bug Fixed: frontend - initialize datepicker for elements loaded by ajax requests

        New payout day option added "Last day of the month"
        Bug Fixed: Aff Stats page with Compare against other periods
        Add search for banners in aff UI

        Webmoney fixed
        Stripe plugin: Send customer name to stripe
        Payeezy-js2 payment plugin added
        Curopayments payment plugin added
        Stripe Echeck payment plugin added
        UsaEpay: PCI DSS SAQ-A compatible solution

        Discord plugin: Ability to remove link with Discord
        Autocoupons: Ability to set period of validity for generated coupons
        Aff Bonus Link: ability to bind single link to multiple products
        Avatar: fix orientation of image based on exif if possible
        Discord: trigger user update event of link/unlink account


Release Date: 10/20/2020
    Fixed bug: Stripe plugin: No such customer error when more then one Stripe plugin enabled.
    conversion-track: base64_encode content on config form before submit it to server (help to bypass security filters on server)
    Bug Fixed: Filter at Protect Content -> All (Union query require special attention on filter apply)
    2FA: brute force protection
    Solid Color Theme: Ability to customize Footer
    Solid Color Theme/Black Theme: Ability to add links to social media accounts from theme configuration page
    Advanced Search: Language - add known options
    Shopping Cart: Empty cart in case of invoice was completed by IPN
    Expire Emails: ability to send email to users with cancelled recurring invoice
    Fixed bug: Unable to download EU Vat Report
    Fixed bug: RazorPay plugin, already captured payments were not properly activated
    New User Search Condition: Has User Notes
    New Payment System: eeeCurrency (
    Credits Plugin: Ability to do affiliate payout to internal credits
    Bug Fixed: helpdesk admin ui change owner/set watchers etc.
    Idevaffiliate: submit currency
    New Payment plugin: WeChatPay
    'hide' src url for video/audio in html source code
    Bug Fixed: invoice summary on second page of multi-page signup forms
    samesite cookie fixed for aws hosting
    Bug Fixed: "mime type mismatch" console error for aff click js
    Fixed bug: JS error on subuser pages
    Discord plugin: Ability to add user to discord server and assign role depends on purchased subscriptions
    PayButton: case when button configured to use any payment system but only single one is suited to current invoice
    Bug Fixed: paysystem-toggle (ie.: Credit Card Input Element) in case of single payment system on form
    Stripe-apple-pay, Stripe-google-pay - fixed to use token from new stripe plugin
    xeroapi - ability to resubmit old payments + code cleanup
    PayMaya Checkout payment plugin
    Personal Content: Mass Action to User Grid - remove file
    Divi theme title fixed
    mailchimp - debug option added
    Header Menu: narrow screen state
    Fixed bug: Incorrect amount was billed by Authorize.Net plugin in case of manual rebill in some situations.
    self-service - deduct confirmation option added


Release Date: 9/7/2020
    Bug Fixed: Helpdesk Javascript on Frontend
    Personal-Content: ability to set sort order for files on user side
    jquery.form (ajaxSubmit) can be used on frontend

        Separate payout methods 'Paypal' and 'PayPal or Venmo'
        Improve commission rules (aff_sales_count|aff_items_count|aff_sales_amount) - add periods (current month|all time)
        New Payout Method: Cash App


Release Date: 9/1/2020
    Restored safe jQuery load option - improved compatibility
    Added "Hide" option for Countries
    Allow reuse stored credit card if supported by plugin (now stripe only,
       enable via PHP config)
    New Newsletter Plugin: Acelle Mail (
    Ability to sort Users grid by full name
    New Newsletter Plugin: Send Fox (
    New Payment Plugin: Remita
    Authorize.Net CIM - recurringBilling parameter fixed
    mutasibank payment plugin added
    Bug Fixed in country/select
    Added User Grid Mass Action: Add A Note
    Amazon SES: Added US East(Ohaio) region
    Bug Fixed: Content Category Menu has unnecessary additional level
    Cookie Notice: Ability to choose postion (top|bottom)
    Fixed Bug: Square-Up plugin, incorrect header for API requests were sent.
    JV: admin permission to manage settings
    Notice in admin interface if user is permanently locked
    Self-Service: confirmation window before add product


Release Date: 8/19/2020
    Implemented AWS Signature v4 support for Amazon SES Email sending method
    Login Sharing Protection: New setting Use first4 blocks to determine different IPv6.
    Not Confirmed Users: add action Export
    User Menu: ability to add target attribute for custom links
    Advanced Search Condition: User Consent
    Fixed user menu for mobile devices in horizontal view
    Do not try to re-send failed email from queue if it was added more then two weeks ago.
    Fixed bug: incompatibility with 5.6
    SignupCheckboxGroup: reset current value before set new one
    Bug Fixed: product default value for product brick inside fieldset
    Display item qty (if more than 1) in admin lists (payments/refunds/invoices)
    Bug Fixed: edit of prices for product options
    Bug Fixed: admin HTML template (caused silly errors if user have any refunds)
    Bug Fixed: use unique name for session container in multi-page forms (to avoid mix of data from different signup pages)
    Add fetch polyfill for iphone/ipad/ipod devices
    Bug Fixed: tax for shipping
    EU VAT ID Brick: add conditional display
    Bug Fixed: email user - persist email text on filter state change (saved search)
    Moodle - email preferences

    Webhook module: add delay for failed requests reprocessing, add limitation for number of failures
    Soft Sale module: visually distinguish disabled license schemas in admin interface
    Yahoo Sign In: OpenID2 -> OpenID Connect
    Autocoupon: ability to bind generated coupon to user account

    Oauth Server
        Implemented ability to create manual access tokens for clients who can use client_credentials grant(skip authentication process)
        Authorization code grant, store user consent status and do not ask user to provide an access again

        Ability to set expiration to forever within Access Permission
        Activecampaign: add/remove tag on used coupon
        Mailchimp add an ability to associate tags to products.
        Klavio: sync first/last name and phone

    Affiliate Module
        Add support of Venmo payout.
        Correctly distribute paid amount between items (take into account tax and shipping)
        Aff Stat Transaction Download: include Payout Date to file

        Ability to enable CORS header for specific domains
        Send zero autoresponders when access is being added

        New Payment Plugin: Paytm (
        Sberbank - handle ipn's
        New Payment Plugin: Dilapay (
        New Payment Plugin: PayMaya
        Nmi plugin: pass currency information
        Passion hosted payment plugin
        Stripe ipn - find invoice by receipt_id
        SagepayForm: replace mcrypt with openssl
        New Plugin: Payment Gateway. Ability top use aMember as a payment gateway to process payments from other scripts.
        Razorpay - USD added


Release Date: 7/6/2020
    SECURITY Bugfix release - an XSS vulnerability fixed
    That is a medium level vulnerability, it does not directly allow to access your admin area or
    users list, however, it is anyway dangerous and we advise to upgrade IMMEDIATELY.


Release Date: 6/22/2020
    Improved compatibility with IE11
    Affiliate: improve process of affiliate approve/deny by admin
    Donation Plugin: split Server (to Group) and Client (to Element) validation. Server (to Element) errors is not rendered within group element
    Upsell plugin: Add report that displays accept/reject rate
    Ability to export currency from payment/refund/invoice lists in admin interface
    Newsletters: ability to delete lists for standard plugin
    Notification Plugin: handle access based on number of payments, add column with targets to grid
    Bug Fixed: one-per-line element did not work
    Bug Fixed: styled file upload element in case of it has positioned ancestor


Release Date: 6/15/2020
    Digital Ocean Spaces storage plugin
    I18n for reCaptcha on login/sendpass forms
    Bug Fixed: Product Options in case of single product with radio input (ie.: type=hidden)
    Bug Fixed: recaptcha on login/sendpass forms in popup
    Bug Fixed: Bricks Editor did not initialized when saved form copied
    Bug Fixed: Same form can have multiple address sections
    Bug Fixed: Unable to complete stripe payment in IE11 (added fetch polyfill for IE11 and less)
    Bug Fixed: Bricks Editor did not initialized when saved form copied
    Ability to filter commissions by used Coupon
    Exclude sales-notification from access log
    Display notice about pending request to change email on profile form. Do not log incorrect/expired confirmation error to error log
    User Friendly Error Messages for expired reset password link
    New Widget Positions: Shopping Cart All Pages (Top) and Shopping Cart All Pages (Bottom)
    Facebook SDK updated to latest version
    Placeholder for additional fields
    Cancel recurring after chargeback
    PHP < 7.3 samesite cookie added
    change required PHP version to 7.2
    Webhooks: send data parameters where applicable.
    layout no title (useful at aMember Cp -> Protect Content -> Pages)

        Fixed: Authorize.NET CIM Hosted version didn't work
        Ccbill - fixed initialPeriod for lifetime products
        New Payment Plugin: Perfect Money
        USA Payments plugin
        Digistore24 payment plugin added
        Added ability to complete manual rebills for CoinbaseCommerce plugin


Release Date: 5/26/2020
    Flowplayer video player has been replaced with Plyr (HTML5 based, no Flash)
    JavaScript: fixed compatibility with MS Edge browser for user-side pages
    Black Theme added

    Kayako-remote integration plugin added
    Sberbank payment plugin added
    Fastspring Contextual: fixed bug quantity for products in autocreated invoices was incorrect.
    XeroApi re-worked for new API
    cancel-feedback plugin fixed to work correctly with new js
    Bug Fixed: parent for root categories
    Additional Stripe Soruces - prevent double charges by page refresh
    New Amazon SES regions added
    Cancellations(without upgrade) added to sales widget
    Bug Fixed: deafult date for datepicker
    Start Date Calculation can be set to "Next Day"
    Bug Fixed: Cart state update: Js code expect Array here
    Assign Paysystem to product: case of multiple paysystems within product on signup form
    Bug Fixed: Js initialization for bricks within fieldset
    Bug fixed - "Change rebill date" Datepicker use YYYY-mm-dd format


Release Date: 5/11/2020
    Add missing reset.css and site-dist.css files to release
    Use unique ID for agreements elements HTML code
    Oauth: trigger event ValidateSavedForm for register
    Translation files updated


Release Date: 5/7/2020
    Added "woff2" into root .htaccess file (not updated on upgrade)
    Add back views/public/.htaccess into build (missing in 6.2.0)
    Donation plugin fixed
    Do not show "payment already processed" errors and do not log such errors. Redirect user to member's page instead.
    REST API: Fixed bug registration emails wasn't sent when user was created through API
    GocardlessPRO: updated supported currencies list
    Newsletter: do not touch titles for existing lists on sync - admin can customize it
    Log "export" action to admin log
    Fix menu style with DIVI theme


Release Date: 4/29/2020
    Reworked internal JavaScript libraries for frontend and backend pages - works much faster now
    aMember documentation reworked, context help for plugins added
    Disallow opening aMember pages in iframe on 3rd party domains to avoid clickjacking attacks
    Improved Reset Admin Password Flow

    Product Options: Ability to add Description for product options
    Upgrades - do not get invoices with expired access
    Fixed bug: Incorrect upgrade link behaviour in Active subscriptions widget. Wrong invoice was chosen to upgrade.
    Solid Color Theme: Header Menu
    Oauth2 Module: enable PKCE support.
    Ability to Configure deep menu levels
    Am_Lite::getQty() method added
    Added touch event support for jquery ui
    "copy-to-clipboard" option for general affiliate link
    Payment plugins: hide extra settings by default.
    IS EMPTY condition for multi_select/multi_upload fields
    Fixed bug: InfusionSoft plugin unable to update username/password.
    pdo_options can be set within config.php file
    Bug Fixed: default coupon for coupon brick within fieldset
    Brick Conditional Display: Ability to choose 'Any Match'|'All Match'
    jQuery library updated for video JS code
    bug fixed - recognize audio/mp3 as audio
    Ability to calculate and add Tier commissions when admin add manual commission to affiliate.
    Options Editor: ability to sort options
    Options Editor: Ability to Export Options
    Bug fixed - user lookup did not work right at EmailUsers section
    Ability to use custom page for Access Forbidden
    Affiliate: show statistics for recent periods first
    maximize above ui-front when ckeditor used in dialogue
    Bug Fixed: Softsale - respect option hide_expired_licenses
    Coupon with absolute discount: fix discount distribution between items (round error)
    Email confirmation template - use more variables
    admin-setup speed improvement - lazy init plugin setup forms
    Grids: avoid useless text like 'showing records 1-1 from 1'
    output masked IP address in admin UI for better privacy
    Added Ability to resend payment receipt email
    Show total coupon revenue on Coupon usage screen
    Mass Action: Amend Access Permission
    Advanced Search: NOT IN condition

        Add Emoji Panel to response dialog
        bold and italic format to helpdesk messages
        Add snippets to menu
        Add Categories for reply snippets
        Mass Ticket Reply action
        Show in grid if some admin already working on ticket
        Ability to manage sort order of reply snippets

        Elavon payment plugin
        SmartDebit: ref/publicId
        SmartDebit: process Successful Collection Report
        SmartDebit: ability to configure sandbox account
        SmartDebit: lead time for rebills
        Paypal: proper url to cancel subscription
        Robokassa: recurring payment plugin added
        PayPal Express: add product name of billing profile description
        Konnektive payment plugin added
        Stripe sources problem "Invalid statement descriptor. Cannot contain the characters /, (, ), {, or }" fixed

        PhpBB: compatibility with 3.3
        Zenddesk: Added tags support
        Xeroapi: amounts fixed
        Magoware: update password fixed
        Invision4: sso fixed
        Cerb9 integration plugin
        New Plugin: Integration with GoToWebinar
        SMF: ssi fixed
        Activecampaign: do not empty first and last name (skip these fields if we have not value)
        Mailchimp plugin: Added ability to set Mailchimp Merge fields from aMember's profile information
        MailChimp Plugin: Added merge tags support

        Donation plugin: emotional layout with minimum!=0 and allow to skip donation
        Credits: Low Level User Notification
        schedule-access more gentle way to handle wrong configuration


Release Date: 2/10/2020
    Improved admin password restore - (1) will not show if admin is exists and e-mail match (2) added time limits per-admin and per-requests from IP
    Validate coupon code on batch creation to avoid SQL error with duplicate value
    Am_Lite::getUserGroups - return array of user group ids for currently logged in user
    Helpdesk: separate option to allow/disallow users to close tickets
    Split "Setup -> E-Mail" to 2 pages "E-Mail" and "E-Mail Templates"
    Bug Fixed: maximum length of column name in mysql is 64, we should restrict field name length accordingly
    Form Blocks: Conditional Display based on Product
    Form Bricks: conditional display depending on selected payment system
    Bug Fixed: handle hide if logged in for fieldset
    Ability to hide Coupon field for logged in user
    Invoice Summary: ability to put multiple instances of block to same form (useful in case of multi-page form)
    Mark commissions that did not pass threshold date (Delay Payout) within admin interface
    Restore generate password link for add new user form
    Bug Fixed: sort of directories
    User Search Condition: Duplicate Value In Field
    Aff - do not call js for banners page(prevent overloading)
    Ability to change Due Date for invoice from admin interface
    Bug Fixed: products from hidden category can be shown in case of another category filter applied in where part
    Bug Fixed: case of empty hidden categories in cookies (shopping cart)
    Implements #2064: Dedicated Permission for Access Agreement Documents
    Ability to export labels for select additional fields
    Shopping Cart: ability to apply coupon on checkout page
    Bug Fixed: session data can contain emoji too, in turn it broke ability to unserialize data
    Fixed bug: Removed magic_quotes_* functions calls. That functionality was removed from php 5.4.0
    Ability to search user by id in quick lookup in admin interface
    Ja translation for billing terms
    Improve performance of coupons page (admin interface) in case of huge nnumber of coupon codes
    Bug fixed: Unable to change basked when it was saved already. (for example if user try to checkout and then click back);
    Bug Fixed: multiple instance of flowplayer on same page

        Fastspring Contextual plugin: Auto create support added
        Stripe plugin: Implemented Stripe Checkout mode. User will be redirected to stripe in order to specify info
        CcBill - consider parameter name "subscriptionId" as well
        Intuit Merchant Plugin: Update Cart expiration date if card was already stored in vault.
        Stripe Additional Sources SEPA Debit ability to register chargebacks
        CcBill plugin: Auto create support for FlexPay forms
        Fixed bug: Stripe SEPA Additional source plugin: disable duplicate form submit
        Fixed StripeGoogle pay plugin.
        payeezy-js bug fixed: check output of json_encode(34.95 * 100);
        Netdebits source validation fixed
        Fixed bug: Stripe Additional Sources Sepa Debit use existing customer record in stripe and do not create new one.
        Braintree - rebills fixed

        Moodle: use manual auth type (there is not difference with email but email can be disabled and therefore user will not be able to login)
        Moodle: sync is_locked and suspended fields
        Moodle: fix custom user field synchronization
        Fixed bug: Invision4 plugin. Do not remove all user's sessions on logout
        Ontraport Integration

        Avatar: set owner to avatar image if uploaded from admin interface
        Google Authenticator: use TOTP auth type
        Serials: New Serial to User Email
        Schedule-Access Plugin: ability to add access records based on number of payments
        Cookie Notice: ability to choose background color for notice within plugin configuration
        Gift Voucher: handle refunds
        Gift Voucher: add email validation
        Product Feedback: email to admin when new feedback added
        Subusers: allow to set address fields


Release Date: 12/9/2019
    Add third level to User Menu for Content Categories
    Make setup menu adaptive
    Bug Fixed: Interval for This Year and Last Year was incorrect (number of days in month caculated based on current month)
    Video: Disable context menu for video tag
    Video: Closed Caption (VTT) support, used in case of HTML5
    New event: Am_Event::SETUP_UPDATED
    Improve language select element on front end
    Add moment.js to admin
    Am_Lite: do not touch timezone
    Field Conditional Logic based on Country
    New Search Condition: Have Number of Active Subscriptions to Product(s)
    SimpleTemplate: nl2br modifier (useful to include text content to html email eg.: ticket message)
    Upgrade Path Type - Free Trial: unused number of days from previous subscription will be applied as trial period to new one
    WP: fix parse config
    load jquery library from
    Content Mass Actions: Show/Hide on Dashboard
    Fixed bug: Shopping cart generate an error when pending invoice was deleted outside of cart
    Affiliate keywords report fixed
    Add REGEXP operator to Advanced Search conditions
    Do not try to re-send failed email from queue if it was added more then two weeks ago
    Implements #2055 - Show rebills for remaining days of the month

        respect fields sort order on new ticket form
        add markdown help
        Bug Fixed: Heldpesk Mass Close Action

        Amazon Pay: Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Upgrade
        Amazon Pay: Widget wasn't properly displayed
        Payeezy JS: Fixed bug - avoid duplicate receipts from Payeezy
        Epoch: IP's fixed
        Epoch: fix auto create feature
        Epoch: Handle Initial Paid Trial Order Transaction
        Avangate: ipn fixed
        ToyyibPay: ability to choose payment chanel within plugin configuration
        Thrive-cart: fixed free trials
        Apple iap plugin: Ability to handle situations when user change subscription preference
        Fixed bug: WePay OnSite unable to initialize payment
        Fixed bug: Braintree plugin CC info update link didn't work in some situations
        Stripe: 118n for Card Element
        New Payment Plugin: Paytm (
        Stripe: ability to puit CreditCard brick to fieldset

        Moodle Plugin: Added ability to link Moodle custom fields to aMember custom fields

        oto - bug with deleted invoice fixed
        New Storage Plugin: Blackblaze (
        Cookie Notice: allows you to inform visitors that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law GDPR regulations
        Email Domain Discount: allow to set up some discount for users with emails from specific domain
        New plugin: Holded - integration with Holded CRM invoicing system
        Computed User Fields: allow to add additional user fields that automatically get value based on any other user fields
        Sendy Newsletter Plugin: Add API key support
        User Field Validation Regex - add new validation type to additional user fields - Regex
        Fixed bug: Conversion track plugin. Tracking code wasn't included on all amember pages


Release Date: 10/22/2019
    Correct way to calculate vat when shipping enabled.
    move "User Groups" from admin menu to Browse Users grid action (like it is done for Product Categories)
    disable user-group tree (will still be enabled if customer is already using it)
    Grid::addFieldBefore - ability to add new field from plugin to any position
    usage of am-combobox within brick configuration
    Send email from queue even if queue is disabled
    Memcached backend support
    Ability to manage saved search (rename/delete/reorder)
    Hide Appearance Menu item if current theme has not configuration
    Fixed bug: Invoice summary brick didn't calculate valid tax when inserted not to first page of signup form
    Search Condition: Purchased product with option
    Solid Color Theme: ability to choose dashboard layout {Two Columns|Single Column}
    User Consent form brick: fault tolerant behaviour
    Fixed bug: curl didn't  work right when request body was set through callback on some server configurations.
    Fixed bug: Error in upgrade when user try to upgrade aMember before login into account.
    Products - set default billing-plan using sort_order
    Unique ID for product forms
    Change CSRF strategy

    Shopping Cart: ability to specify 3rd party domains where add to carts buttons can be used
    WP: append only set-cookie fields - other replace
    Helpdesk: live search fixed for slow connections
    AB Signup: Ability to test not default forms and several forms with different slug simulteniusly
    Infusion-soft: fixed getting of custom fields
    Invision 4 Plugin: avoid duplicate record SQL errors on login
    Schedule Email: bug fixed with attachments
    Donation Plugin: calculate full terms for invoice summary
    Avatar: ability to make avatar required
    Shipping Flat: calculate shipping price for recurring products
    Force I Agree Plugin: Added ability to make agreement document required if user is active, or user is affiliate, or user is subuser, or depends on active products.
    Invision4 plugin: set login cookie for subdomians too in order to allow single login if invision is installed on subdomain.

        Ability for user to submit his sponsor manually on signup form
        Fixed bug: Affiliates were wrongly assigned in some rare situations when Last Click Wins or Hybrid model were enabled

        BlueSnap: BuyNow Hosted Payment Page implemented
        Stripe: Handle situations when Webhook is being sent before response to actual API requests
        Stripe: Added Early Fraud Warning support. Plugin now can refund payment on EWF notification
        Reduce Stripe API errors
        Intuit-merchant payment plugin added
        CheckoutCom: Implemented refunds support for payments created through v3 API.
        Firstdata: get name from CC

    New Plugins:
        Signup Form Default For Recurring: add new default type for signup forms
        Signup Form Evergreen: expire signup form after XX hours after first form access
        Billing Plan Minimum Quantity: you can set the minimum quantity customers need to purchase but they can still choose how many of the product they want
        Product Feedback Plugin
        aMember Branding Removal
        XtremCodes Integration


Release Date: 9/19/2019
    Workaround for curl/openssl library bug that affects PayPal IPN validation and other API requests on some hosts


Release Date: 9/12/2019
    Improved credit card forms behaviour


Release Date: 9/11/2019
    Stripe plugin: customer should be created first, that allow for stripe to send payment receipt emails
    Fixed Bug: Payment express plugin didn't redirect user to payment page in some situations
    Compatibility with php 5.6
    UI bug fixed with add payment form in admin interface: Set Javascriptbuilder::submitHandler only for order forms
    Fixed bug: False positive warnings about not-found plugins in Addons directory.
    Fixed bug: Stripe free trial subscriptions didn't work in some situations.
    Fixed bug: Stripe Additional source for sepa debit didn't handle free trial payments properly.
    Backward compatibility: Render email from outdated body and headers fields - kept to display old records from queue
    Add transaction related exceptions as warnings. They are not critical


Release Date: 9/4/2019
    New Storage Plugin: pCloud
    New event Am_Event::COUPON_IS_APPLICABLE
    PHP 7.2 compatibility - removed mcrypt from Am_Crypt, now allows to upgrade from old versions of aMember on PHP 7.2
    Added ability to create plugin duplicates from addons interface
    Implemented ability to process manual rebill for failed subscriptions. manual rebill links will be available in Payment History (if aMember was unable to rebill invoice automatically) also link will be sent in rebill_failed notification.
    Log Login As User action to admin log
    Ability to import User Group (CSV)
    Bug Fixed: Softsales - case of multiple licenses purchase with single transaction and option renew enabled
    Invalidate user auth session in case of is_lock field changed
    Mail Log: ability to download attachments from mail log
    BuyNow links fixed - allows to disable option "Auto sign in after sign up"
    Exclude lists of disabled newsletter plugins from tab 'All' within Protect Content
    Member Directory: ability to allow to download directory in PDF (useful to print it)
    Directory: fix sort order for resources
    Bug Fixed: Directory sort -> reset filter
    Added ability to hide Payment System from aMember Control panel. Paysystem will be removed from all forms but won't be disabled, so all recurring payments will continue to work.
    Bug Fixed: email validation in case of email located inside Fieldset
    Bug Fixed: avoid double include of user.js on payment history page
    Add Update Credit Card Link to Payment History page
    Fixed Bug: Stripe plugin: cc expiration was recorded incorrectly in some situations.
    REST API: separate admin permission to manage API keys
    SelfService: %selfservice_balance% placeholder for Widgets
    Helpdesk: ability to use Markdown style for headers and lists within messages (#Head1, ##Head2, ###Head3, ####Head4, * list item)
    Fixed bug: VAT was not removed from product price if "Catalog prices include VAT" option was enabled and user specified VAT ID
    Affiliate should be able to use registration form even if Signup type was set to "only admin can approve"
    Bug Fixed: Address brick within Fieldset with default country in config
    Invoice grid: fix total in case of filter 'hide invoices without active access'
    Bug Fixed: some of plugins rely on AdminSetupController::getForm eg.: paypal-pro, beanstream-remote etc.
    Ability to disable Invoice Log from admin interface
    eu vat - update user country and ip before payment
    Simple Templates: ability to use literals %'yesterday'|date% %'now'|date% %'500'|currency%

        include Pay Per Lead commissions to affiliate stats
        ability to change general affiliate link
        properly re-calculate commission for free invoices

        Braintree plugin: implemented 3DSecure 2  support.
        Implemented SCA support for checkout-com plugin
        Implemented SCA support for epay plugin (not tested since epay doesn't implement this yet according to their documentation)
        Stripe SCA support and ability to insert Stripe CC info brick to Signup/Profile pages.
        Fixed bug: Segpay dynamic prices didn't work right.
        1tpe payment plugin added
        Splitit - fixed handling of ChargeFailed
        Properly handle wrong response from PayPal IPN validation server

        Vanilla - 3.1 support
        Fixed bug: Xenforo plugin:  change user state to valid when user update email from amember.
        Fixed bug: Moodle plugin: Fixed single login issues on some servers with reverse proxy.

        DimeSale: ability to use current terms in Next Price Level brick
        Campaignmonitor - custom fields fixed
        Aweber php SDK was updated to latest available version to fix issue with utf-8 characters in Contact names.
        Constant Contact v2: option to disable double opt in
        Constant Contact: option to disable Double Opt-in


Release Date: 7/15/2019
    Disabled Phar usage, because there is still a lot of bugs in PHP 7.2 PHAR module


Release Date: 7/8/2019
    Credit card and newsletter plugins activation improved


Release Date: 7/5/2019
    Helpdesk: ability to to inline image attachments to message content
    thrive-cart improved
    Bug Fixed: label from fieldset moved to checkbox (case when agreement brick palced inside Fieldset)
    Bug fixed - mailjet emailing method
    Bug Fixed: Invoice Summary, Agreement, HTML bricks within Fieldset
    WP: disable usage of WP theme for XmlHttpRequests
    Log number of automatically removed pending/expired users
    Fixed bug: Mailjet SMTP transport didn't work right.
    Bug Fixed: redirect after login to referer
    Bug Fixed: REST API phar support
    Removed warnings about "cc" and "newsletter" plugins
    Fixed a problem with enabling "cc" plugins from phar files
    Fixed a problem with adding free plugins from website


Release Date: 7/2/2019
    amember-core.phar have got special copy of plugins to include, so these instructions continue to work: still works
    Improved compatibility with PHP 5.6


Release Date: 7/1/2019
    Heldpesk: improve hyperlinks auto-dection in helpdesk messages
    Ability to use files from S3 for video posters
    Email templates: label modifier - useful to include label instead of key for custom fields with options %user.fieldname|label%
    Periodic Am_Mail::BACKGROUND - ability to force pass mail to queue
    Fixed user mail queue list
    Bug Fixed: Newsletter Lists restriction in Email Messages did not work in some circumstances (multiple return is  prone to error)
    API: added GENERATE_PASSWORD event hook
    force-i-agree: handle case of amember_redirect_url

    Yahoo Sign In - allow to sign in/sign up with Yahoo account
    Subusers: fixed soft detach

        New Payment Plugin: (Malasyan online payments)
        Fastspring: Fixed bug - Attempt to cancel already cancelled subscription lead to internal error.
        Beanstrem-remote - cancel fixed
        Epoch: use username/password from epoch for auto-creation


Release Date: 6/17/2019

    when a plugin fails to load, warning will be display in admin dashboard only
    admin-plugins: added ablity to disable plugin that does not exists in fs
    display CAD instead of $ for canadian dollars
    - added workaround for opcache.validate_permission option (disable opcache in this case)
    fixed php 7.3 warning
    Fixed bug: User was sent to 404 page when try to access protected folders located on different subdomains.
    add confirmation to re-send email action
    shopping cart: maintain transparency on image resize
    block-pending-invoice: sort order for widget
    Paypal experess checkout: 5 year periods are not supported.
    New payment plugin: OpenNode
    Product Auto Hide - plugin remove product from signup form if user already has active subscription to it
    EU VAT: catalog price include vat, ceil price to avoid rounding issue
    Bug fixed: wp lost auth session when password changed
    solid-color theme forms: get label from container
    Implements #2032: Users Report (graph) options


Release Date: 5/31/2019

    aMember core and plugins files are now packed in .phar files to make upload and maintenance easier
    "Add-ons" page added to admin control panel for easy control of plugins and online search of available plugins
    Automatic plugin installer implemented that allows to quickly order/download/install plugins from admin control panel
    "Solid Color" theme is now default for new installations
    True Fieldset support implemented in forms editior (allows to put bricks inside)
    "Form Themes" implemented that allows themes to change look&feel of forms
    "aMember" plugin for Wordpress is now moved to separate repository
        WP themes support moved to application/default/views/wp-themes
        Details are available in the documentation
    Files aff.css, helpdesk-user.css, softsale.css are deleted and its content merged into single amember.css file
    Requirements for the aMember v6 is now - PHP 5.6+, 'pdo', 'pdo_mysql', 'openssl', 'mbstring', 'phar', 'xml' extensions
    Removed support for admin-themes

    Do not include wordpress config from amember admin pages - increases speed and stability
    Add filter by Date to rebills section
    Fixed banner links for deleted affiliates
    PDF Invoice: word wrap text in columns
    ability to add partial refund record even if payment system does not allow automatic partial refund
    Date Reports: propagate data up to the end of inteval (end date can not exists in query result)
    Convertion rate report fixed
    Pending Invoice Block: ability to choose position of block
    Fix Menu: get ride of  race condition
    Bundle Discount Adv
    Display Number of active user within Products grid in admin interface
    Pages Grid: display if page has some special meaning
    Improve filter within country/states section
    Ability to set custom default sort order for grid with users
    Display Separate Invoice for Refunds for frontend
    Ability to do quick search user by ID
    Income report: pad data until end of period
    Added link to edit theme settings to left admin menu
    Forms: Conditional Display for Fieldsets
    Forms: Conditional Field/Html display based on multiple conditions
    Aff: ability to export clicks
    Aff: New Comission Rule Condition - Affiliate Already Has Commission With User
    Helpdesk: Nested FAQ Categories implemented

    Bugs Fixed:
        Commissions were not added in Last Click Wins model, if user has expired user <-> affiliate relations.
        double signup_email_sent if user approved from edit user screen
        properly handle max login length in generate login
        shopping cart ability to change product in invoice after payment (access was not granted)
        pending Invoice Configuration
        aff commission rule First Time Purchase
        process am-row-required after all includes
        gift voucher plugin didn't work with payflow-single-page-checkout plugin.

    Solid Color Theme
        ability to choose what to display within identity block (Username | Full Name | E-Mail)
        login Form - with labels | without labels
        option to choose postion of identity block (left|right)
        ability to switch text color from theme configuration

        notification plugin: bug fixed - filter products was not saved
        Linkedin Signin: update to V2 API
        Serials Plugin: Display serials tab only if user has active product that add serials, or if he has serials assigned.
        Direct: plugin is now available to adds Google map into aMember's directory
        New Plugin: Ability to add user to telegram channel on purchase.
        xcart5 integration plugin added

        paddle: ability to cancel subscription from aNember (Backend/Frontend)
        epoch: added support for test IP postback list URL
        Stripe plugin: Added "Accept Direct Payments" support.
        Stripe Additional Sources plugin: Added recurring support for sepa-debit
        Pay.Nl payment plugin
        Splitit payment plugin
        renamed Gate2shop -> safecharge
        cc-demo plugin: ability to show it only for specified list of IPs
        Paypro now uses openssl instead of deprecated mcrypt library
        Paypal-pro - new setting "Number of maximum failed payments" added
        Implemented upgrades support in paddle plugin.
        Commonpay payment plugin added


Release Date: 4/10/2019
    Important Bug Fixed (introduced in 5.6.1): shopping cart - ability to change products in invoice after payment (access is not granted)


Release Date: 4/1/2019
    Filter for custom user fields
    Add aMember Upgrade Link to system info section in admin interface
    Users Merge - cc and consent
    Show user and referer in error log (it is useful info for debug)
    404 error if agreement not found
    New Option: Require Strong Password for Admins
    Bug Fixed: double signup_email_sent if user approved from edit user screen
    Bug Fixed: completed invoice can have access records eg.: manual approve
    Bug Fixed: Reattempt on failure wasn't executed correctly in some situations (on summer/winter time changes)
    Bug Fixed: refund email notification has not receipient
    Admin-upgrade-db html rework, added auto-redirect to admin dashboard
    New Email Delivery Method: MailGun (
    Ability to add subitems to affiliate menu from admin interface
    Add meta data for manually_approve* affiliate email templates
    Helpdesk: helpdeskTicketAfterUpdate event
    Directory module: Ability to display User groups
    CSS selector change .element -> .am-element
    price_precise in case of product price include tax
    SimpleTemplate: ability to pass additional parameters to modifiers
    OAuth API: /user/confirm-email endpoints. Ability to send confirmation email through API, and confirm user's email address

    New Report:
        - Average Payments by User Group
        - Payments by User Group
        - Users by User Groups

    Shopping Cart:
        - do not show "Paysystem" at checkout if it is free invoice
        - fixed calculators hook when price can be changed from $0

    Solid Color Theme
        - Ability to choose color for login form background
        - Ability to hide header on login page and upload logo for login form

    Widget Plugin:
        - more positions for widgets
        - ability to pass dynamic placeholders to widget

    Payment Systems:
        Commonpay payment plugin added
        Epay - json_encode fixed
        CIM - fixed rebills if hosted mode is disabled during usage of the plugin
        fastspring-contextual: fix free trial
        Stripe Google pay implementation as separate plugin
        Paddle - refunds fixed
        JVZoo - thanks page fixed
        Paypal-pro - Failed Notification Email added

        Campaingmonitor - fixed custom fields
        New plugin: Magoware - OpenSource solution for IPTV
        Invision4 - fixed locked groups
        Invision4 - avatar support
        Single Login Session: advanced user search condition - login status
        Upsell plugin: add default content to offer template


Release Date: 2/18/2019
    added am- prefix to CSS classes: row-wide,row-highlight,row-login-login,row-login-pass,row-login-recaptcha,row-buttons,row-sendpass-email,row-head,row-required,no-label,el-wide. NO COMPAT CSS added
    New Option: Dashboard Page - ability to change default dashbord with any page from Protect Content -> Pages
    BuyNow Buttons: Support for product Options
    Closes #1958 - Define meta tags for agreement documents
    invoice_html: remove column with number if there is only one item in invoice
    Resume Subscription - correctly handle discount in case of tax with absorb price
    Resume Subscription - do not validate new invoice for the products requirements
    Strip tags from product option before output in pdf and email
    Apply Tax To Shipping Price option fixed
    Invoice xml log - show refunds as well
    Fixed bug: Optimized upload element query speed.
    Product Brick: Ability to customize error message (if there is not purchase option) within brick configuration
    Product Brick: option to Skip this block if there is not any purchase options (even if block marked as required)
    Bug Fixed: Report Week grouping on year boundary
    Hide upgrade link for alredy upgarde invoice
    Add Total Balance (Paid-Refund) to grid with payments
    HTML brick: ability to display conditionally
    Implements #2005 - ability to send validation email when all pages in signup form is completed (regardless of email brick position)
    Option 'Do not pre select first option' for Product and Payment System blocks on signup form
    Bug Fixed: conditional display for checkboxes fields
    Bug Fixed: Total for payment grid in case of filter by product applied
    Brick Editor: ability to search brick by field name
    oauth api ability to manage user's newsletter subscriptions.
    Oauth2 API: issue new access token with password grant type after user registration.
    Improve mobile menu (case with many sub-items)
    Optimize pagination fro narrow screens
    Remember state of 'show expired acecss' toggle
    Add index by email into am_user table to seed up queries.
    Return 500 intrernal error status code for fatal errors.
    Admin Invoice Grid: ability to export both Added and Started dates
    Limit max length of password confirmation field the as way as for password field in signup form.
    Fixed Bug: Error with personal data delete for Smart Debit recurring active invocies
    Blank template for signup form
    Shoopng Cart Paysystems - allow to use only public ones
    Refund email notifications added
    Email Templates Export/Import

    WP plugin:
        Show Recaptcha at WP login widget if it is enabled at Amember
        Ability to protect tags
        Set cookie for / (it is necessary so use Wp theme option can detect that user is logged in)

    Payment Systems:
        Gocoin payment plugin added DPM - updated to use Signature key + sha512 instead of deprecated md5 key
        CheckoutCom plugin: apple pay and google pay support
        Implemented Hosted mode for epay payment plugin.
        Payflow - loadCreditCard fixed
        Braintree - Paypal Credit fixed
        Braintree - fixed update of credit card
        Fixed bug: Fastspring-contextual recurring payments were not added
        CcBill: fix AUD currency code
        Paypal-plus - partial refunds added
        Stripe additional sources: Sepa Debit support
        Closes #1994: correct transaction time for clickbank notifications (Thanks to Rob Woodgate)
        PayPro - supports recurring
        Epoch: proper amount for refund
        Fastspring-contextual: fallback to first name if last name is empty (last is required on fastspring side)

    New Advanced Search Conditions:
        Has Same First and Last Name
        Agree to Terms
        Not Agree to Terms

    New Reports:
        Payments Distribution by Customer Country
        Refunds Distribution by Customer Country
        User Distribution by Custom Field by Date

        New Commission Rule: By Not Used Payment System
        Send aff registration email if user was enabled by admin as affiliate
        Ability to show/hide customer name to affilite

        CampaignMonitor - bug fixed
        Activecampaign - fix change of email address

    Gift Voucher:
        ability to send gift voucher from admin interface and mark it as used manually
        do not add access to grantor
        hide payment systems if user enter valid gift voucher

        Two Factor HOTP (can be used with Google Authenticator mobile app)
        Upsell plugin
        Subusers: update suuser's status after detach
        Field Revision: track IP who made changes
        Directory: ability to include user_id to directory fields
        Personal Content: Ability to add page with personal content to user menu
        Donation Plugin: option to not add any access for donation
        Drop-Me: check if user is logged-in before checking password (may happen on page refresh after deletion)
        Drupal sequences fixed
        Adultvideoscript: fixed checking for unique e-mail
        Invision4 - autoCreate and checkUnniqueLogin fixed


Release Date: 12/10/2018
    Better Compatability with 7.2
    Lock UI after signup/cc form submit (prevent multiple form submit)
    Enable ability to search user by full name in quick search (Admin Interface)
    Highlight theme and tax config tabs after activation (Admin Interface)
    Improve Sales Widget (Admin Interface)
    LV Billing terms transaltion
    Show update cc info link only if user has active recurring invoices
    IS EMPTY condition for advanced filter (cover IS NULL or 0 or '')
    Mass Action to Resed Email from mail log
    Mass Action to Detach Affiliate
    Fault Tolerant Behavioure: Ability to change database credentials for enabled and configured Wordpress plugin
    New Report: Count of product purchase by payment system breakdown
    Add User Placeholders to configuration of HTML form brick
    Affiliate: Add number of unique clicks to keywords statistics
    Ability to set multi-line default value for textarea Additional User Field
    Amazon S3: Add New Regions
    Option: Automatically Login Customer After Password Reset

    Solid Color Theme
        Login page layout with sidebar (customizable content for sidebar)
        Ability to define separate background for header
        Ability to choose Color for User Account Menu
        Ability to switch type of Dashboard Menu Item (Text or Icon)
        Ability to add Tracking/Widget JS Code to each aMember page

    BuyNow Buttons:
        Ability to choose hash/slug for button explicitly
        Ability to use variable coupons and choose payment system
        Handle case when user log in on signup form

        Gift Voucher: make it compatible with invoice summary
        Subusers: ability to import DATA fields (import from CSV)
        Thanks-page: ability to add content on all thank you pages globally
        ExpressionEngine: support for version 5
        Invision 4.3 passwords fixed
        New Integration Plugin: Tubescript (
        SoftSale: description of available placholders to new license email template
        PaymentLink: ability to generate payment link that is not binded to any user
        Wordpress: show blog title for integration records
        SendGrid: auto remove duplicates emails (to, cc, bcc) before sending the email

    Payment Systems:
        Epoch - allows to use any currency
        Paypal: ability to send email for subscr_failed notification
        PayPal: Correct way to handle paypal echeck payments: 1. If pending echeck received and accept pending echecks is enabled in config->add access period. 2. When echeck was cleared, if access was add before for this transacion -> only add payment record. 3. If echeck wasn't cleared -> stop access.
        Fortumo Hosted DCB plugin
        Fixed bug (PayPal): Rebills were not added to paypal autocreated invoices for old paypal subscirpitons (S-)
        New Payment Plugin: Paystack (
        Stripe Apple Pay plugin added
        Paddle plugin: payment wasn't activated properly

    Fixed Bug:
        copy product action (Admin Interafce)
        Zend_Session is currently marked as read-only errors
        Softsale module return correct response if license is associated with deleted user.
        Access is not added for rebills in some situations(when default product plugin is being used and invoice has default product as one of the items)
        Facebook plugin didn't send registration email when account was created by facebook
        Notes were not merged on users merge
        "Has subscription between dates" filter has been fixed
        User record in third-party databases were not properly updated when groups were changed in aMember and User Groups based protection is set

    WP Plugin:
        Option to Remove admin bar for non admin users
        Allow editor to edit page/post protection settings


Release Date: 10/22/2018
    Separate Admin Permission to Edit Email Templates
    New Admin Widget: Last Emails
    New Email Sending Method: Postmark (
    Store debug information in separate "Debug/Information" log. Leave Error Log just for real error messages.
    Ability to disable Admin account
    Helpdesk: ability to configure 'can edit message' timeout
    SMTP TLS client: use TLS 1.2 by default
    REST API: ability to bind API key to IPs
    Pass SavedForm instance to ValidateSavedForm event
    Update ckeditor to 4.10.0
    Replace 'slave' terminology 'nested' in code
    Ability to hide upgrade link if user already has access to 'TO' product
    Payment Emails: Ability to set condition by payment system
    Estonian translation for billing terms
    Record Consent when user subscribe/unsubscribe from Dashboard
    Ability to translate title for saved forms
    Bug Fixed: Report Payments by Used Coupon
    Bug Fixed: Allow to have only one Upgrade Db process running at the same time.
    Bug Fixed: Ajax login form was never initialized
    Expandle ajax field, prevent multiple clicks issue
    PAP - refunds fixed

        New model: hybrid - get affiliate from cookie, if there is no cookie set, use affiliate from user's profile
        New conditions for commisison rules (Affiliate has not access to Product or Product Category)
        New payout: Direct Deposit

        New Newsletter Plugin:
        New Newsletter Plugin: Mautic (
        Mailerlite - changeEmail fixed

    Payment Systems:
        Braintree Drop-in UI - update card info fixed
        Beanstream remote: Send Card CVV it is required now
        Moneris: bug fixed with recurring subscription
        Ppay inc payment plugin
        Paymill: remove address from payment form, it is not used in any case
        Additional-stripe-sources - Sofort added
        Braintree: Paypal Credit option added
        Breintree: Refunds fixed plugin added 3DSecure and Google pay support in Hosted mode
        Amazon-pay: fixed to work with PHP 5.4

    Notification plugin:
        added ability to add custom placeholders to notification message.
        added four different types of notifications: info, warning, success, danger

    Delete Personal Data
        remove avatar when user's account is anonymized
        added separate setting to show/hide delete link for users
        plugins should decide should record be removed or not depends on configuration
        disable access records once user's Personal Data is anonymized


Release Date: 9/4/2018
    Improve UX within pending invoice notification configuration
    Bug Fixed: translation within form brick labels
    Avoid exceptions in Am_View_Helper_Icon (trigger notice)
    Add recaptcha to admin popup login form (if enabled)
    Shopping Cart button: ability to use specific billing plan and quantity
    Better compatibility with default WP themes
    Implements #1952: option to improve security of Password reset page
    Closes #1988: remove all previoslly stored partial signups on user registration
    Cancel page: we need to look up both GET and POST
    Improve tooltips
    Display maintenance notice for admin on frontened pages too
    EU VAT: correct default rates according 2018
    EU VAT: ability to define custom rate for subdevision (France overseas departments)
    Bug Fixed: Multiple UserConsent Bricks on different pages in multi pages signup form
    Bulk delete action for coupons in admin interface
    Ability to search coupons by product
    API: ability to insert product and assign it to categories in single call
    Ability to use Invocie Summary brick with BuyNow buttons
    Independed pathes for upload and public dir. ability to switch defult settings in config
    Ability to make Newsletter brick required
    Grid/DataSource/Array sort number properly
    Signup Form: display error from invoice validation on signup form intead of throw exception
    Import from CSV: ability to import is_locked field
    Upload: get advantage from accept attribute
    Helpdesk: ability to include Ticket Fields to Email notifications to admin
    Skip validation for empty input (url and ip) in case of fields is not required
    PDf Invoice Bug Fixed: show tax instead of total
    Ability to show comment for user on upgarde subscription screen
    Added Anonymize Personal data bulk action
    S3 bug fixed

        Count of Signups by Country
        Refunds by Customer Country
        Payments by Customer Country

        Ability to set target to _blank for affiliate banners
        Aff clicks widget fixed
        Ability to specify different payout delay for user groups
        Separate admin permission to manage affiliate banners/links

        Mailerlite: changeEmail
        New Plugin: Sendlane (

    Payment Systems:
        Stripe: extended metadata
        Additional-stripe-sources: add wechat
        Paydotcom: handle free trial
        Worldpay: Handle cancellation IPNs
        Authorize.aim: remove pipe from product name before submit transaction
        (we get response as pipe separted data and additiona pipe cause issue)
        BitPay: subscirptions create fixed
        New Plugin: DusPay Singapoure CC processing company
        New Plugin: VoguePay Nigerian paysystem support
        New Plugin: PayGol (
        PaymentExpress: added refunds support
        Fixed bug: Fastspring-contextual recurring payments were not added

        Remember me functionality for authy plugin
        Google, Linkedin, Facebook: ability to choose postion of login button (above form|below form)
        thanks-redirect: ability to change thank you page url globally
        Subusers: ability to add name_f and name_l filds to subusers form separately instead of only option to put both together
        Fixed Bug: eFront Plugin: Courses were not activated properly in some situations
        Phpbb: update newset user colour if group changed
        conversion-track: ability to use %item.price%, etc.
        field-revision: separate page with list of field revison for all users


Release Date: 7/16/2018
    Admin Email Users: ability to send test email before broadcast
    Advanced User Search Condition: Having active or future subscription to
    Mass Action: Assign Mutual Category Hierarchy to Products
    Ability to filter by product category in admin payments sections
    Import from CSV: Correctly fill First & Last name if import file has only one field for name
    PDF Invocie: move VAT ID to righ (client) column
    PDF Invoice: ability to choose logo position (left|right)
    Invoice Tax: show separate row for each different rate (case if invoice has products with differnt tax rate)
    Admin should be able to change qty for any product (Add Invoice From Admin interface)
    Ability to set exact access dates for products when create invoice from admin interface
    Display description of newsletter subscription within widget
    Product grid: do not show all categories for product in case of it have huge number of categories
    Use https for video embed code
    Heldpesk: prevent double click on Save button
    REST API: Ability to record user consent
    Portuguese translation for billing terms
    Add US Military State
    GDPR: Ability to keep access log while user's data is anonymized
    GDPR: Added ability to record consent withdrawals
    User Consent brick: Allow to include more then one agreement document in User Consent Brick. Correctly handle external document url.
    Open external agreement document in new window (target=_blank)
    Log access to all aMember pages
    mysql: switch utf8 to utf8mb4 (utf8 does not cover all utf8)

    Cart.js: more reliable way to detect root url
    Workaround for FireFox Bug (Bug 551943)
    Closes #1963 - Test Settings button in protection plugin configuratuion does not work for saved DB password (SecretText)
    S3 - fixed browsing of "subfolders"
    Wp plugin: fix shortcodes for php 7.1
    Infusion Soft plugin: Update SDK, map username/password fields to custom fields in infusion Contact. Prevuious Username/Password fields won;t be supported in near future.
    Fixed bug: Email messages on rebilling even were reset on aMember CP -> Plugins page save
    Cancel Feedback: Ability to search user by cancelation reason
    Force I agree plugin: Document select implemented in bulk require consent action
    Upload: bug fixed for element with ID with dot

        Payoneer Payout Method
        Add user group condition to filters

        Admin should be able to add subusers from admin interface
        Ability to manage order of fields on add subuser form

    Solid Color Theme
        Ability to upload background image in theme configuration
        Ability to use placeholder %year% within theme footer

    Downloads Module
        Ability to filter list by directory and file name
        Allow to display files and folders keeping hierarchy
        Allow to re-download from history page
        Allow to downlaod files from S3 when S3 plugin is enabled

    Payment Plugins
        Bambora Security settings update implemented
        2checkout: ability to use lifetime as second period
        AmazonPay - fixed
        Merchantanywhere payment plugin added (stores cc info)
        Fixed Bug: Authorize.NET CIM plugin: Incorrect Payment Porfile ID error when  "Hosted Profile Page" enabled in some situations
        Paypal-plus - fixed handling of not integer amounts
        Fastspring: Auto-create: properly hanlde quantities for multi-item orders
        Refunds for AmazonPay
        paypal: remove country prefix from state code before submit data to paypal
        Fixed bug: Braintree plugin: Customer wasn't stored in vault for free trial.
        Btcpay server plugin
        Fixed bug: Fastspring plugin autocreate didn't work in some situations


Release Date: 5/24/2018
    Updated unsubscribe page to be more obvious for customer
    Added Finish locale to payment terms
    Payments/Invoices/Refunds - added user data fields to the export

        Added ability to keep payout details when user is being anonymized if enabled in config
        Added ability to delete Agreement Documents
        Added ability to include Agreement Documents outside of amember
        Added ability for admin to anonymize user's account

    Wordpress plugin: added require_all attribute to am4show shortcode - require all specified products to show block

    Bugs fixed:
        Helpdesk - custom field translation fixed
        GDPR: Fixed several bugs in Delete/Anonymize user action.
        Force I Agree plugin: link to external agreement document wasn't displayed
        TwofactorDuoSecurity : unable to link two accouints with the same email(ADMIN and USER)


Release Date: 5/17/2018
    Several improvements made to comply with GDRP requirements
    Improved compatiblity with PHP 7.2
    Implements #1904: Ability to use Billing Plan Title instead of Product Title on signup form
    New Report: Conversion rate by payment system breakdown
    Security: hide password fields in payment plugins configuration
    HTML brick now uses HTML editor in configuration.
    Shopping Cart: ability to use static page on front page, add cart menu to User Menu interface
    New feature: Force password change for particular user regardless any other settings
    Ability to change parent node for tree items (user groups/product categories/resource categories), insert node to proper place (according sort order)
    Google-analytics plugin modified to support google tag manager
    SMTP Sending Method: Ability to use Plain Auth (some smtp does not support login)
    New option 'Unsubscribe customer from selected newsletter threads' in all newsletter plugins
    Implemented Ability to change rebill date for offline invoices from amember Control panel.
    Implemented Live Search in  Active Resources widget
    Implemented 3DS Support in Stripe plugin
    Implemented ability to add manual commission in Affiliate module
    Implements #1939: HTML view for reports send by email
    Password reset message - added IP address to the email body
    Subusers: Implemented ability to invite exiting customers to join parent account
    Self-Service plugin: Allow to "order" more then one product copy using credits

        Support for multiple agreements with changelog history and with tracking for each user
        Added an option to download Personal Data for customers
        Ability for user to delete personal data from system. (required for GDPR compliance)
        Ability to keep some fields that could be required by legal reasosn(for VAT purpose for example)
        Do not pass plain email via url
        Force-i-agree plugin is included by default.
        Newsletter lists brick, do not pre-select lists by default
        Ability to attach aMember CP -> Protected Content -> Email messages to a newsletter list. If you have several marketing autoresponders you will be able to get user consent.
        Ability to add more then one consent brick to signup page.
        New functionality to manage site Terms & Policy documents and their revisions
        Show user consent history
        Record Newsletter Lists Consent and show it in User Consent Tab
        Force-i-agree plugin reworked to support new functionality.
        Added information about personal data that is being connected by default
        Agreement brick: support url to external agreement

    Integration Plugins
        Birthday Email - allow to send email to user on his birthday
          (you can use autocoupon plugin to include personal discount code to email message),
        User Mass Delete plugin
        Twitch integration
        Wordpress plugin supports Learndash
        MailJet Plugin: change email implemented
        XenForo: Implemented xenforo2 redirect addon, and fixed PHP 7.2 support

    Payment Plugins
        Braintree plugin: Pass order description to braintree
        BitPay library updated in plugin

    Bugs Fixed:
        Re-implement Add Invoice product block. Block UI fixed to make it more obvious.
        Downloads: fix sort order for PHP 7 and higher
        Paypal-Express: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts in some situations.
        Subusers: fix login generation (random string was generated always)
        Stripe: properly handle zero-decimal currencies e.g. JPY
        Rework vat validation, allow_url_fopen can be disabled in most configurations
        Date filter in logs sections was broken
        Payflow plugin: no CC info errors on rebill
        Shopping cart: do not allow to add disabled products to shopping cart
        Authorize.NET CIM plugin: fixed incorrect display reuse behavior.
        Mail: properly deal with header body in multibyte enconding (utf-8)
        GA Plugin: Error on checkout through shopping cart in some configuration
        Problem in unsubscribe link without newsletter module
        Affiliate Module: use default redirect link if banner is disabled
        Shopping Cart: auto choose payment options if there is only one available options
        Products select has wrong width at aMember CP -> Browse Users -> Advanced Search in some situations.
        Admin UI: display correct currency in product options (instead of $),
        Storage of PDF files fixed
        Subusers invite:  do not send invitation to self email address.


Release Date: 2/19/2018
    Fixed bug: Product options can be erased in some circumstance

    Avoid warnings in PHP 7.2
    Speed up AdminDashboard page load
    HTML Brick: ability to use %user.*% placeholders within brick content
    Display user's status in user_info line in admin interface
    Shopping Cart: product images - ability to configure resizing method, fill color and set default images
    Improved cc-demo plugin: ability to configure test cc#
    Fixed bug: Wrong number of "Count of products purchase report"

    Import Users from CSV
        Ability to skip expire date (calculate based on begin date and product settings)
        Ability to specify same comment for all users imported from CSV

    Aff-leads plugin: Fixed bug: Wrong fields select type in plugin settings. Unable to select more then one field.

        fault tolerant behaviour
        send zero autoresponder on access adding
        fixed bug: access wasn't added properly on rebuild

    Default product plugin: disable for subusers.

    JVShare - mcrypt to openssl
    Xenforo - updated to support 2.0


Release Date: 2/7/2018
    Ability to customize billing plan during add invoice from admin interface (easy ability to set any price without changes in product settings)
    HTML From Brick: Sidebar Postion - ability to add sidebar to signup form from admin interface with any html (useful to add testimonials/benifits etc)
    User Groups Brick: ability for user to manage subset of user groups on his own
    Agreement Brick: ability toi attach agreement state to invoice instead of user
    Easy ability to add hyperlink to Product Title in Active Subscriptions widget
    Enable MagicSelect for Frontend
    Hightlight configs tabs for just enabled plugins/modules
    Display PHP Info only to superadmin, it can have sensetive data in environment variables
    Handle required checkboxes product options with single option
    Helpdesk: ability to use seprate email from address for notificaton from helpdesk
    JV: use total before tax to calculate partner share

    Bug Fixed:
        Sort of Product Billing Plan
        Numeric validation did not work
        Invoice log - search by incremental id fixed
        Show only public payment systems on shopping cart by default
        Fatal error in php 7.2 on upgrade
        Cast DATETIME columns as DATE for conditions with dates
        OTO plugin bug fixed

    Payment Plugins:
        New Plugin: Cardinity payment plugin
        New Plugin: FirstAtlanticCommerce payment plugin
        Clickbank: replace mcrypt with openssl (mcrypt is removed from PHP 7.2) fixed bug: payment record was created on CC update
        CCBill: do no pass formName in URL for flexforms - caused errors
        Yandex: fixed bug - column 'receipt_id' cannot be null

    New Plugin:
        Schedule Billing Terms Change - Ability to schedule modification of billing plan terms at given date time
        Google Sign In Plugin


Release Date: 1/17/2018
    Invoice Summary: do not touch DOM if nothing changed (get rid of unnecessary blink effect)
    Coupon Brick: Do not add default coupon if it is not valid (start/end dates, usage limit etc.)
    Separate refunds and chargeback in PaymentsVSRefunds report
    Ability to download saved reports as CSV
    Ability to generate batch of coupons with specific prefix
    Do not use characters [QIO01] in coupon code generation to avoid any possible confusion
    mail: add -f paramater for sendmail
    Show qty for items (if more then one) on user side
    Add member directories to menu editor
    Shoping Cart: option 'If product is not available because of require/disallow settings'

    BuyNow Buttons
        perform invoice validation
        utilize order-data to pass info to signup form
        ability to add coupon within button configuration
        Bug Fixed: buyNow button configuration, array_merge does not preserve numeric keys
        simplify credits expiration configuration

    Resume Subscriptiption
        properly handle case of tax in absorb mode
        maintain original discount

        ability to export Leads
        optional feature to display customer emails to affiliate

    Self Service:
        ability to edit credits type title from module config
        split types of products, ability to sort

    pending-invoice-clear: option Only trigger Paid Products
    REST API: check-access/send-pass
    Bug Fixed: bind of anonymous file upload
    Bug Fixed: grids - getFoundRows can return incorrect results in some circumstances
    Bug Fixed: invisible underscore in input (Firefox)
    Bug Fixed: error if access record is 'special'
    Bug Fixed: absorb tax mode with qty more then 1
    Bug Fixed: country wasn't saved in invoice when location validation was disabled
    Bug Fixed: facebook plugin had duplicated ID's if signup for different accounts from the same device
    Bug Fixed: product-required-fields - case of multiple product bricks on same form
    Bug Fixed: resend action from mail queue send incorrect email in some circumenstens
    Bug Fixed: Unsubscribe - fixed handle of "Do not Show Unsubscribe Block on Member Page"
    Bug Fixed: mass approval issue
    Bug Fixed: interaction issue between ui modal and select2 search
    &Cross; -> &#10005; (compatibility with mobile devices)

    PayPal: we can get such txn_type (recurring_payment_profile_cancel) for initial attempt to create profile (case of PROFILESTATUS=PendingProfile), in this case on next attempt we can get correct recurring profile in PayPal and cancelled invoice in aMember
    Stripe: compatibility with moblile device - remove auto click becouse on mobile overlay is ugly and stripe try to open new window (this action require user click event)
    Ecorepay payment plugin fixed
    Wirecard plugin: changing endpoints.
    G2A fixed to work with address fields (required for selling physical goods)
    ccBill plugin: set address info from ccBill if empty in amember
    PayDotCom payment plugin added

    Invision4: additional groups
    Interspire: config option - Fields Mapping
    Joomla plugin: Update last visit date on login


Release Date: 12/11/2017
    New-rewrite cookie should expire at the end of the session
    Unsubscribe - fixed bug if newsletter module is enabled and block is removed from custom php
    Do not allow to use sendpass form for locked users
    Bug Fixed: Am_Lite session id can have comma (session.hash_bits_per_character/session.hash_bits_per_character = 6)
    Enable vatid brick for subclass of Am_Invoice_Tax_Vat2015
    Bug fixed - password confirmation did not work at signup form in some circumstance
    Do not use Start Date Calculation for upgrade invoice
    Grids: do not init filter before run (ability to change filter from plugins)
    Closes #1778 - Non-Editable Backend Data for Invoice/Refund PDF's
    Correct discount field for case of Product Price include VAT
    Add Germany date format (with dots) as available format option
    Properly handle case of signup without products with manual approve option enabled
    Invoice Summary Brick: option to display subscription terms
    Name Brick: ability to switch order of First and Last name
    Bug Fixed: access condition Any Product works incorrectly in some circumstances
    Bug Fixed: default option did not work for radio buttons
    Ability to limit usage of coupon by specific billing plans

    Admin Interface
        User Menu Editor (Drag & Drop interface to manage user menu)
        BuyNow buttons Implementation
        Ability to resend Email Confirmation Link
        New User search creteria - Refund Amount
        Visual feedback on report save action
        Respect sort order for newletter lists within admin interface
        Display progress for table repairing
        CKeditor: fix placeholder plugin
        Log payout actions: PAID, NOT PAID, DELETED

    Shopping Cart:
        Ability to bulk resize images for all products if admin change preview sizes
        Take into account product scope when retrieve category list
        Ability to configure no widgets in shopping cart and hide cart sidebar in this case

    Payment Plugins
        New Plugin: Jvshare payment
        New Plugin:
        New Plugin: additional-stripe-sources - Ability to use Stripe Source api to accept Alipay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL and P24 payments  through your stripe account.
        New PLugin: Yandex Payment
        New Plugin: FHTPay
        New Plugin: Doku
        New Plugin: Amazon Pay
        Authorize-Cim: change Hosted CIM forms (End of Life - March 30, 2018) to Accept Customer forms
        Thrive-cart: handle refunds notifications
        Epoch: properly handle denied payments
        Stripe, Authorize-cim: do not display update CC info link if user has not active recurring subscription
        Stripe: optional ability to accept Bitcoin on Hosted Form
        ClickBank: support for Encrypt Transaction URLs option
        ClickBank: handle new format of thank you page
        ClickBank: update clickbank statement on thanks page
        Eway-rapid3: fix for case of multiple items in same invoice
        Worldpay: use absolute url for redirect
        Flexpay: Fixed bug: plugin unable to handle IPN message: "Column 'receipt_id' cannot be null"
        Epay: fix refund feature
        Avangate: Fixed bug: plugin didn't use purchase quantity with auto create enabled

    Soft Sale:
        Fix filter for binds
        Ability to filter licenses by expiration date
        Ability to export list of licenses to CSV file
        Improve license preview in admin interface

    Infusion Soft Plugin: Rebuild DB fixed
    Self-Service: use grid if products are more then for one page
    Linkedin Login plugin
    Login Reminder plugin: added ability to insert %product_title% placeholder to login reminder templates
    Login reminder plugin: Ability to configure more then one reminder depends on purchased product
    Invite Plugin: More integration with aff module
    Invite Plugin: New option added 'Make invited user Affiliate'
    Zendesk: name field is required (sunmit login if name is empty)
    Invision 4: single login fixed for 4.2
    Facebook: improve readme
    New Plugin: Insightly CRM


Release Date: 10/4/2017
    Send expiration email to admin event if user usubscribed
    Coupon Brick: add option Default Coupon
    New-rewrite: portable protection code
    ID, NL, DA payment terms translation added
    Treat invalid date format as empty input (get rid of exception)
    Am_Mail_Template: ability to add CC address
    Add Pagination to Resource Category Pages
    Include ckeditor with full destribution
    Mass Subscribe Action: add validation to form to prevent Database Error (required fields is not populated)
    Get admin confirmation to archive / restore products
    Ability to use email as username for admins
    Ability to search by entity ID at Protect Content section
    Moved files from cc module to core
    Include email to user log even if message has multiple recipients
    New setting 'Apply Tax To Shipping Price' for regional tax
    Rearrange helpdesk admin grid fields
    Am_Lite query() rewritten

    Bug Fixed: clear all "having" to run totals sql
    Bug Fixed: DB error when search by Product within invoice list (Backend)
    Bug Fixed: category element - visual glitch once new entity added
    Bug Fixed: call 'cancelInvoice' for upgrades for cc plugins (invoices were marked as canceled at Amember only)
    Bug Fixed: access check by user groups
    Bug Fixed: unsubscribing by email links
    Bug Fixed: Am_Lite is unable to authenticate user from remember me cookies
    Bug Fixed: htpasswd passwords didn't work
    Bug Fixed: unsubscribe block

    Shopping Cart
        properly handle required product options

        return links to user's resources in check-acess calls
        method normalization
        add urls of endpoints to API key configuration

        New Commission Conditions: Product Billing Plan/Not Product Billing Plan

    Payment Plugins
        ccBill: Ability to use the same flexform for all products
        PayPal: added support for PDT. Useful in situations when paypal used in front of amember
        PayPal Express: fix first rebilling datetime
        PayPal Express: JSv4 Checkout implemented
        Bluesnap: Updated IP of IPN servers used for verification
        Gocardless PRO: Several fixes to plugin
        New Payment Plugin for
        Fastspring: support for popup storefronts added
        Bitpay: library updated
        JVZoo: fix thanks action
        Payfast: fixed check source CIM: fixed showing of error for acceptjs
        Paddle plugin
        Payeezy: bug fixed - plugin incorrect parameters passed to js create token api

    Integration Plugins
        Wordpress: handle meta_title
        MyBB plugin: set correct default options for new users created in myBB
        Infusion CRM plugin reworked
        Invision4: plugin was updated to work with Invision 4.2
        Invision4: Single login fixed to Invision 4.2
        Invision4: allow to select display name

    Newsletter Plugins
        ConstantContact2 newsletter plugin added - uses API v2
        New Newsletter Plugin: Mailpoet

    Misc Plugins
        Pdf-stamping: add ability to rotate stamp
        File-upload: properly handle upload in single mode
        SoftSale: show link to downloads page if no license is assigned

        rewrite workoutExpires to avoid full table lock, it is important on huge database


Release Date: 8/11/2017
    IMPORTANT: fixed potential security problem in Am_Lite
    REST API fixes
    CkEditor updated
    JvZoo fixed
    Bug Fixed: DB error when search by Product within invoice list


Release Date: 7/31/2017
    Implemented automatic translation of billing terms: en, fr, it, de and ru
    Ability to translate paysystems title/description at the plugin setup
    Added ability to set product categories from manage products grid
    Product Brick: ability to remove product Even if require/disallow Condition can meet in Current Purchase
    Fixed bug: Logout didn't work if user was authenticated through remember login cookies.
    Fixed bug: Redirect After logout URL  setting was ignored sometimes.
    Fixed bug: Exception logged by Invoice Summary brick with enabled Maxmind location validation.
    More reliable way to validate EU VAT ID
    Bug Fixed: ajax validation of coupon within upgrade/downgrade form

        show history even if user doesn't have enough credits.
        improve layout of product card, utilize product image from shopping cart module if exists

        add Widget with Subusers Package
        ability to attach multiple subusers products to parent product

    Shopping Cart:
        Sort categories in dropdown by title too.
        Allow html in category description.

    Directory - ability to opt out from directory
    BlockPendingInvoice: ability to choose Disregard Behavior {hide,delete}
    Sendgrid-Webhooks: unsubscribe only hard bounce
    Google-analytics: added option to do not track sale if it contains some products
    PDF invoice: fix line height calculation
    File Upload: New setting in form brick configuration : Allow to upload single file only

    Payment Plugins
        Improved configuration page for paypal plugin
        New plugin:  Mobiuspay
        New Payment plugin: Fastspring Contextual. Support for new Fastspring Contextual Commerce platform.
        Fixed bug: Paypal Express Checkout plugin didn't handle second_period = lifetime expiration date for recurring subscription properly
        Bluesnap: Added BuyNow Hosted Payment Page support
        Stripe - update cc info link fixed


Release Date: 7/3/2017
    Added current date and time to list of available placeholders
    User Agreement: option to show agreement in popup
    Use 500 status for response in event of Am_Exception_InternalError
    Login Page: ability to set meta data (Title/Keywords/Description) from admin interface
    Store remote_addr to invoice record
    Ability to set start date of acecss to 1st of current Month or Last of current Month
    Ability to disable signup form (handy in case you want to leave form but do not allow its usage)
    Include JS library from CDN (speed up page loads)
    Update ckeditor to latets version
    Log access to content
    i18n: decouple Front End and Back End locales, inherit region language variation from mian language ie.: root -> fr -> fr_CA, improve translation UX
    Flowplayer: add controlsList=nodownload in event of html5 video
    Name Brick: change config option 'Read Only' -> 'Disallow Name Change'
    Add country and state modifiers to simple template (resolve id to title)
    Add block position member/upgrade : easy ability to add some text to upgrade popup window
    throw error in case of attempt to delete user with active recurring subscriptions - it is necessary to cancel all subscriptionbefore delete user
    Password strength indicator
    Active Subscriptions Block - add divider between cancel and upgrade link
    Infusion-soft - add access with correct expire date, remove access only if it was added by plugin
    Bug Fixed: upgrade in case of tax with absorb mode
    Bug Fixed: htpasswd plugin add user to htgroup file incorrectly (incorrect order of needle and hystack in strpos)

    Admin UI
        Ability to see the body of previously sent emails in the email history
        Handy ability to change order of resources across multiple pages
        Ability to filter resources by category
        Widgets: do not touch HTML DOM if not necessary
        Add user tooltips to dashboard widgets
        Add content categories to menu
        Folder Protection: does not allow to protect folder with aMember
        Ability to Repair Database Tables from Admin Interface
        Use tabs for billing plan edit
        Ability to export invoice comment alongside with other fields
        Improve Customize Dashboard UX
        Ability to enable all permissions for admin record with one click
        Protection agains lock himself from admin interface - force admin to solve reCaptcha before enable it (case with incoprrect either public or secret key for reCAPTCHA)

        New Report: Affiliate Commission Amount by User
        Product Conversion Report: display result in percents

    Solid Color Theme
        Ability to choose links color from admin interface
        Make Solid Color theme compatible with Wpengine (handle .css by nginx)

    Self Service Module
        Ability to sort products within admin UI
        Ability to filter products by categgory (?c=ID)
        Check product requirements for storefront
        Bug fixed for free trial

        Take into account all products from cart when check product requirements (not only current scope)
        More reliable way to detect root url
        Increase quality of resized product images

        Preview of images attachments
        Option to allow users to re open closed tickets

        Fix rebuild - we can not rely on subusers to rebuild parent user (parent can have not subusers yet)
        Set actual expiration date from parent account instead of lifetime, in case of parent multiple packages with same product then set maximum from available
        Optionally Hide Active Subscriptions Widget for Subuser
        Improve error message for subusers who can not pay by himself according module configuration
        Option to soft delete (detach subuser account instead of completely delete it)
        Ability to detach subusers from paretnt account (admin interface)
        Does not allow admin to set SubUsers Product to Porduct itself (avoid recursion)

        Add option 'Show ajax version of widget' to text widget
        Decouple Am_Text widget from WP_Text (it is important to fix issue with WP 4.8)

        Take into account qty in case of absolute commisssion
        Fix commission test (take into account setting Calculate Affiliate Commissions from Totals Including Tax)
        Fixed commission amount for keywords report
        Fixed tracking of keywords in some cases

        Unsubscribe user on event UserBeforeDelete (some plugins ie. mailchimp can try to load recods duiring unsubscribe)
        Klaviyo Newsletter Plugin (
        Hubspot newsletter plugin added

        Ability to use placeholders within URL

    Payment Plugins
        New Plugin: Touchnet ePay
        New Plugin: Internet Mathematics Assessment System (
        New Plugin: G2A Pay
        New Plugin:
        Braintree plugin: Added Drop-In UI support
        Tinypass fixed - removed code to delete invoice
        Fixed bug: Authorize.NET CIM sometimes user have to submit CC info twice.
        authorize-cim: fix for items without ids (not products)
        Bug Fixed: Fastspring plugin duplicate quantity on Auto Invoice create.
        FastSpring - use more info from IPN to create user
        PayPro: correctly handle IPN for partial refunds
        GoCardless PRO plugin updated to work with latest API. Contributed by Rob Woodgate, Cogmentis Ltd
        Stripe plugin: NZD currency support was added.

    Other Plugins
        OTO Plugin: option to Skip Offer in case of user already have access to this product
        Default Product Plugin: add scope option
        Avatar Plugin: ability to retrieve avatar by user login
        Pending Invoice Clear Plugin: ability to choose trigger {New Invoice Completed,New Pending Invoice Added}
        Sales Notification Plugin: add postion config option
        Sales Notification Plugin: ability to choose animation type - slide/fade
        Shipping Flat Plugin: optionally add flat cost for each tangible item within invoice
        File Upload Plugin: ability to make some categories public
        New Plugin: Email Snippet - speed up everyday mail routine
        New Plugin: Clickfunnels integration


Release Date: 5/23/2017
    findBy bugs fixed
    ability to pass operator to findBy explicitly
    compatibility with PHP 5
    selfservice: bug fixed for free trial
    cart - new way to redirect from signupcontroller


Release Date: 4/25/2017
    Bugfix release for 5.2.x branch

    Solid Color Theme: add color presets to theme configuration page, ability to choose font size and family within theme configuration
    New plugin: Sales Notification. Allow to display pop-up notifications about new sales on the site
    Payments history page - allows upgrade link for canceled invoices
    Fixed bug: AuthorizeCIM plugin: Error while updating CC info in accept.js mode
    Eliminate usage of __autoload function, it is deprecated
    Add CSS for Facebook buttons on login and signup pages
    Load VAT ID brick only if EU VAT Tax enabled, otherwise we can get unexpected error on signup form
    Bug Fixed: form bricks - fields in readonly mode should not have any validation rules, othewise it will be impossible to save form
    Shipping Flat: Bug Fixed - ignore case in zip/postal code
    Bug Fixed: No Access page did not use Layout
    Aff: ability to choose multiple dates for payout
    Add Pulau Pinang and Putra Jaya subdivisions to territories list
    Update select2 to latest version
    Bug Fixed: Redirect to proper profile form after log in (not always to default one)
    REST API: add info about user groups to check-access response
    Ability to use MEDIUMTEXT and MEDIUMBLOB field types for custom user fields
    Bug Fixed: affiliate link should redirect to home page by default
    New Integration Plugin: FB Inboxer (
    Self-Service Module: Added ability to define credits expiration and rollover.
    Rewrite Admin Translation interface to be compatible with suchosin (finish struggle with windmills)
    Bug Fixed: Customize dashbord did not work if admin has many saved reports (not enough color in color queue) so we use it as circular array instead
    Bug Fixed: Payment Link should be absolute within email template
    Verotel - dynamic pricing for recurring
    Fixed bug: "Free Access without log-in" protection method didn't work for pages. Access denied error was displayed
    Fixed bug: Gift voucher receiver brick generate an error on signup page in 5.2.3
    Fixed bug: Unable to switch between saved searches at amember CP -> Browse Users -> Advanced Search


Release Date: 4/10/2017
    First Stable release in the 5.2.x branch

    Fix problem with cart redirect after signup (appeared in 5.2.0)
    Remove restriction for maximum length of admin password (it does not make any sense)
    Fixed bug: Cart should be destroyed before user sent to payment system, and after user logout.
    Blockchain plugin: added support of v2 API
    Fixed Bug : Do not display archived products in SelfService setup
    Exclude Shipping Fee from Affiliate Commission Calculation
    Add info about used signup form to user profile (Signup Info)
    PDF Stamp: ability to style stamp text (font/size/color/postion/align)
    New Plugin: GoToTraining
    New affiliate program model Last Click Wins:
    Translate country title in pdf invoice.
    Jvzoo: fix for multiple secret keys withion single plugin
    Moodle - update groups as well
    CCbill: do not handle EXPIRE notification from CCbill, aMember handle expiration on its own
    New Plugin: Square Checkout.
    Fixed bug: Incorrect data in Last Month dashboard widget at the end of some months.
    Aff: give plugin ability to introduce new payout methods
    New Plugin: Block disposable email domains.
    schedule-emails module
    Xenforo - re-POST data instead of redirect
    Batch Unsubsribe Plugin
    amazon SNS: we need to extract email address from FROM header before process it


Release Date: 3/28/2017
    Security: fix possible XSS on Login Page
    Highlight active menu item for protected pages
    Fixed responsiveness for audio player
    Closes #1870 - bug in content editing controller
    Bug Fixed: E-Mail User mass action
    shipping-flat: different rate based on customer delivery address
    display email address on unsubscribe page
    Agreement Brick: option to check checkbox by default
    Added ability to change used configuration set from config.php This is useful when you need to use the same database for more than one amember copy.

    Admin Reports
        Admin widget: replace Scheduled Recurring Revenue with Monthly Recurring Revenue (that has more sense)
        Refund Rate
        Refunds by product or product category breakdown
        Count of Cancellations by date period
        Refunds by payment system breakdown

    Newsletter Plugins
        Fixed bug: Mailchimp plugin didn't properly unsubscribe user if he specify email with capital letters. Also removed direct curl usage from plugin code.
        New newsletter plugin: MailJet
        New Mail Sending Method: MailJet
        Mail Sending Method: SendGrid Web API v3

    Integration Plugins
        Fixed Bug: Test database settings button didn't work.
        WP: take into account WP_SITEURL if possible (will work if option to use wp theme is enabled/otherwise can define it in config.php)

    Payment Plugins
        Hide CC module in UI: enable/disable it automatically in background based on choosen payment plugins
        Fixed bug: Do not validate cardholders name when using Authorize.NET CIM accept.js Pass it to as is to validate it there
        Itransact plugin development version
        Clickbank Plugin: Cart support added(ability to select more then one product on signup page)
        ccbill: handle lifetime period for dynamic pricing
        Fixed stripe refund webhooks
        Fixed bug: Worldpay plugin: php error in ipn script.


Release Date: 3/13/2017
    Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3
    Add positions for html blocks to payment history page
    Ability to use multiple video on same page in async mode
    Ability to enable persist DB connection from config
    Allow to resume failed subscriptions
    API: add Am_Event::PAGE_BEFORE_RENDER - Called before render protected page
    Aff: ability to download transaction details to CSV if config option allow it
    Bug Fixed: respect sort order in i18n interface when filter applied
    Bug Fixed: properly check isLoaded for the tables with literal keys
    Bug Fixed: ajax action for setup forms
    Bug Fixed: option-editor does not respect sort order in some circumestance
    Implements #1865 - Import User, log skipped lines
    Two Level of Admin Notification: Error and Notice
    Properly handle case when two license keys in config (one expired and another one valid)
    Show Mail Queue Status in Admin UI
    Set maximum priority for test email message from admin interface to get it send when queue is full
    Improve Filter in Mail Queue - add bility to filter by status
    New Report: Count of Pending Invoices
    Add Filter to section Blocking IP/E-Mail (Backend)
    Newsletter: unsubscribe user from subscription on deletion
    Softsale Module: Fixed bug: aMember CP -> Licenses list is too slow.
    Affiliate: Ability to export affiliate stat to file for affiliates

    Payment Plugins
        Molllie Payment Plugin
        PayPal - handle recurring_payment_suspended_due_to_max_failed_payment, properly add chargebacks
        Authorize CIM - properly handle duplicate payment profile
        Verotel Flexpay - recurring payments were not added properly

    Integration Plugins
        Stockboxphoto integration plugin
        Drupal - resolve class name conflict with WP (if option to use WP theme is enabled)
        Phpbb - resolve class name conflict with WP
        SMF - fixed bug with additional groups
        Vanilla - fix permissions, relay on vanilla to calculate proper permission
        Joomla - set cookie with wildcard to support single login between subdomains

        decouple index_fields and seacrh_fields
        ability to search by country in foreign language
        properly handle group condition

    Misc Plugins
        User Notification - allow to leave alerts for user profile
        Stopforumspam (
        Intercom - replace APi Key with Personal Access Token
        Widget Plugin - Add Not Condition (Ability to hide Widget based on user active/expired subscriptions)


Release Date: 2/10/2017
    Improve compatibility with PHP 7.1
    Replace mcrypt-based encryption to openssl-based
    Decouple URL build
    Ability to add Captcha to Login Page (configuration option)
    Move Currency from Product to Billing Plan
    New custom field type - Single checkbox
    Ability to upload files to upload custom user fields in Admin UI
    Brick Referred By - Add option to display either username or name or email
    Video - Ability to upload Closed Captions alognside with video file
    Video - Ability to add watermark with logo (setup option)
    PDF Invoice - more granular control (ability to download from account|attach to email recipt to user|attach to email receipt to admin)
    Amazon S3 - Add new region (US East 2)
    Amazon S3 - Force file download (Content-Disposition: attachment)
    Ability to translate custom labels for Form Editor within UI
    Invoice auto create - Ability to specify product quantity
    Bug Fixed: Item compatibility work incorrectly in some circumstance
    Bug Fixed: Some directory is missed in dir browser - directory name can cast to bool false so we need to do strong type comparation
    Bug Fixed: Authenticate user by import  third-party password functionality didn't work when passowrd hashing method doesn't require salt

    Admin UI
        Revenue Goal Widget - green when the goal is on target and red if its falling behind target
        Ability to sort billing plans within product form
        Coupon batch grid - show coupon code in grid if there is only one coupon in batch
        Easy ability to generate 1 coupon with explicit code
        DateTime form element - allow to specify time of manually payment explicitly
        File Browser - add preview for image files
        Add warning before Invoice Rebuild

    New Reports
        Affiliate Payout Amount by User - useful to prepare 1099
        Payments by Used Coupon
        Refunds by Used Coupon

    Shopping Cart
        Improve quantity select box in shopping cart
        Ability to quickly choose quantity if product allow it
        Ability to use product options
        Ability to choose sort order for products in admin interface
        Respect Assign Paysystem to Product option in Shopping Cart
        Ability to rearrange widgets from admin interface
        Add two types of layout for basket (Detailed and Short)
        Ability to use custom CTA image for generated add to cart button
        Highlight payment system on checkout

    Payment Plugins
        New Payment plugin - Razorpay (India)
        Clickbank - fixed free trials
        MIGS - change hash from md5 to sha256
        Paypal-express - recognize error for cancel request if profile already canceled
        Authorize SIM - shows cancel page if payment was not successful
        Psigate Account Manager - ability to refund payments
        SmartDebit (and other e-check plugins) - fixed rebilling errors (empty echeckRecord causes PHP errors)
        Uniteller - bug fixed (follow specification to parse CSV)
        Uniteller - cancel link fixed

    New Newsletter Plugin

    Misc Plugins
        Gift Card - allows to buy gift cards and send it to either existing user or new one by email
        Billing Plan Country - allow to offer different billing plans to diffrent coutries
        Dime Sale - add brick with next price level and remaining sales/time.

    Integration Plugins
        Phpbb3 - added support of 3.1.6 (password_hash)


Release Date: 3/28/2017
    Security fix: avoid possible XSS on login page


Release Date: 12/19/2016
    Combine periods: take first period from most expensive item instead of last one - it make more sense
    New Valildation Methods for Custom Fields: List of E-Mail Address, URL, IP Address
    Newsletters - fixed additional fields for content records
    Mass Action: Unsubscribe from All Emails
    Form Editor: Conditional logic for additional fields
    Invoice Summary Brick: properly handle case of donation
    Bug Fixed: report NewVsExisting
    Helpdesk: config option to allow admin edit his own messages (within 5 minutes after post)
    Product Required Fields Plugin - allow you to require some fields on signup form based on choosen product in case of user did not fill in it yet
    Am_Lite: add shortcut for getInstance ie.: Am_Lite::i()->isLoggedtIn()
    Additional User Fields - ability to define validation settings on per form base
    Implemented correct way to handle "no access url" for protected folders.
    Add Download event to timeline
    Recent Activity Admin Widget
    Implements #1847 - Dropdown menu search option in reports area
    Folder Protection: ability to enbale Directory Listings for folder from admin interface
    Bug Fixed: ability to set Form as default even if it is listed on second or subsequent page in grid (case of huge number of signup forms)
    Increase period of validity for links to reset password and email confirmation
    login reminder: ability to send notification only to users with active subscriptipn to specified products
    Invoice Summary Brick: take into account new country from signup form for logged in user to calcualte TAX
    send Admin Free Subscription Notifications for free trial as well
    Implements #1844 - add idn modifier for Am_SimpleTemplate
    Ability to add links and pages to user menu
    REST API: check-access - always execute checkUser
    Webhooks: include passhash to user related events
    Closes #1843 - auto add wildcard for NOT LIKE in advanced search
    Webhooks: ability to remove particular events from queue/log
    InvoiceSummary Brick: take into account TAX ID
    Bug Fixed: configuration of schedule tax changes
    Alternative theme added - "Solid Color", works best for integration into existing design
    REST API: add list of active categories with expiration dates to response of check-access controller
    Implements #1839 - New Advanced Filter: Not Subscribed to Newsletter Lists
    Bug Fixed: Shopping Cart embed code does not work in case of jQuery is not loaded on page yet
    Enable fallback paysystems for all plugins that supports cancel page.

    Misc Plugins
        shipping-flat plugin - ability to add fixed shiping fee to invoice in case of it has at least one tangible item
        New Plugin: Product Password - this plugin allow you to hide some products on signup page unless user provided valid product code during sign up
        Conversion-track - fixed to respect multylines code between %foreach_product% and %endforeach_product%
        EU VAT: New setting: "Add VAT to all B2B payments" - add VAT to transaction even if customer has business in another EU country.
        Bug Fixed: WP - update links in session in case of user changed language (respect i18n)
        Gift Voucher: bug fixed - donee can choose any billing plan for product if product has multiple billing plans
        New Plugin - Widget: allow to add custom html widgets to user dashboard based on his active subscriptions

    Integration Plugins
        Wordpress Plugin: Added UltimateMember groups support
        css: improve compatibility with WP themes
        New Newsletter Plugin: SharpSpring
        Activecampaign plugin fixed

    Payment Plugins
        Braintree PHP SDK updated to latest version
        Payment Plugin: FlexPay (Verotel)
        New payment plugin: Alipay
        Payza plugin: added support of refunds and cancellations.

    New Payment Plugin: SnappyCheckout
        CCNow plugin: recurring billing support.
        New Plugin: PSiGate Account Manager(recurring billing support through Account Manager)
        SecurepayAU payment plugin updated
        Bug Fixed: subusers module - titles for group option was empty
        Fixed bug: Error in Bitpay IPN script
        Fixed Bug: Ewayrapid3 payments were not activated in some situations.
        Brantree plugin: Added ability to use hosted fields API. (PCI SAQ A compliant solution)
        Braintree lib was updated to latest version.


Release Date: 11/15/2016
    Removed old VAT tax plugin, if you did not switch to new one (VAT2015) yet then it is good time to do it now
    Add Filter to "Sign Up Forms" grid
    Group additional fields to collapseable fieldset in user profile in admin interface
    Convert product specific VAT to VAT groups to simplify maintenance
    EU VAT: ability to schedule tax rates
    CSS: improve compatibility with wp themes
    Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: Protection didn't work right if start date was set in post/page protection settings
    Rest API module: Added ability to query product <-> category relations
    Rest API module: Added ability to access product categories through rest.
    Improve filter in logs: add ability to search by date range (Backend)
    Closes #1835 - does not require to change password if logged in as admin
    EPDQ - supported currencies added
    Bug Fixed: live edit did not update field value
    Closes #1836 - sort log entity by primary key instead of date/time to avoid reverse order in case of event occur exactly in same time (up to seconds)
    Subusers Plugin: Translate product options in selects.
    Bug Fixed: product options lead to exponential explosion of DOM elements
    Amazon S3: respect folder hierarchy in storage browser
    Directory Browser: add quick filter
    New plugin for Drupal8
    Storage Grid: Add Filter
    Helpdesk: Ability to limit access to issue categories by active user subscriptions
    bundle-discount plugin bug fixed
    Bug Fixed #1834: Softsale $scheme not available in email template
    Facebook plugin: Fixed bug: "Add free access to a product" new access was added more then once. Now it will be added only when user is associated with facebook profile for first time.
    New Payment Plugin: GoUrl ( | Accept Bitcoins
    Video protection - use _amember_redirect_url for login link
    Bug fixed - mass actions (lock, approve) did not work if select ALL records on users list
    New User Filter: Has invoice started between dates


Release Date: 10/25/2016
    Display searchable select for products in amember CP -> Edit User -> Payments -> Add invoice.
    Italian Translation updated, thanks to Tiziano Valentinuzzi
    Implements #1831: Export Presets
    ReCaptcha: ability to choose size of widget in configuration, I18N Support
    Ability to capture both First and Last name in single input
    Bug Fixed: saved search select should trigger submit event on form, we especially need it for Email Users page, otherwise we lost current data (subject, messages etc.)
    Implement #1822 - show number of tickets that require attention in admin menu
    New Plugin: Upgrade Brick
    Thanks-redirect: add %product.*% placholder
    Ability to filter by tablename in admin log
    Bug Fixed: We need to check ban table while username generation (eg. -> admin)
    New Plugin: Reseller Signup Form
    Bug Fixed: Product Options - correctly culculate surcharge for multi-select (checkboxes)
    Payflow - backend refunds fixed
    Directory: use option titles for search alongside with option keys
    Properly display negative options in payment history.
    Bug Fixed: set %invoice_text% placholder for invoice_pay_link template

    Shopping Cart
        Simplified design of basket (to make it mobile friendly).  Simplified checkout process.
        Fixed bug: User wasn't redirected back to checkout page after registration.

    Misc Plugins
        Notification: ability to edit notification with WYSIWYG editor (UI)
        Dime Sale: ability to increment price by hour
        Dime Sale: ability to increment second price as well (recurring products)
        File-upload: ability to set up different email notificatioin based on file category
        File Upload: ability to upload file on user behalf from admin interface
        File-upload: ability to change/set categery for already uploaded files
        SubUsers: handle case of access with future start date
        Bug Fixed: login-via-ip plugin
        JV: take into account item quantity for absolute partner share
        OTO: add CSS class and Id attributes to %yes% and %no% buttons

    Affiliate Program
        Allows to recalculate missed commissions for each payment
        Added CSRF token for change payout method form

        Softsale - "Allow customers to disable activations" option added
        Softsale - hide expired licenses and disabled activations options added
        SoftSale - admin permissions fixed
        SoftSale: ability to use nested arrays in payload for curl transport

    Integration Plugins
        Invision4 - fixed bug with passwords '*0' + allows to upgrade from invision3 without loosing of SSO
        ShareASale plugin:  added recurring commissions support through API.
        Fixed bug - wrong calculation of groups for protect plugins
        Amazon SES - bcc fixed
        ConstantContact - fixed to add users into more then one list
        SMF - sso fixed for v1
        Rocketresponder newsletter plugin added
        ClickSuit integration
        Integration with CouchingCloud
        getResponse360 support
        ActiveCampaign integration basing on product configuration. The subscription/unsubscription rules are defined in product itself (moved from activecampaign-addon)

    Payment Plugins
        Rocketgate plugin reworked. Added recurring support.
        ccBill - FlexForms support added
        PayFlow PRO plugin: refunds were not properly assigned to payments.
        New Plugin: Mollie (with recurring support)
        Authorize.Net CIM accept.js - ability to capture billing zip
        ThriveCart payment plugin added
        Enabled fallback paysystems support  in Authorize.NET CIM Hosted version
        1SC plugin: added support of AUD invoices.
        NMI Hosted -> Beta
        NMI Hosted using Direct POST API for recurring. Update CC info included in the plugin.
        TinyPass plugin  becomes beta.
        PaypalPlus plugin becomes beta.
        Configuration of BitPay simplified
        New Payment Plugin: SlimPay (
        RealexPayments fixed


Release Date: 9/14/2016
    Admin interface: switch 'mailto' with 'Users -> E-Mail Users link' in users list
    Signup form Name Brick can be configured as not-required
    EmailUsers - better preview for html message
    Fallback payment system: allow to define list of paysystems depends on paysystem from failed invoice
    Aff: ability to disallow redirect to 3rd party urls for affiliate links with custom redirect
    Bug Fixed: show input for qty in case of only one product on form
    Product options: properly show negative surcharge
    Added "Skip First Line" setting to  subusers import form.
    Admin Log: log Update Configuration action
    Add info about product options to %invoice_text% and %invoice_html% email variables
    Am_Lite: fix restore auth session from cookie
    Fixed bug: Scheduled Recurring Revenue widget displayed wrong amount.
    Added password confirmation of profile email change
    Bruteforce protection for current password on profile form
    Browse Users -> Advanced Search : Allow to search for zero "Spent Amount"
    Sort by user extra data columns
    Bug fixed - manual invoice + payment - respect date of payment for rebill date calculation
    Add ability to export password hash, it can be useful to export/import users between different aMember installations
    aMember CP -> Protect Content -> All allow to filter by product.
    Implements #1764 - New Import Option: Update User if Exist User with Same Login (Do Not Overwrite Existing Password)
    Implements #1763 - abilitry to submit VatID with spaces, remove it silently
    Show customer info in CC Rebill details report.
    Newsletters - do not try to use disabled plugins
    Fixed bug: Webhook cron didn't work when wrong url was specified in webhook configuration
    Fixed bug: "Force SSL"  option wasn't available if aMember CP -> Setup -> Login Page -> Index page was set to Login page.
    Fixed bug: Internal server error on login if aMember CP -> Setup -> Login Page -> Allow to Use Password Hash from 3rd party
        scripts to authenticate User in aMember and third-party plugin was disabled in the past

        Fixed login redirect
        Added ability to remove items from basket preview

        Do not list archived products
        Added Course Press support.
        Welcome translation
        Dashboard link was added to login widget.
        Ability to set start access delay by number of payments
        Respect remember_auto for Wp auth cookies

    Directory plugin
        Members Directory: add default sort
        Members Directory: add 2nd street address field
        Ability to add upload additional fields to directory
        In event of not logged in user access directory show login page instead of no access error
        Check external login when user access directory.
        Search by Country/State title

    Misc Plugins
        Login Monitor plugin: Limit notifications for specified user groups only.
        Campaign monitor: Ignore 400 errors on unsubscribes. Errors generated when user account is suspended.
        File upload: add brick with list of uploaded files
        New Plugin: SendgridWebhooks - unsubscribe users in aMember upon bounce notification
        New Plugin: Automatic Currency Exchange Rates Update (
        Textlocal sms service
        Plugin for
        Mailchimp - disable double optin option added, fixed usage of PUT method
        Mailchimp - fixed for case if customer is already in list
        Payment-link: ability to set expiration date for payment link
        drop-me: move widget for this plugin to bottom of page
        AdobeConnect plugin: password wasn't properly updated in AdobeConnect.
        Downloads module: Added confirmation screen before file download.
        SoftSale: ability to look up licenses by bindings

    Integration Plugins
        New Plugin: PayPal Identity - allow to login/signup via PayPal account
        SMF 1 - fixed single login
        Joomla 3 - fixed single login
        Freshdesk integration plugin
        Integration with Pancake invoices system

    Payment Plugins
        New plugin: Paypal plus
        Coinsnap payment plugin added
        Implements #1761: Stripe - option to enable Zip validation and logo url (Hosted Version)
        2checkout: do not record last payment within recurring plan twice
        Offline payment plugin - fixed to work with recurring products
        Authorize.NET CIM  plugin:  AcceptJS support implemented. With Accept JS library, CC info will be submitted to Authorize.NET server directly(even with disabled hosted setting)
        Paddle.js payment plugin
        Bitpay ported to new API, recurring payments support added
        PayzeeJS plugin added
        jvzoo: ability to set multiple JVZoo product number for same product in aMember (comma separated)
        Plugins: aff-points/nmi-hosted/pancake/user-report/send-mail-on-invoice
        networmerchants-hosted moved to addons
        Braintree: void payment instead of refund in case it is not setteled yet
        NMI - enable hosted version (three step commit)
        Myshortcart redisign for support different types of paysystems
        epay, rocketgate, cmsbuilder, mailwizz plugins
        New payment plugin gumroad
        Mailchimp resubscribe plugin
        Fixed bug: Duplicate billing with paypal-pro plugin in some situations.
        Implements #1615 - PayPal repeat on failure causes duplicate subscriptions
        TinyPass payment plugin


Release Date: 6/14/2016
    Display product options on payment history page
    Advanced User Search: Used Coupon
    Helpdesk: ability to Disclosure Admin real name in user interface (otherwise only word Administrator is shown)
    Bug Fixed (appeared in v 5.1.2): online VAT validation
    Bug Fixed (appeared in v 5.1.2): fatal error in invoice summary brick in case of not logged in user use coupon
    Bug Fixed: only admin account can upload files in section Protect Content -> (Files|Video)
    Fixed fatal error at payments-history page if billing plan is deleted
    Fixed bug: Twocheckout invoice wasn't marked as cancelled if subscription was cancelled from 2Checkount itself.
    Bug Fixed: Copy product options together with product
    Notification plugin: Added ability to filter notifications by User group and Product Category
    Bug Fixed - invoice-summary in case of product with qty and another with options
    Bug fixed - do not set failed pending invoices
    Invoice Summary: ability to put output to brick position
    Bug Fixed: decrease font size and margins for bar labels so all labels shown (Users Report)
    Notification plugin: Implemented new rule: Show notification only if user doesn't have active access to a product
    Added new payment plugin: DOKU MyShortCart (
    Fixed bug: Stripe plugin didn't  work with some wordpress themes
    Fixed Bug: Internal server error with Invoice Rebuild in some situations
    Fixed bug: PDF invoices were always set in "Default Language" that was selected in amember CP -> Languages, and not in language selected by user
    Fixed bug: Eway plugin didn't work with free trials
    Vanilla forum - fixed fatal error in some cases
    Auhtorize.Net SIM - Authorize new API URLs and Auth.Net will not support GET since 30 June 2016


Release Date: 5/30/2016
    Bug fixed with sending e-mail messages
    Fixed bug: unable to edit the coupon ID in v5.1.1
    Mark failed subscription as Recurring failed. Invoice will be considered as failed if it has recurring_active status and rebill_date is more then 30 days in the past.
    Users Import: Added an ability to create only access records (without invoices) on import.
    Pdf Invoice: ability to show tax record even it is 0
    Fixed bug: Access was not added for invoices with deleted coupon when custom commission rules related on coupon code were set.
    Bug Fixed: VAT ID validation - we can not rely on english text here - it can be any language based on server IP address actually
    Bug Fixed: Import from CSV - correctly handle date and multi_select fields for both DATA and SQL fields
    Bug Fixed: product options were not shown in case of only one product on signup form
    Fixed Notices in Am_Lite when session cookie is not set
    REST API: If expire_date wasn't submited in crteate access record request, calculate it depends on default billing plan.

    Affiliate Program
    	Ability to filter commisons by creteria - Not Included to Payout (backend)
    	Referred By form brick - dispaly referred by username on sign up form
    	New Commission Rule Conditions - Not Product and Product is Not included to Category

	    Invite Plugin: Ability to limit access to this feature by user active subscription
	    Bug Fixed with UI for PDF invoice configuration (generated|custom settings switch)
	    Invoice-summary plugin - handle change of country as well to calculate tax properly
	    Invoice-summary - show tax if possible
	    Subusers: ability to disable registration email for subusers

    Integration Plugins
        New Plugin: MaxMind - check user Risk Score on user sign up, require manual approval for user with high Risk Score
        Mailchimp - sends Content-Type header as well to make sure request will be accepted
        VBulletin - updated to support 5.2
        JVZoo plugin: Support multiple keys(more then one account)
        WP: seamless integration with Nexus theme
        Moodle Plugin: Fixed Bug: Single login didn't work. Password was stored in wrong format.

    Payment Plugins
        Braintree - fixed "Error : Array"
        Payflow - store PNREF from last transaction for rebills
        Authorize.Net CIM - handle known error codes for update cc
    	Authroize.Net CIM - fixed rebills for invoices moved from AIM if hosted mode is enabled
        Xfers payment plugin: added support of API v.3


Release Date: 5/16/2016
    Implements #1739 - add Taxable subtotal to PDF invoice
    Country/States Management: add filter by status (Enabled|Disabled)
    Advanced Search: add search facility to elements with product lists (handy in case of huge list of products)
    Fixed bug with numerical renewal groups
    Correct handling for recurring date in PDF invoice (access periods)
    Fixed bug: Could not read from  when aMember is configured with external SMTP server
    Bug fixed - BCC did not work right
    New Email Placeholder: %invoice_html%

    Shopping Cart
        Implements 1466 - Ability to display the categories first rather than the entire list of products
        Bug Fixed: Cart layout in case of language switch enabled

    Affiliate program
        Banners are responsive now

        Conversion-Track: fixed bug, added new placeholder for %affkeyword%
        JV: Bug Fixed - incorrect date of commission
        file-upload: ability to delete uploaded files
        AutoLoginPlaceholder plugin: disable old auto login links whenever user changes his password.
        Rest API - select/unselect all permissions
        Mailchimp - updated to support API 3.0
        Fixed Bug: eFront Plugin:  some course lessons were not active when user was added to course.
        Fixed bug: Test database connection didn't  work for vBulletin plugin
        Wordpress plugin: Fixed notice: Notice: get_currentuserinfo is deprecated since version 4.5! Use wp_get_current_user() instead

    Payment Plugins
        Stripe Plugin: Fixed Refunds webhook. Column 'receipt_id' cannot be null is generated in some situations.
        2Checkout: fix api endpoint


Release Date: 4/28/2016
    First 5.x STABLE release
    New Report: Distribution by Custom User Field (radio and select)
    New Admin Dashboard Widget: Revenue Goal
    Implements #1723: Previewing Off Line payment HTML
    Fixed bug with content links when lot of content categories exists
    Default Theme: ability to specify footer content in theme configuration in admin interface (fallback to site_title by default)

	do not add search bar in case of user has less then 10 tickets (frontend)

    Affiliate Program
    	Top Affiliates Admin Dashboard Widget
        New Payout Method - Chexx (
        Affpayout - sends CSV instead of TXT

    Payment Plugins
        checkout-com: webhooks support
        wepay - updated to support API 2016-03-30


Release Date: 4/20/2016
    helpdesk: live conversation made optional because may eat server resources
    Ability to configure Date/Time format explicitly, default still set to format from locale
    gift-voucher: dedicate admin permission for plugin stuff
    hide Apply Tax in product settings if tax is not enabled
    bug fixed: purchase with product options did not work


Release Date: 4/19/2016
    Ability to set protection in batch mode for Files, Pages, Video and Links
    New Advanced Users Filter: Has pending invoice with products
    Bug Fixed: Force SSL in case of SSL terminated on reverse proxy before reach application
    Admin widgets: separate layout for Table representation of report widgets
    User-friendly urls for content categories
    Default Theme: ability to use user gravatar in identity block
    Improve layout for narrow screen (mobile devices)
    Single-login-session: ability to disable this protection on per user basis
    Delete Old Records: 'Incomplete Users and Affiliates' and 'Expired Users and Affiliates'
    API: json_encode modifier ro Am_SimpleTemplate - useful for templates with JS code
    Fixed bug: Ajax admin login popup didn't work .
    New setting to enable usage of coupons for upgrades added
    More responsive user menu
    New User Filter Condition: Has subscription between dates
    Implements #1433 - search criteria - never subscribed
    Separate access rights for each resourse type for admins
    Do not use '.' in URL (Uploads). Such request can be blocked on server level
    Display refund amount in payment history for user
    Admin Widget: Scheduled Recurring Revenue
    Ability to add new coupon to existing batch
    Invalidate all authentication sessions in case of user changed his username
    Pass invoice to Expiration notification template. This is possible to use %invoice.% placeholder now
    Closes #1726 - mass check/uncheck bug fixed
    Improve Advanced User Search layout
    New option: Allow cancel recurring subscription from user account (enabled by default)
    Fixed bug: Internal server error in Dashboard widget "Payments" on some installations.
    Implements #1718 - Restore Subscription facility should be optional, it is not intended behaviour in most cases

        Make brief mode more useful
        Seamless integration between avatar plugin and helpdesk module
        Ability to display suggested FAQ based on keyword/question that user type in ticket subject
        Ability to use additional fields without categories
        Auto grow response textarea
        Live conversion update (long polling)
        Ability to close ticket along with response from admin interface

    Affiliate Program
        Display affiliate link for each banner
        Ability to filter commission records by type (commission|void)

    Integration Plugins
        WP: Use wp theme folder if enabled to scan for signup templates
        Aweber API do not accept IPv6 address
        New plugin: Integration with youtubify (
        Autopilot newsletter plugin added
        New Plugin: Access By Publish date (Pages and Files)
        PAP - refunds tracking fixed
        conversion-track: ability to track first payment separatly
        avatar: ability to show avatar on user profile/dashboard in identity block
        GetResponse Bug Fixed: name is required, submit login instead of name if name is empty
        ProductIpLimit misc plugin added
        New plugin: Intercom (
        Chamilo - added support of 1.10
        Adutlvideoscript - update premium flag
        Get-response - filter IP
        Login-via-ip - opt-out
        jv: improve admin ui to add multiple jv partners to same product
        jv: ability to assign any number of partners to same product

    Payment Plugins
        Transactium payment plugin added
        Fastspring - remove currency symbol from the OrderTotal
        2Checkout: fix cancellation for recurring subscriptions that have multiple payments already done
        2Checkout: fix refund for subsequent payments with recurring subscriptions
        New Plugin: Paypal Website Payments Pro Hosted. (not-recurring, not-supported in US)
        Epoch - get list of IP's from
        gocardless plugin improved (contributed by Rob Woodgate - )
        Fixed bug: Paypal Website Payments Standard instant cancellations didn't work for old profiles (starts with S-). Redirect customer to paypal in this situation.
        New Payment Plugin: (
        PAP - refunds tracking fixed
        Verotel - handle "cancel" ipn
        Epoch - cancel + refund
        verotel: add list of supported curency
        Senangpay - redirect thanks to cancel page
        epoch - refunds fixed
        PayPro bug fixed: compatibility with checkout on mobile devices
        Added new payment plugin Payssion (
        Added new payment plugin PayUMoney (
        Added new payment plugin Skipjack (
        Added new payment plugin - eWay iFrame
        Concrete plugin - added support 5.7 version
        Added new payment plugin - Recurly (
        Added new payment plugin NMI ACH


Release Date: 3/22/2016
    A few more beta fixes
    Extends DB column length for login up to 64 char
    Admin authentication: protect against endless redirect loop
    Bug Fixed: Force SSL in case of SSL terminated on reverse proxy before reach application
    Bug Fixed (UI): resourceaccess element work incorrectly with select2 (select2 map element by value but we had dublicate value for some items)


Release Date: 3/21/2016
   Fixed a SERIOUS problem introduced in 5.0.3. Please upgrade ASAP if you have 5.0.3 installed


Release Date: 3/4/2016
    Wordpress : fixed a bug (appeared in 5.0.2) - did not allow to open Amember settings in Wordpress
    Braintree : fixed free trials
    Admin user grid: do not add link to edit user form on user login in case admin has not such permission
    subusers: ability to for reseller to manage additional fields of any type (based on configuration)
    Aff: rename Moneybookers payout method to Skrill
    Helpdesk: do not send several notification for same action (In case of watcher/owner has same email address as admin_email)
    Aff: add export action to grid with commissions


Release Date: 2/29/2016
    Improved compatibility with PHP 7.1
    Added an option to force secure connection for all aMember pages
    Bug Fixed: in case of cancel url is local then it is relative and there is not host -> Am_License::getMinDomain(Null) emit not recoverable error
    Wordpress Plugin: Allow to load aMember  Login widget through ajax request. Could be useful if there is any cache plugin enabled.
    Hide affiliate section from user profile (backend) if admin has not sufficient permission
    Bug fixed - send card expire notifications only for active recurring invoices
    Joomla Plugin has been tested with Joomla 3.4.8. Single login was fixed for Joomla 3.x
    Magento Plugin: Fixed Bug: Unable to edit user in Magento if user was created from aMember.
    Paypal - fixed redirect by click on cancel link from the backend
    Sagepay : fixed to cancel and retry payment
    Payflow-link - url fixed
    Bug Fixed: category filter in shoping cart did not work (from version 5.0.0+)
    Invalidate all authentication sessions if password changed
    Invalidate remember me key after logout
    Invalidate old restore password links if user changes either password or email address
    vBulletin Plugin: Fixed Bug: Single login didn't work for vBulletin 5.x
    Bug Fixed: Internal error if there is more then one product option
    Bug Fixed: error once edit user profile in admin interface


Release Date: 2/17/2016
    .htaccess apache 2.4.18 bugfix
    Bug Fixed: incorrect initialization of product options on product insert crash all JS code
    - set_magic_quotes_runtime() is not available under php 7
    Fixed bug: User's session wasn't restored if auto-logged-in user tried to open video directly
    CCBill: - cascade ID disabled since CCBill does not process it right - customization of other plugins is required
    mark email field as required in user form in admin interface
    Refactoring: removed most direct references to application/default/views/public
    BUg Fixed: Am_Mvc_Controller::delCookie -> Am_Cookie::delete
    PayPro: add readme to plugin
    closes #1701 - Epoch fixed to cancel subscription
    SimpleTemplate: add urlencode modifier
    Notification plugin: ability to use %user.*% placeholders within url
    Ability to sort saved forms (useful to manage postion of form in menu in user area)
    Paypal - 500 response code if php could not connect to
    Fixed JS problem in defining product option options
    Nuevomailer plugin: Added ability to fetch newsletters lists from nuevomailer.
    Email Users - allows to see selected email layout at the preview action
    Closed #1695 - REST API - sends all records for nested arrays
    Aff: new commission condition: Upgrade Invoice
    gift-vaucher: ability to enable gift option by default
    Fixed bug: Voids where counted as commissions in Affiliate Sales report within member's area.
    Mailget plugin: Added ability to unsubscribe user from list.


Release Date: 2/3/2016

    aMember now supports two-factor authentication for both admin and user area.
      It allows to increase security by requiring some other info during login,
      for example verify if user received an SMS, or entered some code generated
      by a mobile application. Currently 2 plugins are available for purchase:
      for DuoSecurity ( ) and for Authy ( )
    Product Options implemented - allows to change price depending on selected
      during purchase options, and also allows to keep order-specific information
      for each purchase - for example domain name, or as common example: t-shirt size
    WebHooks module implemented - allows to POST to configured URL on events
    InvoiceSummary brick - allows to display invoice totals instantly on order page
        (ajax driven update of invoice summary to any element on the page - chosen by CSS selector)
    Export: ability to export either Value or Labels for multi_select and checkbox fields
    Closes #1381 - Protection plugins don't lock user in third-party database when user is locked in aMember. Added new group type: "Locked group", aMember adds user to that group if user is locked
    Improved compatibility with most recent PHP version 7

    Redirect After Login -> Page Where Log In Link was Clicked
    Notification: Send Registration E-Mail to Admin
    User Import: add unsubscribed field
    PDF invoice: better handle wide logo
    Ability to download PDF invoices for refunds in batch (backend)
    Fixed compatiblity with HHVM: Unable to setup amember under HHVM(HipHop Virtual Machine). @ operator is not supported under HHVM
    OneTimeOffer: do not allow to open same oto saveral times
    Bug fixed: option Send Copy of All Admin Notifications did not work properly
    Minimum coupon length changed from 5 to 4
    Personal Content: added dedicated admin permission to manage personal content
    Fixed bug: Internal server error in member's area if braintree plugin is unable to show update CC info link.
    Admin Dashboard: live widget update
    Expire Emails - ability to not send emails for active recurring subscriptions
    Closes #1683 - Unable to change access begin/expiration date on iPad
    Add filter by status to Invoice Grid
    Hide not recurring payment system if user choose recurring product
    New plugin: Integration with ownCloud (
    Fix "duplicate key" errors related to daily cron on big databases.
    Fixed bug: Email verification didn't work on profile form.
    Fixed bug: Free trial wasn't recorder correctly by segpay plugin.
    Default locale should be always in avaliable list
    Improved new-password brick
    Closes #1653 - Payment notification by product (in advance of rebill date, immidiately after payment, several days after payment)
    Mail Log: properly format text/plain message
    Bug Fixed: email templates to multiple admins had not effect, it always send only to default one
    Dime Sale Plugin: Automatically increase price of product based on either number of sales or days left
    Pending Notification: ability to send pending notifications by hours
    Added %product_title% to payment emails
    Closes #1468 - fix Last/This week intervals on border value
    Improve file-upload plugin: ability to serach user who uploaded at least one file and ability to add last upload datetime column to grid with users
    Ability to use Login Page as Index Page
    Closes #1333  - When specify IP address in Standard search, show all users who has access from that IP.
    File-upload Plugin: ability to add multiple bricks to same form
    Implements #1665 - Ability to use keywords with tracking code ?ref=username
    Implements #1279 - Include user group condition to Access Permissions
    Implements #1657: subusers - Ability to set Parent user in ACP
    Subscription Limit: Out of Stock / Low Stock Notifications
    Donation Plugin: add amother layout fior donation brick - Emotional
    Signup Form: ability to set robots meta (noindex,nofollow), it is important for hidden signup forms
    Ability to alter titles for custom field bricks
    Fixed bug: Automatic upgrades didn't work for php > 5.5.0
    Am_Mail: added support for List-Unsubscribe mail header
    Directory Module: ability to display column with active subscriptions
    Added new filter to amember CP -> Payments -> Invoices : "Show only invoices with active access"
    Bug Fixed: form-editor - it is not possible to add brick to form if you removed all bricks before
    File Upload Plugin: Ability to define upload category for files
    Bug Fixed: Expiration email can be sent incorrectly in some situation
    Added %product_title% shortcode to invoice_pay_link template.
    Bug Fixed: Mass Subcribe action in case of free invoice throw exception
    Random Text Spinning for Email templates, example: Hello {{my friend|there|, good morning}} %user.name_f% %user.name_l%

        Allow to export Sequential Receipt Number from amember CP -> Payments report
        Reports: hint for predefined intervals with exact dates for report period
        Bug Fixed: report 'Count of product purchase' incorectly handle qty
        reports: add info about how much exact value in percent from total (table output)
        Report: Avarage Lifetime Value (Cohort Analysis)
        Retention Rate Report: ability to build report based on subscription start period, change lines to bars

    Newsletter Plugins
        Sendy newsletter plugin added
        New newsletter plugin: mailget
        New newsletter plugin: sendgrid3 - Support of SendGrid web api v3
        Added new newsletter plugin: convertkit (
        Added new newsletter plugin: getdrip (
        Fixed bug: Interspire Newsletter plugin didn't query for all available lists.
        InterSpire: increase number of list to retreive up to 100 (it is just 10 by default)
        Added current API support to mailchimp plugin.
        Mailgun integration ( advanced email validation on signup form
        Fixed bug: Duplicate quotes around  sender name when use SendGrid as email delivery method.

        Closes #1667 - Tax percentages in 3 digits
        EU VAT plugin: Allow to use current year in invoice numbers
        EU VAT: Romanian VAT was changed from 24% to 20 %
        EU VAT Report: include paysystem receipt id in report details.

        Fixed show of activations
        Fixed bug: license expiration date wasn't changed when admin changes expiration date of user's access record.
        Bug fixed: chunked response was handled incorrectly in case of size of chunk has symbol F
        Bug fixed for LicenseChecker in case of some Network error  is empty and actually setError is already excuted in makeRequest
        Highlight disabled licenses in row
        License tab to user profile in admin interface, add filter for license, fix visualization for license activataion, i18n

    Shopping Cart
        Cart: Fix category widget
        Cart: option to disable/enable coupons  on checkout
        Cart: ability to Allow use Cart only to Registered Users
        Shopping Cart: Tags implemented
        Cart: Make images in product descriptions responsive too.
        Changed cart layout to be responsive

        Implements #1659: interactive play button for Flowplayer when cover image is used
        Flowplayer autoPlay didn't work for audio content
        Video Player: ability to define poster image in preset

        Closes #1685 - Add product subscription to helpdesk tickets
        Helpdesk: do not allow to submit empty ticket message
        Helpdesk: new feature - watchers

    Affiliate Program
        Wordpress integration: new shortcode - am4affiliate: Show Affiliate Info of currently logged in user
        Aff - fixed keywords report
        Aff: new commission condition - First Time Purchase
        Affiliate: Payout Method - BACS
        APi: new event Bootstrap_Aff::AFF_COMMISSION_CALCULATE
        Aff keywords reworked to work with big database
        Added option to enable/disable keywords support in affiliate module.
        Bug Fixed: Sales widget should take into account voids for affiliate commissions
        aff-leads plugin: ability to add column with active subscriptions

        Wordpress plugin: Page wasn't displayed if "exclude page from menu" option was enabled
        Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin:Fixed problems with browse dialog.
        Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: Unable to login into Wordpress dashboard if amember4 plugin is enabled in wordpress.
        closes #1661  - Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: Widgets protection settings not initialized once new widget added

    Integration Plugins
        Drupal - fixed cookie name if script is on https
        Facebook: improve plugin configuration form
        Facebook plugin: add ability to choose size, layout and action for buttons
        Facebook plugin: respect current locale
        Updated MyBB plugin to support version 1.8.6
        Receiptful Integration Plugin ( - Send well formated receipt Email Messages optimized for upsells
        Drupal plugin: Set secure session when Drupal is installed under SSL
        Amazon S3: ability to use SSL for Authenticated URLs, it is necessary for https sites
        New Integration Plugin: Architect
        OSTicket integration.
        Aff - admin notification for new affiliate signup
        Fixed bug: Invision 4 plugin:  password was stored in incorrect format.
        Added new protect plugin: socialninja
        Added new protect plugin: skadate (
        Zendesk - check access for sign in
        Fixed bug: Single-login didn't work with ExpressionEngine 2
        Quaderno Integration ( - Send info about payments in aMember to quaderno

    Payment Plugins
        Stripe: listen refund webhook, update to latest APi (cards was replaced with source)
        jvzoo: auto login after purchase
        CC Plugins: Display message about successful CC info update for user
        WePay: implement changes in recent wepay API
        ccbill: fix dynamic pricing
        2pay4you - new payment plugin
        Moneris: add USD as available currency
        2checkout: Inline Checkout
        New payment Plugin: Quaderno Checkout (
        CCBill - cascade_id option added
        InfusionSoft: bug fixed - expired ALL access records wrongly if there was a product with 'isoft_tags' = 'null'
        PayPal Pro: Fixed bug: "Column 'receipt_id' cannot be null " error generated by paypal-pro plugin when paypal was unable to  create recurring profile.
        LimeLight plugin fixed.
        Beanstream-remote - added currencies
        Paypal-express: partial refund
        2checkout: ability to switch between production and sandbox account
        Added support for Amazon Instant Access
        Paypal-express: handle 10486 errror properly
        New Payment Plugin: Digital Goods Store (
        aysafecard plugin fixed. Paysafecard's integration test will work now.
        New payment Plugin: Maksekeskus
        Added RON currency support to paysafecard plugin.
        Jvzoo - fixed invoice external_id for recurring
        New payment plugin: Nochex
        New payment plugin added: WarriorPayments (
        New payment plugin added: Paygarden (
        SegPay - fix for rebills IPN's
        Stripe - hosted version added
        Segpay - fixed refunds
        2co inline: form must also pass in the buyer’s name, email, and full billing address (So Name and Address brcik is required on signup form)
        PayPal Express Checkout plugin: remove confirmation screen, it is not required.
        Stripe - 402 is allowed status code, so show correct error message
        Dwolla fixed (checkout -> Checkout)
        New Payment Plugin: Helcim (
        New Payment Plugin: iPaymu (
        Epay: support partial refunds
        authorize-cim: in case user close popup window redirect him to fall back payment page
        jv: handle recurring payments
        BlueSnap: additional IP for IPN servers
        Following the recent commercial changes from Gate2Shop to GTS Payments HK


Release Date: 12/10/2015
    IMPORTANT: Fixed compatiblity with new Wordpress 4.4 as they broke compatibilty with older aMember WP plugin
    Fixed confirmation of changed e-mail address in user profile
    ... new big update is coming soon with new cool features, that is just a quick bugfix release


Release Date: 11/17/2015
    Bug Fixed: we should track empty submit for checkboxes in product brick on the signup form
    Bug Fixed: Expiration email can be sent incorrectly in some situation: resolve collission when MAX_EXPIRE_DATE for one product can match EXPIRE date for access record for other products, see corresponding tests for collision explanation
    Fixed bug: Automatic upgrades didn't work for php > 5.5.0
    Aff keywords reworked to work with big database
    Aff - fixed keywords report
    Closes #1661  - Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: Widgets protection settings not initialized once new widget added
    Bug Fixed: email templates to multiple admins had not effect, it always send only to default one
    Fixed bug: Email verification didn't work on profile form
    Fixed bug : PHP Fatal error: Class 'Am_Grid_DataSource_CustomFields' in import3 controller
    Fixed a problem with VAT invoice validation


Release Date: 9/9/2015
    reCAPTCHA updated to v.2
    Churn rate report (users who became inactive in given period)
    HTML brick: ability to put HTML above or below form (can be used to add progress bar to multi page form)
    New option: Disable New Signups
    Added ability to hide/show signup forms in member area menu
    Reports: ability to compary reports with previouse period. Compare with same period in previouse year.
    New Report: Rolling Conversion
    New Report: Product Conversion - Number of Users who Purchase product B after Product A
    Added "Active Users by period" report
    Implements #523  - Ability to delete user from his profile (backend)
    Implements #1439 - ability to sort users by expire date
    Implements #1604 - upload and multi_upload user custom field types
    Implements #1171 - ability to Assign Paysystem to Product
    Implements #1491 - Layouts of Email Templates
    Implements #1518 - New option for Name brick: Make the first letters of first and last name Uppercase
    Implements #1631: Search Option - Search user based on payment method
    Ability to define specific admin as Reply-To address for autoresponder
    Display notification for admin in user profile if a user exceeded Account Sharing Prevention limits (backend)
    Admin: keep a record who and when added access manually to user
    Fixed bug: New rewrite cookies were not set for installations on localhost with port name (for example: localhost:8000)
    Fixed bug: Cookies were not set right if aMember installed on IP address.
    Ability to temporary disable auto-locking for user
    API: new event MAIL_SIMPLE_INIT_FORM, pass Am_Mail to MAIL_SIMPLE_TEMPLATE_BEFORE_PARSE - it is necessary for common customizations
    'Hide from Menu' option for profile forms
    Allow  for reseller to set all fields allowed in Subusers  plugin configuration.
    File-upload: ability to notify admin by email about new uploads
    Ability to skip check of product requirements for invoices created from admin interface
    Implements #1334 - Custom price when adding invoice/access manually from admin backend
    HTML brick: ability to put HTML above or below form (can be used to add progress bar to multi page form)
    Fixed bug: facebook plugin didn't  get user information from facebook properly.
    Display notification for admin in user profile if he exceeded Account Sharing Prevention limits (backend)
    Fixed preview action for product welcome emails
    Closes #1571 - Unsubscribe should not be just a checkbox, give customer feedback that his subscription status is changed
    Implements #431 - choose first available cache backend (apc, xcache, memcache, file), display info about used cache backernd on system info page
    Implements #1507 - chose default selected product (Product Brick setting)
    Implements #1343 - multiple products could be simultaneously moved from one part of the list to another (group action)
    Closes #1405 - Fix Shopping Cart Product Count Based on Categories (incorrectly count disabled and archived products)
    Implements #1597 - Ability to Reveal Password on Signup Form
    Implements #1332 - Deleting secured files in batch from admin panel
    Ability to create any number of profile forms (handy in case of set up has many user fields and admin want to split fields by categories eg. Account info/Personal Info/Address Info etc.)
    Implements #1099: Add product categories to filters in Advanced Search
    Implements #1399: Add products categories to Require Approval Only if Invoice has these Products (Invoice) menu
    Implements #1639: Cancel Feedback Plugin: add page with overview of cancel notes
    New Email Sending method: CampaignMonitor (Transactional API)
    Subusers plugin: Allow to import subusers with custom fields.
    Ability to inspect invoice data in admin interface, handy for debug
    Softsale - fix for license renewal
    SoftSale - allow to renew existing license instead of generation of new one
    Implements #1630 - Make "Available Locales" sortable
    Helpdesk: Add CSRF protection to new ticket form
    EmailAutoresponders: ability to check future subscriptions too
    EmailUsers - fix redirect loop for "continue" sending in cases when count of target users made different after first send
    User Notes: dashboard widget with last notes
    Fixed bug: Mail queue wasn't clean up if "Log outgoing email messages for ... days" setting is set to zero.
    Implements #1629 - Make HTML brick translateable
    Remove access record on refund (instead of expire it)
    self-service: bug fixed - it was not possible to move product back to Available Products list in configuration
    EU VAT: do not validate free invoices.
    Display notification about processing upgrade for user in order to avoid double clicks on upgrade button.
    Newsletter : fixed unsubscribe_after_signup
    Ability to redirect to sendpass form added
    Ccnow payment plugin added
    Invite: Ability to display list of invited customer in user account
    Currency: correct symbol for PHP (Philippine Peso)
    Added - for user email templates - BCC; for admin templates - select admin recipients
    Fixed bug: facebook plugin didn't  get user information from facebook properly.
    Ability to export User Groups added
    REMOTE API: Bug Fixed: FastCGI - aborted: error parsing headers: duplicate header 'Content-Type'
    Closes #1165: multiple selects values does not populated in custom signup forms
    Grid: Ajax driven Expandable field: usefull in case of render of cell can require many resource eg. render Mail body in log
    Worldpay plugin, redirect user to cancel url instead of displaying it inside worldpay frame.

    Affiliate Program
        Aff: new conditions for commission rules: By Affiliate Active Product, By Affiliate Active Product Category
        Closes #1476 - aff: if affiliate should be aproved after signup display some message instead of redirect to login screen (wher he can not login becouse of he is not approved yet)
        New commission rule condition - First Time Purchase of Product
        Show number of sales for affiliate in stats
        Affiliate Keywords statistics
        Do not allow to specify big period for affiliate cookie lifetime. It just may not work.
        Advanced User Search Filter: Has Affiliate Commission (Any|Paid|Not-Paid)
        New payout method - bitcoin
        Use affiliate signup form for existing users as well
        Separate email templates for affiliate approval
        Ability to automatically generate payout bi-weekly
        Ability to send protect content -> emails to affiliate
        afflevels: add Super Groups configuration option and remove group priority (it does not make any sense in this context)
        Aff Leads Plugin: Added lead status to the list of available fields

        Redmine v3 support.
        Fixed bug: facebook login button wasn't displayed in some wordpress themes.
        Fixed bug: Email wasn't changed in getresponse when user change email in aMember.
        Fixed bug: Joomla plugin didn't set information about user's groups in session.
        Shareasale-pixel - show tracking code only once
        Google-analytics: bug fixed: when someone bought a product with multiple quantities in analytics shows a wrong total price because analytics multiplies price with quantity
        Project-box integration added
        Donation plugin will respect products VAT settings now.
        Wordpress: Fixed Bug: No aMember's shortcode icon in post editor.
        Wordpress: Integration with thesis theme framework
        Wordpress - new option to exclude page/post from protection(useful to leave some landing page(s) unprotected having whole blog protected)
        Added new protect plugin: modx2 (ModX Revolution)
        Integration with CRM Zoho (
        Xenforo plugin. Create always remember cookie the same way as session cookie.
        Notification plugin: added ability to configure notification using relative days(for for example you can display notification when user has subscription to a product for day 2 to day three). Added ability to display notifications outside of amember.
        Fixed bug: GetResponse plugin didn't assign newsletter to user if user already was in that campaign.
        Xenforo: respect personal user permissions
        Fixed bug: Sendgrid plugin: Internal server error was generated in amember CP -> Protect Content -> Newsletters if there is no lists in sendgrid.
        Fixed Bug: Wordpress plugin: Fixed notice when 4.3. is in debug mode.
        Fixed Bug: Drupal Plugin: Single login didn;t was when Drupal was installed under https.
        New Plugin: Chamelion Social
        phpFox plugin was tested with 4.0.4
        Invision4 plugin.

    Payment plugins
        PayPal PayFlow iframe integration finished CIM: proper way to update user's CC info.
        ccbill: add referer (aff_id) to payment request, it is necessary for additional fraud protection
        New Payment Plugin: Zaxaa (
        Fixed bug: Payflow Link transactions were not activated properly.
        Closes #1175 - paypal: ability to handle billing terms as initial payment followed by second payment for lifetime access
        Sagepay - protocol change to 3.0 + added basket parameter
        Fixed bug : Coinbase didn't activate USD payments.
        New Payment Plugin: ePDQ (
        Fixed bug: "Paypal instant commission" plugin didn't work in live mode.
        Enabled partial refunds for payflow plugin
        Closes #1608: ClickBank refunds result in double entry
        PaymentWall - hide errors and show 'OK' for each notification
        Fixed bug: Safecart plugin was unable to create user if Last name is not available in incoming IPN message.
        Gocardless PRO payment plugin.
        Added ability to cancel Paypal Standard recurring payments automatically
        Authorize.NET CIM added "use new card" link in reuse form
        Charge2000 IPN didn't work. Paysystem send POST to ipn script but parameters were  included in GET string
        Added new payment plugin: paymento (
        Added new payment plugin: junglepay (
        New Payment Plugin: Centili (
        Authorize.NET CIM: Handle situations when user profile already exists.
        Fixed bug: Reversed and Cancelled_Reversal IPN messages weren't handled correctly by paypal plugin.
        Fixed bug: Verotel plugin didn't remove access on subscription expiration.
        Authorize.Net AIM - fixed refunds
        Fixed bug: Duplicate invoice in 4CS payment plugin for recurring payments.
        Added new payment plugin - selz (
        Fixed bug: Free trials didn't work with ccBill plugin.


Release Date: 5/15/2015
    Bugfix release


Release Date: 5/11/2015
    Currency: correct symbol for PHP (Philippine Peso)
    di:__sleep API calls fixed - fix problems appeared in 4.6.x with Wordpress+Facebook+WP theme enabled
    IDR: correct position for currency symbol
    Added description of BCC field
    Fixed bug: Free trials didn't work with ccBill plugin.
    BCC option added for user email templates
    Ability to select admins for admin e-mail templates


Release Date: 4/29/2015
    Stripe: fixed a problem appeared in 4.6.0
    Implemented ability to add manual refunds even if payment system supports auto refunds. Useful when refund is processed through payment system already.
    personal-content: ability to send email message to customer when new file is uploaded to his profile


Release Date: 4/27/2015
    FACEBOOK: plugin has been updated to work with latest Facebook API. Facebook API v 1.0 will not work after April 30
    Reports intervals added: "This Quarter" and "Last Quarter"
    Helpdesk: short url for tickets
    Donation plugin: ability to specify minimum donation amount
    Fixed bug: Javascript errors when wordpress theme + Google pagespeed enabled.
    Helpdesk: support for placeholders (%user.*%) in snippets
    Add rel="nofollow" for links in affiliate banners
    "Approve user" should trigger all necessary events eg. Am_Event::USER_AFTER_UPDATE etc.
    Ability to search protected content by product (backend)
    PDF invoice wasn't displayed when refund wasn't linked to payment.
    Ability to not check access permisson for custom fields on specific forms (it is useful to put such fileds on signup form)
    Set iconv.internal_encoding to utf-8: it is necessary so iconv_mime_decode_headers return result in UTF-8
    Ability to specify refund date in case of manual refund
    German translation fixed
    Ability to create own tax plugins implemented, also removed all references to exact tax plugins (vat or vat2015) from aMember core files
    Default theme: improve login screen (do not show both forms (login/forgot password) together)
    Fix UTF-8 chars in pdf invoice contacts
    Fixed bug: Sequential invoice numbers had gaps in some situations
    Closes #1593 - ability to archive products added (hide instead of delete)
    Set robots meta for some pages
    Improve Mass Subscribe Action: ability to calculate access period based on current configuration (define only period) - eg. extend subscription for existing customers for 2 days
    Hide interface elements that admin has not access to (Invoice Screen)
    Bug Fixed: send affiliate registration email only if it is enabled in configuration
    Bug Fixed: magicselect was incorrectly initialized (select only first value) if magicselect was applied to stadard element (not using addMagicSelect or addSortableMagicSelect)
    Improved protection against  simultaneous cron processes.
    API: Am_Event::EMAIL_TEMPLATE_TAG_OPTIONS - Called to retrive tag options for specific template
    Add Billing Terms to export fields (invoice)
    Respect Newsletter sort order on signup form. Ability to redefine sort order in brick settings
    Redirect customer to default signup form in case of user used incorrect signup url
    Added "Isle of Man" to EU Vat countries. Vat rate is the same as for UK

    Shopping Cart
        Fix for cart button on different domain then aMeber installation domain
        Fault tolerance: if we did not find any enabled payment plugin that was configured in module than just fall back to default behaviour instead of throw fatal error
        Redirect_to_cart should redirect to catalogue (not to registration page)

    EU Tax
        Display different invoices for refunds. (This is required according to new EU VAT rules)
        Added payment receipt and payment date to VAT report details
        Fixed wrong admin permissions for EU VAT report.
        Validate Location even if Invoice has no VAT
        Added ability to show details for all countries for given period.
        Subusers - separate admin permissions added

        file-upload: ability to download all files uploaded by user at once (.zip)
        file-upload: display time of file upload
        New Plugin: Cancel Feedback: allow to ask customer reson of cancel before process cancelation
        Autocoupon: do not assign placeholders if it already exits in template itself
        A/B Signup Module: added ability theme testing
        Added new method Universal Analitcis to google-analytics plugin
        Avatar: ability to add avatar column to user grid (backend)
        force-i-agree: add exception for logout; ability to reset i-agree status based on cutomer active access
        New plugin: Paypal instant commission. Ability to pay commissions instantly(through paypal Adaptive API).

    Payment Plugins
        Stripe: fixed cvc requirement
        Fixed bug: IPN about goCardless recurring payments were not processed.
        Fixed Bug: iyzico plugin recurring payments didn't work.
        Fixed bug: Epoch plugin: Refund amount were added in USD even if initial transaction was not in USD
        Clickbank: add clickbank legal text on thank you page
        Authorize.Net: Partial Refunds
        New Payment Plugin: Comen Pay (
        New Payment Plugin: Omise (
        Clicksure payment plugin added
        Added new cc plugin: firstdata-e4
        New Payment Plugin: SmartDebit - REST (Adhoc) (
        Fixed bug: Refund was added twice for paypal in case of disputes.
        Fixed bug: v3 URL didn't  work for paypal_pro plugin.

    Integration Plugins
        Closes #1601 New setting for protect plugins: "Super Groups" these groups will not be removed by aMember.
        New Integration Plugin: phpSFP
        New Integration Plugin: Mailwizz (
        phpBB plugin tested with phpBB version 3.1.3
        Wordpress: better IntegrationSettingDescription
        phpSound plugin


Release Date: 2/26/2015
    Fixed Bug: MySQL error in case of custom table prefix (prefix was used literally)
    Fixed Bug: access was not added after payment


Release Date: 2/24/2015
    Implements #1570 - Separate permission for user "access" management in admin area
    Autocomplete for coupon field in create pending invoice action (backend)
    Implements #1382 - seamless integration between directory module and avatar plugin
    Closes #1204 - removed ability to delete imported lists
    Closes #1391 - CSRF error on resend of mass emails
    Implements #1550 - option to Hide Quantities in Shopping Cart
    Respect sort order for list of Newsletter Subscriptions
    Closes #1578 - Payment Refund link pushed off screen
    Closes #1553 - Ajax email address error message login link on order forms should redirect back to order form
    Display Tax information in invoice details for admin : customer IP/country and tax rate
    Do not show user menu on CC payment page, remove dead code from template
    Do not require paysystem when create pending invoice, customer can choose anyone form public when pay in this case
    Fix billing terms for restored subscription (should not decrease rebill_times for IProduct::RECURRING_REBILLS)
    Mail: add <html> tags if it does not present in text/html, add text/plain part if mail is html (improve delivery)
    Fixed bug: Greek characters were converted to HTML entities in Email editor.
    Fixed bug: Now affiliate link allows a dot in username
    Added support for AWS Signature version4.  Fixed bug: Amazon S3 didn't work
        for new regions (Frankfurt for example).
    Bug Fixed: CC plugin (cancel) did not mark action as success, some 3ty
        part code rely on it eg. upgrades
    Closes #1574 - Credit Card Rebills Number misleading (this report should included only rebills handled by CC driven payment plugins)
    Allow to change First and Last name on signup form
    Respect port in Location Redirect
    Show payment link for pending invoice only if link is active
    Credits Plugin: add credits if access added without invoice (from admin interface)
    Report Quant Week: fix last/first year week
    Ability to use custom language files (do not overwrite with upgrade)
    Card rebills - fixed date on manual rebill
    Assign category to products fixed
    Ability to fill in name field later if necessary
    Allow to pay pending invoice without due_date by link if it is not older than 30 days
    Fix Catalog Prices Include Tax for qty more than "1"
    Fixed bug: New-rewrite plugin didn't work on  .dev and .local domains
    Add ability to import user afiliate status (Import from CSV)

    EU VAT Tax
        EU VAT Report implemented
        2015 EU TAX  module: added new option: Validate Location Outside of EU.
            This will validate all new invoices even if user specify country outside of EU.
        Fixed bug: Online VAT ID validation didn't work.
        NEW EU VAT Rules -> Added new setting : Self Validation. If aMember was
            unable to validate user's location, user will be able to confirm it manually
        Fixed bug: VAT ID validation didn't work
        Fixed bug: VAT was applied even if user specified valid VAT ID
        Fixed bug: VAT ID wasn't displayed in user profile when new VAT plugin was enabled
        Added ability to define custom EU VAT rates for products

    Extension Plugins
        New Plugin: Invite a friend
        New Conversion-track plugin allows to insert custom JS codes for tracking (ex. Adwords)
        New Plugin: Payment Link - allow to generate quick payment link for specific user account (product or flat amount)
        Product-chain: additional option - Expire the following product(s) on Expiration
        OTO: ability to choose specific billing plan for OTO
        Improved AffLeads plugin: added ability to display custom fields, filter and export results.
        Product Chain Plugin: new option - Add the following product(s) on Signup

    Integration Plugins
        Wordpress Plugin: New option in  protection settings "require all products to allow access"
        Fixed bug: Session get lost in wordpress when user navigates to Shopping Cart in aMember
        Mediawiki plugin fixed
        Closes #1351 - WP-Plugin: Category redirect to url broken
        Wordpress: fixed plugin, no need to update wpcourseware or buddypress groups for not amember users
        New Plugin: FileRun (
        New Plugin: adobe-connect
        New Plugin: jamroom
        New Plugin: activecollab
        New Plugin: 4images
        New Plugin: phplist
        Sendgrid api: pass reply-to param if specified
        Sendgrid api: correctly handle bcc
        Implements #771 - multiple user groups for XenForo plugin
        Invision - clean password field before hashing

    Payment Plugins
        Fixed bug: NMI plugin unable to void or refund sales
        Stripe: fixed bug: charging wrong price (0.01 less than price)
        Fixed Bug: Payflow Link plugin didn;t activate payments.
        PayPal: handle Reversed and Canceled_Reversal payment status
        Iyzico payment plugin added
        Segpay payment plugin added
        Twocheckout: bug fixed with multiple refund records
        Closes #1563 - Stripe refunds handling
        Implemented refund support for plugnpay
        Added AUD support in Stripe plugin.
        New Payment Plugin: DalPay - Checkout (
        New Payment Plugin: SmartDebit - Direct Link (
        Infusion-soft - sort tags for product's option
        Authorize SIM: change status to Beta
        Fixed bug: recurring sales with DealGuardialn were not activated.
        Orbitalpay-form - fixed thanks redirect
        Auth.Net CIM - allow partial rebills
        Eway fixed - charge correct amount for second period
        e-check: mark invoice as Failed even if 'Retry On Failure' is not configured
        CC: mark invoice as Failed even if 'Retry On Failure' is not configured
        Added new cc payment plugin: whitepayments


Release Date: 12/20/2014
    Minor bug fixes


Release Date: 12/17/2014
    Product "welcome" email template added
    Implemented sequential invoice numbering(for EU VAT 2015)
    New EU VAT rules with two Pieces of location evidence implemented
    Tax: Ability to use prices incl. tax instead of add tax above product price
    New Report: Tax Report
    Implements #1529 - hide tabs in user profile for admin if he has not access to it (backend)
    Google Analytics: better sales tracking - will track sales even if sale is not handled instantly
    Ability to use zero discount coupon (Invite code or Afilite tracking)
    Disable validation of product requirements for Product Upgrades
    Fix jv plugin for case of purchase multiple products at once
    Implements #1557 - separate cancel notification for upgraded invoices
    Show information about refund in pdf invoice
    Display correct invoice number on thanks page.
    Ability to hide fieldset/title for Address brick
    New Report Quant - Quarter
    Technical Email Address - used on error pages to prevent disclosure of Admin Email Address
    User Notes: format notes properly, ability to edit/delete existing notes (configuration option)
    Bug fixed: form is not submited in Chrome if submit button is disabled
    Log UserAgent for customer on signup and last signin
    Ability to add links with custom attributes (target, class, id etc.)
    Bug Fixed: add enclosed quote for attribute values in attrs helper
    Personal Content Plugin: Ability to upload personal files in batch to all users with specific access
    Closes #1549 - Bug Fixed: Admin login popup dialog didn't work
    Ability to choose "Reply To" Address in "Email Users"
    Fixed bug: In some situations user receive expiration email which he shouldn't receive normally.
       (for example if he didn't have expired product configured in notification)
    Display payment link for pending invoices, so admin can send it in personal email.
    Closed #1548 - missed loading icon
    Add ability to download CSV-file for standard reports
    Vietnamese locale fixed
    Fixed bug: Incorrect value of aMember CP -> Setup -> Login Page -> Session Length  can break whole system.
    Import script from Your Members wordpress plugin.
    Add cancel/upgrade links to Active Subscriptions block on user dashboard,
    Add ability to upgrade from free subscription (use first acceptable public payment system)
    display database name used by aMember on System Info page
    Fixed bug: UserEcho plugin: do not require to verify email twice.
    closes #1455 - idevaffiliate: pass the coupon code to idevaff
    Closes #1394 - clear shopping cart in offline plugin
    Closes #1512 - js code soft errors
    Closes #1531 - Help button is not highlighted when ticket is visited and returned back to tickets
    New Plugin: pending-invoice-clear - remove old user's pending invoices when new invoice completed
    New User Filter: Last Signin
    Closes #1541: Group action fixed
    New Plugin: Product Chain: allow add another product on expiration or expire another product on signup
    Subusers plugin: Added ability to restore parent user session after login as subuser action.
    Allied: Partial Refunds
    New Payment Plugin: Allied
    New Report: Tax by Customer Country
    Subusers plugin: Added ability to login as subuser for resellers.
    Closes #1372 - ability to process partial refunds from aMember CP
    Closes #1435 - added ADMIN_USERS_FILTER_INIT event method
    Closes #1434 - Add a ADMIN_USERS_AUTOCOMPLETE event in AdminUsersController.php, autocompleteAction
    Closes #1427 - Complete Invoice PDF customization made possible with an event
    Closed #1467 Ability to continue canceled recurring subscription for user.
    Fixed bug:Wordpress plugin:  Expired users didn't  have an access to content protected by shortcode even if shortcode allows this.
    %paylink% placeholder for pending email notification

    Payment Plugins
        New Payment Plugin: iPayDNA (
        Fixed bug: Safecart plugin: unable to activate recurring payments.
        Moneris (Canada): add info about line items to purchase link
        PayPal: check billing terms before redirect. PayPal can not handle subscription terms with number of rebills more than 52
        Paypal - fixed refunds for autocreated invoices
        paypal: do not send a1,p1,t1 if price and duration for first and second period are the same(avoid trial notice in paypal payment page)
        PayPal Express: add additional configuration options (BRANDNAME and LANDINGPAGE) CIM: respect validation mode settings in case of hosted version
        Add new payment plugin: monelib
        Add new cc payment plugin: beanstream-remote
        Paymill (Direct Debit)
        Implemented new way to validate safecart IPN message. Not using IP check now
        Implemented ability to autocreate invoices for safecart plugin.
        CCBill - do not add payment for free trial
        CCBill - use username/password from IPN for autocreated invoices
        abnamro payment plugin added
        Fixed bug: Paysafecart plugin generated an error in live mode.
        Fixed bug: eWay recurring transactions didn't  work.
        Verotel - dynamic pricing added
        New Payment Plugin: AmericanExpress - Hosted Payment Page (
        eWay Shared Payments (
        Charge2000 plugin: Allow to specify web_id in product configuration.
        OrbitalPay-Form payment plugin added
        New Payment Plugin: eGHL (
        Partial refunds for Stripe
        New Payment Plugin: Redsys (
        allied: 3d secure support
        Implements #1532 - Clickbank IPN 6.0 support

    Integration Plugins
        XOOPS integration plugin added
        Fixed but: Sendgrid plugin: Newsletter lists were not properly updated
        Wordpress Plugin: Added two new bricks : "Nickname"  and "Display name publicly as"   these bricks are available for profile forms and these bricks are linked to Wordpress profile.
        New Email Sending method: SendGrid (API) - useful for hostings which block outgoing connections to SMTP (eg. godaddy)


Release Date: 9/29/2014
    Shopping Cart : assign category code to template
    Verotel : dynamic pricing added
    Coinbase : updated to use new API authentication method
    Cancel-on-upgrade : try to send cancelInvoice action if it is allowed by payment system
    Increase default value for memory limit in batch processor. 64M is not enough
    ClickBank: Closes #1524 - ClickBank required message on thank you page (clickbank plugin)
    Aff: API: new event introduced AFF_BIND_AFFILIATE
    Fixed bug: Unable to logout when "Always remember" is enabled in config.
    Joint Venture Plugin (works based on aff module, partner get his share as commision in affliate programm)
    Add Validate Event to Profile form as well as signup form
    Bug fixed: file downloads log was not shown becouse of error
    Fixed totals in payout report
    Name Brick: always hide it on signup form in case of user is already logged in
    Added custom fields to the export of Payments,Refunds,Invoices
    Unsubscribed brick (can be used on profile form)
    Fixed bug: In some situations user receive expiration email which he shouldn't receive normally. (for example if he didn't have expired product configured in notification)
    Add Additional Dynamic Periods for Reports: Last 90 days, Last 6 months, Last year and This year
    New Payment System: I-Payout (
    OSS6 data import script implemented
    Listmail plugin fixed
    Hotmart payment plugin added


Release Date: 9/10/2014
    Core Changes
        A/B Signup Module - Allows to test signup/renew forms in A/B mode
        Set "remember login" cookies for all sub-domains within current domain name.
        Mass email : check limit for each mail to be sent, fix 500 error code on servers with slow emailing
        Lite API - use base64encode to redirect to login url for better compatibility
        Ability to automaticaly delete pending users
        Add expires (Expiration Date) placeholder to preview action for expire notification
        Fixed bug: User's subscription status wasn't updated instantly sometimes
        Fixed bug: subscription-limit plugin:  Subscription limitations didn't work in shopping cart.
        external-coupon plugin: this plugin allow to import coupons from external system and then insert it to emails to customers
        Fix sort order for tabs for content categories
        Ability to Export Access Log to CSV file
        More accurate calculation of discount in case % discount and qty more than one for same product.
        New plugin: AutoLoginPlaceholder - ability to include special placeholder in email message, which will be replaced to auto-login link
        change url /login/logout to /logout
        Reports: user-frendly format numbers in reports
        Implements #1495 - Ability to download zip archive with pdf invoices for payments in batch (admin interface)
        improved subscription-limit plugin.  Now this is possible to limit number of subscriptions per user too.
        Fixed notice in shopping cart index when basket is empty.
        Display next rebill date instead of expiration date for recurring subscriptions on 'Active Subscriptions' block
        Batch disable/enable in country/state management
        Include tax rate to invoice
        Implements #1492 - New User Search Creteria: By IMPORT id
        Fixed bug:  When user resets his password, delete all user's sessions instead of current one
        API: Store user_id in session table.   This is used by some misc plugins. \
        Fixed bug: New setting for Product Upgrades: Price Calculation Type with two options:
            default(unused amount from previous subscription will be applied as discount to new one)
            and flat (user will be charged flat rate defined by surcharge)
        login-via-ip plugin: ability to disable profile form for users who logged in via IP
        personal-folder: display url to personal folder in admin edit user screen
        cart: check uniquiness of product path and display user frendly error message in product form instead of database error
        ability to use CORS for shopping cart buttons
        Fixed bug: Internal server error in Payment History, if user has an invoice which contains deleted billing plan.
        closes #1486 - wrong link "Block This IP Address" for "Last Signin Info"
        closes #1454 - allows to use custom invoice public Ids with '-' for paypal
        bug fixed: personal_content: plugin could store array with empty item
        Fixed bug: Product upgrades didn't work after first recurring payment on some systems.
        Fixed bug: File-upload plugin didn't store files from profile page.
        New plugin: SendGrid newsletter plugin. (support of SendGrid Marketing Emails)

    Affiliate Program
        Bug fixed: incorrect commission calculation for tier affiliate in case of multi-currency environment (we need to do exchange only for first level affiliate)
        Minimum payout should be inclusive
        Fix filters in Clicks/Sales Statistics
        API: introduced REST API controllers - aff-payouts and aff-payout-details
        Display list of affiliate payouts in user account (front end)
        New payout method - Pagseguro
        New commission condition rule: by used payment system
        Ability to recalculate commission for existing payments
        Aff-Leads Plugin: Allow affiliate to see their leads in member area
        Do not allow to use affiliate coupon code for own purchases.
        Affiliate program: Click details will be available for each affiliate in  member's area.
        aff-manager plugin: Generate affiliate coupon for new affiliate (login used as coupon code) and set defined affiliate manager (user) as a 2-tier affiliate for all new affiliates

    Payment Plugins
        New Payment Plugin: Przelewy24 (
        New Payment Plugin: Authorize.NET DPM (
        ccBill: added cancellations support
        Multicards plugin fixed.
        Fixed Bug: Tax was applied twice for paypalExpress recurring payments
        New Plugin:  Multicards
        2CO plugin:
            do not show error on thanks page if transaction was processed already.
            add currency support
            fix for case of purchase product with qty more then one
        ccBill upgrade fixes
        Verotel payment plugin : do not output errors
        New Payment Plugin: JamboPay (
        Fortumo plugin: display local billing terms provided by local mobile operator
        New Payment Plugin: PAYEER (
        Charge2000 plugin. New API implemented.
        New Payment Plugin: Paytrail (
        New Payment Plugin: Paymentwall
        FastSpring : multipurchase added
        deprecate plimus plugin, introduce bluesnap instead
        Braintree : usage of all currencies added(requires set up merchant account id for each product)
        New Payment Plugin: OKPAY (provided by okpay team)
        Payment Plugin: Pagseguro V2 API implementation
        paypal-express - fixed automatic cancel of upgraded invoice
        Add new echeck payment plugin: Payments Gateway
        New Payment Plugin: Netbanx

    Integration Plugins
        Wordpress plugin: added support for Wordpress 4 default template and single-login
        one-file-invoices: allow admin to download multiple invoices in one file (It can be usefull in order to print invoices for some period of time)
        Joomla protect plugin : check password using 2 formats for better compatibility
        New Integration Plugin: MachForm (
        Invision plugin: Bulk notifications were not enabled for users created from amember
        Fixed bug: Xenforo plugin: User's password wasn't properly set in xenforo after aMember upgrade.
        Icecast plugin ported from v3
        Self Service Module: New Report: Credits spent by products breakdown


Release Date: 5/20/2014
    Fixed bug: Rebill times wasn't re-calculated properly. and this has been
        reason for script errors in rare situations
    API: Am_Event::AUTH_GET_OK_REDIRECT introduced, Called on choose redirect url after login
    Fixed bug: aMember CP wasn't properly displayed on mobile devices
    Schedule-access: correctly handle situation when invoice or access record is removed
    Fixed bug: am-combobox element wasn't displayed properly if initial select was hidden.
    Fixed bug: import3 script didn't import taxes for paypal payments
    Ability to add column with user groups to grid with users in admin interface
    Helpdesk: store original template in user space in order to strings was fetched to user.po
    Implements #1449 - liveedit - display errors (eg. unique coupon check)
    New Report: User Demographics - number of users per region
    New Report: Active Users by Products (number of active users per product)
    Add placeholder
    Fixed bug: Date fields were set incorrectly
    Fixed bug: Expiration notifications where sent to not-approved users
    Load admin widgets by ajax. This will help where there are a lot of report widgets and dashboard load is slow
    Display link to cancel subscription in admin interface only in case payment plugin support it
    Newsletter: on plugin configuration screen added notice how to continue
        integration (where to add integration records)
    Fixed bug: Paysystems brick wasn't hidden when there is only free products in some situations

    Affiliate program
        Ability to clear old affiliate clicks from admin interface
        Do not change affiliate betwen start registration and email confirmation

    SoftSale module
        Fixed Bug: do not issue license for disabled license schemes
        Display 'lifetime' instead of actual date for license
        Fixed bug: lifetime expiration date wasn't applied to license.

        Xero Plugin improvement: pass calculated tax to xero.
        phpMyDirectory protection plugin added
        Fixed bug: buddypress groups were not updated on expiration.
        Fixed bug: Refunds were not handled by Authorize.NET AIM plugin.
        Fixed bug: PAP plugin: fixed single login between aMember and PAP.
        vBulletin plugin: Added support for vBulletin 5.1
        phpBB - update counter after user is deleted
        Moodle - fixed notices

    Payment Plugins
        Realexpayments payment plugin added
        Avangate payment plugin added : IPN's only
        New payment plugin: Fortumo (SMS payments)
        Stripe plugin: pre-fill address form on CC info page.
        Zombaio - fixed handling of imported invoices
        CCBill - dynamic pricing added
        Stripe - fixed reuse form
        RealExpayments plugin fixed
        Fixed bug: Authorize.CIM plugin unable to start payment when payment
            profile was deleted on Authorize.NET site
        Zendesk plugin: Fixed exception on logout
        JustClick payment plugin: only IPN


Release Date: 4/24/2014
    Fixed a problem with helpdesk handling (introduced in 4.4.0 BETA)
    Fixed bug: Amazon SES didn't work for some regions.
    Fixed Bug: Xenforo plugin wasn't compatible with latest xenforo version.
    Fixed bug: Unable to edit profile when pap plugin enabled.
    Fixed bug: Taxes were not properly imported from amember v3
    Pap plugin: Fixed bug: duplicate user was created in pap on profile update.
    Personal Folder: ability to include link on personal folder to email templates
    If admin has access to see list of users, he should see list of unconfirmed users as well
    Shopping Cart: free payment system should be always in list of available paymentsystem to be able to handle free signup
    XenForo : make use of use PHPPASS, and XenForo 1.3 support added


Release Date: 4/16/2014
    Core Changes
        JQuery updated to 2.1.0
        ZF1 updated to 1.12.5
        Ability to restrict access by number of payments
        VAT ID validation: requester parameter is not mandatory but it can be VAT ID for foreign companies which begine with EU, such requester parametr will rise error and VAT will not be validated. It always return invailed VAT error
        Implements #1450 - ability to use dashes in custom invoice numbering
        Implemented (optional) JWPlayer support.
        Bug Fixed: error if user use payment link without defined payment system and only one available public payment system
        Added paysystem name to invoice list on user invoices page (backend)
        Signup form: display login form in popup if user click on link in error message regarding email address is already used
        Bug Fixed: require correct privilege for group delete action
        Fixed bug:  Fix amount and currency in email payment receipt for user template.
        Fix payments and refunds widgets: display correct currency
        Bug fixed: currectly calculate commission in multi-currency environment
        Fix sales admin widget for multi-currency environment
        Rebuild core db fixed to work when more then 10000 records needs to be rebuilt
        Fixed bug: User should not be able to install into existing database if it already holds aMember installation.
        Fixed bug: Avatar Plugin: Unable to delete avatar from profile.
        Closes #1438 - reseller_product does not depend on active products
        Bug Fixed: support for non latin symbols in name for saved_search
        Fixed bug: Incorrect discount was displayed in View Basket even if coupon can't be applied to current invoice.
        Implements #1347 - clickable email addresses in user grid (backend)
        Implements #1402 - Active resources: do not display block if empty
        Closes #1398 - allow to interect with ckeditor elements that located outside of modal popup window (jQuery UI block such interaction by default)
        Backward compatibility : php_include method from v3 will work after upgrade
        Do not set HttpOnly flag for amember_nr cookie in order to video from protected folders works on mobile devices (android espesially)
        Extended field length for fields which holds IP addresses, in order to support IPv6
        Update am_invoice.product_ids when product is replaced in invoice_item
        New Payment Plugin: interkassa
        Closes #1420 - allow activation/deactivation of products using the selection boxes and associated menu
        Fixed "continue" link for mass emails
        Form options: sorted alphabetically from now on
        Fixed bug: Inet-cache cancellation requests were handled as regular payments.
        Dates like 03/05/90 should be treated as date in the past  and not in the future.  Now if year is more then 37, scritp will assume that this is date in the past and not in the future as if was before.
        Ability to display Name brick on forms for logged in users
        Add rebill date to invoice grid (backend)
        Implements #1404 - Helpdesk: Notification to admin when ticket is assigned to him
        Thanks Page Plugin: allows to add some custom html content on thank you page based on purchased product
        Added new language file: Polish
        Fixed bug: Do not display decimals for JPY prices
        Fixed bug: User real Name was deleted in third-party scripts on user update in aMember
        Admin Notification on Bruteforce Attack Detection
        Bug fixed : rebuildDB did not update full name correctly
        Fixed bug: "First only" option didn't work for iDevAffiliate plugin.
        Notification wasn't displayed in profile when user changed email address with "email verification enabled"
        Implements #1260 - make automatic sending of Signup E-Mail after manually assigning product optional
        Implemented combobox (searchable selects) support.
        Helpdesk: display comment regarding user in ticket context for admin
        Ability to set up poster for video
        Always enable autoPlay for video with poster so user do not need to click twice to play video
        Fixed bug: incorrect javascript was included in custom signup form when renderEasyArray was used.
        Bug Fixed: internal error on payment fallback controller in case of there is only one available payment method, addRule return rule but not element itself
        Signup form: Product Brick: if the brick is not required and there are no appropriate products for this brick just do not insert it to form instead of display fatal error
        Fixed bug: Product "Disallow" requirements wasn't applied to shopping cart.
        Lifetime Plugin: plugin didn't work right if product had more then one billing plan with different periods.
        Added div wrapper around payment history and active subscriptuon block so it can be hidden via CSS
        Notification: ability to sort notification
        Fixed bug: Unable to login using email address which contains "+" symbol
        Fixed bug: Logged in user didn't  have an access to protected folder immediately if access was added by admin from amember CP. Re-login was required.
        New Report: Payments vs Refunds by date

    Affiliate Program
        Show totals on affiliate stats page.
        Use base currency to display commission value instead of currency of item
        New feature in affiliate program: Click Tracking code. Ability to insert click tracking code to any page on the site, so affiliates can use URLS like:
        aff-bonus plugin: allow to grant access to products to affiliate based on number of referrals
        Added replacing of additional SQL fields to %affiliate.*% email tagset
        Closes #1393 - fixed issue with incorrect aff set if username of affiliate begin with numbers
        Fixed "aff clicks" report

    PDF Invoice
        Add %invoice.% tags sets to pdf invoice footer
        Fixed bug: %user.name_l% shortcode didn't work
        Implements #1442 - Allow all user/invoice/payment sql fields to be used in Invoice PDF filename

        UI to insert user placeholders to Pages (Protect Content)
        API: references to DbSimple_Mypdo replaced to DbSimple_Interface to make configuration flexible
        Am_Event::PRODUCT_AFTER_DELETE hook introduced - ability to do some cleanup for plugins/modules
        use base64 to encode headers for email, quoted_printable is too verbose (Transaction failed: Address length is more than 320 bytes long)
        ability to define admin menu icon from modules
        Fixed bug: Am_Lite didn't work when MySQL prefix started from number(for example '2amember_')
        new hook: INVOICE_PAYMENT_REFUND.  Executed when new refund record is added.
        API: new event affGetPayoutOptions: called to retrieve available affiliate payout methods

        helpdesk: emphase current ticket in ticket history
        helpdesk: display number of tickets for current user on Tickets tab (backend)
        subusers: introduce %reseller.*% email tagset;
        gift-voucher: load brick stuff on demand
        Login Remider Plugin: allow to set up notification email which will be send to user if he has not logged in to site for a long time
        force-i-agree plugin: allow for admin to reset i_agree flag for all users and force them to agree again (with new terms and cond) after login
        file-upload add-on: ability to make "upload" required in signup form editor
        new plugin: Helpdesk Autoclose. Provides an ability to autoclose  tickets due to inactivity.
        user-note: require correct permission for grid with notes
        Implements #1358 - Helpdesk: snippet contet and FAQ quick links paste where the cursor is placed
        Fixed bug : subusers module did not allow to remove groups from subuser if more then 1 group were added
        Refs #1382 - Avatar: ability to set up default image

    SoftSale module
        Added ability to protect files uploaded via ftp
        Disable licenses for upgraded invoice
        New setting for "predefined" license scheme: Number of available licenses when "low keys notification " will be sent.
        Display "licenses" tab only if user has at least one license

    Self-Service Module
        Send "zero" autoresponders for products purchased for credits
        Add readme, register credits as available payout method

    Integration Plugins
        ArpReach : uses different list ID for unsubcribing
        MailChimp:  e-commerce360 support, new option added (Send Goodbye email)
        Xenforo plugin: Fixed Bug: Unable to login after session timeout in xenforo.
        Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: widgets didn;t work when wordpress admin was loaded through https.
        Wordpress plugin: warning fixed: Illigal string offset...
        Infusion-soft : optimization
        Xeroapi plugin fixed
        E107 integration plugin added
        Zencart plugin fixed
        Drupal plugin: Fixed bug:  Unable to update users in Drupal in aMember 4.3.6
        xCart Plugin: fixed single login issues.
        Moodle Plugin: Implemented Moodle 2.6 support
        PAP plugin: Refund commissions automatically when new refund is registered by aMember.
        Chamilo integration plugin added
        Added new newsletter plugin: MaroPost ( )
        PAP plugin: Fixed bug: new user was created in pap when user changes email in amember. Plugin will not assign duplicate refid and userid anymore.
        Blockchain plugin changed to production status
        Epoch : fixed handling of recurring payments
        Joomla : set up jacluser session parameter after login
        UserECHO SSO  plugin.
        phpBB : fixed error with duplicate records in some cases
        Joomla plugin : added support of jomsocial and jacl groups

    Payment Plugins
        MaxMind Minfraud and Phone verification added
        Braintree : update cc info link added
        Moneris-cc payment plugin added(store cc info), import correct paysys_id for moneris, moneris_r.
        Added new payment plugin: fasapay (
        Added new payment plugin: dragonpay (
        Added new payment plugin: algocharge (
        Securetrading payment plugin added
        Added new cc payment plugin: open-gateway (
        ClickBetter payment plugin added(receives IPN only)
        Vmerchant payment plugin added
        Usaepay payment plugin added
        Jvzoo refund processing fixed: sends the same transaction ID for payment and refund
        Twocheckout plugin: Unable to cancel subscription in some situations.
        Braintree plugin: Show Select for state and country options instead of text boxes.
        idevaffiliate: configuration option to pass to idevaffiliate only initial payments for recurring subscriptions
        Braintree : refunds fixed
        2000Charge  plugin testing.
        Cashenvoy : show error message on thanks page
        Stripe: default paysytem title and description
        Payflow : readme added
        DirectOne payment plugin
        Cashenvoy payment plugin added
        Added new payment plugin: eCheck
        EwayRapid 3 updated to work with API 3.1 and phone field added, refunds implemented
        ClickAndBuy : old integration method does not work anymore, now it will be cc plugin
        Gate2shop : recurring added
        2000Charge plugin becomes beta.
        OCPortal integration plugin added
        Blockchain payment plugin added : accepts bitcoins
        paypal-express : more logging for express-checkout action
        zombaio : dynamic pricing added
        ccbill : autocreate added
        New Payment plugin: Robokassa
        Offline Plugin: ability to include receipt html to payment instruction
        Targetpay-wap payment plugin added
        New payment plugin: EasyPayDirect
        Stripe plugin: do not generate exception when user's profile is missing. Instead aMember should ask to provide CC info again.
        Stripe : show correct last 4 digits of cc in reuse form
        Stripe : Added state and country selects to CC form
        Added new payment plugin: graypay
        Gate2Shop: auto-creation of user/invoice implemented
        ClickBank: implemented ability to configure SkinID
        DotPay payment plugin added
        Added payment plugin for Xfers: Singapore payment system


Release Date: 12/3/2013
    Core Changes
        New Module: Self-Service allows to sell "credits" then allow users to spent
                    these credits in your store
        New Module: SoftSale to generate software keys and handle online activations (optional "call-home")
        Improved admin dashboard widgets
        Ability to use Signup Form without Product Brick (just user record without any subscription will be added)
        Closes #1344 : duplicated plugins were listed wrongly in integration protection section
        Return correct http response code in mantintance mode
        Fixed bug: Unable to save agreement if agreement text includes encoded entities.
        Fixed bug: Recurring IPN messages were not handled properly for invoices which were imported into aMember from different systems
        aMember will save generated password for new users for 6 hours and password will be displayed on "thanks" page
        PDF Invoice: additional placeholder which can be used in file name of invoice (, %user.name_f%, %user.name_l%)
        New User Filter Condition: Spent Amount
        Bug Fixed: detail link for refunds in Sales Admin Widget did not work
        Make "products" column in content grids expandable so admin can check access permission without click edit icon (backend)
        Payments Grid: ability to export first and last name in seprate columns, ability to export date without time (backend)
        Ability to display active user subscriptions in user grid (backend)
        CSRF protection for user profile form (frontend)
        Cart: Added "Display All" option to category menu in shopping cart (there was no way to return back to default products view after one category was selected)
        Fixed bug: When user press enter in Helpdesk Faq Search textbox, he was redirected tp ugly search result page.
        Fixed bug: User's session was not cleared if user was deleted from aMember CP.
        Bug fixed : redirect to first url did not work
        Closes #1321 - Custom Access Denied redirect for folders, files, pages
        Added ability to filter by more than one product in aMember CP -> Payments report
        Added coupon field to shopping cart checkout
        Added "Remove Label" option for Product Brick
        Forms Editor: ability to reset labels for bricks to default, live indication of custom labels
        Payments admin widget: visual distinguish for payments from existing users and payments from new users
        Fixed report "Payments by product" categories breakdown
        Implements #1221 - Discrepancies between Display fields options and Export fields options in Browse User Grid
        Closes #1289 - 'No, cancel' button does not work if try to delete invoice from user's payments page
        Single Login Session: Bug Fixed: in case right after login user was
           redirected to not aMember page it is possible to login from other mashine
           before first user open some aMember driven page
        Improve visualization of rebuild db (backend)
        Closes #1310 - does not show action related stuff in grid in case of this action is not available for currently logged in user according his permissions
        Include Payments widget to admin dashboard by default, change default periods for Sales widget to 'today' and 'this week'
        Improve admin widgets, made it more userfrendly on narrow screen
        Made admin dashboard more responsive
        Fixed warning in admin user invoices view (near the _Refund_ link)
        Fixed bug: In some situations users could be double-billed if there was an error in mail template.
        Refs #1095 - Display Next Rebill Date for Recurring Subscription on user side
        Do not display link to download pdf invoice for refunded payments on user side
        Bug Fixed: in active subscription section expired subscription was also shown. (we need to move active access condition from JOIN to WHERE to correctly limit records)
        Improve invoice layout in member area, list invoices in reverse chronological order so most recent one was at beginning
        Include Additional User Fields (type sql) to standard placeholders set for email templates
        Bug Fixed: in case of multiple product brick added in one time in form editor all magicaselect was defined without respect to orig configuration (form is cloned and new instance lost data so we need to use dom attribute to transfer orig configuration to new instance)
        Display progress bar during bulk email send
        PDF Invoice: Ability to use user specific placeholders in footer text
        PDF invoice: add column with number of item
        %user.unsubscribe_link% email placeholder added
        Display 'Product Categories' column in product listing only in case at least one product assigned to some category (backend)
        Improve style of Brick Editor
        Bug Fixed: ability to customize labels for Next and Back on signup form works now, also it is possible to customize title for each signup form step
        Implement #899 - ability to switch Visual HTMl editor off completly
        Ability to assign/remove group to users in bulk
        Implements #1318 - ability to remove email from queue (super admin permission required)
        Closes #1341 - ckeditor preserve all html tags and attributes, ability to set up code of all page with <html></html>
        Implements #995 - Multi-line rows for pdf table to handle situation with too long product title
        New Report: Count of Product Purchase by date
        Text invoice representation (included to email) correctly handle long product names
        i18n: Respect Locale Settings during label display in report for quant Month
        Fixed Bug: Problem in encypriton/decription method. Some data in CC info wasn't properly encrypted/decrypted.
        Fixed bug : not sorted output for saved reports as widgets on dashboard
        Fixed bug : coupon validation did not work right for assigned coupons
        Fixed bug : newsletters plugin config was saved without prefix in some cases.
        Video: ability to use custom template and use meta tags (title/keywords/description)
        Closes #1322 - filter added between dates should be inclusive
        Fixed Bug: Multy-line fields were imported incorrectly in grids
        Refs #1311: Newsletter: ability to hide some newslatter threads in member area
        Helpdesk: respect user language preference for email notifications
   Shopping Cart
        Ability to limit cart catalog by some subtree of product categories, only categories from this subtree will be shown, only products from this categories is show. By default use root
        Hide column tax and discount for cart if there is not text and discount
        Visual highlight cart block, visual feedback for user when item added to cart. Display item status (Already in cart|You have 4 items in your cart)
        Ability to reuse exiting images for other products
        Allow to select paysystems for cart page
    Affiliate Program
        Aff stats display display hyperlinks to details only in case details exists
        improve visualiazation of aff stat (commisson/clicks/leads) in admin interface (backend)
        ability to void commission from edit user page
        improve tier visualisation in grid with commissions (backend)
        track used commission rules and display it for admin reference (backend)
        notice for admin if affiliate<->user relation is expired in edit user page in affiliate section (backend)
        redirect referrers to custom url
        ability to test aff commission rules for any billing plan, ablity to define qty in test invoice
        Fixed bug: Logged in affiliate wasn't properly redirected to affiliate's area from signup form in some situations.
        add invoice column to commission listing (backend)
        improve aff stat visualization in user profile (backend)
        Bug Fixed: void was not included to payout in case of it was issued after commision was already paid
        Ability to void commission added
        add hyperlinks to affiliate profile in payout details grid (backend)
        Visual distinguish paid and not paid payout details in admin interface
        Fixed bug : aff link did not work for affiliates with space in login
        Bug Fixed: affiliate banners without category was not listed on affiliate page
        Implements #1314 - automatic email notification for affiliate when their commission is paid out
        Allow use of html editor to edit Intro Text on Affiliate Info Page
        Use dropdown menu item to show helpdesk and FAQ
        Do not show column 'owner' on tickets grid (backend)
        Display link to faq item in admin interface
        Allow use of html editor to edit Intro Text on Helpdesk Page
        Implements #1330 - Remove Attachments (actual files) from support tickets if ticket is removed
    Payment Plugins
        New payment plugin: eNETs through
        4csonline payment plugin added
        NAB Transact payment plugin
        CoinBase plugin added
        1SC : first recurring payment was not added properly
        Changed clickbank plugin thanks url. Clickbank doesn't allow to use word "clickbank" in url anymore. Old urls will work as well though
        Sliiing payment plugin added
        Paypal : new option added - "Recognize pending echeck payments as completed"
        Sagepay : recurring fixed
        Refs #1311: Add new cc plugin payment - cybersource
        Add new payment plugin: checkout (
        Eway Rapid : recurring fixed
        JVZoo payment plugin added
        CCAvenue payment plugin added
        Implemented ability to refund paypal-pro  payments.
        Implemented ability to refund paypal-express  payments.
        Fixed bug: Payflow PRO plugin was unable to rebill users imported from amember v3.
        Added additional currency for PayPal (TRY, RUB)
    Wordpress Integration
        Added WP Courseware support
        Fixed bug: incorrect 404 errors when wordpress network enabled in Wordpress plugin configuration
        Improved compatibility between aMember layout and wordpress themes
    Integration Plugins
        Appointmind integration plugin added
        Fixed bug: Invision plugin didn't update stats correctly on user insert
        Zendesk integration plugin added
        Add new protect plugin: prestashop
        Add new protect plugin: zencart
        AdultVideoScript integration plugin added
        Bug Fixed: smf plugin produce unexpected output on user update (debug code)
        Infusion-soft plugin, enable cache by default.
    Extension Plugins
        Add new misc plugin: shipwire (
        Notification: force utf-8 encoding for MySQL columns
        Notification plugin: separate style for notifications
        Refs #1366 - notification plugin: ability to setup notification for user group
        Login via IP plugin: added support of IP ranges
        User Note Plugin: adds additional tab to user profile where admin can leave some comments regarding this user (backend)
        gift-vouchers: fix labels for email placeholder titles
        AffLevels: display fully qualified group name
        Add new misc plugin: AffCoupons
        Subscription limit : show limit in the products grid
        Added new newsletter plugin: SuperWebMailer (
        block-pending-invoice plugin - display list of user pending invoice with link to pay it or disregard
        Fixed bug: Incorrect Aweber plugin settings broke amember CP -> Setup  completly.
        Mailchimp : fixed to resubscribe user after email address is changed
        New storage plugin:
        Notification Plugin: Ability to track clicks on link in notification
        Bug Fixed: avatar/donation plugins bricks fixed
        Fixed Bug: Infusion soft plugin problem on daily cron
    API Changes
        Bug Fixed: data table was not cleared when incomplete invoice removed
        API: new event affPayout - called after payouts is calculated
        API: move Am_Blocks::addDefaultBlocks call to Di so give chance to remove standard blocks for plugins
        API: new event INVOICE_SIGNUP - may be used to attach some data from vars to invoice
        Cron: provide info about time of execution for cron event handlers
        Am_Grid_Field_Expandable: respect UTF-8 encoding


Release Date: 10/5/2013
  Minor bugfixes: rebuild database routines optimized


Release Date: 10/4/2013
  Bug Fixed: user_status table was sync incorrectly for expired products in some cases (delete access/delete user)
  Activecampaign plugin fixed
  Fixed bug: Unable to import user and invoice external_id at the same time. Field names were the same.
  Fixed bug: Unable to import recurring invoices. All invoices were created as not recurring.
  Added user's external ID for import
  Added ability to import invoice_external_id, useful for import of existing paypal subscribers
  Respect Product Category Hierarchy (move from develop branch)
  Fixed bug: wordpress plugin set default value for before/after select
  Paysafecard payment plugin (move from develop branch)
  Closes #1262 - removed "free_without_login" access permission option for folders
  Implements #1294 - javascript file for custom js code which is not overwritten during upgrades


Release Date: 10/1/2013
  New Brick: ManualAccess (allow to add access to some products in background for new user signup - before payment!)
  Fixed bug: unable to save product when clickbank plugin is enabled. (Unnecessary space before <?php tag)
  Fixed inet-cash plugin
  Fixed notice in amember CP when aweber plugin is enabled.
  Affiliate: display user payouts on user edit page, ability to check commissions included in choosen payout (backend)
  Wordpress plugin: fixed bug, incorrect protection of whole blog in some situations.
  Affiliate: track datetime of affiliate assign, take it into account when use 'User-Affiliate Relation Lifetime'
  OfficeAutoPilot ( SendPepper ) newsletter plugin added
  Bug Fixed: need to use placeholder instead of literal value for db prefix (upgrade has been broken in 4.3.0+ if
    database prefix other than "am_" has been used for aMember)
  Payflow plugin fixed to use new API
  Korean locale fixed
  API: move brick specific processing to Brick class, use Events to job


Release Date: 9/27/2013
   Implements #1288 - upgrade CKEDITOR to latest version
   Bug Fixed: (affects 4.3.0+) avoid infinite loop if database had deleted users
   Bug Fixed: Import does not go further from second step
   Display cancel date for invoice in admin interface
   Removed fieldset for coupon brick (coupon converted to a normal single field)
   Drupal : single login for subdomains fixed
   New Feature: abilitty to display products list in popup in case of checkbox input type is used (can be enabled in the brick configuration)
   Single-login-sesssion: Added notification to admin on simultaneous login
   Added filter by payment system to amember CP -> Payments report.
   Fixed several problems with payout when using wordpress theme integration.
   Improved Demo Data Generation: 20% probability of cancel on each payment for recurring invoices
   Closes #1297 - Account sharing Notification should send Email only once (per 20 minutes) for multiple login attempts
  Added Link to details from affiliate commission amount in sales widget on dashboard


Release Date: 9/19/2013
  Fixed 4.3.0 bug: unable to submit signup form in php < 5.3.0
  Fixed 4.3.0 bug: Error in wordpress theme integration.  Several Warnings on redirects when use wordpress theme is enabled.
  Fixed 4.3.0 bug: Incorrect shopping cart layout when use wordpress theme.
  Improve "Rebills by Date" page
  Added filter to commissions grid on user page (backend)
  Group Affiliate related tabs to one section in edit user screen in admin interface, add tab with commissions related to this user
  Display related affiliate commissions in Invoice details on user page in admin interface
  Ability to send email with payment link for any pending invoice in admin interface


Release Date: 9/18/2013
    Implements #384 - responsive design for default theme, works fine on mobile devices
    Implements #470 - option to play a non-member video if not logged in, and a not-proper level video if logged in but of wrong level
    Implements #1180 - Redirect after login -- If only one protected URL, go directly to the URL. Otherwise go to membership page
    Implements #864 - Report of retention rates
    Ajax validation of username/email/coupon
    Implements #1014 - New setting for redirect after logout : redirect user to the page where logout link was clicked
    Fixed bug: Cancel links didn't work for paypal-express plugin.
    Implements #1030 - Ability to remove e-mails from history on the "e-mail users" page (for Super Admin Only)
    Display info about users with same registration IP on edit user page in admin interface
    Refs #1120 - Last User Logins Widget
    Display next rebill date for invoice event we can not change it (it is important information for admins)
    Subusers: send zero-day autoresponders to subusers
    Added ability to exclude refunded payments from payment list at Report -> Payments
    Utilize invoice_public_id field instead of JOIN with invoice table
    Fixed bug: Base URL on thanks page were wrong in some situations.
    Calculate totals for refunds grid
    Calculate Totals in Payment Grid in case of Filter is applied
    Translations from database will be searched by Locale first and then by language code. (in order to support zh_Hans and zh_Hant locales)
    Added support of zh_Hans and zh_hant locales to Zend_Locale
    Added ability to resend postback for paypal pro plugin.
    Fixed bug: Rebuild DB sometimes generate "Incorrect response received" error.
    Notification Plugin: ability to preview notification from admin interface
    Notification Plugin: ability to use custom html to build messasge , ability to limit number of display per user
    Implements #608 - Metadata for saved forms
    New Feature: metatags support for Pages
    Subusers module: add resseler's placeholder to subuser email template
    Implements #1287 - Ability to Import Coupon codes from CSV list
    Implements #1220 - Enhancement of security permisions in Admin Settings
    Closes #1282 - respect product sort order in report display
    Underlaying ZendFramework updated to 1.11.14
    Implements #1245 - List of future rebillings, Improve Invoice filter (ability to search by tm_added, tm_started, tm_cancelled, rebill_date)
    Implements #954 - Support for Range- HTTP headers in downloads (download will not start again if interrupted and started again)
    Refs #1220 - added separate admin permission for message translations
    Improve Options Editor: ability to import options from CSV list
    Implements #1176 - Allow to completely customize 404/Not Found error page (use built-in amember pages)
    New Feature: allow to choose require behaviour of Product brick
      * Default - Make this Brick Required Only in Case There is not any Required Brick on Page Above It
      * Always - Force User to Choose Some Product from this Brick
      * Never - Products in this Brick is Optional (Not Required)
      * Alternate - User can Choose Product in any Brick of Such Type on Page but he Should Choose at least One Product
    Implements #959 - in forms - fields only displayed if membership is active
    Implements #1042 - Ability to select certain BILLING PLANS to appear on a signup form
    Interface to assign affiliate to coupon batch or to exact coupon
    Abillity to preview content pages from admin interface
    New Feature: ability to preview expire and autoresponder from admin interface
    API: ability to use custom transport instead of Default for send emails
    New Feature: ability to completely customize index page from admin interface (use one of pages for it)
    Subusers: Added ablility to import subusers from a CSV file
    Implements #1265 - added product title placeholder to expire emails
    Easy Ability to Set Lifetime Date from admin Interface - just button Lifetime in Datepicker
    OTO: avoid to add additional html tags in case of offer is already conplete html page
    Bug fixed: datepicker was not initialized in case of element added to DOM later (as result of ajax request)
    Add integration with LimeLight CRM as payment plugin
    Added ability to send autoresponder and expiration email to admin, other emails, bcc
    Gift-vouchers misc plugin: fix generate random code
    Subusers: ability to use different profile form for subusers
    Helpdesk: user can not reply in closed ticket
    Phpfox plugin updated to work with 3.6.0
    InfusionSoft plugin: catch errors in init
    Added ability to sort helpdesk categories
    Bug fixed: notification about cancelled invoice has been sent to user instead of admin
    New feature: short urls for signup pages
    Ability to change header logo for default theme from admin interface
    Directory: use installation specific obfuscate method to hide real user id to do not disclosure real user id
    Helpdesk: new configuration option - ability to make FAQ section public
    Ability to add gravatar images to user grid in admin interface
    Implements #1271 - Show Gravatar Images on HelpDesk Tickets
    Implements #1269 - GST tax should be calculated after total and without price changing
    Implements #1255 - Improve FAQ in Helpdesk
    Refs #1255 - helpdesk: ability to set up FAQ items without categories, ability to edit existing categories
    Implements #1163 - IP Blocking convenience link
    Implements #1093 - when using coupon which is not applicalable to current purchase - post an error
    Implements #974 - Invoicing (compose invoice from admin interface and send payment link to user email)
    Implements #800 - Ability to make any custom field hidden on signup form and set default value
    Agreement Brick: configuration option to not dispaly agreement text on form, display only tick box instead
    Bug fixed : browse link did not work for resend email action if entered body is too long
    API: new event Am_Event::SAVED_FORM_GET_BRICKS - ability to change list of bricks depends on current enviroment,
        may be usefull for many customizations
    Implements #1110 - coupon usage - only if active/expired for product X
    Implements #1266 - Add refund status to admin payments page/export
    Implements #789 - Email History Per User
    Added Japanese language
    Fixed bug: reCaptcha was not loaded correctly on non-Apache servers when use https.
    Bug fixed: coupon was applied to any product in case if coupon configuration has choosen empty category as
       Product Restriction option
    Fixed bug : Send copy of all admin notifications did not allow to use list of emails
    Misc Plugin: Login Monitor - send email message to admin every time user login to aMember
    Coupons usage statistic fixed to show transactions(payments + 100% discounted invoices)
    New option for newsletters plugins added : Unsubscribe customer from selected newsletter threads after signup or payment
    Added lost password form protection by IP address. If there are too many requests from the same IP, form will be blocked for 3 hours.
    Activecampaign plugin reworked
    New option added : recaptcha theme for login page
    Implements #885 - affiliate ID - use username/do not reveal id of user in database
    Fixed bug: Unable to configure sales widget on Dashboard.
    API: GET_LOGIN_REGEX and GET_STRONG_PASSWORD_REGEX events introduced, ability to alter
       hardcoded regexp from plugin or site.php
    Fixed bug: Zero commissions should not be added.
    Fixed bug: Save button in member's area -> Affiliate Info -> Payout info wasn't translated properly.
    Implements #1227 - Change BLOB value in am_store to MEDIUMBLOB, there is no any issue with performance
    Implements #968 - does not allow to paste to confirmation email/password field
    Implements #1233 - Reflect refunds in last X payments widget + separate widget With refunds
    Helpdesk: Ability to change category of existing ticket in admin interface
    API: ability to customize profile page from hooks (member/profile/top and member/profile/bottom blocks)

    Single-login-session plugin implemented:
      Implements #231 - Single Login Session: Several users will not be able to login simultaneously from different computers with same credentials.
      ability to allow simultaneous login, use plugin only to track online status
      Implements #1120 - customer login indicator (Online/Never/Last Login DateTime) (single-login-session plugin)
      API: new event introduced Am_Event::AUTH_CHECK_USER can be used to prevent user login from plugin eg. it can be used to not allow concurent sign in for same user from different hosts
      Subusers module: fix placeholders

    Affiliate Program
      Track affiliate source and display it for admin reference enum('cookie', 'ip', 'admin-ID', 'coupon-CODE')
      Ability to filter affiliate stats by date range
      Calculate totals in affiliate commission stats
      API: New hook GET_AFF_REDIRECT_LINK added to change affiliate redirect link
      Added Webmoney as affiliate payout method
      Ability to set up email notification for user who got commission but did not choose payout method yet (sent only once for user)
      Render notice regarding empty affiliate payout methods on all affiliate pages as well
      Added ability to remove generated payout in case it was not paid yet
      Implements #956 - Ability to assign coupon code to specific affiliate
      Implements #1209 - ability to add affiliate links into outgoing e-mails
      Affiliate: ability to change affiliate for user or complete unassign it from admin interface
      Implements #1077 - ability to organize banners by category, ability to add HTML block to the top of the page where admin can provide instructions for affiliates

    Shopping Cart:
      ability to manage layout from admin interface
      separate image size for preview, cart and full description image
      image of product in cart
      display either short description or full description, not both together
      user Frendly URLs for products - /product/product+alias

    Integration Plugins:
      InfusionSoft: Fixed bug: plugin's cron process  failed if contact was removed from InfusionCRM.
      InfusionSoft: Bug fixed : paypal ipn did not work with enabled infusion-soft
      Added new protect plugin: typo3
      Bug fixed : drupal plugin could not parse config for version 6

    Wordpress Integration:
      Closes #1259 Wordpress plugin: Implemented Bulk protection for custom post types
      Closes #1285 Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: category protection didn't work.
      Fixed bug: Wordpress protected content wasn't available for administrators.
      Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin. Incompatibility with NextGen plugin fixed.
      Fixed bug: Infusion plugin didn't use cache in some situations.
      Wordpress plugin: remove get_called_class defenition. Function is incorrect and can lead to infinity loop
      Wordpress plugin: fixed errors on edit tag screen.

    Payment Plugins:
      Implemented "Accept Direct Payments" for epoch payment plugin.
      Moneybookers : cancellations support added, status changed to beta
      PayPalPro: Fixed bug: SuccessWithWarning  response wasn't properly handled
      Plimus : can handle direct payments now
      PayOne payment plugin: some bugs fixed
      Wepay : new option - fee payer
      TargetPay-iDeal cc payment plugin: new cbank format; fixed directdebit check URL
      Added validation mode to Zombaio plugin. Zombaio doesn't allow to install zscript without validation now.
      Fixed paypal cancellation links.
      Madmimi plugin fixed
      Implemented update CC info for paypal pro plugin.
      Xcart plugin fixed
      Payforit cc plugin: add option for use iframe at aMember site
      Payflow-link plugin fixed : handle browser redirect to IPN URL and redirect to default thanks page
      Payment Express (DPS) payment plugin: typo fixed
      DPS Payment Express cc payment plugin: add possiblity to change plugin button name at admin area
      1SC multipurchase fixed(in front of Amember)
      Fixed bug: payFlow Link plugin didn't activate completed payment.
      Bitpay payment plugin: added default option of speed/risk and http-protocol for returl-url at plugin settings
      Bitpay payment plugin: add speed/risk options of transaction
      A6iT cc payment plugin: fix validate at rebilling
      1shoppingcart: correctly handle start recurring in case of free trial
      Bug fixed : 2CO - did not count first period for recurring products if product is not lifetime
      Fixed bug: Free trials were not handled correctly to 1SC plugin.
      Fixed bug: Unable to purchase multiple products via fastspring, when it used before amember.


Release Date: 7/8/2013
  IMPORATANT: Improved checks for payment amount for not-recurring PayPal payments
  Implements #1213 - ability to select all fields in export and customize table action
  Added new cc payment plugin: DPS Payment Express (cc is not stored)
  Payforit cc payment plugin: chenges at PFI service
  Added ability to customize profile_changed template in admin interface
  Implements #693 - If no first and last name saved for affiliate then the login value should be used
  Intuit payment plugin
  BitPay payment plugin included into release for beta-testing
  Implements #563 - Change error that is displayed when you try to protect the same folder twice
  WePay : refund, cancel processing fixed


Release Date: 7/3/2013
    Added ability to play video files without Flash installation on Android devices
    One Time Offer plugin: Implements #867 - Downsells
    Refs #1233 - Reflect refunds in quick stat
    Closes #1200 - Filter checkboxes, use <label> tag
    Bug fixed: tax and shippng amount was set incorrectly to payment in case of free trial also amount was set incorrectly in case of free trial and transaction does not return amount
    Bug Fixed: affilate statistic details did not work for any quantity except day, also start was calculated incorrectly for week quantity
    "Require strong password" option implemented
    Fixed bug in Random Questions brick (first line question have been ignored)
    Cosmetic: Implements #1225 - Remove hardcoded line breaks from signup page
    Closes #1224 - Password change email sent to user when admin adds user manually
    Bug fixed : import of paysystem did not work
    Custom profile fields sorting implemented (works for backend)
    AffPayout mass paid/not paid function fixed
    Closes #1210 - Countries/States still showing in menu for admin accounts with super admin checked
    Closes #1218 - imports, email address, needs space removal to avoid errors
    Fixed bug: User had an access to protected folder after his login session timed out.
    fixed bug : autoCreateGetProducts was not called
    workaround in case if element has value which does not present in options list
    fixed bug : create users by demand did not add access to selected product
    Added new hook: 'affFindAffiliate' to change aff_id for commission calc
    fixed bug: default thanks page did not work with "thanks-redirect" plugin
    fixed bug: wrong tax for invoices with free trial
    Fixed bug : Moneris plugin added access for not completed payments
    Fixed bug: Host was ignored in new-rewrite redirects
    Fixed bug: User was not properly redirected to dwolla for payment.
    Fixed bug: payments with amount less then $1 were not added by 1SC plugin.
    Implements #665 : PlugNPay payment processor gateway Plug-In
    Notification plugin now support one notification for multiple products and categories.
    Am_Lite fixed to work with mysql socket
    Fixed bug: Syntax errors in user-invoices.phtml template.
    Ticket-roster plugin: flexible abilty to balance tickets between admins (2 ticket to one 1 ticket to another)
    Closes #1195 - issue with php if config does not allow short open tag
    Field Revision plugin: allow to track defined user fields
    Fixed bug: Incorrect value was stored in aMember CP -> Setup -> Globals -> Records per page (for grids) on setup.
    fixed bug : could not get usergroups while the plugin is not configured
    Notification Plugin: allow to set up notifications for specific user, all users, user with active product and user with active product category
    Implements #1126: Add product_title to Autoresponder notifications
    Implements #1174 - Helpdesk Tickets Lock (to prevent 2 admins answering same ticket)
    Helpdesk: configuration option to not auto quote message in reply
    Implements #1201 - Ability to disable upload attahments for users
  Member Directory
    Allow full flexability for template modification
    Allow to use different templates for different directories
    Implemented Search
    Display link to directory in member area according configuration
    Allow usage of custom fields
  Integration Plugins
    Gift-vouchers misc plugin: add product_title at email template (%gv_product_title% placeholder)
    Get-response plugin fixed
    Constant Contact Plugin implemented
    Madmimi newsletter plugin added
    VBulletin plugin is now ready for VB5
    New plugin: PhotoShow (
    Fix Joomla plugins for IE < 10
    Wordpress plugin: fixed several notices when WP is in debug mode
  Payment Plugins
    BitPay plugin added
    Payforit cc payment plugin improved
    PayOne payment plugin
    New payment plugin: netbillng - for hosted payment form
    Moneris: Set access period to RECURRING_SQL_DATE cause of Moneris doesn't post IPN on re-billings (Ticket #ZCB-59797-729)
    Bankart payment plugin changed to beta
    Wepay payment plugin added
    Metacharge payment plugin added
    Payflow Link payment plugin added
    Clickbank: fixed bug with refunds


Release Date: 4/25/2013
  Cosmetic fixes in CSS and signup form


Release Date: 4/24/2013
  Core Changes
    Implemented ability to change product quantity on signup page (works with radio, checkboxes and one selected product)
    Flowplayer updated to 3.2.16 - Fixed problems with audio files.
    API module, OneTimeOffer and SubscriptionLimit plugins are included into default aMember distributive
    Facebook Plugin: Added ability to create account right from login page.
    Implements #604 - Allow to import encrypted passwords, line ends in templates changed to proper one
    Implements #1145: Shopping Cart images load way too slow - improve loading times
    Implements #1090 - Show future subscriptions in the Active subscriptions block
    New widget for dashboard to show invoices, useful for offline payment plugin
    Upgrade paths will work for not-recurring invoices as well
    Fixed Sweden state codes
    Closes #1168 - ability to edit access records begin/expire dates.
    Closes #1177 - incorrect subscription terms text, when rebill times = charge once
    Implements #1136 - Ability to add reference/comment in manual product add
    Implements #1161 - Add a Search Filter mechanism to Protect Content section
    Downloads module: fix defining of file mime type; fix exception when downloading if downloads tab is hide
    Ability to display some content on all member pages under menu
    Closes #1185 - There is no option to add paysystem field when doing bulk import into aMember from csv file
    RandomQuestions bug fixed. Question should be excluded from a list of answers.
    Implements #1187 - Put terms text into a <span> on the form
    Db: Removed all references to Invoice::is_cancelled to avoid any confusion. This field was duplicate and had the same meaning as tm_cancelled
    New REST API method added : check by login,pass,ip(to use account sharing prevention)
    Import - allows to create recurring subscriptions
    Bundle Discount Plugin implemented
    Implemented #480 - display all billing plans in product grid
    Added ability to calculate aff commission by items sold per period
    Bug fixed: refund amount was calculated incorrectly for downgrade
    Fixed bug:  additional parameters were skipped from url when user was redirected to login page
          from bookmarked page inside protected area. For example when user tried to access this url:
          /protected/page.php?param1=1&param2=2,  after login  he was redirected to
          /protected/page.php?param1=1 now redirect will work as expected.
    "Serials" plugin added - can assign serial numbers from predefined lists
    Fixed subusers : import from csv for admin now works
    Implements #1142 - import from 3 clickbank, 1sc etc. product IDs
    Implements #1173 - display info about refunds in user area (payment history)
    Fixed bug: Clickbank plugin should process transactions which are related to vendor only.
    Added horizontal scrollbar to advanced search popup.
    Added new filter for users advanced search - 'Has invoice canceled between dates', fixed search by invoice_id
    Implements #1166 - Changed Password Email Notification
    Do not send invoices and admin notification for payments with amount = 0
    New Report: Payments by product categories breakdown
    Added new module: Downloads
    Import from amember3: added support downloads plugin (credits, history downloads)
    Credits misc plugin: add settings; add credits history at member area and credit balance link; add credit balance at admin area
    Fixed Import3 script: Set default currency for imported product if currecnty was empty in v3 product.
    Fixed bug: Product upgrade price wasn't calculated right.
    Fixed bug: DineroMail plugin didn't accept coupons.
    Import3 : fix for v3 wrong canceled payment records
    Import3 : change paysys for linkpoint -> firstdata
    DirectoryExclude brick for Member Directory module
    Implements #442 - ability to calculate start date as nearest monday, tuesday etc. or 1st day of month
    Helpdesk: ability to use snippets on create ticket form
    Added 2 new filters for users advanced search : 'Has payment made between dates' and 'Has subscription on date'
    API: Added new hook: CALCULATE_START_DATE, allows to modify subscription start date or payment or renewal
    Implements #1155 - Add coutry and state title to export field options
    Implements #1068 - New Report: Downloads by files breakdown
    Implements #1072 - Allow multiple "Sales Statistic" report windows on dashboard page
    Worldpay: Fixed bug : Interval should not be set if there is only one payment.
    Fixed bug : rebill times in generated terms should be increased by 1 if first and second price/period are equal
    Fixed bug: Endless loop in Mass subscribe function fixed. If there were a  lot of records selected, only first page of results were processed and access were added to these users multiple  times.
    Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: shortcode  editor didn't work for editor or author users.
    Fixed bug: Rebill statistics email was send even if no rebills were processed.
    Implements #1146 - ability to set up Products for Coupon Batches with categories
    Implements #1143 - config option to remove the "Your Current Password" requirement from edit profile page
    Implements #1139 - New plugin: Force users to change password every XX days.
    Added ability to change reCaptcha theme from aMember CP.
    Fixed bug: Unable to correctly activate pending Invoice from aMember CP if invoice have free trial period.
    Bug Fixed: Unable to copy code for video from expandable column, ut always drag and drop it
    Ability to translate generated terms for payments-history page, translation can be done the same way as
        explained at
    Fixed bug: Items were not properly removed from shopping cart basket
    Fixed bug: Incorrect terms were displayed in shopping cart -> view basked on add/remove items.
    Refs #1061 - ability to set product bricks to different pages
    Fixed bug : do not include access records into pdf invoice if there are no access records
               (for example if user is not approved but payment is received)
    Dutch translation updated.
    New feature: attachments in helpdesk module
    Filter tickets by category
    Implements #969 category/departments in helpdesk, ability to reroute tickets based on its category
    API: Trigger event on ticket insert
    Ability to assign admins to tickets
    Added notification about unanswered tickets on user side
    Implements #1025 - Helpdesk: public FAQ divided to 1-level sections. FAQ questions can be also easily inserted
        into the ticket with link to the item
    New Report: Count of User Messages in Helpdesk
    Helpdesk: display date and time of ticket creation
  Payment Systems
    Pagseguro : added status 'COMPLETO' as allowed
    Gate2Shop plugin development version.
    Mikro-Odeme payment system expects 'OK' returned for all IPN notifications including 'failed'
    Fixed bug: Google checkout plugin tried to rebill cancelled invoices.
    Add new cc payment plugin: target-pay ideal
    Uniteller cc plugin: delete certs warning, add debuglog options
    ccBill: Added datalink debug to config
    Add new payment plugin: iDEAL
    Add new cc payment plugin: payforit
    Clickbank plugin fixed to work with not-numeric product ids
    2CO fixes : cancel of invoices imported from v3, mark invoice canceled if it was canceled on 2CO side
    Add new cc payment plugin: Uniteller
    Stop - recurring link didn't work from amember CP for paypal subscriptions.
    Added support for paypal PRO transactions into warrior-plus plugin.
    API version updated in clickbank plugin to 1.3
    Fixed bug:Authorize.Net CIm -> use Hosted Profile setting didn't work with "Use Wordpress theme"  enabled.
  Integration Plugins
    Wordpress plugin: Added PDO check and notification about missing PDO extension
    Wordpress: Force to include jQuery. Some themes do not include it by default.
    Wordpress plugin: Fixed unknown function status_header error when there is an error in wordpress plugin configuration.
    Wordpress plugin: Protection wasn't applied to a page if page was used as "posts page" in wordpress.
    Wordpress plugin: redirect loops when plugin configuration is wrong.
    Option 'canAutoCreateFromGroups' added for protect plugins, allows to add access to different products based on user's groups in integrated script
    Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: All child posts should be protected if parent post is protected.
            (if bbPress forum is protected all topics in it will be protected as well)
    Added Ladesk integration plugin
    Fixed bug : MailChimp allows to get only 25 lists per request
    Fixed bug : MediaWiki - could not find existing users to update
    Coppermine integration plugin added
    Mailchimp plugin: New settting - Send Welcome Email after opt-in
    Added Joomla CB plugin
    Fixed bug: vBulletin statistics wasn't properly updated when user is added from aMember.
    Fixed Bug: PAP plugin's "sales tracking code" setting didn't work.


Release Date: 2/19/2013
  Core Changes:
    Display resource description in "Active Resources" block
    Added new form brick : Random Text Questions (CAPTCHA)
    Content resources sorting implemented
    Fixes #880: Unable to play video files on iDevices.
    Fixes #1070 - facebook signup page login link did not work when facebook was disabled on signup page
    Fixes #1070 - finally problem with facebook logout resolved correctly
    Account sharing prevention improved: added option to count only first X octets as different
    Implements #1046 - pending e-mail notifications will not be sent if user finished any payments within 48 hours
    Bug Fixed: unsubscribe from all email message should unsubscribe from 3ty part lists as well
    Bug fixed: description field was not populated in edit user group (since it is textarea)
    Fixed Bug: v3 import: Access was incorrectly added for refunded users on import from v3 to v4.
    Bug fixed: correct extension of file according new mime type
    Implements #1109 - clearer distinction for paid payouts in affiliates area
    Added purchased Items to aMember CP -> Reports -> Payments -> Export
    Helpdesk: translate plain links to hyperlinks in messages
    Added import of v3 aff banners and links - to redirect referrers to correct url's
    Fixed bug : import v3 - could not get correct terms for paypal payments in some cases
    Closes #1107 Set default group to subscribed in aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integration -> Wordpress -> Groups
    Fixed untranslated strings in subusers plugin
    Fixed format for Hungarian Forint currency.
    Fixed bug : unable to delete custom font for pdf invoice
    Fixed bug : do not send zero autoresponder second time by cron
    Description changed "immediately after purchase" to "immediately after
          subscription is started" for autoresponders because it works this way
    Description changed for expire notifications: 'Send E-Mail if customer has subscription'
          -> 'Send E-Mail when subscription expires'
    Fixes #1038 - do not coupon usage if there was no discount applied to invoice
    Fixes #1048 - removed NULL value for unsubscribed field, now search by unsubscribe must be working fine
    Implements #1094 - Do not send pending emails if invoice has been added by admin,
       and do not send pending emails twice to the same user
    Subusers: Implements #1075 - use qty when products purchased. It allows to sell
       variable qty of reseller products via shopping cart
    Added debug mode to api module
    Removed <br> from element code, also changed span.error style to display all errors on new line
    Fixed bug: Unable to setup aMember into the site root.  RewriteBase calculated wrongly
    List "cc" payment plugins on aMember CP->Setup->Plugins even if "cc" module is not enabled
    Implements #1039 - ability to import street2 field
    Implements #1086 - Google Analytics, track free signups
    Closes #1067 - Duplicate transaction errors when using Mass subscribe with "Add Invoice" enabled
    implemented #1065 - added warning to admin users merge screen
    Fixes #1029 - Apparent Reporting Error - Extra day in week (only in labels, numbers were correct)
    Implemented #1026 - Add Totals to Reports
    Language strings updated (de translation reworked)
    Added import of aff clicks from v3
    Fixes #1082 - translations in helpdesk not working
    Fixed bug: aMember attempted to rebill failed invoices once a hour. Now each invoice will be processed only once a day
    Protect Content in admin menu moved to separate menu
    Am_Lite respects "Remember Me" cookie
    Fixed bug: Rebill date was calculated incorrectly if invoice have failed rebill attempts
        and admin has changed rebill_date manually from aMember CP
    Fixed bug in donation plugin: Donation product was added even if donation wasn't set
    Fixed bug : formatting for emails sent from queue
    Implements #1073 Ability to resend Emails from aMember CP -> Logs -> Mail Queue if status is 'Not Sent'
    Dutch language files updated
    Add new payment plugin: Wallet One
    Fixed bug with import v3 of 1SC payments
    Fixed conflict with wordpress paginator in cart page
    Fixed bug: Aweber integration didn't work when user_id was selected as custom
        field which should be passed to aweber
    Shopping Cart module: fix error when resave img & delete img product
    Allow multiple donation bricks on signup form
    Bug Fixed: ability to become affiliate by click on link if affiliate agrement is not configured
    Added IP address field into Fields available for import
    Gift Vouchers plugin: now there is possibility buy voucher for free product
    Add new newsletter plugin: listmail
    Fixed php error message in payment history table if Invoice item contain record with deleted product
    Added default user language setting to Moodle plugin
    Gift Vouchers misc plugin: fix brick label translate
    Implements #1052 - add notice about how to enable email verification for according templates
    Implements #1053 - ability to see logs for not super user, separate access to different log types
    Gift Vouchers misc plugin: fix brick label translate
    QuickFix for ShoppingCart setup forms
    QuickFix for generated ShoppingCart buttons in IE 8

  Payment Plugins
    new payment plugin micropayment
    clickbank: return short error message with status 200 on exception in IPN handler
    Add new payment plugin: BluePay (
    Add new payment plugin: korta (
    Fastspring plugin did not work correctly with custom fields SubscriptionURL and OrderReference2
    Added sagepay-form payment plugin(not recurring)
    Warrior Plus plugin will not validate received email address in order to handle payments from affiliates.
    Fixed bug: Recurring billing fixes for Google Checkout plugin
    Fixed bug: Google Checkout subscriptions were imported with incorrect name from Google Checkout
    Add new payment plugin: Autorize.Net SIM
    A potential problem fixed that may affect Authorize.Net CIM rebills

  Integration plugins:
        Fixed Bug: bulk protection action didn't work when posts/pages are filtered
        Added Network support to Wordpress plugin
        Closes #871: Two new options in protection block make post/page available
                     for guests only, make post/page available for affiliates
        Closes  #879 Implemented new shortcode for affiliate links.
        Added user_id to wordpress am4user shortcode
      add amember-plugin15 for Joomla ver.1.5, add instruction for install it
      fix bugs in amember-plugin for joomla 2.5
      fix redirect url in amember-plugin for joomla 2.5
      fix bugs in amember-plugin for joomla 2.5
      add amember-plugin for Joomla, add instruction for install it
      fixed single login for Joomla 1.7
    Fixed bug : listmail missed db.prefix
    LDAP integration plugin implemented
    Added 'afflevels' misc plugin, allows to assign user group to purchased product,
      useful to configure different affiliate commission levels that can be purchased
    Credits plugin : add credits for each purchased copy of product
    phpBB plugin fixed: now respect groups priority
    Add new misc plugin: Kunaki


Release Date: 12/19/2012
  Core Changes:
    Setup modified to automatically set RewriteBase in .htaccess
    Implements #186 - product upgrades/downgrades handling
    New way to calculate rebill_date   for credit card plugins.
    Closes #1011 - mass delete "all" did not delete all users
    Implements #1036 - Address Info Brick: by default must show all fields
    Closes #963 - second attempt of signup was adding payments to wrong user even after logout
    Api: added special handling for exceptions in API module: output errors in JSON and XML formats
    Closes  #1002 Admin notifications of failed CC rebills ( and such) cc expiration email notifications implemented
    Added Romanian language
    Closes #1032 [amshow] shortcode error when it is used without parameters
    Added restore_limit date. Period when rebills can be restored in amember CP -> Rebuild DB -> invoice. If rebill_date is 30 days
            in the past, it will be set to tomorrow's date
    Newsletter:  "subscribe-all" worked not correctly in some cases
    Closes #1006 - state value not stored in aMember admin CP if country changed
    Add additional checks to Credit Card Rebill in order to avoid any possibility of incorrect rebill attempts.
    Added new hook INVOICE_AFTER_CANCEL
    Helpdesk: Ability to set up signature for replies
    Closes #874   Implemented ability to keep old product/user ID in import v3
    Fixed bug : wrong century for future dates in datepicker
    Shopping Cart & Cart HTML Code Generate
    Added ability to use 'autocoupons' for mass emails
    Implemented ability to clean up aMember database before import from v3.
    Fixed bug: Donation did not work when brick places into multi-page signup form.
    Gift Vouchers misc plugin: added grid for browse gift vouchers, fix js bugs
    Gift Vouchers plugin: fix translate labels in GiftVoucher bricks
    Closes ##1024 - Affiliate Payout Option Javascript issue
    Added Am_Event::FORM_BEFORE_RENDER hook
    Html: inputcheckable changed to include <input> inside <label> (html5 new fashion)
    Implements #1003 - Choose Product dropdown to include product id too
    Closes #1004 - disable phone as default option on cc form, enable it on demand
    Implements #1004 - Full month names in Credit Card form
    Closes #1018  Fixed bug: Reattempt on Failure didn't work sometimes.  Added
        ability to change invoice rebill_date, may be usefull, to restore
        rebilling cycle for single invoice if it was not rebilled for some reason
    Fixed bug: Paymate recurring payments didn't work.
    Fixed bug: unable to set default value for checkbox fields.
    Automatic upgrades script now supports non-default ftp & sftp ports
    Added %product_title% placeholder into Pending notifications template
    Implements #1012 - Visual notice after profile changed
    Added qty field to "Add Invoice" form
    Added new plugin: GiftVouchers
    Added Slovenia to VAT options
    Implements #996 - partial refunds must not expire customer accounts
    Fixed error #1009 - Internal error when disable shopping cart module.
    Fixed bug:  Clean form data in session before user is redirected to payment system.
        In some situations because of old form data in session  false positive "Can't
        use free payment system for non-free products" errors were generated.
    v3 import: import of folders protected with incremental_content
    v3 import : import with disabled 'keep old ID's' did not work
    v3 import: first_total and second_total were not created right for invoice items imported from aMember v3 (for paypal payments)
    -updated flowplayer to 3.2.7

  Integration Plugins:
    New plugins: Concrete5, SocialEngine, SummerCart, PhpProBid, Magento
    'Auto Create' option added to VBulletin plugin
    joomla plugin: work with 1.5 fixed
    Fixed bug: wordpress plugin: Show widget for guests options didn't work.
    WordPress plugin: do not show empty (hidden) links in login widget.

  Payment Plugins:
    New plugins: Paymate, eWay Rapid, Charge2000, QuickPay, Innovative,
        Molpay, Inet-Cash, Dibs, Ezic
    Authorize.Net CIM plugin should send invoice order number as well(it will be displayed in transactions history)
    Fixed bug: Incorrect formatting of cancel page when user cancels Worldpay payment transaction
    payflow: use random invoice id for rebills to avoid duplicate invoice errors
    Google Checkout alpha: subscription period was passed to google-checkout as daily regardless of terms
    authorize-cim plugin : fixed GetHostedProfilePageRequest with empty profileId
    Removed HTML output from Mollie-iDeal plugin
    Added billing address parameters into FirstData plugin
    2checkout failed with error if free products present in the basket
    Added ability to change paypal language for paypal express checkout.
    Payment plugin Netdebits has been modified
    FastSpring plugin: added cancellation functionality
    Fixed bug : dibs-recurring - wrong active payment when user has not been charged
    Fixed bug : paypoint plugin, different hash calculation for first and further payments
    MultiSafePay plugin: fixed validateStatus method. Now it returns TRUE cause of status check executing in processvalidated()


Release Date: 11/13/2012
    Fixed bug: Payment was added with incorrect amount when user signup for Free trial through FirstData payment plugin.
    Fixed bug : attachments for pending emails as well
    Fixed bug : attachments did not work in autoresponder or expire emails
    Fixed bug : incorrect calculation of start and expire dates when product is selected
    Restore amember exception handler after include of wordpress files
    Closes #997 - separate view for Maintenance message mode
    Fixed rebuild of integrated scripts on large databases


Release Date: 11/8/2012
    Closes #966 Restore "Is Approved" checkbox in Edit user form
    Implements #994 - Get default date (for admin and user ui) from the server
    Implements #698 email users - drop down to insert field data
    Fixed bug: Unable to import large databases from aMember v3.
    Implements #877 - member directory
    Implements #747 - SFTP option for aMember upgrades
    Implements #990 - group priority for protect plugins
    Fixed bug: Unable to "purchase" free products in shopping cart.
    implements #987 - Allow access to video/files/pages without log-in
    API: hooks to pdf template render
    Implemented Australian GST (Inclusive Tax)
    Added ability to use custom font for pdf invoice, useful if some characters are not displayed correctly
    Implemented #962 - ability to stop/disable OTO
    Implements #912 - delete saved search
    Added Denmark translation
    Added Nederlands translation
    shopping cart module: fixed tax for cart, fixed subtotal in small basket block, removed small basket block from basket view
    Fixed bug: Invoice approval message wasn't sent.
    Fixed bug: Newsletter subscriptions were not properly enabled in some situations.
    Implements #985 - Automatic cleanup of pending invoices
    Fixed bug: Cancel notifications were not sent to user sometimes
    New option for affiliate commission : do not include tax to calculated commission
    Fixed bug: Affiliate commissions report wasn't sorted correctly.
    Changed payment history table: added information about purchased products
    Refresh auth session if user open login page (handle situation when 3rd party script
        clears auth session but aMember auth session is still valid)
    Fixed bug: Invoices were created with incorrect amount in mass subscribe.
    Implemented "donation" plugin
    Implemented "autocoupon" plugin
    Added new field to users export: expiration date of last payment
    Closes #981  Fixed bug: Email footer does not appear in auto-responder sent e-mails.
    Closes #975 - income report - payments and refunds has been merged incorrectly
    Fixed bug: AweberEmail plugin readme wasn't displayed.
    Added new setting to payonline system plugin: send user directly to cc info form.
    Fixed bug: User address was not passed to 2Checkout when user was redirected from signup page.
    Added ability to create own placeholders in email templates from plugins.
    Fixed bug: Wordpress Plugin:  Use full redirect urls(incl. domain name) in amember_redirect_url variable when user is redirected to login page.
    Fixed bug: Several bugs fixed in Manually Approve New Invoice:
        1. Require approval emails were sent when setting is disabled(but when manually approve users was enabled).
        2. User "Is approved" checkbox didn't work right
    New Advanced User Filter: Has subscription that expire between dates
    Added new Newsletter plugin: iContact Email Marketer
    Added new Newsletter plugin: Interspire Email Marketer
    Respect unsubcribed option for helpdesk notifications to user,
        correct templates for notifications, add additional placeholder to templates for helpdesk notifications

    Subusers module
        Implements #977 - search by subuser parent implemented
        Implements #946 - import subusers from CSV
        fixed: main user was able to add subusers to any product with configured count of subusers even if product was not purchased

    Wordpress integration
        Added SimplePress support to wordpress plugin.  Also code was formatted.
        closes #948  Wordpress plugin: Implemented BuddyPress groups support.
        closes #980  Wordpress plugin: Implemented notactive tag  in am4show  for easier change from amprotect tags
        Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: warning in amember widget when user is not active.
        Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: users were not removed from SimplePress when deleted from aMember.
        Wordpress plugin new setting: Redirect user's profile link to aMember.

    Integration plugins
        Add new Protect plugin: PhotoPost
        Add new Protect plugin: Serendipity
        Fixed bug: Problem with config variables when multiple wordpress plugins were enabled.
        Modified plugin Xeroapi, Netdebits, Dibs-payment-window, new plugin Moip
        Add new Protect plugin: gallery2
        Add new Protect plugin: dolphin
        Fixed bug: PAP plugin: Parrent Affiliate ID was not assigned properly.
        Wordpress plugin: Added [am4user var='expires'] shorcode. It displays user's expiration date.

    Payment plugins
        Authorize CIM hosted credit card popup implemented !
        Added plugins: two payment plugins dibs-payment-window and netdebit
        Added Certopay payment plugin
        Add new payment plugin: Network Merchants Inc
        Moneybookers and Verotel payment plugins - beta
        Fixed bug: PayFlow PRO payments were added twice if user had paypal plugin enabled
        Payment Systems Worldwide Plugin: recode on new API
        Added new plugin: eWAY AU
        PayPal plugin: added TXN_CART notifications handling (BuyNow buttons)
        Add new cc payment plugin: Payment Systems Worldwide
        Fixed bug: 1SC plugin has created duplicate invoices if both API and IPN notifications where enabled.


Release Date: 10/2/2012
    Bug fixed: aMember could send auto-responders to unsubscribed users
    Bug fixed: aMember could send expiration e-mails to unsubscribed users
    Thanks page wait time set to 10 seconds
    Italian translation has been updated.
    New Payment plugins: Netdebits, PayOnlineSystem, Paymate
    New Integration plugins: Trellis, Moodle
    Render invoice for correct payment (it was rendered for first payment always early)
    Fixed bug: Disabled products were counted in Shopping Cart -> Category Select


Release Date: 9/25/2012
    If baseUrl detection failed, aMember will fallback to configured Root Urls (in response to recent 404-NotFound issues)
    Implemented #876 - redirect from protected folder and http/https, now redirects right back to the folder
    Implements #816 - Am_CustomField callback validation (user should add field via API in site.php and set valid callback that return whether error message or empty on success)
    Backup has been improved to get 100% mysql compatible code and create structure for all tables
    Decreased font size on PDF invoice to save space on page
    Hebrew language support has been added
    Closes #949 - video embed code size is fixed
    Fixed bug: Disabled products were imported as active from aMember v3.
    Implements #927 - fully customizable signup forms, described in manual
    implements #799 - option to add existing members to new newsletter list
    Build Demo: Ability to chose email domain name
    Closes #908 - option 'Send Notification to admin when profile is changed' does not work for additional data fields
    New Dashboard Widget: Last Payments
    Bug fixed: IE8 does not allow to use name length for vars
    closes #938  - IE8 Javascript error when generate password in aMember CP -> Edit User (IE8 doesn't allow to use variables with name "length")
    Implements #831 - add complete ISO 3166-1 data to ?_country table
    Added ability to send correct content-type for media files
    Closes #951 - workaround for "All 10 records on this page are selected. Select all XXX records matching your search." appears twice
    Closes #939 - Stray HMTL code being displayed on user delete confirmation
    Implements #928 - require agreement to agree to affiliate terms and conditions on click to "Advertise my site"
    Closes #917 - add filter by groups into user advanced search
    Closes #922 - "Group actions (ALL) works incorrectly" Browse Users -> Mass Subscribe
    Implements #890 - add second field for street address
    Implements #851 - ability to embed audio with flowplayer
    Flowplayer updated to 3.2.11
    Closes #906 - Am_CustomField cannot be nulled (checkboxes/multi_select)
    Implements #945 - Limit send forgotten password attempts
    Implements #850 - display labels instead of internal value for custom fields in user grid
    Implements #827 - Ability to include access periods to PDF invoice
    Fixed bug : import of coupons from version 3 didn't work with big count of records
    Implemented #926 : separate permission to create/edit user invoices in admin cp
    Allow adding user variables like %user.name_f% or %user.login% to pages defined at amember Cp -> Protect Content -> Pages
    Added redirect handler for old (version 3) affiliate urls and links
    Implements #940 - in Advanced Search with LIKE: surround query with % automatically
    Bug fixed: expiration emails has been send in incorrect time
    Bug Fixed: only immediate after invoice creation pending notification has been sent and all other ignored
    Crypt key signature calculation changed to be platform independent  (there was difference in crc32 results on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms)
    "Cancel recurring" via aMember Admin CP reworked to use AJAX
    Send PDF invoice to admin in case if option is enabled
    Closes #936 - affiliate commisition details, handle situation for removed invoice
    Closes #937 - fields on signup page used default value instead of actually submited
    Implements #931 - Implements #931 - do not grant access for user which is not approved until approved
    Fixed bug: mt_rand may generate duplicates on big databases and it causes a bunch of errors during import3
    Fixed bugs: 1. False redirects to noAccess page when user is logged in. 2. New-rewrite files were not deleted from /amember/data/new-rewrite folder after logout.
    Bug Fixed: email templates were always sent in english since we store full locale with region in lang property of user record but in templates uses only country code
    Correctly calculate coupon usage for 100% discount coupons
    Implements #921 - ReCaptcha respect current scheme
    Implemets #924 - AM_Lite should be able to check access based on product category
    Facebook: Disabled redirect to to logout!
    Added %expires% variable to expiration email template
    Fixed bug: Paypal refunds were incorrectly counted as payments in Income report
    Restored ability to send copy of admin notifications to different email addresses.
    Wordpress plugin: changed widget protection logic. Widget will be available only  if both "have" and "not have " requirements matches(if enabled of course).
    Fixed bug: User was not properly logout from Invision in some situations.
    aMember Upgrade - do not use fopen() and follows redirects manually, must work on most hosts
    Respect current scheme (http/https) for video display
    Allow admin access with report permission to his saved reports
    Respect domain name in redirect_url
    Changed text on thanks page after signup. Do not offer to login if user is logged in already.
    Do not count cancelled subscriptions in next rebill stat
    Fixed bug: affiliate signup form did not use selected template

        Enabled buffered queries to avoid error "Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement::fetchAll()." happend with php 5.3.13 mysql 5.0.95
        Payment plugins api: generalized handling for "thanks" "cancel" and "cancel-admin" actions   instead of repeating code in each of payment plugins. Now it is enough to implement "cancelAction"   to get things working.

        thanks-redirect plugin: allows to redirect customer to configured url after purchase
        cancel-on-upgrade plugin implemented: cancel subscription if new purchased
        Mailchimp plugin: New setting Disable Double Opt-in
        Aweber: implements #798 - pass custom fields
        Subusers: Unable to set password for subusers manually. Password was always automatically generated for newly created subusers

            Display name was not updated on Rebuild.
            Disable protection in shortcodes for admin user
            Menu protection for posts didn't work.
            p-1 and g-1  parameters didn't work in shortcodes.
            closes #865: delete user in amember not deleting metadata in wordpress
        ModX plugin implemented
        Moodle plugin implemented
        Oscommerce plugin implemented
        Mediawiki plugin implemented
        MiniBB integration plugin implemented
        XCart integration plugin implemented
        vBulletin: Added new setting to vBulletin plugin: Default user title;
        Joomla: Fixed bug: Joomla plugin didn't update "block" flag in Joomla properly.

        eProcessing (AIM emulation mode) plugin ready for testing
        Multisafepay plugin ready for testing
        Evopay plugin ready for testing
        Moneris payment plugin ready for testing
        Google Checkout plugin is ready for testing
        DineroMail plugin is ready for testing
        Payflow plugin is ready for testing
        DWOLLA plugin is ready for testing
        Google-Checkout plugin is ready for testing
            Ability to define validation mode in config for customer profile in config
            (So user can avoide 0.01 transaction if he want)
            Changed Authorize.Net plugin status to PRODUCTION
            Gateway no longer support this integration method.
        Altcharge: Bug Fixed: 500 error after completed payment in Altcharge plugin
        Beanstream: pass state as -- for countries other than USA and CA
        ClickBank: fixed redirect in clickbank plugin after cancel
        2CO: Added all supported currencies to 2CO plugin.
        DIBS: Added test mode to DIBS plugin
        DIBS: Fixed bug: Real amount for DIBS recurring sales were divided  by 100
        1Shoppingcart: clear 1sc shopping cart on redirect
        ccBill Plugin: datalink didn't send password, datalink requests must send SubAccount info
                       several errors in ccBill datalink script fixed. Recurring payments were not handled correctly.
        Fixed bug: Session issues with eFront plugin.
        Zombaio: Fixed bug: Declined rebills were counted as successfull by Zombaio plugin.
        PayPoint: Fixed bug: paypoint recurring IPN messages were not handled properly.
        Plimus: Fixed bug: Incorrect plimus redirect link.
        Fastspring: added aility to auto create invoices for fastspring plugin


Release Date: 8/3/2012
    Fixed serious bug: free trial + Authorize.Net CIM may result to multiple rebills
    Fixed bug : VatId brick did not work in profile form
    eWay CC plugin (Direct Payment) added
    Mollie-iDEAL payment plugin (
    Fixed bug: Duplicate emails were sent in some cases from mail queue
        if mail throttle limits were set to large values
    Implemented ability to do not include subscription terms to pdf invoice
    New payment plugin: Altcharge check processing.
    Ability to disable confirm password field in brick config
    Affiliate program: Display list of immediate sub affiliates for user
    Bug fixed: incorrectly display UTF-8 symbols inside custom field options


Release Date: 7/30/2012
    Core changes:
        Added new aMember CP menu option: Edit Messages
        Use icons to display status for tickets in helpdesk instead of long text phrase
        Visual highlight for active tickets for admin and user
        Redirect to other domains through amember_redirect_url parameter disabled by default
        Make width of report adaptive for better integration with custom themes
        Display details about coupon's usage
        Fixed bug: The same data was displayed for all "payments by products" reports on dashboard.
        Improved compatibility with jQuery.noConflict()
        Fixed bug: Incorrect formatting for empty product option in Product brick.
        Improved stability for import from amember v3.
        Fixed bug: Incorrect default value could be set for select custom fields.

    Payment plugins:
        Fixed bug: AuthorizeCIM plugin trial problems
        Authorize-AIM plugin fixes
        Added Warrior + WSO PRO integration plugin.
        Paypal: access was disabled incorrectly if user have paypal
            recurring subscription with limited installments. Last period of access was not added.
        Internet Secure payment system plugin implemented
        Fixed bug: Clickbank recurring payments wasn't registered sometimes.
        Fixed bug: Unable to cancel 2CO recurring payment if invoice have more then one payment.

    Integration plugins:
        Fixed bug: Single login with wordpress didn't work if wordpress was installed on subdomain
        REST API: renamed nested controller ids
        REST API: modify name of all controllers so all of them has "s" at the end, related commit #4bb1b93
        Credits Plugin: add admin interface (view/debit/credit)


Release Date: 7/11/2012
    Core changes:
        Send headers about default charset from PHP (utf-8)
        Fixed bug: EU Tax was charged for not EU countries.
        Fixed warnings: 1. Notice in amember CP -> Add admin screen, 2. RECOVERABLE ERROR:</b> Argument 1 passed to Admin::setPermissions() must be an array, null given
        refs #894 - added qty to PDF invoice
        Added new field to users export -> Amount of all payments made by user
        closes #892 - REST API: check-access by email parameter changed from "login" to "email"
        added user's fields to invoice export
        bug fixed - set up default value for custom fields
        Bug Fixed: incorrect grid methods in permission configuration for REST API
        bug fixed with IE - wrong position for popup login form
        fixed bug with IE (comments <!-- --> is not allowed inside <script></script>, login link in signup form did not work.
        bug fixed - did not assign product and payment arrays for cancellation notifications
        Fixed bug: Unable to add second payment manualy from aMember CP if invoice have free trial
        Fixed bug: Errors were not displayed in Cart -> Basket
        Changed default user <-> affiliate relations lifetime to 0 (forever)
        OTO plugin: unable to add large html template in OTO plugin
        Fixed bug: Unable to add active free invoice from amember CP.
        Added ja_JP locale support.
        API: ability to prepend hook
        Added ability to populate affilate links page with custom content
        Bug fixed - redirect to no-access worked only for active users, for all other users it was redirect loop
        Am_Lite does not work when usage of php session is enabled in config
        bug fixed with video player in IE9
        added more user's fields to the export of payments
        added cancelations handling
        added supported currencies for fastspring plugin
        added more user's fields to the export of payments
        New way to unserialize session in Am_Lite
        New Payment Plugin: Paypoint hosted gateway(supports recurring and multi currency payments)
        set up 'threadedmode' as it configured in default registration settings
        bug fixed - Am_Lite does not work when usage of php session is enabled in config
        Closes #873 - limited Admins can delete users
        bug fixed with recurring payments
        Fixed bug: Access to aMember pages was not logged properly. Added new ability to log access from any non-amember page.
        implements #872 - Import3 : migrate old Facebook id and comments
        bug fixed: coupon conditions break chain and return its match result but should return false only in case of it does not match
        added commission handler for free signups
        Implements #859 - add page_style to paypal plugin
        next rebills changed from 'next month' to 'next 30 days'
        added redirect to facebook for logout
        bug fixed - not working waiting block on thanks page
        bug fixed - could not purchase paid product after free
        bug fixed - could not delete temp file after import in Windows because of not closed file handlers
        bug fixed - not working waiting block on thanks page
        bug fixed - could not purchase paid product after free
        bug fixed - could not delete temp file after import in Windows because of not closed file handlers
        coupon can't be NULL in Invoice_setCoupon
        added config option for Cart module "Do not show 'Default billing plan' on form"
        Fixed Bug: CC expiration date was not imported from amember v3.
        Fixed bug: Rebill date was not updated on rebuild-db
        - oto plugin: allows to configure paysystem, preview implemented. closes #855
        added config option for Cart module "Do not show 'Default billing plan' on form"
        cosmetic bugs fixed on import: back button after upload a file, sort of previous imports, target for paginator links
        next rebills changed from 'next month' to 'next 30 days'
        added redirect to facebook for logout
        bug fixed with video player in IE9

    Integration plugins:
        Implements #839 - DropMe plugin, Ability for member to delete his account by yourself
        Fixed bug: Zombaio plugin didn't record rebills in some situations.
        Wordpress: WP always set timezone to UTC+0 but it is not expected behaviour in aMember
        Closes #881 - renderable query did not return expected result in case of datetime and timestamp fields and operator (=)
        vbulletin: get default registration options and 'threadedmode' from vbulletin database
        vbulletin: get default registration options from vbulletin database
        newsletter mailchimp plugin: allows to customize mailchimp MERGE fields

    Payment plugins:
        Payza (formerly AlertPay) payment plugin
        xenforo: remove users when removed from aMember
        Fixed several bugs related to import 1SC payments from v3
        Paypoint plugin becomes BETA
        paysafecard payment plugin
        new payment plugin securepaycomau
        bug fixed - validation of amount for plimus plugin in case of using other currency for the payment then USD
        new payment plugin securepaycomau
        cosmetic bugs fixed on import: back button after upload a file, sort of previous imports, target for paginator links
        bug fixed - validation of amount for plimus plugin in case of using other currency for the payment then USD


Release Date: 6/7/2012
    Fixed bug: Invoices were not automatically approved on upgrade from 4.2.3
    Language strings updated + complete Romanian translation.
    Increased performance in helpdesk module
    New Feature: Unlimited levels of affiliate programm
    API: event that triggered after DB upgrade, plugins can use it to perform data migration
    Bug Fix: Second Level Commission was calculated incorrectly
    Fixed bug: Invoice incorrectly was amrked as not approved when recurring payment was received.


Release Date: 5/31/2012
  Bugs fixed:
    Missed last page for list of products on cart page
    Rebill stats were empty in aMember CP dashboard
    Headers already sent errors when try to download protected files
    Added ability to execute cron hooks from payplugins (necessary for ccBill)


Release Date: 5/29/2012
  HTML Editor: allow to embed videos from Youtube/Vimeo/others into aMember pages
  Implements #705 - General Affiliate link
  API module added (remote access / REST implementation)
  Ability to manually approve new invoices
  OTO (one-time-offer) plugin implemented
  Shedule-Access plugin: to add subscription to other products based
      on "main" product subscription on configured schedule
  Fixed: Could not select uploaded files in subfolder under windows
  Made necessary API changes to support 3D-Secure implementation in CC plugins
  Security: amember authentication cookies configured to be httponly
  Affiliate Program: ability to bind affilate banner/link to specific user group
  Implements #805 - option to disable "Unsubscribe from All Email Messages" link
  New Feature: Abity to add invoices from admin interface
  Implements #813 - ability to search payments by coupon code
  Signup Form "Name" brick: allows to display first and last name in separate rows
  VAT online validation fixed

  Merged changes from master branch 4.1.16 release:
  Core Changes:
    Fixed: htaccess removal after remove of protection
    Affiliate program: Fixed bug: Second tier affiliate commission calculation fixed
    Folder Protection: Fixed bug: False folder access denied errors. The problem happened when user
        leaves his browser open and return to protected folder on next day.
        He was incorrectly redirected to access denied page.
    CSS fix for ie7
    Bug fixed (verification email used default locale)
    Helpdesk: Closes #796 - workaround in case of admin which has been removed is involved in discussion
    Fixed "Active (free)" users report on admin dashboard
    Fixed bug: Unable to login into aMember CP or member's area when aMember root URL use IP address instead of valid domain name.
    closes #784 - Require adding a Password in the creation of a new user (in admin)
    Added ability to enable sending admin notification when user has changed profile
    Closes #788 - notification about sending message with new password is not easy to see
    Added ability to configure email templates for Account Sharing Violation
    Closes #778 - Payments tab - filter by invoice results in database error
    Implements #774 - readonly custom fields brick
    Implemented "credits" plugin - sell credits and debit it via API
    Implements #769 - Import from v3, transfer custom fields
    Added new brick to forms - FieldSet with configurable title
    Fixed bug: Import3 script generate error when old v3 installation use different mysql prefix then default.
    Fixed bug: html tags were stripped in product description when product is being displayed in cart.
    Bug Fixed: User Tickets History Grid in admin interface processed ajax request incorrectly

  Payment plugins:
    Fixed bug: Use v3 compatible urls setting didn't work for 1SC ipn script.
    Fixed bug: CC rebill page was not added into admin menu
    Fixed bug: 2CO plugin didn't handle recurring payments notifications.
    Fixed bug: Cancel link wasn't available for 2checkout payments.
    Psigate: fixed: tax was applied twice for Psigate payments
    New plugin: integration with
    New payment plugin: epayment
    SafeCart plugin updated
    Paypal PRO plugin: send shipping address to paypal(user's address info will be used as shipping info)
    New plugin: atmail
    New plugin: phpFox
    Fixed bug: blank page after payment for some payment plugins.
    Migs payment plugin
    Authorize.Net CIM refunds implemented
    Link to 1SC in front of aMember documentation added
    1SC plugin: Resend API notifications function implemented.
    1SC plugin: Implemented "Accept Direct Payments"
    1SC plugin: Country and State fields where empty when user was created from 1SC
    Psigate payment plugin added(not recurring)
    Paypal: fixed refunds handling (payment_status Refunded is without txn_type at all)

  Integration plugins:
    Fixed bug : Plugin Admin/Banned usergroups were not available in aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integrations
    Fixed bug: "Create users on demand" didn't work for some plugins
    Facebook logout fixed
    Added ability to configure protection plugins if MySQL server is specified with port. (
    phpFox plugin: Added "Create users on demand" support to phpFox plugin.
    Kayako: Fixed Bug: Internal error on kayako database rebuild.
    Joomla plugin: added Jregistry into the joomla's session
    Xenforo plugin updated
    Wordpress plugin:
      Settings menu was not available sometimes.
      RSS feed protection settings added to post protection menu.
      Fixed: When "Create users on demand" was enabled in wordpress plugin,
      aMember users were created with empty values for first and last name.
      Added ability to control Display Name for newly created users.
      secure cookies were not set properly.
      Fixed bug: Incompatibility with wordpress robots-meta plugin.
      Added redirect URL to loginurl shortcode.
      Fixed bug: Buddypress pages were not protected sometimes.
    EE2 support
    Drupal plugin: Fixed minor bug with single login.
    Vanilla Plugin: fixed bug: Sticky groups option didn't work.


Release Date: 4/12/2012
    "Pesapal" payment plugin added
    Added ability to send notifications to admin and user when recurring subscription is canceled.
    GetResponse newsletter plugin
    Fixed "Active (free)" users report on admin dashboard
    I18n Language strings updated
    Ability to sort address fields on form
    Authorize.Net CIM refunds implemented.
    Fixed bug: Unable to login into aMember CP or member's area when aMember root URL use IP address instead of valid domain name.
    Link to 1SC in front of aMember documentation;
    Drupal plugin: Fixed minor bug with single login.
    "Change e-mail" address handling added to newsletter plugins - support for custom e-mail field and custom fields added to ARP plugin
    Ability to hide disabled products in grid
    Two mods in order to simplify wordpress plugin copying
    Closes #784 - Require adding a Password in the creation of a new user (in admin)
    Added ability to enable sending admin notification when user has changed profile
    Closes #788 - notification about sending message with new password is not easy to see
    Update optionsEditor, allow sort items with jquery ui
    Allows to configure filename for invoice
    Closes #706 - all items was highlighted in submenu
    Fixed bug : Plugin  Admin/Banned usergroups were not available in aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integrations
    1S plugin: Resend API notifications function implemented.
    Zend Framework updated to 1.11.11
    Implemets #780 - personal-content addon
    Added ability to configure email templates for Account Sharing Violation
         (for user and admin), sending of such emails added as well
    Added sagepay payment plugin (dev mode)
    Amazon SES email method added
    API: INVOICE_STATUS_CHANGE event hook added
    Implements #742 - snippets in helpdesk
    typo fixed in field description
    - use <a> instead of <button> for norecord actions so it can be ajaxify along with other grid's links
    Fixed bug: 1SC plugin: Country and State fields where empty when user was created from 1SC
    Closes #778 - Payments tab - filter by invoice results in database error
    Implements #674 - copy of products
    implements #774 - readonly custom fields brick
    Saved Reports / Ability to add Saved Reports to Dashboard
    Schedule-access plugin developed
    Implemented "credits" plugin - sell credits and debit it via API
    Implements #769 - Import from v3, transfer custom fields
    Fixed bug: Import3 script generate error when old v3 installation use different mysql prefix then default
    Language files updated.
    Removed incorrect file from git.
    Fixed bug: html tags were stripped in product description when product is being displayed in cart.
    Fixed refunds handling (payment_status Refunded is without txn_type at all).
    Implements #599 - Customizable Dashboard
    Bug Fixed: class can not find available plugins in case of %1 used in plugin path template
    Implements #765 - Auto Fill Dates on Manually Added Subscriptions
    Implements #767 - Return to Helpdesk Page Link from Ticket
    Bug Fixed: User Tickets History Grid in admin interface process ajax request incorrectly
    Implements #756 - Helpdesk Ticket Delete / New Event to add items for clear action
    Vanilla Plugin: fixed bug: Sticky groups option didn't work.
    1SC plugin: Implemented "Accept Direct Payments"
    Implements #495 - ability to hide the product name/description in the signup form in case of there is only one option available
    Implements #587 - add a getBegin() function to Am_Lite


Release Date: 3/21/2012
    Implemented Amazon S3 and FTP uploads protection and handling
    Implemented newsletters integration for MailChimp, AWeber and ARP
    Implemented "Pending Payment" e-mail notifications to admin and user
    "Subusers" plugin - allows to sell subscription packages
        and purchaser may then add number of "subusers" to access site content
    EU VAT handling implemented (needs careful testing)
    Adding product conditional if a user has active subscription to a category
    Limit file downloads (former "onetime_download" plugin in v3)
    Users mass-deletion (requires password confirmation)
    Implemented admin notification for user registrations
    Implemented "mass pay" affiliates option
    Added conditions to autoresponders and expiration e-mails
    API: new GRID events to customize users and products operations


Release Date: 3/22/2012
    Fixed a problem with displaying payment systems on signup page
    Fixed ePay plugin: instant capture was not set for initial payments


Release Date: 3/21/2012
    Fixed handling of "free access" records
    Fixed several bugs in autoresponders for free signups
    Fixed problem with rebuilding .htpasswd and e-mail sending
    Fixed order of paysystems on signup page
    Added product's  category description to cart index.
    Fixed serious problem in htpasswd protection module
    Bug fixed: "prevent if other" options was populated incorrectly in case of there is not any product category
    Bug fixed: Autoresponder templates were sent incorrectly, if there were  free resources defined.
    Language files updated
    Sticky groups option added to Vanilla plugin. aMember will not remove these groups from user's account.
    Allow user upload attachmets in case of he has permission to send emails
    Drupal plugin: added support for Drupal v6 and also enabled auto_create for Drupal plugin.
    Fixed bug: auto_create didn't work in integration plugins.
    Implemented new setting: Send Registration E-Mail when user is created from aMember CP
    Fixed bug: Wordpress logout links didn't logout user from aMember.
    API: fixed Am_Blocks->remove($id) method
    Rebuild Db optimized
    Fixed bug: Notices were generated by cron process.
    Fixed bug: Plimus plugin:  Incorrect url was used to redirect user to Plimus
    Wordpress plugin: Added ability to disable protection for users of specified roles.(like it worked for admin users already)


Release Date: 3/13/2012
    Presets implemented for flowplayer configuration
    Added "Paypal MassPay/Export CSV" functionality for affilaite payouts
    Removed iKobo and SafePay affiliate payout methods
    Respect site domain for relative urls on page in case of load amember pages via proxy (e.g. WorldPay)
    Fixed bug: CURL was used as HTTP_Request2 adapter even if it was disabled for security reasons
    Fixed several bugs in fastspring plugin.
    Added ability to require coupon on signup form (in brick configuration)
    Greek language loading fixed
    Kayako plugin -> BETA
    SMF plugin beta added - tested with SMF 2.0.2
    Implements #676 - show username on delete user confirm screen
    Fixed bug: "Argument 3 passed to Am_Paysystem_CreditCard::doBill() must be an instance of CcRecord, null given"  errors generated by cron when paypal-pro plugin enabled.
    Implemented import script to import users from DAP (paypal payments only)
    Fixed bug:  get_current_screen() errors fixed for older wordpress versions
    New way to handle Dokeos single login.
    Fixed bug: problems with pagelines framework styles on WP dashboard
    Fixed bug: Exception on Clickbank  Payment refund from aMember CP.
    Fixed bug: Fatal error in vanilla plugin: Call to a member function isLoaded() on a non-object
    Increase memory_limit (sometimes a problem with aMember + wordpress + many plugins + pdf invoice)
    Closes #722 - javascript code which hide paysestems for free products works incorrectly
        in case of two bricks with products
    Closes #685 - If you apply filters after creating email to users, all email content is deleted
    Closes #679 - product setup - second payment lifetime duration
    Implements #724 - translations for additional fields (title/description)
    Implements #667 - remember used hidden category codes and allow to operate on products from these categories without passing category code to url again
    Closes #716 - Translation of Custom Fields does not work
    Bug fixed - didn't save category description
    Display "Lifetime" instead of "expires 12/31/37" in member area
    Access records without invoice were not deleted when customer was deleted
    Bug fixed - unable to add previously deleted default commissions.
    PremiumWebCart plugin  development version
    Added manual_approve_admin email template
    Import ZIP Code field from v3
    New setting aMember CP -> Setup -> Login Page -> Skip Index Page. When logged-in user try to access /amember/index, he will be redirected to member's area.
    "Delete Invoice" action implemented.  Invoice can be deleted from aMember CP -> Payments -> Invoices  or from Edit User -> Payments
    Fixed bug: aMember CP -> Protect Content -> New -> Hide setting was ignored on redirect after login.
    Removed notice about recurring payments from ClickBank plugin
    Fixes #714 - respect billing plan during invoice auto-creation
    Bug fixed: hidden categories were shown on product page
    Bug fixed: url to detailed product page for product from hidden category generate error
    Fixes #667 - delete item from cart in case of qty = 0
    Improved error handling in Am_lite (add useExceptions) mode
    Closes #713 - Magicselect - special handling for empty values in admin-setup
    Implements #308 - adding product conditional if a user has active subscription to a category
    Closes #655 - invoice filter fixed to handle correctly invoice_id started with number
    Closes #699 - coupon recurring or not display improved
    Fixed bug: Sometimes user was not redirected to payment page after signup form submit in IE9
    Closes #694 - renewal group was corrupted on product update
    Closes #672 - Preselect paysystem in 'Add Payment' form in aMember Cp -> Browse Users -> Payments
    Fixed bug: errors when suhosin is enabled
    Dokeos plugin beta.
    Closes #692 - paypal plugin does not validate payment amounts
    Implements #429 - Coupon Count Visual Notification
    Fixed bug: Paypal Express plugin didn't handle SuccessWithWarning response correctly.
    Fixed bug: Paypal PRO plugin didn't handle SuccessWithWarning response correctly.
    Closes #291 - Order error: confusing message
    Fixed bug: Several Recoverable errors fixed.
    bug fixed - unable to edit email templates with attachments
    Fixed bug: Commission detains popup  wasn't working .
    Improvement: New setting in 2Checkout  plugin: "Use Multi  Page  Checkout"
    -bug fixed with long strings with /r/n
    single login for subdomain fixed
    Fixed bug: Unable to edit product in invoice if Admin user doesn't have superuser permissions.
    Fixed spelling error: adddress -> address
    flowplayer configuration
    -partially working, has not been tested with response from webmoney
    bug fixed with validation of new login when edit profile by user
    -replaced checkboxes with select field with 2 options YES/NO - helpful for advanced search by field like email_confirmed=NO
    Fixed bug: Third-party script's cookies were  not checked on Signup page.
    - respect qty of items of same product
    Invoice(After|Before)Insert and Invoice(After|Before)Delete hooks
    PAP plugin -> beta
    Added links to invoice and user from Invoice log grid.
    WP plugin: redirect all login links to aMember's login page.
    added invision 3 plugin BETA
    fixed link to aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integrations
    -invision plugin dev
    added ability to send refund requests fro clickbank recurring subscriptions from admin area
    closes #678  Added new custom field type: date.
    PAP plugin dev.
    Fixed bug: javascript issues  in integration with karma  wordpress theme.
    Fixed bug: Paypal PRO rebilling issues mentioned in this thread:
    Removed user.pass variable from email templates. Plain text password in not available anymore.
    Fixed bug: Unable to uncheck "Affiliate can view Sales Details" checkbox in Affiliate setup tab.
    -fixed conflict if use facebook from wordpress
    highcharts updated to 2.1.9
    Added ability to cancel recurring clickbank subscriptions for user and admin from amember
    Bug fixed with cancellation, invoice could be marked as canceled even if cancellation process thrown an exception
    Closes #585 - UTF8 chars from aMember to third-party script
    Fixed bug: Upgrade script was unable to find aMember's  installation path on some servers.
    Paypal pro fix: do not setup TRIAL* vars, it is already handled by STARTDATE
    Added supported currencies
    iDevAffiliate plugin
    added handler for cancel and refund IPN's fixed findtime(), now it is using difference with Clickbank server
    Revert "better compatability of css rules"
    Add space between rows of tabs in user menu in case of there is two or more rows
    Fire NeedSessionRefresh even when user change password.
    Fixed bug: Payment notifications (both user's and admin's)were sent only for first payment within invoice.
    added admin notification for free signups
    added translation for signup form title
    added Turkish lira as supported currency
    JS bug fixed with Safari
    Implements #666 - Am_Pdf_Page_Decorator Improvement: Centered text
    ePay payment plugin
    Implements #644 - Plugin to limit subscriptions count for specific product


Release Date: 2/2/2012
    Product quantity can be configured in billing plan settings to be fixed or flexible
        (flexible qty works in shopping cart interface only)
    Fixed bug: access period calculation - if user's latest access record for given
        product have expiration date in the past, aMember will take current date as
        new access record start date. This was done to handle situations when next
        payment within invoice was added with delay (for example if there is a problem
        with connection between amember and payment system and admin have to add payment
        to user's invoice record manually).
    Fixed bug: Several Javascript issues on aMember pages when "Use Wordpress Theme" is enabled.
    Bug fixed : wrong signup day in aff commission calculation
    Wordpress plugin: karma theme integration.
    Fixed bug: vBulletin plguin groups calculation issue. If user have more then
        one product with different primary groups, only one group was used.
        No second group will be added as additional group.
    Fixed bug : 404 errors on aMember pages when worpress theme used.
    Fixed bug: PayPal PRO subscriptions were not cancelled when cancel link was used from aMember CP.
    Fixed bug : logging not UTF-8 IPN messages
    Improvement: Accept Direct Payments support added to paypal plugin
    Fixed bug: sort of preselected products on signup page
    Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: javascript error in widgets area when mootools library used by theme.
    -renewal didn't work with public_id like 12345-XYZ imported from version 3
    Fixed bug: Unable to get logged in user info from Am_Lite when suhosin.session.encrypt is enabled(wordpress plugin was affected as well).  When suhosin.session.encrypt is enabled, amember will use default php sessions
    Fixed bug: cancellation url for paypal-express subscriptions.
    Fixed bug: Unable to cancel Paypal pro recurring subscription.
    Fixed bug: FirstData plugin generate SQL error on payment activation.
    Display qty in admin invoices view
    Added new Brick: HTML text
    Fixed bug: paypal pro ipn script generate error.  Added support of API certificates
    Improvement: Setup process will check for necessary extensions installed in php.
    Closes #637 Fixed bug: Am_Lite didn't work when aMember use different session name.
    added autologin for autocreated payments
    Closes #637 Added ability to specify only First or Last name in signup form. Added such setting to name "brick"
    Closes #638 Added hint to dirbrowser in wordpress plugin.
    Closes #629 Fixed bug: User is not logged in to third party script after purchase
    Fixed bug: Cancellation url was not available in user's payment history for paypal payment plugin.
    Fixed bug: User requested email messages (such as lost passwords or signup message )  were not sent and incorrectly added to email queue if limit of period email messages  were reached.
    Filter for admin logs added
    Coupons export added
    Closes #639 - minor HTML fix
    Closes #634 - fixed FR states
    Closes #614 - for fields, require name to start with a letter
    Closes #609 - Incorrect redirect after login in aff module
    Added new block to member's area -> main screen. Block will include list of active products that user have + these products expiration dates.
    CSRF protection added to all admin forms
    Refs #636 - paypal-express IPN does not work
    Added default country option to Address Info brick.
    Added Separate display/require options for each field in address info brick.
    closes #597 - error during exception handling in custom app
    Gratefully handle situation when IPN is handled earlier than Thanks transaction
    Revert "better handling for thanksaction added"
    Added manually approve new affiliates possibility. When affiliate signup type will be set to "Only admin can add user as affiliate" and user will signup through affiliate signup form, his account will be set as not approved.
    Closes #508  Implemented Manually approve new users functionality.
    Better compatibility of css rules
    Skip validation for additional fields in aMember CP -> Add user form
    Fixed bug: After login into aMember CP admin were redirected to dashboard instead of link he clicked. (For example when admin receive email from helpdesk and click a link to open ticket, he was redirected to Dashboard instead of ticket content)
    Placeholder for user info in Admin user's related pages.
    Fixed bug: Redirects didn't happen in IE9 (wrong charset in ajax  responses)
    Fixed bug: Affilite info tab was displayed incorrectly in IE9
    Added suhosin.session.encrypt check. Integration will not work when that setting enabled.
    Strange bug: get_magic_quotes_gpc() return false but quotes in _POST array are still being escaped. Issue happens if magic_quotes_gpc is  enabled in master php.ini. Tested on system:  aMember         4.1.10  PHP     5.3.8 (cgi-fcgi)     with the ionCube PHP Loader v4.0.9, Copyright (c) 2002-2011, by ionCube Ltd., and     with Zend Guard Loader v3.3, Copyright (c) 1998-2010, by Zend Technologies Disabled php_flag in htaccess because arrays will be escaped later in Am_Mvc_Request. ticket:
    Fixed bug with import of miltiple payments
    Currency code added
    Fixed paysys_id for autocreated payments and added messages for better debugging
    Closes #627 Fixed bug: vBulletin plguin  Users were added as COPPA users into vBulletin
    Fixed bug: single login does not work when vBulletin installed on subdomain.
    Disable error if ini_set is disabled.
    Turkish language added
    Fixed bug: Unable to view user's invoices/access when user signup with coupon and that coupon was deleted.
    Fixed Bug: Payout info form didn;t work in IE9
    Fixed bug:
    Shopping cart: incorrect link.
    Fix in Invoice Log table
    Delete all headers sent by wordpress. It send  Last-Modified  header automatically and this sometime lead to "Too many redirects" problem in Firefox when try to access protected content after login.


Release Date: 12/28/2011
    API: Added Am_Event::INVOICE_*CALCULATE hooks
    Implements #590 - resend IPN
    Closes #584  Fixed bug: WP plugin cannot detect windows aMember path
    Closes #571 - After import from version3, when Rebuild Db clicked, all customers are receiving e-mails
    Closes #581 - Product Category filter problems
    Implements #591 - Delete file if it is not used somewhere else
    Wordpress plugin: added POT file
    Propertly handle tax with digits after dot
    Propertly handle IP address instead of domain name when setting cookies
    Do not send notification to user for admin comments in helpdesk
    Wordpress plugin: New shortcode am4aff - content will be displayed only for affiliates.
    Closes #596 - indicate if user is locked or do not approved in user grid
    Wordpress plugin: am4view  notactive fixed.
    Fixed bug: IE8 IE9 and latest version of chrome does not accept cookies if domain is set to localhost.
    Fixed bug: Single login didn't work when efront installed on different server.
    Added link to edit user profile from ticket page.
    Changed invoice address rendering
    Implements #582 - Display product category in admin-products list
    Fixed  bug: Payments were not activated if pdf invoice template is not correct.
    Bug fixed: local translations with newline in string works incorrectly
    API: Fixed bug: "Failed loading key" errors on single login for some protection plugins.
    Import identify existing users by login or email (instead of just login)
    Sometimes Free paysystem was used even if product is not free
    Javascript error on signup page fixed
    Ability to "live" edit sort order for products in grid
    Bug fixed: autoloader can not load Am_Report_AffStats
    Signup forms now use alternative templates as choosed in form editor
    Norwegian language added
    Firstdata (linkpoint) plugin alpha
    cart.js : makes possible to create cart buttons and links outside of aMember
    DIBS payment plugin added
    Wordpress plugin: Added new attribute to am4guest shortcode (notactive) to disable shortcode text for not active users as well.
    Added prefix to aMember menu items
    Orion theme integration
    Closes #573  - in WordPress 3.3 when configuring the amember plugin, the title shows up as getTitle());?>
    Fixed bug: Remove unnecessary commas from invoice if user do not have address info specified.


Release Date: 12/13/2011
    Implements #562 - Saved search can't be used in aMember CP -> Email users
    Fixes #543 - Cannot send headers; headers already sent in appeared in logs for file downloads
    Fixed a bug in "aff" module - it was never calculating "Signup" commissions
    Closes #564 - wrong alignment in message (helpdesk)
    Fixed bug: CSS styles were not displayed for urls like /~test/amember/
    Fixed bug: Affiliate tab was broken in Edit user screen


Release Date: 12/12/2011
    Added invoices list to "aMember CP -> Payments" page'
    Implemented ability to add readme for admin setup Forms. Added readme for reCaptcha.
    Refs #560 - added * mark to "Name" field in signup form
    ClickBank: IPN timezone fixed (resulted to incorrect date for ClickBank transactions)
    Fixed bug: Disable autolock  setting didn't work.
    Closes #335 - allow to choose language+locale instead of just language. Choice also affects date and numbers format
    Joomla plugin: Joomla 1.5 support
    Display plugin status warning in setup forms
    Added aff_id to export fields list
    Integration plugins: created separate fields for Primary and additional groups in Integration setup screen.
    Epoch payment plugin (aplpha)
    Fixed bug: Use of wordpress theme in aMember and  whole blog protection at the same time leads to redirect loop.
    Implemented #519 - l18n for payment terms
    Implemented #549 - highlight Add/Renew button in case of it is active
    Implemented #540 - preselect first product&paysys in signup form
    Added new reports: payments from New vs Existing members, and count of user signups during period
    Reports UI improved. Added new reports: payment breakdown by payment system and by product
    Update incorrectly imported invoice_item.**_total fields
    Affiliate reports moved into [aff] module
    Problem with wrong xml from efront api partially fixed
    Cashu plugin (alpha)
    Better invoice log display
    Closes #544 - paypal pro double charge (dosale + createsubscription)
    Fixed php error in Lite.php
    Added Portuguese and Croatian languages
    Fixed bug: Redirect loop when user doesn't have access to folder.
    Added report by paysystems
    Ability to link affiliate to user manually
    Closes #537 - Limit affiliate commissions lifetime
    Closes #524 - ability to reupload removed file
    Do not display cron warnings in maintenance mode
    Closes #531 - replace products in invoice
    Refs #524 - show error in grid with file in case of actual file was removed from disk
    Closes #515 - assign %site_title%, %root_url%, and %root_surl% to any e-mail
    Closes #511 - Protected "Page" must redirect to login if not logged-in
    Closes #520 - specify mysql port on setup, and gracefully handle connection errors
    Closes #527 - Some "provincia" items are missing for italian costumers
    Closes #528 - Admin username with spaces is allowed, but login does not work
    Closes #528 - allow user login with space in username
    api: (User) $user->getExpire($productIds) function added
    Parse dates without named regex segments (was causing problems on some hostings)
    Add autocomplete to new ticket form in admin area
    Bug fixed: there was not ability to uncheck all checkboxes, checkbox get value from request but it is null in case of all checkboxes is unchecked
    Closes #529 - Check Box Field not displaying checkmark on Profile Form
    Fixed bug: Problem with products import from v3 if product info contains UTF-8 chars
    Authorize.NET CIM beta implementation
    Closes #532 - english typo
    Payanyway plugin
    Fixed bug: user was not redirected to target URL when click on affiliate link.
    Newsletter module: eliminate MySQL error in error log while subscribe/unsubscribe action
    Use own flag for each language instead of use US for all
    Implements #516 Export of custom fields
    Eliminated warning in _lang-choice.phtml
    Closes #513 - remove button from "awaiting email confirmation page"
    Closes #513 - warning when new-rewrite delete files
    Ability to add/edit description of uploaded files in popup 'Uploaded Files' dialog
    Closes #507 - uploaded file was not populated
    SWREG: correct response for refund notification
    xenforo integration: Increase session expire time
    Setting up correct multi-domain cookies for new-rewrite


Release Date: 12/1/2011
   Added displaying of changelog content in admin dashboard
   Fixed problem in new-rewrite folders protection
   Fixed bug in PayPal plugin added by 4.1.6 update
   Upgrade - disable notice after upgrade is done, and update database version
   Fixed bug: tax was applied twice for paypal not recurring payments.
   Removed  duplicate jquery.js load   from member/layout  (it will be loaded in header script)
   Fixed bug: Problem importing UTF-* files on some servers.
   Closes #494 - Change Error displayed when there is no products in signup page to something more user friendly.
   Changed shopping cart index page default behavior. By default all products from not hidden groups will be displayed.
   Bug fixed: Export action incorrectly deal with variableList if there is array in this list
   User Filter by Newsletter : exclude users with "unsubscribed" flag


Release Date: 11/29/2011
    Implements #486 - hide products in signup/renewal forms that don't match "Require product/Dissallow"
    Fixed bug: Cart signup form generated an error when user was logged in.
    Fixed bug: Am_Paysystem_Action_Form didn't work correctly in cart.
    Closes #487 - xenForo 1.1 Integration Problem
    Closes #466 - new-rewrite does not work on windows under apache
    Mass Subscribe (simple) implemented as "Browse Users" action
    Closes #456 - remove <li> bullets on members page
    Closes #484 - removed code input from signup e-mail verification step
    Disable facebook widget if signup form is posted or is awaiting for e-mail confirmation
    Returned phone# to user fields, and added a brick for it
    UTF-8 import fixed
    Fuxed bug: Paypal plugin generate error when business email came with different characters case
    New modifier for variables in template: intval
    Closes #479 - Requiring Address on Address Brick Does Not Work
    Fixed bug: Even when the super-admin flag is turned off the admins all show up as super-admins in the list of admins.
    Implements #476 - display readable state and country name instead of ISO codes
    Closes #474 - PDF Invoice - Image reversed
    Italian translation added
    Closes #477 - added contribution links
    Closes #467 - errors in german translation
    Fixed bug: redirect back to /member after login and also checked other locations
    Closes #464 - autoresponders : saving "send immediately", goes back to 1 day
    Closes #475 - default sorting for products in the signup form
    Closes #454 - facebook : do not display on signup page if logged-in
    Closes #452 - display facebook graphical button
    Closes #448 - and do not save md5 passwords at all
    Do not require user first/last name in admin area
    Fixed bug: Unable to delete generated Demo users.
    Bug fixed: user_status was not updated if difference between status only in expired subscription
    Fixed bug: Emails were set in english even if default language was not english.
    Refs #465 - better error handling during file upload
    jquery.noConflict() support on user side for better compatibilty with WP themes
    Commercial FlowPlayer added to distribution
    Bug fixed: wordpress - post protection wasn't working in some themes.
    Closes #453 - disable flowplayer autoplay
    Closes #458 User Profile address: display always expanded, admin profile address: remember status in cookie
    Ability to import custom fields and address fields
    eFront plugin fixes
    SafeCart plugin
    Removed aMember version from public pages
    Ability to configure admin records-on-page in Setup/Configuration
    Am_Lite, Wordpress: Fixed bug: Session data was not unserialized properly if it contains UTF symbols.
    Fixed warnings in admincontent, adminupload controller, video files prefix changed to "video"
    More icons for help menu item
    Fix for error in helpdesk block


Release Date: 11/20/2011
    closes #449 - issue was caused by changes of 4.1.4
    handle email exceptions in license controller
    return error code in case of errors
    Video uploads implemented
    ResourceAccess::USER_VISIBLE_PAGES - where we can redirect to (does not include VIDEO or FILE)


Release Date: 11/18/2011
    provide NULL cache backend if none available
    Closes #444 - type hint error handling : log and continue.
    closes #447 - unsubscribe option is not working
    fix redirect url
    plugin for xenForo (redirect login/logout etc)
    sendpassword - 16-chars secret code is quite enough (27*2+10)^16
    Reworked admin reset password function. It now emails new password
    More secure random string generation
    Fixed live-editing (coupon codes, product titles, etc)
    CheckUniqLogin fix.
    Changed label for option dont_save_pass_md5
    Closes  #438
    Access level Am_Lite::ONLY_LOGIN introduced
    Ability to protect external php files
    eFront testing.
    wordpress: Do not restrict menu items access for admin users


Release Date: 11/16/2011
    Affiliate info import added to admin-import3
    Added date to affcommissioncontroller
    Fixed wrong class hints (caused errors with PHP 5.2.9)
    Fixed bug:  unable to update user's provide from aMember CP when plugins were enabled.
    Fixed bug: don't verify can't be unchecked. Fixed bug: business email was validated even if was empty.
    Redesigned admin-import3, implemented newsletters import
    eFron plugin continue.
    Email Users: prevent from changing filters on preview screen and use Outgoing E-Mail address and name if configured
    JS error fixed


Release Date: 11/15/2011
    Validation of login/email uniqueness in admin cp
    Disable cache for aMember pages + tptheme integration.
    GetClicky plugin
    EE plugin


Release Date: 11/11/2011
    Wordpress plugin: more compatibility with wp themes, catalyst theme integration
    Zombaio - add supported currencies
    Fixed bug: unable to save email template in html format
    Fixed bug: Affiliate form returned error.
    Avoid Am_Currency empty exception
    Refs #423 - outline important menu items in admin cp


Release Date: 11/10/2011
    First v4 public release