My membership site is only display pages to members instead of to everyone

Discussion in 'Setting-up protection' started by rsbinning35, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Feb 11, 2015
    I'm creating a membership site that sells various products. The site offers 3 levels of membership including Free, Gold and Platinum. Each product has its own page including an image, description and download file. Unfortunately the product-pages are only visible to members instead of being visible to everyone. Non-members only see a login/sign-up page whenever they try to view products on the site. The site is built on WordPress. I have aMember Protection Settings enabled for my various product-pages.
    The issue here is that aMember is protecting/hiding the product pages from guests and non-members. The product-pages should be accessible to everyone who visits the site so that everyone can see the products and then decide about purchasing a membership. Right now with the way the site is, you have to sign-up to the site to actually view the product-pages.
    Is there a function or setting that is causing this? What can I do to make all my product-pages visible to everyone? I'm only protecting the download buttons on the product pages so that non-members will need to sign-up in order to view the pages. I don't want to hide all the product pages from them.
    Please advise.
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