iDevAffiliate – the leading affiliate tracking software

For more than 15 years now, iDevAffiliate is the leading affiliate tracking software in its class. Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and more search engine ranking! This affiliate software installs in just minutes and through the use of built-in front-end templating, easily integrates into your existing website.


  • Multiple commissioning options
  • SEO linking options
  • Affiliate recruiting up to 10 tiers
  • Tons of built-in reporting
  • Developer access with API/Webhooks
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Direct Facebook/Twitter marketing
  • Full template access – HTML/CSS, built-in page editor
  • 30 languages

CCBill – payment services platform

There are dozens of providers who offer basic payment processing online, but CCBill is the payment services platform built to care for your buyers, automate your business and help you instantly grow into new markets.

Accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, online checks and bank transfers using CCBill – and protect your business with our leading fraud protection and 24/7 billing support for your buyers.

Offering a complete package at easy rates, CCBill’s service includes a payment gateway, merchant account, smart payment forms, mobile tools, multiple currencies and languages, PCI Level 1 compliance, direct settlements and a menu of tools to automate and expand your online business commerce.

With billions of consumers linked to a broad, flexible e-commerce platform, plus dozens of integrated software partners, CCBill represents reliability and integrity to consumers and merchants alike.

Click here to get started with taking payments online.

Live & Online Macintosh Support and Training – Macintosh Training Videos / aMember Support

At Accularian, I offer over 300 training videos for folks using the Apple’s products including the Macintosh, iPhone, iPad and more.

As a certified Apple Consultant, I spent a ton of time training folks how to use their Macs, so I decided to turn my training into a series of video lessons and offer them online to subscribers. In the process of creating my site I discovered the amazing aMember software. I have been using aMember since 2006 and have become proficient in, set-up, customizing the front end, protecting content and maintaining the system.

I now offer these services to other aMember users as part of my IT consulting and training business.


  • Live Online Mac Support and Training
  • Huge Library of Macintosh Training Videos at Accularian
  • Generous Affiliate Program for Subscribers
  • Website Development
  • aMember Guru and Design Support

Click here for aMember support | Click here for Macintosh support

Are you looking for a reliable hosting company that is completely compatible with aMember?

We have partnered with a team of professionals to deliver this special web-hosting solution for aMember!

PostAffiliatePro – advanced affiliate software

Post Affiliate Pro is a very powerful affiliate tracking software. Easily set up and manage your own affiliate program for your business. This fully automated and flexible system allows you to attract, motivate, and reward affiliates who grow your business. If you want to start affiliate program for your website, Post Affiliate Pro is the perfect choice with its unparalelled set of features and ease of use.

It allows you to setup multi-level affiliate program that can be easily integrated with aMember Pro.

JoomUnited provides a range of plugins for WordPress websites like file management, content display and general site management.

JoomUnited products are well coded and, most importantly, very well supported.

  • JoomUnited offer 2 level support to make sure our extension will work on your website
  • JoomUnited respect the WordPress framework because our developer have solid experience
  • Extensions are designed and offer alternative layout to fit your needs

Always work to the highest of standards.