aMember Pro Features

Main Features

  • Unlimited Membership Levels and Items
  • Incremental Content Delivery
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Full-Featured Member Management
  • Automated Signup and Expirations
  • Integrated Modules
  • Translated into 6 languages
  • One-Time Payment

  • You may define any number of membership levels and products to sell, with different prices and subscription terms

  • Drill-down content day by day, keeping your customers subscribed and billed.

  • Integrated with PayPal, 2Checkout, 1ShoppingCart, ClickBank, Plimus,SWREG, WorldPay, Zombaio and many more.

  • From the admin control panel, you can easily add/edit/delete customers and their subscriptions, view reports, and run batch operations.

  • Customer signups are handled automatically. You choose what fields to ask, the product, and the payment systems offered to customer on initial signup. To prevent automatic submissions, you can use Re-Captcha and e-mail opt-in validation.

  • aMember Pro includes the following: an opt-in e-mail newsletter module, helpdesk module, affiliate management module, and a shopping cart module. Everything is integrated; it uses single settings and shares a customer database.

  • German, Spain, French, Greek, Russian, and Chinese language translations are available (for both customers and admin interface).

    You may translate product titles, and customers may choose what language to use. More languages are coming soon

  • aMember Pro is not an online service, it is a PHP script you download and install to your own webhosting server. You get full source-code application and full freedom to customize it to your needs.

    There are no monthly fees. You pay once for the script and can use it for a lifetime. With your purchase, you get 6 months of free upgrades and support.

    (If you need upgrades and support after that period, you may upgrade your subscription for a small fee)

Membership Management

  • Everything you could expect from subscription software
  • Coupon Codes
  • Flexible Signup Forms
  • Fail-back Payment Processor

  • Subscribers can signup, pay, restore a lost password, edit their profiles, cancel subscriptions, and view a list of subscriptions.

  • Administrators can create coupon codes to provide discounts for the first purchase or for the entire recurring subscription. Administrators can limit coupon usage to specific dates and products and can set how many times a coupon can be used.

  • Signup and customer profile forms can be edited with a few clicks of a mouse. Convert forms to multi-page, add new fields, enable coupons and automatic password generation, and change text strings with the visual forms editor.

  • If a customer failed to make a payment on the payment processor selected in the signup form, he/she will be returned to the payment page to choose another payment processor and try again.

Third-Party Scripts Integration

  • Unique to aMember Pro
  • Manages third-party script customers database
  • Numerous scripts integrated
  • Wordpress, vBulletin, XenForo, Drupal and more...
  • Full WordPress integration
  • Wordpress Theme integration
  • You may integrate more than one script

  • This feature is so tricky and complex to implement that nobody even tries to repeat it.

  • aMember Pro is able to manage third-party script users database (like Wordpress, vBulletin, XenForo, and so on). aMember Pro will become "master" and will assign user groups, control access, change passwords, and e-mails when information is changed in aMember database. This allows you to easily create paid websites based on third-party scripts or create forums with free and paid sections.

  • We have implemented many integration plugins for aMember. Moreover we can develop custom integration plugin for whatever you need.

  • Currently, we have ported Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, phpBB3, SMF forum, Vanilla Forum, XenForo, myBB, SilverStripe, and Vbulletin plugins to aMember, and more are coming soon...

  • For most of the scripts aMember just manages the members table, but with it goes further in WordPress plugin. Our free add-on for Wordpress allows you to manage protection from inside of WordPress. It has never been so easy to make paid pages in your Wordpress.

  • You can use most Wordpress themes in conjunction with aMember. If this feature is enabled, aMember Pro will automatically take the header/footer and style of your Wordpress installation.

  • aMember Pro is able to integrate more than one script. You may use Wordpress as CMS, XenForo as forum, and so on. The only requirement is that all registrations and login processes are handled by aMember.

Built-in Affiliate Program

  • Can correctly handle recurring billing
  • You can make all members into affiliates
  • Payouts can be made to PayPal, Moneybookers, or with checks.
  • Flexible Commissions
  • Award your power affiliates

  • Thanks to deep integration into core, aMember Pro's affiliate management module can correctly handle recurring billing, refunds, and chargebacks.

  • Members and affiliates are stored nearby, so only one click makes your customer an affiliate. You may of course provide a separate signup form for affiliates as well.

  • Different commissions may be set for first payment and rebills, may setup increased commission for selected products.

  • Higher commissions may be set for power affiliates group, or admin may choose to pay more to affiliates who made more than x commissions last month.

E-Mail Management

  • Manage your own e-mail lists
  • E-Mail Throttling
  • Select E-Mails to selected customers
  • Setup Auto-Responders
  • Expiration E-Mail Messages

  • You may create opt-in e-mail lists customer will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe from.

  • Thanks to the e-mail throttling feature, bulk e-mail sending may work even on shared webhostings

  • You may also send e-mail to any set of members, for example, email all customers from New York city who ordered Gold Subscription and did not ordered the Platinum Add-On

  • It is possible to configure e-mails to be sent on the 1-st,2-nd,3-rd, and 10th day of their subscription or immediately after purchase.

  • For not-recurring subscriptions, it is possible to configure serie of e-mails to be sent before or after subscription expiration

Access Control

  • Can control different types of content
  • Flexible access control
  • Drill-Down Content Access
  • HTML-login forms instead of popup login box
  • Access Sharing Prevention
  • Protect Files
  • Create Pages

  • Right from aMember admin control panel, protection can be set for: website folders, downloadable files, pages, and URL links. From the same page you configure e-mail messages and third-party script integrations.

  • You may setup access to be provided for customers who purchased configured product or product categories. That way, you may provide different content to customers who ordered different subscriptions.

  • You may choose to open content to customers day by day starting from the subscription date. That way, customers will be kept interested and subscribed to your service.

  • Even if plain HTML or downloadable files are protected, a customized HTML login form will appear on login instead of the browser popup login box that appears in case of htpasswd protection.

  • If aMember handles content protection, it counts the number of IPs used to access resources. If the configured limit is reached, the user will be locked out, and the incident will be reported to an administrator.

  • To share a file with customers, just upload it to aMember admin control panel and setup access permissions. It takes less than 1 minute to sell your e-book or software.

  • To share just several pages with information, you do not need to setup a complex CMS. Just enter pages using aMember's built-in HTML editor and setup access permissions. Page will be automatically displayed to customers and will use the aMember header and footer.


  • Written in PHP
  • Uses standard librairies
  • Easy to make new theme
  • You get full source code

  • PHP is the de-facto standard language for websites. PHP scripts are fast and easy to read and customize. It is also easy to find a coder that will write or customize an add-on for aMember.

  • aMember Pro v4 uses Zend Framework and HTML_QuickForm2 libraries. These libraries have been tested by thousands of developers and well-documented.

  • aMember Pro supports theming. Templates are based on Zend_View, so it can be edited with any PHP source code editor. For most usages, though, it is quite enough to customize one .CSS file.

  • aMember Pro is open-source (but not free). You can read and customize every line of code, and there are no special requirements for web hosting.

Order aMember Professional ($179.95)