1ShoppingCart integration

Long awaited integration with 1ShoppingCart finally passed beta-testing stage and the plugin is now included into main aMember Pro tree (starting from 3.0.7 release)

What do I get from this integration?

If you use this integration, 1ShoppingCart will become a “payment processor” for your aMember installation. After filling-in aMember signup form, user will be redirected to 1ShoppingCart payment page where he will not be able to change products list or counts (shopping cart functionality of 1ShoppingCart is disabled in this case), but he will be able to choose a payment method and pay securely. Once payment is finished, 1ShoppingCart will report sale back to aMember. It also can be used for recurring payments! You can use 1ShoppingCart affiliate program with this integration and it will work. 1ShoppingCart coupons unfortunately will not work in aMember, but these coupons will work fine in 1ShoppingCart.


  1. Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins, enable 1shoppingcart payment plugin;
  2. Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> 1ShoppingCart, and follow readme in bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a 1ShoppingCart customer, how could aMember help me?

If you are selling membership/subscription services, you can order aMember Pro (free installation included), and you will have full-featured members management software installed on your website. It will protect files and folders on your website to make it available for paid and not-expired members only, it will provide signup/login/remember password pages for your customers and there is really lot of other unique features. All payments will be processed via 1ShoppingCart website, and your existing affiliate program will work as well.

OK, how could I try that?

There is 30-days free trial version available for download. Download aMember Pro Free Trial.

How much does 1ShoppingCart payment plugin cost?

We do not charge for payment processor integration plugins, the plugin is included into aMember Pro release for no fee. Please consult with 1ShoppingCart about their charges.

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