Integration plugins

aMember Pro has ability to integrate with third-party applications. If you have such an integration plugin installed and configured, aMember will maintain users database (table) in third-party script, so your aMember subscribers can be automatically added to your Bulletin Board, CMS or HelpDesk users database. When their subscription expires, users will be automatically disabled or (rarely) removed from third-party database.

Please note — this integration is one-way: users are copied from from aMember to third-party script, and never vice-versa (from third-party script to aMember). Second way would require changes to your third-party script, that would be hard to maintain and would make troubles to upgrade your third-party script.

Also, if user has the same username and password in aMember and a third-party script, it is often possible to implement single-login — when user is logged-in into aMember, it becomes logged-in into third-party script and vice-versa.

How does it work

  • When user do sign-up in aMember, aMember will check for existisng user in third-party users database. If user with the same username is exists in third-party database, it will check that user enter the same email and password. If yes, user will be allowed to go through signup in aMember. If something differs, user will be asked to choose another username, because entered is already taken. If user with the same username is not found in third-party database, member will be allowed to signup and will get pending status in aMember.
  • As user completes payment, aMember will upgrade his record in third-party database (set another usergroup) or will add new record into third-party users database.
  • When user subscription expires or user removed from aMember db, aMember will set “default” usergroup in third-party database for this user.

Plugin Configuration notes

“Denied groups” — it will allow you to protect your administration accounts in third-party script. Users who belongs to this usergroup will never be changed by aMember. “Default group” – it is a group for non-paid or expired customers. When member subscription expires, user will be moved to this usergroup. Also you will be asked to choose third-party usergroup for each product in aMember.


There are 2 ways to setup it:

  • you may disable users registration (using third-party script admin controls) and set links to aMember signup page for new users. It works even your third-party script does not support different usergroups for members.
  • you may keep users registration enabled, but restrict default usergroup (again using admin controls). Then you create new usergroups (for paid users) and paid customers will belong to these usergroups. We recommend you to use this way, if your script has support for different usergroups with different access permissions assigned.

Existing Plugins

Have a look to Full List of Existing Plugins. Most plugins are priced $40.

Developing New Plugins

It is easy to create new integration plugins. API is described in the manual. Of course, it requires some PHP programming skills.