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SoftSale module adds ability to automatically assign license keys and serials to customer orders, supports online activations and "call-home" functionality for your applications (including Android and IOS apps) and scripts. Flexible API allows to build subscription-based software applications.

Features of SoftSale Module

  • Allows to generate random license keys
  • Allows to use license keys from pre-defined list
  • Allows to create your own 'plugin' and define your own algorithm of keys generation. In time of key generation full customer and order information is available.
  • Allows to issue more than one license keys for purchase
  • Handles license activations (tied to domain, url, server IP or hardware ID - calculated by your software)
  • You may limit number of re-activations
  • Supports call-home functionality to ensure customer subscription is still active and not refunded/charged-back
  • Provides protected and versioned downloads section in member area (you may offer more than 1 version of software for download + changelog)

How to enable SoftSale Module?

Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins, in Modules section choose softsale and then click Save button.

How to configure SoftSale Module?


Go to aMember CP -> SoftSale -> License Schemes and click New Record button.

You will see a form with License Scheme settings.

A license scheme defines a type of license keys that will be issued to customers.

You may assign License Scheme to one or several aMember products - once user purchases such a product in aMember, licenses will be automatically generated.

That how such license scheme will be named
For your internal reference
In this case scheme will not issue new keys
Define aMember products list that will issue such licenses if purchased
Licensing Method
There is currently only one choice : standard. Plugins may define new methods that may change entire logic of license handling.
Key Generator
Define method of license key generation. By default there are 2 choices: predefined-keys and random. Softsale plugins may add new methods.
Generated License Valid To
You may set license to expire with user subscription or to be lifetime
E-Mail Generated License to Custgomer
After saving new license scheme you may return back via edit form and modify standard e-mail message that will deliver license keys to customer
Here you can enable standard activation algorithms or keep No activation to use plugin just for license key generation. Softsale plugins may add new activation methods
License Keys
In case if you choose predefined keys as key generation method, please copy/paste list of keys (each on new line) into this textarea

Where can I see generated licenses?

After you have configured license schemes, and new order will generate license keys. You may find list of all issued licenses at aMember CP -> SoftSale -> Licenses You will see activations and other relevant information about license keys.

How can I setup software downloads for my customers

Go to aMember CP -> Softsale -> Software Downloads, create new software title, and upload new version. It will be available in member area if user has necessary subscription to products.

How can I integrate license and activation checks into my software?

We have created a sample PHP script that shows how to use softsale integration in real app. Please take a look to [open GitHub repository].