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SoftSale module adds ability to automatically assign license keys and serials to customer orders, supports online activations and "call-home" functionality for your applications (including Android and IOS apps) and scripts. Flexible API allows to build subscription-based software applications.

Features of SoftSale Module

  • Allows to generate random license keys
  • Allows to use license keys from pre-defined list
  • Allows to create your own 'plugin' and define your own algorithm of keys generation. In time of key generation full customer and order information is available.
  • Allows to issue more than one license keys for purchase
  • Handles license activations (tied to domain, url, server IP or hardware ID - calculated by your software)
  • You may limit number of re-activations
  • Supports call-home functionality to ensure customer subscription is still active and not refunded/charged-back
  • Provides protected and versioned downloads section in member area (you may offer more than 1 version of software for download + changelog)

How to enable SoftSale Module?

Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins, in Modules section choose softsale and then click Save button.

How to configure SoftSale Module?

Go to aMember CP -> SoftSale -> License Schemes and click New Record button. You will see a form with License Scheme settings. A license scheme defines a type of license keys that will be issued to customers. You may assign License Scheme to one or several aMember products - once user purchases such a product in aMember, licenses will be automatically generated.