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Product options allow you to increase/decrease (ie surcharge/discount) any product depending on the selection made by the client. Both single payment products, eg Physical Goods or recurring subscriptions can have options added.

Not all options need to vary the value of the product the following are just some of the uses that may not require price adjustments but you may wish to collect at purchase time;

  • Size (eg clothing)
  • Colour
  • Gift Purchase
  • Custom text (eg Badge, trophy)


The following are examples of using product options in real use scenarios

Using on your site

Product options are an advanced use of aMember and can be very challenging to setup correctly. Your best practice would be to build a local aMember instance to allow you to use trial and error without impacting your live site, you also then have the advantage of no delay as the local will load much quicker than doing it remotely.