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Starting from 4.2.15 release aMember Pro supports WSO Pro integration.

It is easy to configure:

  • Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins, and enable payment plugin named "warrior-plus". Click "Save";
  • Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> WarriorPlus, enter your main PayPal e-mail address;
  • If you are going to receive payments from other paypal e-mails, enter these e-mails into field "Other Paypal Email addresses that you have registered in WSO PRO", or just click "Disable IPN verification" to accept any Paypal e-mail address;
  • Go to aMember CP -> Manage Products, and create a separate product to match your WSO PRO listing.
    • Make sure WSO PRO listing and aMember Product have the same billing terms and subscription period settings;
    • In the product settings "WSO PRO Item Name" set to EXACTLY the same values as in WSO PRO -> my listings -> Item Name
  • In your WSO PRO account, configure IPN Forwarding URL to
  • Run a test payment to make sure everything works as expected