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Starting from 4.2.15 release aMember Pro supports WSO Pro integration.

WSO PRO is a system to track sales and manage affiliate commissions. In this setup aMember will handle product delivery to your end-users. End-users will click the link provided by WSO-PRO system, make a purchase (WSO PRO system will automatically calculate affiliate commission) and aMember will be notified about that sale by WSO PRO system. aMember will then create accounts for new users, send them welcome e-mails, etc.

It is easy to configure:

  • Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins, and enable payment plugin named "warrior-plus". Click "Save";
  • Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> WarriorPlus, enter your main PayPal e-mail address;
  • If you are going to receive payments from other paypal e-mails, enter these e-mails into field "Other Paypal Email addresses that you have registered in WSO PRO", or just click "Disable IPN verification" to accept any Paypal e-mail address; Click "Save"
  • Go to aMember CP -> Manage Products, and create a separate product to match your WSO PRO listing.
    • Make sure WSO PRO listing and aMember Product have the same billing terms and subscription period settings;
    • In the product settings "WSO PRO Item Name" set to EXACTLY the same values as in WSO PRO -> my listings -> Item Name
  • In your WSO PRO account, configure IPN Forwarding URL to
  • Run a test payment to make sure everything works as expected