Move aMember to different folder

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It is easy to move aMember to different folder on the same website. Follow these easy steps:

  • Backup aMember folder and aMember database using webhosting control panel tools.
  • Using FTP client MOVE (it is safer than copy!) aMember to new folder
  • Edit file .htaccess in root folder of aMember installation

you need to replace RewriteBase /oldamemberdir with RewriteBase /newamemberdir

  • Open page in browser
  • Go to aMember CP -> Setup -> Global : Change Root URLs and License . Change root URLs so it points to new aMember location.
  • Go to aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Folders and re-protect all folders (just click 'Edit' on each, then 'Save')
  • For all payment plugins, make sure to change IPN/Notification URLs configured on payment system side to point to new aMember location
  • If you have aMember Plugin in WordPress installed and configured, login to your Wordpress Admin Dashboard and re-configure aMember plugin to use new aMember location
  • If there are external links pointing to aMember sales and login pages, it must be of course changed too