Move aMember to another webhosting

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Steps you have to follow on the existing webhosting are marked with old, and changes to do on the new webhosting are marked with new

  1. old Pack aMember folder using ZIP via webhosting control panel and download it to your local PC
  2. new Unpack and upload aMember folder to your new webhosting, keep the ZIP for backup purposes
  3. new On the new webhosting, create new MySQL database and user using webhosting control panel. Do not forget to allow the new MySQL user access to created MySQL database.
  4. new Now edit file amember/application/configs/config.php and change database access details to created on the previous step
  5. new Make sure new aMember install can connect to database - open new aMember URL, it must display error message aMember Pro is not configured, or database tables are corrupted - could not read config.... If you see a different error message, something went wrong on previous steps.
  6. old Put your aMember install into maintenance mode (aMember Cp -> Setup -> Advanced)
  7. old In the existing aMember installation, create aMember MySQL database dump using phpMyAdmin (you may find it in webhosting control panel)
  8. new Go to new webhosting control panel -> phpMyAdmin, and restore the dump you created on step (5) into new aMember database created on the step (3)
  9. new You now must be able to open new aMember URL and it must be working. Login into admin area and put it out of maintenance mode (aMember Cp -> Setup -> Advanced).
  10. new Re-protect all folders and re-configure all integration plugins. If you have aMember plugin in Wordpress installed, it must be re-configured too.
  11. new Do not forget to disable external cron jobs on the old webhosting and re-configure it on new webhosting.