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Subusers module is suitable for the following usages:

  • Setting up a "reseller" program, where resellers pay for "Resell Packages", then the reseller "somehow" resells it to their customers (aMember does not handle these payments), and every reseller's customer (subuser) may access your website protected content or use your services.
  • Selling "corporate" access packages. In this case, you sell "Corporate" access as a separate product, and buyers are allowed to setup configured number of accounts for their employees to access your website protected content or use your services.

This module is available for sale from our website along with other modules and costs $100.

How does it work

You create a special product to be resold. In product configuration you specify how many "subusers" this product allows to have, and choose a Product to be provided to subusers. Once a normal aMember user purchases such a product, it is considered as reseller, and can create configured number of child accounts (subusers).

The subusers accounts are normal aMember user accounts, aMember just keeps a record of their "parent" (a reseller created these subaccounts). Subusers can subscribe to newsletters, change their password, and if not disabled, they can order your website services on their own, as normal aMember users.

Once the "parent" reseller subscription is expired, aMember will automatically expire related child subsusers. If reseller renews his subscription, subusers access will be automatically restored.