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''Look also at detailed [http://www.amember.com/p/video/#installing installation video guide]''
== Installation Quick Guide ==  
== Installation Quick Guide ==  

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Look also at detailed installation video guide

Installation Quick Guide

  1. Unpack the ZIP file with the script;
  2. FTP the entire amember folder to your public HTML directory in binary mode. The aMember folder should be copied to your public HTML directory - this is the directory where your home page is located, often called 'html', 'public_html', 'www' or something similar. FTP the entire aMember folder to this directory making sure that you transfer the files in BINARY mode. There is no need to set up the folders on the server side, you can copy the whole directory over in a single step;
  3. Open in your web browser: http://www.yoursite.int/amember/setup/
  4. If setup script requires, make the following folders writable for the script (try chmod 707, 770 and 777 until it works):
    • amember/data/
    • amember/data/new_rewrite/
    • amember/data/cache/
  5. Follow Web Based Setup script instructions;
  6. Once you get "Setup Finished" screen, go to First Steps