How to display user id in edit profile page

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Add this code to site.php file:

Am_Di::getInstance()->hook->add(Am_Event::LOAD_BRICKS, function(Am_Event $e){
    class Am_Form_Brick_UserId extends Am_Form_Brick 
        public function __construct($id = null, $config = null)
            $this->name = ___('User ID (readonly)');
            parent::__construct($id, $config);

        public function initConfigForm(Am_Form $form) {

        public function insertBrick(HTML_QuickForm2_Container $form)
            $data = array();
            $data['content'] = Am_Di::getInstance()->auth->getUserId();
            $data['label'] = $this->getConfig('label');
            $form->addStatic('user_id', null, $data);

Then edit Profile form in aMember CP -> Forms Editor -> Edit Form and add User ID brick to profile form.