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Create /amember/application/configs/site.php with this code:  
Add this code to [[site.php file]]:

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Add this code to site.php file:

        Am_Di::getInstance()->hook->add(Am_Event::USER_AFTER_INSERT, 'onUserAfterInsert');
        function onUserAfterInsert(Am_Event $event){
            $user = $event->getUser();
            $di = Am_Di::getInstance();
            $ticket = $di->helpdeskTicketRecord;
            $ticket->user_id = $user->user_id;
            $ticket->status = HelpdeskTicket::STATUS_AWAITING_USER_RESPONSE;

            ///// TICKET SUBJECT
            $ticket->subject = 'Welcome user '.$user->name_f.' '.$user->name_l;

            $message = $di->helpdeskMessageRecord;

            $message->admin_id = 1; //// ADMIN ID

            ///// TICKET BODY
            $message->content =  'Welcome to helpdesk. Simple content';

            $message->ticket_id = $ticket->ticket_id;